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Star wars: Empire at War demo released

updated 05:45 pm EDT, Wed March 21, 2007

Star wars: Empire at War

Aspyr Media today released Star Wars: Empire at War demo 1.0, a single-player demonstration version of an epic struggle to control the galaxy. Players can start by playing the optional interactive tutorial to learn important game concepts that serve as a guide to victory or skip the tutorial and begin playing immediately. "As the commander of the Rebel forces on Hoth, you'll battle for control of the Outer Rim in the Vergesso Asteroids and attempt to liberate Tatooine from the grip of the Empire. Han Solo and Chewbacca, with the Millennium Falcon, are ready to lead your space fleet and invasion forces as you go up against Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers and their arch rival Boba Fett. May the force be with you!" The Star Wars: Empire at War demo 1.0 is available for free, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later with at least a 1.8GHz Intel-based Mac and 512MB of memory.

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  1. horvatic

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Correction 7/10's of a pe

    Correction 7/10s of a percent drop in sales, not 7 percent. Macworld got a correction from the company that did that survey and they found an error which made the drop in sales only 7/10s of a percent and not 7 percent. Quite a difference.

  1. horvatic

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Sorry the previous should

    Sorry the previous comment should have gone to the story above this one. But this game should be quite fun and I'm going to try out the demo when I get home.

  1. paulc

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    At Least?

    "at least a 1.8GHz Intel-based Mac"

    Well I sure consider a dual 2.7G G5 system "more" than a 1.8GHz Intel-based Mac. Bad choice of words, it should say "ONLY an Intel-based Mac, you guys with PPC processors are so old hat that we just aren't going to release any Mac games for you guys, buy a new computer."

    So let's see, if this game was a UB, I could buy it, because in order to play it, I'd have to. BUT if I had an Intel machine, I COULD just buy the pc version, which probably I can get for less money than the "Mac" version.

    Very much being a kind of "vote with you wallet" guy, I won't buy any games from aspyr any more as they clearly have no interest in taking my money. AND when the time comes that I get an Intel-based machine, I'll remember this and simply buy the pc versions of any games I might be interested in if there is a OS X version done by them.

  1. vasic

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    There's a reason...

    This is not the only software title that won't play on PPC macs. There are reasons why Aspyr had to make this choice. Porting games from PC to Mac is a very shaky business. Our gaming market is so small that they almost do it more out of enthusiasm for the platform than for the money to be made. Even though Apple would love for you to believe it just requires checking the 'UB' box in the xCode compiler, for many applications, compiling for PPC and Intel means developing good chunks of code separately. Since PPC macs now represent less than half of all Mac gamers out there, and rapidly continue to decline in numbers, Aspyr had to make a choice.

    While you may 'choose with your wallet' (once you yourself upgrade your Mac to Intel), it does seem a bit foolish to go through the royal hassle of 1. partitioning your drive with BootCamp (Parallels won'd to 3D graphics), 2. buying, installing, updating and, most of all, securing Windows and 3. installing and configuring a Windows game. Not to mention that you'd need to keep rebooting your Mac every time you want to play this game.

    My Mac is rebooted only when there is an update. I have three users logged in at all times. Last time i Shut down my Mac was when I went on 4-week vacation overseas ( a year ago). To force my users (especially my wife) to close their e-mail/browser windows, just so that i can re-boot the computer is a colossal hassle. I have BootCamp (only for MS Flight Simulator X). Unfortunately, I almost never fly it, exactly for the above reason.

    That said, feel free to vote with your wallet any way you wish (it's your money, of course)...

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