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Boomerang Data Recovery Software debuts

01/02, 5:55pm

Boomerang Data Recovery

Digital Frontiers has just announced the shipping of Boomerang, a data recovery application for Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. The application promises to recover virtually any lost data, from individual files on your computer to flash cards, RAID systems, and even external drives that no longer mount properly. It also eases the learning curve by using a number of Mac OS X interface tropes, including Spotlight searches and a Finder-like browser system. Boomerang is a universal binary that requires 256MB of RAM. The full package costs $180 for a single user, but a limited trial is a free 3.4MB download.

Fractal Domains 2.0 comes to Intel Macs

01/02, 5:30pm

Fractal Domains 2.0

One avid Mac developer has released Fractal Domains 2.0, offering owners of Macs with multiple processors and/or cores to take advantage of their hardware by creating a separate calculation thread for each processor present. Fractal Domains generates color fractal images which include popular fractals, the Mandelbrot set, and associated Julia sets. Fractal Domains also supports generating an unlimited variety of fractal types based on rational functions, including fractals based on Newton's method and Halley's method. The update also runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary. Fractal Domains 2.0 is available for $20.

Chestnut launches iPod speakers with remote

01/02, 4:55pm

Chestnut iPod speakers

Chestnut Hill Sound today previewed its first device which it calls the George, offering a front control panel that detaches and becomes an advanced remote. The remote combines the Zigbee wireless data format with an LCD alongside a scroll knob to replicate virtually every navigation function of the iPod. An integrated radio tuner can also serve as the controller from the remote through a "bandless" interface, according to the company. AM and FM appear on the same interface, negating the need to manually switch radio bands. Users can set two separate alarms with volume that is independent of the sleep timer, according to Crave.

Escient dock links with home theaters

01/02, 4:45pm

Escient home theater dock

Escient has begun shipping its Fireball FP-1 Media Manager, a device that connects to automated home theater systems via Ethernet and RS-232 to pipe music as well as video anywhere that an entertainment system extends. The Fireball is one of the few media hubs that can share Apple's FairPlay content across a network, according to Escient, and users can connect multiple Fireballs simultaneously while allowing users to control iPods remotely using a TV-based interface. The option also exists to stream audio from a networked Mac or PC, so long as it's in unprotected AAC, FLAC, MP3, PCM or WMA formats. Users can sync iPods through the USB port, and Crutchfield is selling the the FP-1 for $600 as well as the dockless ZP-1 for $500.

Alivar builds luxury TV stand with hidden storage

01/02, 4:45pm

Alivar Contemporary Stand

Italian luxury furniture maker Alivar has revealed the Contemporary TV Stand, part of the company's Frame Collection. Instead of hiding the video system at the heart of many current living rooms, as with the Starck-designed M.I.S.S., the Contemporary places a flat-panel TV at the center of the room and hides as much of the remaining componentry as possible. The stand in particular relies on a sandwich-style construction that builds in shelving for DVDs, games, and other media along the sides, leaving only a simple shelf for electronics at the front. The entire frame is built of aluminum and can rotate to accommodate a change in seating. Pricing is unlisted but can be found by contacting the company. [Via Trendir]

Showtime to offer Vista-friendly videos

01/02, 4:35pm

Showtime caters to Vista

TV network Showtime today announced that it would debut its own direct-download store. The service will enable viewers purchase permanent copies of episodes from the channel's current programming -- such as Sleeper Cell and Weeds -- for playback on a home computer or a portable media player such as Creative's Zen Vision:W. The network store is one of the first designed with Windows Vista in mind, according to the company's partner ExtendMedia: videos bought through the store will remain accessible through Microsoft's Media Center interface found in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions of the new operating system, according to Electronista. The company has yet to release pricing information, but plans to reveal full details at next week's CES expo in Las Vegas with an anticipated launch in late January.

Leadertone to mark CES with new GPS mapper

01/02, 4:20pm

Leadertone GPS3000

The Chinese company Leadertone today said it would set foot in the US with its new GPS3000 receiver. In addition to creating a minimalist design that hides physical controls behind a 3.5-inch touchscreen, the company hopes to distinguish its new mapping unit through media features: MP3, WAV, and WMA music is supported alongside AVI and Windows Media videos and several common photo formats. Battery life is promised as longer than average at four hours. Leadertone also claims to have taken obsolesence into account and has provided a connection for an external GPS receiver should the built-in, -159dBM receiver fail or see an replacement in the future. Information about a price and ship date should follow the GPS3000's presence at CES next week. [Via NaviGadget]

Patriot promises world's fastest RAM, USB flash drive

01/02, 3:50pm

Fast Patriot RAM and Flash

Patriot today boasted that it would debut both the world's fastest computer memory and USB flash storage. The memory maker is set to unveil a new addition to its Extreme Performance line of DDR2 memory that will be rated as PC2-10100, offering 10.1GB/sec of bandwidth at what the company claims is a record-breaking 1302MHz. The extra speed is vital for gamers or anyone overclocking memory-hungry, multi-core processors such as Intel's Core 2 Quad line, Patriot says. Availability has not been released but should follow shortly after an introduction at CES.

The company will also take its opportunity at the show to launch Version 2 of its Xporter XT flash storage (pictured). The USB 2 drives should also be the fastest in their class, achieving a 266X speed rating -- a full 33% faster than the company's current models. The throughput translates to a 39MB/sec read rate and promises ideal performance for those who regularly store programs or other large files on the rugged, rubberized drive. Capacities will range between 1GB and 4GB, though pricing again remains unavailable.

M.I.S.S. sofa hides home theater projector, speakers

01/02, 3:30pm

Starck MISS Home Theater

Furniture retailer Geoffrey Drayton is now selling Cassina's Music Image Sofa System, or M.I.S.S. The furniture, imagined by well-known designer Philippe Starck, contains both a stereo system with two satellites and subwoofer as well as a video projector that raises from a back compartment. The setup as a whole is designed to hide the cables and machinery that would ordinarily clutter a home theater, keeping a room stylish without the need for even a TV, Cassina says. The M.I.S.S. sells at George Drayton for £4,000 ($7,783) and should be available in other premium furniture dealers. [Via Chip Chick]

RadTech debuts new storage enclosures

01/02, 3:00pm

RadTech enclosures debut

RadTech today unveiled a series of new storage solution that include the company's compact 8GB DriveMate portable hard drive boasting a shock chamber to protect the drive within against damage. The DriveMate also features optional 64-bit hardware encryption that RadTech claims is superior to even 192-bit software or biometric encryption. Encrypted models require users to insert a physical key each time a unit is mounted. The company also began shipping a pair of Impact hard drive enclosures (shown at right) designed to hold 2.5- and 3.5-inch SATA/ATA-6 drives. The aluminum housing can withstand crush loads up to and above 4,000 pounds, while available ports include USB, FireWire 400/800, and (in the case of the 3.5-inch Impacts) eSATA. Repeaters enhance the reliability of chained FireWire connections, and customers can opt to purchase versions with 64-bit hardware encryption. Prices for the Impacts begin at $80 and $55 for secured and unsecured 2.5-inch models, respectively. RadTech's fully-equipped 3.5-inch enclosure is priced at $140, while its 8GB DriveMate ships in encrypted form only for $145.

Bluetrek preps Bluetooth headphones for runners

01/02, 3:00pm

Bluetrek ST1 Headphones

Bluetrek on Tuesday revealed plans to introduce its ST1 headphones at CES. In place of the more common overhead or loose cord designs of most Bluetooth headsets, Bluetrek has opted for a behind-the-head design friendlier to athletes and others whose exercise could knock earbuds loose. The band is flexible to fit virtually any wearer, Bluetrek says. The ST1 pairs with most recent Bluetooth phones or music players and has an internal lithium-ion battery capable of 9 hours of continuous playback, or 400 hours of idle time. The phone will ship to Korea shortly after the CES show and is likely to find an audience in North America, though pricing in either territory remains unclear. [Via Engadget]

Simply Elegant Sales adds rental features

01/02, 2:40pm

Simply Elegant Sales 1.4

Zarra Studios has released Simply Elegant Sales 1.4, offering numerous enhancements while concluding the 'Rental Edition' feature set. Simply Elegant Sales 1.4 adds the ability to manage rented items, and provides automatic inventory archiving by allowing users to flag an inventory item for automatic archival. The latest release features customer notes, the ability to set a default invoice note, admin approval for instant discounts, and a magnetic card reader panel for any USB magnetic card reader. Further enhancements include purchase units, rental renewal invoices, a rental rate multiplier, the ability to set a default rental rate, and customizable payment options. Simply Elegant Sales 1.4 is a free upgrade for existing license holders, and is priced at $250 (entry edition) or $470 (standard edition) for new users. Simply Elegant Sales 1.4 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Spectec intros mini video-out card for smartphones

01/02, 2:30pm

Spectec Video-Out Card

Taiwanese firm Spectec today revealed the SDV, a card it claims is the world's first video-out adapter for handhelds such as PDAs and smartphones. A two-way miniSDIO or microSDIO card plugs into the storage slot of a given device and sends the image to an attached display. This permits the use of even a cellphone for presentations or movie viewing, the company says. RCA and S-video connectors attach a handset to analog sources; an extra advantage is had with the included VGA output, however, as supporting devices can send an image as sharp as 1024x768 in full color and raise the possibility of using a computer screen as an extended desktop space when at work.

The company adds that its SDV card is compatible with either NTSC or PAL analog video and comes with a wireless remote for handling essential presentation commands from a distance. Pricing is unavailable. [Via SlashGear]

Apple 2007 teaser leads up to SF Expo

01/02, 2:25pm

Apple offers 2007 teaser

Apple has unveiled a new teaser on its homepage depicting a black Apple logo partially engulfed in a shining white light from behind. The phrase "The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007." stretches across the top, exciting enthusiasts with thoughts of new products in the works for the new year. The company has already revealed that it will ship Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' during the spring of 2007, and announced that its 'iTV' device is in the works to stream digital content wirelessly from consumers' computers to their living rooms. Widespread speculation about at least one new cellular handset from Apple has bumped Apple's share price further as investors speculate about the potential revenue the Cupertino-based company could generate, should it enter the highly-competitive mobile phone market.

Escient ships networked iPod, TV media hub

01/02, 1:45pm

Escient Fireball Media Hub

Escient this afternoon announced that its Fireball FP-1 Media Manager for iPods has been released. The new dock makes the iPod part of an advanced home theater through automation and networking support. Both RS-232 and Ethernet ports are built in to control and share media from a dockable iPod with any attached stereo or TV,including those connected to other FireBall devices on the home network. The use of the iPod as a direct source for local content makes the FP-1 one of the few media hubs that can play Apple's FairPlay audio and video standards across a network, according to the company. A TV-based interface lets owners choose content from across the room.

The iPod is not absolutely necessary for the device, Escient says: even when no iPod is attached, the FP-1 streams Internet radio or the unprotected music collections of networked Macs and Windows PCs in AAC, FLAC, MP3, PCM or WMA formats. A USB port is also present to synchronize an iPod with a host computer. The company retails the new FireBall with iPod dock for $600 from Crutchfield and also offers a stripped-down edition without the dock for $500.

Walletex Wallet MP3 player is world's slimmest

01/02, 1:20pm

Walletex Wallet MP3 player

The upcoming Wallet MP3 player by Walletex is the thinnest MP3 player in the world, bearing the same dimensions as a credit card, though perhaps a fraction of an inch thicker. While there is no display on the Wallet, the buttons are flat and printed on the front, and the USB connector serves three different functions: charging, file transfer, and output to USB headphones. The player is further said to be dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to extreme temperatures. It's not being sold direct to consumers, but rather to third-party manufacturers, who can print any design they like on the front. No partners have been announced as of yet.

LG to bring iconic Shine phone Stateside this year

01/02, 1:10pm

LG Shine Reaching US

LG is gearing up to launch its definitive Shine phone in North America. Already released in Korea as of December, LG's slider will see its Western debut at next week's CES show. The Shine is widely characterized as the successor to the immensely successful Chocolate and earns its name through an extravagant brushed metal design accompanied by a simple, two-direction scroll wheel for navigation. The phone should still carry its upgraded 2-megapixel camera and 1GB of internal storage when it ships to the US by the middle of this year; a CDMA version is expected first for Verizon and similar carriers. A GSM variant will ship to Europe early this year and may be released in North America later in 2007. [Via Far East Gizmos]

'Month of bugs' reveals QuickTime exploit

01/02, 1:10pm

'Month of bugs' exploit

A security analyst who elected to kick off the new year with one month of Apple bugs has published the first flaw -- which resides in Apple's QuickTime software. A new post states that a vulnerability in the QuickTime rstp URL handler could allow malicious users to remotely execute code via a stack-based buffer overflow. "By supplying a specially crafted string, an attacker could overflow a stack-based buffer, using either HTML, Javascript or a QTL file as attack vector, leading to an exploitable remote arbitrary code execution condition," the anonymous security expert wrote. The example exploit, which requires a working Ruby interpreter, creates a QTL file that users can open locally or that is served remotely via a Web server. The poster notes that while the sample exploit itself is trivial in nature, the code could easily be modified to use shell code. The author also notes that the only known workaround for Mac users is to disable the rtsp:// URL handler or uninstall QuickTime entirely.

Asus to show XG Station breakout box at CES

01/02, 12:50pm

Asus XG Station at CES

Chipset maker ASUS is readying a unique approach to notebook breakout boxes, according to DigiTimes. Called the XG Station, the adapter will provide not only enhanced sound, as with Creative's recent Xmod, but will also have its own graphics processor to improve the image quality for an attached notebook, according to ASUS. Exact information regarding the AV enhancements remains vague but is known to include Dolby Surround output. The XG Station will connect through USB 2.0 and has a detailed external display for controlling volume and other functions outside of software. More information will be available when CES begins early next week.

AtlasMNS tracks location, weather simultaneously

01/02, 12:40pm

Brunton AtlasMNS GPS

Brunton's portable Atlas MNS is unusual for a GPS unit in that it has dual processors, which allows it to not only track your position, but to take barometer readings and create a weather forecast for the next 12 hours. It can also rememeber the weather of the last 36 hours, and has atlas, altimeter, and digital compass functions. The unit's internal memory can be supplemented by external SD and MMC cards, and supports up to 10 routes, 100 plot trails, and 1,000 waypoints and 1,000 event markers. Power is supplied by two AA batteries and will last up to two weeks in compass mode, but drops to 12 hours in continuous GPS mode. The housing is waterproof and submersible. Brunton is selling the AtlasMNS for $359, but Optics Planet has it for $20 less. [Via NaviGadget]

CrushFTP comes to Intel-based Macs

01/02, 12:05pm

CrushFTP goes Universal

One Mac developer has released CrushFTP 4.0, the first major upgrade in three years to the file transfer software that brings native compatibility to Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary. The application supports a Web interface with built-in uploading tools, and incorporates AJAX or a Java applet to handle uploading multiple files from a Web browser. CrushFTP serves files via FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, and SFTP. Users can zip folders on-the-go while downloading to save time as well as bandwidth, and using the upload tool can achieve the same results when uploading multiple files or folders. The file transfer software is priced at $10, $30, or $30 for 10-seat, 50-seat, and unlimited seat licenses.

Axxen hard drives with direct memory card backup

01/02, 11:45am

Axxen portable hard drives

Korean company Axxen has released a series of new portable hard drives which come with their own memory card readers. The A-1800, A-2500, and A-3500 read several different card formats, including CF, SD, xD, MMC and Memory Sticks. Photographers will appreciate the "one-touch backup" option, which instantly begins copying the contents of a card (or another hard drive, via USB 2.0) at the push of a button. Capacities on the drives range from 20GB up to 450GB on the A-3500. Pricing was unavailable at press time, but Axxen is selling the drives from its Axxen Mall website.

Showtime to open Vista-friendly video download store

01/02, 11:35am

Showtime Video Downloads

TV network Showtime today announced that it would debut its own direct-download store. The service will let viewers buy permanent copies of episodes from the channel's current programming, such as Sleeper Cell and Weeds, for play either on the buyer's home PC or on a portable media player such as the Zen Vision:W. Showtime's store is one of the first designed with Windows Vista in mind, according to the company's partner ExtendMedia: videos bought through the store will be accessible through Microsoft's Media Center interface found in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions of the new OS. Although no pricing was revealed this morning, full details are planned for next week's CES expo in Las Vegas while a launch is anticipated for late January.

The announcement marks another attempt to sidestep the multi-network TV downloads provided by online stores such as iTunes, following launches of streaming-only services by CBS and NBC.

Burton sells snowboard-themed USB flash drives

01/02, 11:05am

Burton Snow Drives

Snow sport accessory maker Burton on Tuesday teamed up with ACP-EP to introduce the Snow Drive USB 2.0 flash stick. Each of the Custom, Gtwin, and Vapor models features graphics from Burton's real-world snowboards and is even protected with a rubberized surface that ensures a safe grip. All three editions come with a neck strap to wear the drive during sports and an LED activity light to prevent accidental disconnections while the drive is in use. Compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs without the need to install drivers, the Snow Drive is shipping now in 512MB ($17), 1GB ($25), and 2GB ($50) capacities. [Via GetUSB]

Info leaked on Dell 27-inch LCD

01/02, 11:05am

Dell 27-inch LCD info leak

Details that appear to confirm Dell's upcoming 27-inch computer screen were leaked over New Years weekend. The PC-maker accidentally posted at a product site for the 20-inch 2007WFP display, while a diagram for the 2707WFP confirms the new display's existence and provides additional details beyond those revealed in a Samsung statement last month. The new screen will feature a display arm for easy adjustment, and should retain the TV-oriented inputs of its 24-inch predecessor, including component video. USB ports and a 9-in-2 card reader are planned for the new LCD as well, according to Electronista. The 2707WFP is expected to debut at CES next week and go on sale shortly afterwards (pricing was unavailable).

JCPenney offers Shower iPod player

01/02, 11:00am

Shower iPod, MP3 player

JCPenney today added the Shower iPod/MP3 Player to its catalog, offering the portable stereo based on a splashproof container that cradles an iPod or other MP3 player while routing music from the device's headphone jack to the speakers below. The device provides a safe environment for the iPod inside a shower or the bathroom as a whole with a built-in AM/FM clock radio, and serves as a stand for holding the speakers upright on a counter. The speakers come bundled with a rope to hang from a shower fixture or towel rack. JCPenney says the stereo is powered solely by the combination of a button cell battery for the clock as well as four AA batteries, though playback time is currently unrated, according to Chip Chick. The retailer currently sells the Shower Player for $20 through its online store.

Xbox 360 wins holiday console wars

01/02, 10:45am

Xbox 360 wins holiday wars

In spite of stiff competition from Nintendo, Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the best-selling game console of the Christmas season, says research firm NPD. Tracking US sales from the beginning of November until December 25th, Microsoft sold roughly two million Xbox 360s, while Nintendo was close behind with 1.8 million Wiis. Sony's Playstation 3 ranked a distant third, selling just 750,000 units.

These figures are thrown into relief however by the fact that the PS3 launched November 17th, and the Wii November 19th; Microsoft enjoyed a considerable lead time, such that the Wii would likely have won had research been geared to be perfectly fair. Approximately 511,000 360s were sold in November, compared to 476,000 Wiis and 197,000 PS3s. Sony's poor performance can be partly attributed to inadequate manufacturing capacity. [Via The Register]

Briefly: Apple patent; Rapidweaver themes

01/02, 10:45am

Apple patent, RW themes

In brief: The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office today published its first granted patent for 2007 titled "Method and apparatus for nonlinear anamorphic scaling of video images".... Rapidweaver's professional theme development community has teamed up to offer seven professionally designed themes from as many different developers for $35.... Software development firm Treeinspired has released the first beta version of Luscious SMS, allowing users to send SMS over various gateway websites based on JavaScript plug-ins.... MacChampion has launched its Pointer Creation contest, coinciding with the release of the latest public betas for its PinPoint 3 pointer enhancements application.... Other World Computing (OWC) has announced its planned participation alongside Hollywood film editors in the Sixth Annual Final Cut Pro User Group Network SuperMeet.... Big Nerd Ranch has announced the debut of its Django Bootcamp for April 2-6th, consisting of a five-day exhaustive training course on the fundamental areas of Django instruction.

AutoNet readies in-car Wi-Fi router

01/02, 10:40am

AutoNet In-Car Wi-Fi

A recently-established company named AutoNet today said it will soon launch the Mobile In-Car Router, what it claims is the first Wi-Fi router designed to provide uninterrupted Internet access in cars. Rather than use the often short range of traditional Wi-Fi hotspots, AutoNet's network switch connects to 3G cellular data network towers and automatically bridges between towers and networks. The technology can provide downstream speeds as quick as 1Mbps and reaches enough cellular towers to cover 95% of the entire country -- reaching even rural areas well away from major cities, AutoNet says.

The router will be available in March for $399 and will require a $50 per month plan for constant service; Avis Rent A Car, however, will also begin renting cars in March equipped with AutoNet's service for an additional $11 per day. [Via International Herald Tribune]

JCPenney imports iPod friendly shower speakers

01/02, 10:15am

JCP iPod Shower Speakers

Large-scale retailer JCPenney today listed the Shower iPod/MP3 Player in its catalog. The portable stereo is based upon a splashproof container that cradles an iPod or most any other MP3 player and routes music from the device's headphone jack to the speakers below, providing a safe environment for the iPod inside a shower or the bathroom as a whole. An AM/FM clock radio is built in, as is a stand for holding the speakers upright on the counter. A rope is bundled with the speakers to hang them from a shower fixture or towel rack. JCPenney says the stereo is powered solely by the combination of a button cell battery for the clock as well as four AA batteries, though playback time is currently unrated. The retailer currently sells the Shower Player for $20 through its online store. [Via Chip Chick]

REAL ships REALbasic 2007 Release 1

01/02, 10:00am

REALbasic 2007 Release 1

REAL Software today began shipping REALbasic 2007 Release 1, improving the integrated development environment for Mac software developers with improved reliability for building Universal Binary applications. The latest release improves support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC-compliant databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. REALbasic 2007 Release 1 also enhances support for QuickTime, as well as making connections via proxy servers. New QuickTime functionality offers developers increased control when creating and saving editable movies, while HTTP proxy support allows for server-side operations to accept incoming connections with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. REALbasic 2007 Release 1 is available in Standard and Pro versions for $100 and $500, respectively. Discounts are available for academic customers.

Apple named "Marketer of the Year"

01/02, 9:40am

"Marketer of the Year"

Apple has been named the "Marketer of the Year" by Marketing Daily. Noting the continuing explosion of the iPod industry, a growing Mac market share, and an immensely successful retail store operation, the publication write: "If there's a recipe for success in the relentlessly churning PC and digital entertainment industries, it may go something like this: Combine innovative, consumer-friendly technology with sleek design. Add impeccably crafted, integrated branding and marketing strategies. Stir and serve ... quickly. Amid a formidable and growing cast of competitors, Apple has been pulling off this tricky soufflé with iron chef mastery. Steve Jobs has racked up an impressive list of feats since returning as CEO in 1996, and that list grew longer last year."

Dell leaks 27-inch computer LCD details

01/02, 9:35am

Dell Leaks 27-inch LCD

Dell this weekend inadvertently let slip details that confirm its upcoming 27-inch computer screen. Accidentally posted at a product site for the 20-inch 2007WFP display, a diagram for the 2707WFP confirms the new display's existence and provdes additional details beyond those revealed in a Samsung statement last month. Dell's new screen will have a new display arm that eases adjusting the screen height and should retain the TV-oriented inputs of its 24-inch predecessor, including component video. USB ports and a 9-in-2 card reader are planned for the new LCD as well. While its price remains a mystery, the 2707WFP is expected to debut at CES next week and go on sale shortly afterwards. Click through for the full diagram. [Via DailyTech]

Micromat announces TechTool Protogo

01/02, 9:30am

TechTool Protogo debuts

Micromat today announced the upcoming release of it latest product, TechTool Protogo. TechTool Protogo is a Mac OS X application that lets Mac users easily turn an old iPod, a flash drive or other similar device into a bootable diagnostic tool that contains several of Micromat's utilities (as well other third-party utilities). The device can then be used to boot, check, maintain and repair Macs, allowing a customer to create a tool similar to Micromat's TechTool Protege on a device they already own. TechTool Protogo ships on a DVD that includes the Protogo configuration application, as well as Micromat's TechTool Pro Classic (for Mac OS 9 systems and below), TechTool Pro 4 (for Mac OS X), and DiskStudio. Protogo includes several profiles for standard system/utility configurations, making it easy to set up a device for specific needs. TechTool Protogo will begin shipping at Macworld Expo on January 9th, 2007 for $200 ($135 street price).

LG intros Z1 ultraportable with dedicated graphics

01/02, 9:05am

LG Z1 Ultraportable

LG today released a new, smaller addition to its X-Note notebooks. The 12.1-inch widescreen Z1 is said to buck the trend towards integrated, shared memory graphics in small portables and includes a dedicated Mobility Radeon X1350 chipset for accelerating Windows Vista's Aero Glass interface and other 3D environments. LG's system is also fast for its class through use of a 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 1GB of standard memory. Storage includes a 100GB hard drive, an optical drive, and a 5-in-1 flash card reader. The Z1 weighs 4.2 pounds and arrives in Korea soon for $2,027. A full image is available after the jump.

Chestnut offers iPod speakers with unique LCD remote

01/02, 8:35am

Chestnut Hill iPod Dock

Young startup firm Chestnut Hill Sound today previewed its first device, the George. Central to its design is a front control panel that detaches and becomes an advanced remote: using the Zigbee wireless data format, the remote combines an LCD with a scroll knob to replicate virtually every navigation function of the iPod. An integrated radio tuner can also be controller from the remote through a "bandless" interface, according to the company: AM and FM appear on the same interface and save the trouble of manually switching radio bands. Two separate alarms can be set with volume independent of the sleep timer.

Chestnut is also touting improved sound quality over other all-in-one speakers and has built the George with a pair of coaxial satellites as well as a 4-inch, downward-firing subwoofer that separates lower-end bass from treble. Preamp output is available for linking the system with full-size speakers. The firm says it is targeting premium audio rivals such as Bose and will ship the George later this month with cherry, maple, mahogany, or white wood panel trims for $550. A standalone charging station is optional for $50. Both are expected to see their official introduction at MacWorld San Francisco next week. [Via Crave]


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