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iPhone teaser ad airs

02/25, 9:45pm

iPhone Teaser Airs

As promised, Apple tonight aired a teaser ad for the iPhone during the Oscars ceremony (mirror available here). The ad features clips from famous movie and TV show characters asking "hello," including the pictured Audrey Tautou, promptly followed by an image of the iPhone as well as the words "Hello" and "Coming in June." No additional features were revealed in the commercial. Update: Apple has posted an official version. Also, the Cingular logo has been replaced with AT&T to reflect the change in the provider's name.

Apple airs new iPhone ad during Oscars

02/25, 9:35pm

iPhone ad during Oscars

Apple today aired its new iPhone television ad during the Oscars on Sunday night. The ad, played twice during the awards ceremony, featured clips--from popular movies--of famous actors answering the phone and saying "hello".

EMI's talks for DRM-free music stall

02/25, 9:35pm

DRM-free music stalls

Users may have to wait a bit longer for DRM-free music from the major, despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs' recent call for DRM-free music. EMI has reportedly pulled out of negotiations with online music labels to provide DRM-free music, according to Bloomberg News. The negotiations, with online retailers including Microsoft, stalled over the size of advance payment, the report said. EMI, the only major label willing to explore DRM-free music, demanded an upfront payment to compensate for its risk in releasing the music without software that prevents copying. The music retailers, rejecting the initial offer, countered with a lower offer; however, negotiations stalled, according to the report. Online music retailers such as Real and Yahoo have backed Jobs' call for DRM-free music in an effort to help challenge Apple's industry-leading iTunes.

Briefly: Oscars' iPhone ad, AE/Xbox fix, iPod attack

02/25, 5:50pm

Apple's Oscars iPhone ad

Briefly: Apple is reportedly planning on airing an iPhone commercial during Sunday's Oscars Awards, while a two students are in prison after allegedly attacking a teacher over the confiscation of an iPod. Meanwhile, one reader has posted a workaround for the compatibility issues between the new 802.11n AirPort Extreme and Microsoft's Xbox.... Apple is planning on airing a commercial for the iPhone during Sunday's Oscars presentation, according to one Web report. Apple has allegedly devised a teaser ad made specifically with the movie awards ceremony in mind, which begins at 8 pm ET. Few other details are known about the spot, but Apple has typically shied away from producing single-run TV spots, since its historic 1984 TV ad during the Super Bowl, according to Electronista. The commercial would also come months in advance of the actual release, a rarity for the company.

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