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Pioneer rolls out 50-inch, 1080p plasma for pros

03/17, 10:55am

Pioner PDP-5000EX

Pioneer late on Friday upgraded its pro plasma line with the PDP-5000EX. The design signals the first 50-inch display in the US from Pioneer to manage a 1080p native resolution thanks to smaller cells and better light control: accordingly, the screen comes with HDMI input as well as an HDCP-encrypted DVI connector for computers and the de facto component and RCA ports.

What separates it from most plasmas is its refresh rate, Pioneer explains: the 5000EX can drive the screen at 72Hz, making it a perfect multiple of (and better suited to) the 24 frames per second of most movies. The combination of this speed with a cleaner and higher-contrast image is ideal for pro video editors. Pricing is unannounced but will accompany the set when it ships in the spring.

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