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Apple places last in Greenpeace report

updated 04:55 pm EST, Wed December 6, 2006

Greenpeace on Apple

Greenpeace today updated its 'Guide to Greener Electronics,' ranking Apple as the worst technology company with regard to environmental issues. The quarterly update is designed to measure the technology industry's performance on environmental issues, ranking the top 14 manufacturers of personal computers and cellular phones. The update reveals that most companies are committing to 'greener' manufacturing processes by following recommendations to eliminate hazardous chemicals from products, according to Greenpeace, and are adopting recycling policies for end-of-life products. Apple has again placed last on the report, displaying a "bad green policy" due to its policies and practices of manufacturing hardware.

"Despite being a leader in innovation and design, Apple has made absolutely no improvements to its policies or practices since the ranking was first released three months ago," said Rick Hind, Legislative Director of Greenpeace USA's Toxics campaign. "Apple's bad green policy is not a wonderful life for workers in the scrap yards of the developing world, and we can't imagine that Steve Jobs would want to be the Mr. Potter of the high-tech industry this holiday season."

The organization notes that most companies now score above average points on the ranking guide, and only five companies failed to score the average of five points. Greenpeace notably mentions Acer and Lenovo for committing to eliminate the use of the most hazardous chemicals from their products, and honors Nokia which continues to hold the top spot in the ranking for both its chemicals policy and its disposal of electronic waste.

Greenpeace made an appearance at the Apple Expo in late October, handing out green Apple's as well as flyers to raise awareness about the Cupertino-based company's recycling and production methods. Expo organizers ejected the organization on the first day, however, after reportedly receiving numerous complaints about behavior of Greenpeace activists. Greenpeace returned for the duration of the expo without further incident.

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  1. Horsepoo!!!

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Greenpeace sore for being ejected from Expo? Trying to strike back? I really doubt that Apple would place last. I've seen.

    I used to like Greenpeace but I think they've hit an all-time low with this one.

  1. Cardiakke

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Greenp#$s are a bunch of hypocrites. Flying all over the place, all the time. You know, they just have to go to those important conferences that always take place in exotic locales. Tele-conferencing is not for these aristocrats.

  1. e2Sync

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Fine, just rang and ...

    stopped my monthly support. After attacking the Afghanistan war and now this, my money will go to better causes. Now wonder the founder of Greenpeace is now at odds with the organization.

  1. bsnoel

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Green Peace

    Attention: Green Piece! (no error)

    No one cares about your petty little "Green Guide"! Your organization has little if any clout. Your science is skewed. Why waste your time?

  1. iChick

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Take that, Apple!

    LOL - they are still pissed because they got ejected at the Apple Expo. Green Peas is sooooo lame. Losers.

  1. craiger77

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Hypocrites

    Flying is nothing. Consider the thousands of gallons of diesel fuel their ships consume monthly. Ships also have no emissions controls and are considered one of the last big polluters around.

    From what I can tell most of the reason Apple scores so low on this idiotic ranking is that they refuse to disclose to Greenpeace the information that it is based on. As we all know Apple is one of the most secretive companies around and just doesn't like saying anything about its manufacturing processes. It could be the greenest company on the list for all we or Greenpeace know.

  1. jogdish

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Well that's it...

    because of Greenpeace's ranking I am no longer buying Apple products. As we all can obviously see the manufacturing process of Macs and iPods has devastated the planet. Just wait until they release the iSmallpox...then all will be over.

  1. Monde

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Greenpeace shmeempeace

    The organization is beyond redemption at this point. The Apple is attack is a shakedown nothing less-nothing more. Perhaps this an attempt to prove they're relevant or something by standing in the limelight of Apple's success.

    Common sense will tell you this-green peacers. Apple's smaller efficient designs use less natural and unnatural resources than their competitors. They last about 2-3 times as long meaning less replacement ergo less use of resources. They are proven to use less power than equivalent PCs-sensing a theme here yet-less resources. I could go on and on with the common sense stuff, but these cats use of pseudo science, bully tactics and questionable personal hygiene, make any complaint they have; laughable.

    FYI running an auto through 2 tanks of gas 32 gallons of the stuff will put more toxins into the atmosphere than any residue from any computer-Apple or not!

    Greenpeace-go suck eggs.


    Joined: Dec 1969



    Well there go my donations too. Sick of these idiots. I thought I recall that years ago Apple had a great recycling program in place and was doing rather well - better than ANY other computer company except one, but cant recall.

  1. christophersj

    Joined: Dec 1969


    All of you

    All of you sound like you have financial interest that are being hurt by this report. I see more flakiness in your weak arguments than Greenpeace's.

    The split with the former leader is over nuclear energy.

    The types of toxins from a car burning gas and a computer in the landfill are different.

    Greenpeace makes an effort to "cancel out" their carbon footprint from flying and sailing with other actions.

    Honestly, thou dost protest too much. These arguments in the above posts sound more like propaganda than level headed reasoning. I ask the onlookers here to come to their own conclusions and not fall for the "O'Riley" style attacks here.

    And I'm not with Greenpeace, but I do think they have educated specialists on their staff who look into these kinds of things. Its what they do.

    Christopher Johnson

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