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Briefly: CNBC on Apple options; iTMS error

updated 06:30 pm EST, Thu December 28, 2006

CNBC on Apple options

In brief: One user has posted a home video of news network CNBC discussing Apple CEO Steve Jobs' vital position at the company, as well as the recent stock options scandal and the impact that the executive's potential implication has on Apple shares.... Apple's iTunes Music Store apparently informed one user during technical difficulties that the Red Hot Chili Peppers album Stadium Arcadium will be available on May 8th, 2038.... One blogger has posted tips on designing websites for the human eye that features color schemes, negative space, page flow, and more.... Email security firm Commtouch claims that spamming soard in 2006, and that 85 percent of today's spam stems from remote-controlled 'zombie' computers.... Architosh readers have reacted to Nemetschek's plans to acquire ArchiCAD maker Graphisoft, and an architect has written a development letter for a Mac version of the AIA documents application.... MacTech Magazine today announced that it has implemented a new community search mechanism to yield better search results across the entire Mac technical community.

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  1. BDLatimer

    Joined: Dec 1969



    What the heck does "spamming soard" mean? Perhaps "soared" is what was meant?

    C'mon, people... I'm tired of seeing horrible grammar in what are purported to be "news" posts - but at a minimum, can't we at least use a spell checker?

  1. iolaire

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Maybe they are postings from a Windows computer? When writing from a work PC I miss the most the built in spell checker on the Mac. I have to paste everything, this included, into Outlook for spell checking.

  1. hayesk

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Such pompous attitudes

    A simple polite "Hey, fix the typo" sent directly to MacNN would have done the trick.

    Or is your self-esteem so low that you must point out others' mistakes to make yourself feel better?

    The next time you publicly point out errors, you should probably take care not to make them yourself. It is not a grammattical error, it is clearly a typographical error. Even if it wasn't, it would be a spelling error, not a grammatical one.

  1. BDLatimer

    Joined: Dec 1969



    iolaire: Good point on the non-ubiquitousness of spell-checking - I'll admit to certainly being spoiled by several of the niceties of Mac OS X, and unfortunately don't consider the situations of those who might not always benefit from the same.

    And, hayesk: Agreed that a simple communication to MacNN would have addressed the concern more directly than venting/ranting in comments.

    But my point about grammatical errors was not (necessarily) related to this particular post. When entering the above comment, I had just finished reading several other "news" articles which were incredibly difficult to actually comprehend, due to basic mistakes in grammar. (e.g. ) It's frustrating to see glaringly-obvious terminology mistakes, or "where/were", or "their/there" transpositions (or the like), so often in such articles, and causes me to fear for the ongoing professionalism of this form of media.

    My comment was a bit harsh, however - so thanks to both for pointing it out. "pompous"? No - but arguably not necessarily applicable to the current post, and therefore not germane to the discussion at hand.

    FYI - David Pogue has an excellent recent post which seems appropriate here: Alas, it seems that the Eternal September may not be over, after all...

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