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Apple to air iPhone ad during the Oscars?

02/23, 10:10pm

iPhone Oscars Ad

Apple is planning on airing a commercial for the iPhone during Sunday's Oscars presentation, according to anonymous sources. Apple has allegedly devised a teaser ad made specifically with the movie awards ceremony in mind. Little else about the campaign was revealed in the apparent leak, however.

Although best-known for its symbolic 1984 Super Bowl ad, Apple has typically shied away from producing single-run TV spots since then, preferring instead to begin longer campaigns at significant but lower-profile events. The commercial would also come months in advance of the actual release, a rarity for the California company. [via MacWorld]

Mozilla Firefox fixes security flaws

02/23, 9:40pm

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla on Friday released updated versions of the Firefox open-source browser to fix several security flaws as well as add support for Windows Vista, Microsoft's latest operating system. The update addresses an important flaw that could be used to manipulate stored cookie information as well as a flaw that could lead to the execution of arbitrary code. Firefox (and Firefox fixes a critical security flaw addresses a "critical" bug that could lead to memory corruption and could be exploited to run arbitrary code. "As part of the Firefox and update releases we fixed several bugs to improve the stability of the product," the company wrote.

Refurb displays reduced, Mac Pro for $1,899

02/23, 6:10pm

Refurb Mac Pro for $1,899

Apple has dropped the prices of its refurbished flat-panel monitors and is offering a Mac Pro for $1,899. The Cupertino-based company discounted its reconditioned Apple Cinema HD Display 23-inch flat panel with an aluminum enclosure to $749, which as with all Apple refurbished items includes free shipping as well as a one-year warranty. Apple reduced its massive 30-inch Cinema HD Display with an aluminum enclosure boasting a whopping 2560x1600 resolution to $1,599, and added a Mac Pro with the lowest cost yet to its list of reconditioned sale items. The Mac Pro Quad 2.0GHz features two dual-core Intel Xeon processors with 1GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive, and a 16x SuperDrive double-layer DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW drive for $1,899. The Apple Store Canada is also offering Apple's refurbished 23-inch Cinema Display for CA $899, but currently stocks no reconditioned 30-inch displays.

Lineform 1.3 updates vector drawing app

02/23, 5:40pm

Lineform 1.3 released

Freeverse has released Lineform 1.3, an update to its vector-based drawing and illustration program. Some key features to the program include instant start-up, Boolean operations, and full import and export support through SVG files. The major addition to v1.3 is PDF support, meaning that users can now import and edit the format natively. Other changes involve substantial bug fixes and speed enhancements, as well as SVGZ loading, and an increase of the maximum zoom level to 256,000 percent. The program is a Universal Binary and will run on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. The full version costs $80, but buyers can also try a limited demo in advance.

Mac users pay more, MS blames security

02/23, 5:40pm

Virtual Vista costs more

Microsoft has ensured that Mac owners will pay a premium for using its Vista operating system in a virtualized environment -- such as Parallels Desktop -- due to a portion of the Redmond-based company's license agreement forbidding such action. Microsoft cites security worries for its inclusion of the ban on running Vista inside virtual machines on all platforms, saying that malicious software can run undetected alongside an operating system. The move could further confuse consumers beyond the already blurry series of various Vista versions in circulation, according to the Associated Press, because Microsoft is allowing some of its higher-priced Vista versions to run in virtual environments. Even then, however, the software giant restricts the system's functionality by preventing users from accessing Vista's BitLocker data-encryption service and playing music or video carrying Microsoft's anti-piracy technology.

MiniPC's ultra-compact GF800

02/23, 5:10pm

MiniPC's compact GF800

Space in Japanese homes can be extremely slim, prompting the creation of computers like the MiniPC GF800. At its longest the case is only nine inches, and it's also just 2.6 inches tall. Accessories do match however, as graphics come from an Intel 945GM Express motherboard, which is further capped at 2GB of RAM. Benefits to the computer include a DVD burner, SATA and eSATA ports, and three video output jacks: DVI, S-Video, and D-SUB/VGA. The base cost of the GF800 is roughly 71,732 yen ($592), but does not factor in the CPU -- buyers must choose between a Celeron, Core Solo, Core Duo, or Core 2 Duo.

Citizen updates cellphone-friendly Bluetooth watch

02/23, 4:40pm

Citizen W700 VIRT

Citizen today updated its VIRT smart watches with a new version of the W700. The tweaked design is friendlier, the company says, shipping in a much intimidating blue or pink with softer design cues and larger buttons. Bluetooth its still its central focus, however. Pairing with a nearby cellphone lets it display caller ID and vibrate for an incoming call, saving the time of fishing the phone out of a pocket. The wristwatch charges through a dock and displays information on an OLED for better visibility.

As is often the case with Japanese-made electronics, Citizen hasn't revealed the price. The firm expects to launch the watch for the island nation in mid-March; a US equivalent to the W700 is possible, but unconfirmed. [via Gizmodo]

HTC Gene 100 submitted to the FCC

02/23, 4:15pm

HTC Gene 100 at the FCC

HTC has submitted a new Pocket PC phone to the FCC, the Gene 100. Most notable is the absence of a keypad, which -- like the Apple iPhone -- follows the increasing trend of relying exclusively on a touchscreen for major functions. There are a few physical buttons however, such a direction pad, and basic navigation options. Also notable is the use of a full-sized SD slot, where many competitors rely on microSD. The phone has an otherwise standard assortment of features, such as Bluetooth, a two-megapixel camera, and quad-band GSM. EDGE broadband is a possibility. In spite of its GSM support, it's unknown whether the phone will actually be sold in North America.

I.dear Wood Speaker brings sound everywhere

02/23, 4:15pm

I dear Wood Speaker

Korea's I.dear has begun shipping its simple Wood Speaker. Conceived of as a way to add better externalized sound to just about any device, the 1.5-watt speaker is just over an inch tall and uses its wooden shape both to set it apart visually and to ruggedize it for a bag or pocket: I.dear builds in a key ring and encourages owners to chain the Wood Speaker to a cellphone, PSP, or other gadget for the occasional speakerphone call or music broadcast. The cuboid speaker isn't dependent on its host and will last for up to 5 hours on a single charge, rejuvenating through a USB connection.

Fun Shop currently lists I.dear's miniature audio system for $25. [via Red Ferret Journal]

FleX media PC caters to high-end with amps, folding

02/23, 3:35pm

FleX 4 2 Folding Media PC

Italian designer Pietroguerra has just introduced the premium FleX 4.2 home theater PC. Its entire focus is as a complement to a luxury stereo or TV setup, including the shape itself: a hinged design either lays flat to stack the computer with other AV equipment, or folds in half to create a smaller footprint in vertically crowded spaces. Dual Bang & Olufsen amplifiers also boost the computer's sound as high as 400W and will work even when the PC is switched off. The FleX can be built with an IR receiver to work with other B&O equipment and has the option of as many as three digital or hybrid TV tuners.

The system is available today as a custom-assembled system with price varying by needs: a base model ships for $2,849 with a 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo, 250GB hard drive, and no TV tuners. [via CrunchGear]

Jobs to get "Rotten Apple' award without apology

02/23, 3:20pm

Teachers demand apology

The California Federation of Teachers has invited Apple CEO Steve Jobs to either attend an annual CFT convention next month or offer a public apology for his "insulting comments" to California's teachers. Should Jobs fail to apologize or neglect to attend the conference, where he is encouraged to speak with the people who educate California's children and hear from them what the situation is like, the CFT will create a new award specifically for Apple's chief. "We'll call it the Rotten Apple, for the individual who best personifies the need to think differently about public education and teacher unions," California Federation of Teachers president Mary Bergan wrote in a letter to the executive. Bergan aggressively rebuted Jobs' statement to an educational reform conference last week, where he expressed belief that the schools have become unionized "in the worst possible way" and that the unionization with lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is "off-the-charts crazy."

Users unwilling to pay Apple's iPhone price

02/23, 3:20pm

iPhone priced too high

Apple's decision to announce premium pricing for the iPhone will likely play a significant role in the adoption of the consumer device, but if the Cupertino-based company keeps its current pricing scheme -- which starts at $499 -- it may face significant challenges in attracting large numbers of customers. A new study released Thursday found that consumers are not willing to pay either $599 for the 8GB or $499 for the 4GB model; however, if pricing is cut significantly, the device may attract new customers to AT&T. Market research firm Compete found that about 25 percent respondents were likely to buy an iPhone, but that only one percent would pay $500. The report also indicates the pricing will likely change, either at launch -- as Apple has done with product introductions in the past -- or soon after to target the mass market.

Samsung ramps up video memory speeds

02/23, 2:45pm

Samsung GDDR4 Memory

Samsung today officially announced a major improvement to GDDR4 memory, its latest approach to RAM for graphics cards. The Korean firm said it had used a smaller, 80-nanometer process at its factories to reach an unprecedented 2GHz effective speed, two-thirds better than what can be found in the fastest video cards today. The 4Gbps of bandwidth created by the faster RAM should help improve both the amount of 3D detail in games and the ability to handle large-scale video editing, Samsung added.

The enhanced memory is already available to video card makers for testing and should be in production graphics cards soon afterwards. ATI's Radeon X2000 series and NVIDIA's sequel to the GeForce 8800 are expected in or near March and are strong first candidates to use the new chips.

MS patent award could affect Apple, others

02/23, 2:35pm

Apple endangered by ruling

[digg this] Microsoft on Thursday was ordered to pay more than $1.5 billion in damages to Alcatel-Lucent for violating two MP3 patents with its Windows operating system, which could lead to similar lawsuits and future royalty payments by other companies such as Apple, Yahoo!, and Dell. A federal jury in San Diego found that Microsoft violated MP3 patents held by Lucent, despite the Redmond-based company's claims that during the trial it used unrelated technologies and that the Lucent patents were invalid. Separate developer groups have claimed ownership of related MP3 patents, causing confusion and chaos in the licensing of the MP3 format, according to Electronista. The verdict of Microsoft's case, however, could affect a number of companies that believe they have already licensed related patents for the decoding and encoding of MP3 files.

Sonoma Wire Works ships RiffWorks Standard

02/23, 2:20pm

Sonoma ships RiffWorks

Sonoma Wire Works and IK Multimedia have shipped RiffWorks Standard, a guitar recording program that supports features such as podcasting and online jam sessions. When creating tracks, users have access to 24 layers plus backing tracks, including four tempo-synchronized InstantDrummer backups. Nine pre-recorded Drummer sessions are included out of the box, with more available to buy online. Seven stock audio effects include wah, reverb, and multiband compression and distortion. More can be added through plug-ins. Files, meanwhile, can be mixed down to WAV or Ogg Vorbis formats. The program is on sale online for $170.

Fusion RIP 7.2 comes to Intel Macs

02/23, 2:10pm

Fusion RIP 7.2 Universal

Fusion Systems International today released Fusion RIP 7.2 (site down) for Mac OS X as a Universal Binary that runs natively on Intel-based Macs. The latest release is also twice as fast on PowerPC machines, according to the company, and expands on features developed for Fusion RIP 7.0. Enhanced features include in-RIP font emulation as well as support for the JDF 1.2, PDF/X-1a:2003 and PDF/X-3:2003 specifications. The Mac OS X RIP is natively compatible with PDF 1.6, allowing users to avoid converting to PostScript which is a potentially time-consuming process. Certified JDF enablers allow reference file format support of 1-bit TIFF-based workflows (pricing and system requirements were unavailable).

Sharp tries low-cost, 1080p wireless photo streaming

02/23, 2:05pm

Sharp 1080p Photo Streamer

Sharp on Friday unveiled the HN-IR1, a simple gateway for streaming photos to TVs. Instead of relying on networking and storage of its own, the device uses an IR receiver to transmit images from a cellphone, notebook, or other portables with their own IR port. The IR1's signal is fast enough to broadcast the images even at the 1080p resolution of capable sets. Sharp adds that the adapter can also be plugged directly into its AQUOS recorders or any other set-top burner for creating photo albums.

The price should make the HN-IR1 a viable alternative to networked media hubs when it goes on sale April 25th in Japan for $116.

Second-gen iPod shuffle wins design award

02/23, 1:25pm

Shuffle wins design award

The Design Week Awards 2007 crowned Apple's second-generation iPod shuffle as the winner of Consumer Product Design. "If the future is deemed to be digital, then design is well equiped to play its part, judging by the wealth of great projects earmarked for fame in the relevant categories of this year's awards," wrote Design Week Awards. "We were in a quandary with Consumer Product Design. Thought there was a wide variety of intersting products, there was also a raft of entries from Apple's design team, of which, though all were excellent, only the Shuffle was truly 'new'." The organization says the quality of Apple's products, packaging, and "enticing" presentation sets the benchmark while creating a compelling "itchy wallet" syndrome that makes the company successful.

Survey: shoppers balk at iPhone price tag

02/23, 1:20pm

iPhone Price Tag Backlash

Most cellphone users would only be willing to investigate the iPhone if the asking price drops, according to a just-published survey. Research firm Compete Inc. gauged the reactions of 379 people to the Apple device, and noted that while 26 percent of those polled would like to own an iPhone, only a single percent that smaller group was willing to commit to the $499 price announced in January. However, that latter figure jumped to 42 percent when the price was dropped to $299 or less, Compete said. Most of the respondents were already aware of the iPhone and had at least investigated buying an iPod in the past.

Figures climbed higher still when subjects were asked about switching carriers. A majority -- 60 percent -- of those interested in the iPhone were willing to switch to AT&T to own the handset when the price was right, the survey said.

Adtron introduces 160GB flash hard drive

02/23, 1:00pm

Adtron 160GB flash HDD

As the prices of flash memory continue to fall, drives such as Adtron's new 160GB Flashpak become more practical. It's a 2.5-inch solid-state disc, and is available with either IDE or SATA connections. Its most impressive aspect is of course its speed, since the SATA version can read and write at 65 and 55MB/s, while the IDE drive is even faster at 70 and 60MB/s. The disc also comes with Adtron's EraSure Clear and Sanitize programs to enable government-level security. Because it's targeted at professionals, interested parties must contact Adtron directly.

MumboJumbo releases Luxor Mahjong game

02/23, 12:50pm

Luxor Mahjong released

MumboJumbo today released the digital download version of Luxor Mahjong, its strategy game with an Egyptian twist. Players embark on an epic quest to recover the stolen treasures of Ancient Egypt in Luxor Mahjong, offering an unending challenge with 200 unique layouts. The game features three play modes which include Adventure, Single, and Traditional as well as three difficulty settings to provide a challenging experience for any player. Three exotic tile sets customize the Luxor Mahjong experience, where players work up from a lowly farm hand to become the Pharaoh of all Egypt. Luxor Mahjong is available for $20 at, and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8. [images]

Apps: PGP Desktop beta; Stylus RMS

02/23, 12:45pm

PGP Desktop; Stylus RMS

    PGP Desktop 9.6 Public Beta (free) uses the trusted PGP encryption scheme to protect e-mail and instant messages against intrusion. Version 9.6 brings Mac enjoys PGP Key reconstruction and the automatic detection and encryption of e-mail accounts (the mail plugin is no longer used). Mail, Entourage and Eudora clients are supported. [Download - 23.2MB]
    Stylus RMX 1.6 ($300) is a virtual instrument plug-in that gives control over groove production and performance. Among other features, the program has thousands of kit modules, and a 7.4GB sample library covering a wide range of genres. The v1.6 patch marks the first Universal Binary edition of the program. For single-timbral support, a minimum of 640MB of RAM, a 500MHz G3, and RTAS or a VST host are required. [Download - Size Unknown]
    Quadrium 2.2 ($60) creates abstract images, textures and animations using mathematical techniques, such as fractals. No advanced math skills are necessary. Version 2.2 adds "nesting" nodes, which allow many new abilities, including layers. Users can also create custom nodes through quadriumScript, and save any custom node for future art. [Download - 28.6MB]
    SuperNotecard ($30) helps novelists, researchers and other writers jot down ideas on the fly, organizing them by decks and groups. Version 2.2 introduces colored cards, and an "Optimized" mode that shows more elements at the same time. Users can also print and export selectively, instead of sending out an entire project at once. The full product comes with both the Mac and Windows editions. [Download - 2.5MB]
    Infovox iVox 1.1 ($150) supplies new, multilingual voices for Mac OS X, which can further be used in any application that supports speech, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Language choices include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and more. In some cases different accents are provided. Mac OS X 10.3.9 is the minimum requirement, though 10.4 or later is recommended. [Download - Size Unknown]
    SoundSource 1.2 (free) is a tool that enables single-click selection of different audio inputs and outputs. Through the System setting, system beeps can be muted by sending them to an unused output. The v1.2 upgrade has been completely rewritten, ensuring better performance. The app is a Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.3.9 through 10.4.8. [Download - 688KB]

Canon loses SED TV lawsuit

02/23, 12:20pm

Canon loses SED TV lawsuit

A US District Court has ruled against Canon in a lawsuit over SED TV technology, Reuters reports. The suit was filed by the Texas-based Nano-Proprietary, who signed a license agreement with Canon in 1999, giving the latter the technology needed to enter the flatscreen TV market. Nano charges that this agreement was violated in 2004, when Canon began sharing the technology in an SED partnership with Toshiba. SED sets are similar to current plasma and LCD TVs, but have brighter pictures while consuming less power. Canon had hoped to demonstrate the technology at January's Consumer Electronics Show, but unspecified delays prevented this from happening.

Apple offers WWDC 2007 tracks, scholarships

02/23, 12:20pm

Apple details WWDC 2007

[digg this] Apple has offered further details on its upcoming WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in 2007, revealing session tracks as well as frequently asked questions and a student scholarship program. The WWDC is the one event where Apple is known to provide something of a roadmap outlining some of its future offerings, with last year's conference bringing a closed developer release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. This year will bring more than 100 sessions devoted to Mac OS X Leopard technologies spanning six technology tracks, as well as personal access to engineers for Mac developers and IT professionals. The six tracks include Leopard innovations, Mac OS X essentials, developer tools, information technologies, graphics and imaging, and content and media. The student scholarship program enables students to delve deep into the latest Apple technology and learn from Apple engineers, with recipients receiving a free ticket to attend the conference with complete access to all technical sessions and special events.

Photos confirm Samsung Ultra Music for Sprint

02/23, 11:45am

Samsung F300 for Sprint

At least one of Samsung's Ultra phones is destined for the US, an anonymous photo set has revealed. Although tentatively confirmed through an FCC filing that revealed just the skeleton of the player, the F300 (better known as the Ultra Music) was all but confirmed from images taken at a company meeting as heading to Sprint. The unique, double-faced phone will be rebadged as the M620 and support Sprint's CDMA network but should otherwise remain close in spirit to the Korean version.

The presentation didn't reveal a launch price, but did reveal an April release window, according to the source. Two mysterious phones known as the Pro 700 and 800 were also revealed but were not associated with a particular cellphone maker, with photos revealing only the ruggedized nature of the 700. Click through for key photos. [via SlashPhone]

Sagem intros miniscule Bluetooth headset

02/23, 11:15am

Sagem H4 Bluetooth Headset

French cellphone maker Sagem claims to have developed the smallest headset available for Bluetooth-equipped cellphones. The simply-named H4 measures less than 1.4 inches at its greatest length, making it a more discreet option for hands-free calls. The size doesn't preclude including features from larger earpieces and has the ability to call either of the wearer's two favorite numbers either through a button press or voice activation. Battery life is still capable at 5 hours and recharges as quickly as 1.5 hours.

The H4 currently sells throughout Europe for €79 ($104). [via Pocket-lint]

GizMac takes pre-orders for 6U XRackPro2

02/23, 11:15am

XRackPro2 pre-orders begin

GizMac Accessories has begun accepting pre-orders for its forthcoming 6U XRackPro2 model. The new new 6U size server rack will join the company's current 25U, 12U and 4U XRackPro2 models designed to reduce noise from loud equipment. The upcoming 6U model is expected to reduce noise by up to 80 percent, on par with the current XRackPro2 server rack line, and is designed for a small combination of computers and RAID systems with switches and battery backup. The noise-reducing server rack is ideal for audio and video users who require low noise levels. The 6U XRackPro2 is available for pre-order at $750, and is slated for shipment in mid-March.

Moto RIZR to make US debut through T-Mobile

02/23, 10:45am

Moto RIZR for T-Mobile

Motorola's RIZR Z3 will finally launch in the US next month, according to a leaked product sheet. The RAZR-inspired slider is now set to arrive first with T-Mobile, becoming available on March 12th. Although no pricing has been made available, the phone will keep all of the features promised when the phone was first announced: a 2-megapixel camera, a quad-band GSM radio with EDGE mobile broadband, and music playback with support for stereo Bluetooth headphones. A 128MB microSD card will be bundled with T-Mobile's edition.

Revealed at the same time as the flip-phone KRZR in mid-2006, the RIZR has been inexplicably delayed, receiving FCC approval as soon as October and an Oscar-linked introduction that refrained from mentioning any specific providers. [via Engadget]

Lenntek unveils Hookup Lanyard for 2G Nano

02/23, 10:35am

Hookup Lanyard for 2G Nano

Lenntek has unveiled the Hookup Lanyard, a combination hands-free accessory for iPod nano and cellular phone owners that connects wirelessly to both devices to toggle between music listening and calls. The Hookup Lanyard features a sleek anodized aluminum body that matches Apple's second-generation iPod nano, and is paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone as users clip the second-generation Nano into the built-in transmitter on the lanyard. The Hookup Lanyard automatically mutes the music when a call comes in and plays the phone's ringtone, enabling users to toggle back to music once the call is complete. Lenntek's Hookup Lanyard works with 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, and 8GB second-generation iPod nanos, and is priced at $70.

Briefly: iPhone at CeBIT; LightWave bundle

02/23, 10:20am

iPhone at CeBIT, LightWave

In brief: Apple is planning its return to CeBIT after eight years to display its iPhone, and NewTek has launched a time-limited offer on its LightWave 9 3D software bundled with training resources. Red Sweater Software has announced its acquisition of the MarsEdit blog publishing application, nova media updated its launch2net software, and Google Apps Premier Edition is set to take on the enterprise market. Apple is planning to return to the CeBIT computer expo in Hanover, Germany to present the iPhone after an eight year absence. The Cupertino-based company will not attend the show as a full exhibitor, but will provide its own staff to showcase its products.

Thecus speeds up home backup drives

02/23, 10:10am

Thecus N2050BD

Seeking to liven normally utilitarian world of backup drives, Thecus today launched the N2050. Sold as a media backup drive enclosure for avid music and video collectors, the box is one of the fastest and most flexible backup options for everyay users, according to the company. Two drives up to 500GB are stacked in the black-and-white case in a RAID array in either a faster striped setup or a safer mirror. An external SATA connector and bundled PCI card help the N2050BD reach its full speed; two USB 2.0 ports are also built-in for more universal access, including daisy-chaining extra drives or other peripherals.

The enclosure ships in Japan on March 1st for $163, while drives are sold separately to let owners buy only as much storage as they need. Thecus operates outside of Japan and may make the new drive available in North America.

Apps: Final Cut Pro, PacketStream, Palm DST

02/23, 9:20am

Final Cut Pro, Palm DST

    Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 (free update) is an update to Apple's high-performance digital nonlinear editing software. It offers native support for virtually any video format, and facility-class extensibility and interoperability. Version 5.1.4 provides important bug fixes to resolve plugin issues, according to Apple and is recommended for all Final Cut Pro 5.1, 5.1.1, 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 customers.[Download - 38MB]
    PacketStream 2.0 ($20) is a network monitoring program for Mac OS X. It provides point-and-click activation of the Mac's built-in network monitoring program, which is usually available only from the command line. Users can monitor data as it streams over a network-- useful for checking web traffic, network bottlenecks, or even suspicious network activity." Version 2.0 offers new icons as well as the ability to search the data display for specific terms and configure scanner to monitor specific specific network ports. [Download - 4.4MB]
    Palm DST update (free) replaces the old DST rule with new DST rule on a Palm-based smartphone or handheld and notifies the Date & Time application that DST rule change occurred. It only replaces the old DST rule embedded in any Calendar events that occur after March 11, 2007 (when the DST change begins). Palm says that in the event of a hard reset, this update will need to be installed and run again on your device. [Download - 25KB]
    Send SMS Dashboard Widget 2.1.4 ($10/yr) version adds support for Long SMS, allow users to send up to three text messages automatically. Send SMS is a Dashboard widget for Mac OS X Tiger that can send SMS messages to any mobile number in the world through the Internet. The widget supports Group SMS and is localized in several languages and requires Mac OS X 10.4. Each SMS costs $0.10. [Download - 484KB]
    Sound Byte 3.2 ($24) turns any Mac into a" cart machine" for playing sound recordings, such as music and special effects. Designed for for DJs, radio stations and audio productions, it supports most formats, including MP3, AIFF, WAV, AU, etc.; the latest version, a free update, adds Universal Binary Support, as well as a Timed Playlist for automatically playing carts at a programmed time--ideal for live radio shows and other productions. [Download - 4MB]
    Electroacoustics Toolbox 1.1 ($700) is an update to the dynamic signal analysis and data acquisition application. The software offers multi-channel, audio-band data acquisition and real-time analysis of electrical, acoustical, and electroacoustic signals and systems as well as precise measurements of acoustic quantities. The release adds two new tools for spectral analysis: an octave and 1/3-octave spectrum analyzer and a spectrogram analyzer with 3D data visualization capabilities. Electroacoustics Toolbox is available as Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and up. [Download - unknown]

Siren trots out 2GB lanyard music jukebox

02/23, 9:20am

Siren DP100 2GB Player

Siren has unveiled the latest version of the DP100. The basic MP3 player takes a cue from Apple's first-generation iPod shuffle by incorporating its own lanyard slot, letting the player hang freely from the neck without needing a separate attachment or cap. The device beats its rivals in terms of sheer features, according to the company's claims. Holding a relativlely large 2GB of MP3, WAV, or WMA music, the player also has a two-color OLED for choosing songs. Battery life is also longer than average for the class at 18 hours.

The 2GB version of the DP100 officially begins sales on February 26th in Japan at a price of $82, competing closely Apple's device. A US release hasn't been announced.

MS taken for $1.5B in MP3 suit; Apple next?

02/23, 8:50am

MS Loses MP3 Suit

Microsoft on Thursday was ordered to pay just over $1.5 billion in damages to Alcatel-Lucent for violating two MP3 patents with its Windows operating system, opening the door for similar lawsuits and future royalty payments by other companies such as Apple, Yahoo!, Dell, Toshiba, RealNetworks, and others. A federal jury in San Diego found that Microsoft violated MP3 patents held by Lucent, although Microsoft both claimed during the trial it used unrelated technologies and that the Lucent patents were invalid. The ruling, if upheld, could be one of the largest patent awards in history.

Separate developer groups have claimed ownership of related MP3 patents, causing confusion and chaos in the licensing of MP3. The verdict today, however, could affect a number of companies who believe they have already licensed related patents for the decoding and encoding of MP3 files.


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