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Jumsoft releases Money 2.0

11/17, 8:45pm

Jumsoft releases Money 2.0

Jumsoft today released Money 2.0, a new and completely rewritten version of its personal and small business financial management application for Mac OS X. The application helps users organize and manage their personal finances quickly and easily and includes features for both personal or small-business accounting. Version 2.0 features new and simplified user interface, smart accounts, powerful reports, bills management, budgets management, ability to transfer transactions from one account to another, improved accounts management, banks management, payees management, improved categories management, OFX file format support, improved QIF support and support for multiple currencies. Money supports over 150 currencies, offers advanced reporting, and fast search functions. It runs on Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later and is available now for $40 (full) or as a $10 upgrade for previously registered users.

ConceptDraw WebWave 5.8 adds features

11/17, 8:40pm

ConceptDraw WebWave 5.8

CS Odessa has released a new version of its website planning and prototyping tool: ConceptDraw WebWave 5.8 adds compatibility with project management software, creation of a website prototype presentation and other improvements. Users can add start and due dates, duration, percentage of completion, cost and resources to any object from Web Site Map Shapes library that is used to plan a future site structure. The information can be exported into MS Project XML thus transforming the solution into complete project plan for further tracking and management. In addition, users can more easily create mockups using ConceptDraw WebWave with the the ability to apply user-defined CSS files to a webpage design, allowing for existing or custom color schemes, fonts and backgrounds. The update also adds ten webpage design templates to the Template Gallery. WebWave automates the creation of a website prototyping by creating a HTML presentation as well as a website prototype using the structure diagrams. It is a free update to the $300 application.

Forums: Eight core 'Mac Pro', Mousehand

11/17, 5:50pm

Forums November 17

Forums roundup: Members are discussing a recent test of a modified Mac Pro using Intel's new quad core processors to achieve a total of eight cores -- benchmarks included.... One user questions whether he should purchase an 5th Generation iPod, comparing it to products such as Microsoft's Zune as well as questioning the strength of the iPod 'cool factor'.... Another user shares information on the apparently underclocked X1990XT found in Apple's Mac Pro, while others investigate ways to increase the clockspeed safely.... One user is looking for advice as they modernize his original 'clamshell' iBook--investigating ways to add AirPort wireless functionality and other technologies.... Meanwhile, one reader looks for help from fellow Mac users for solutions to his 'Mousehand' ailment.

Israeli military turns to nanotech to fight enemies

11/17, 5:40pm

Israel's bionic hornets

Having killed more civilians than fighters in the recent war with Lebanon, Israel is turning to smaller weapons, Reuters reports. "It's illogical to send a plane worth $100 million against a suicidal terrorist," says Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres. "So we are building futuristic weapons." Among these is robot dubbed the "bionic hornet," which (if completed) will be no bigger than its namesake, yet have the capacity to hunt, photograph and kill individual opponents. The scale of the robot will require nanotechnology to develop its parts. Other projects underway include strength-boosting gloves, and sensors designed to warn of suicide bombers. Peres says he hopes the first prototypes for these devices will be out within the next three years.

JAVOedge debuts JAVOskin for 2G Shuffle

11/17, 5:15pm

2G Shuffle JAVOskin debuts

JAVOedge today announced that it is taking pre-orders for 3- and 5-packs of its JAVOskin for Apple's second-generation iPod shuffle. The JAVOskin is a new soft case allowing users to play the iPod while it remains protected within. Various colors include 'frosty' blue, 'frosty' pink, green, bronze, and 'frosted' white. The new cases are scheduled to ship November 30th, and are priced at $9 for each 3-pack or $12 for each 5-pack. The company also offers other accessories such as a travel bag for the first- and second-generation 1GB iPod shuffle, which sells for $5.

OsiriX 2.6 released, ready for Leopard

11/17, 5:00pm

OsiriX 2.6 released

The OsiriX Project has released OsiriX 2.6, an update to the open-source medical imaging software that offers DICOM print, reports in iWork Pages, JPEG DICOM, Cobb's angle, and 64-bit compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard.' OsiriX boasts faster performance, an intuitive user-interface, and an open platform for development of processing tools. The image processing software is dedicated to DICOM images produced by medical equipment and confocal microscopy, featuring an exclusive technique for navigating 3D/4D/5D and more than 8,000 users worldwide, according to the Project. OsiriX 2.6 is available for free, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later with at least 1GB of memory.

Final Sound subwoofers and panels

11/17, 4:55pm

Final Sound woofers/panels

Final Sound is releasing a new range of electrostatic speakers and subwoofers, which the company says can cut voltage by 75 percent over conventional formats. The down-firing S110 subwoofer produces 100W with an eight-inch throw, and spans frequencies from 25 to 220Hz; the front-firing S220 has 220W of power with a 12-inch throw, and hits frequencies between 20-200Hz. The 220 also has its own digital amplifier. Since subwoofers are meaningless without speakers, Final is also releasing the 300i speaker panels (pictured), which are 48 inches tall but only one inch deep. Their size means they be mounted on a wall as well as stood on the floor. No wattage has been suggested, but they can cover frequencies of 95Hz to 22KHz.

All three products should be out in the US by January. In the United Kingdom, the S110 costs 338 ($639), while the S220 is 677 ($1,280). A pair of 300is costs 1,219 ($2,304).

NewerTech eases battery recycling

11/17, 3:30pm

NewerTech recycling

Newer Technology (NewerTech) today announced a new initiative to aid customers who purchase NuPower laptop replacement batteries. The new disposal program offers participants a free return shipping label with every NuPower laptop replacement battery sold, enabling customers to ship their old battery back to NuPower for free. Additionally, the NuPower battery box is designed for reuse to send the old battery back without the need to furnish packaging materials. "By making it as simple as taking the NuPower battery out of the box, putting the expired battery from the laptop in, and affixing the prepaid return shipping label, NewerTech continues its leading position in providing a no-cost means for customers to ensure that old PowerBook and iBook batteries are properly disposed of and that recoverable materials are responsibly recycled."

mStation showcases iPod Stereo Tower

11/17, 3:15pm

mStation iPod Stereo Tower

mStation has released its iFi-01 Stereo Tower luxury iPod stereo system. The freestanding system is constructed vertically to save space, made from lightweight aluminum to fit into more contemporary home theaters. The speakers also help create a virtual surround sound effect, according to the company. Intempo claims both 15-watt satellites rotate to add further direction to the sound, and a 30-watt subwoofer at the center adds appreciable bass response. The system is compatible with all dockable iPods and attaches to other audio devices, according to Electronista. The Stereo Tower ships for $425. [corrected]

Panasonic unveils P702iD mood-sensing phone

11/17, 3:10pm

Panasonic Mood Phone

Panasonic recently unveiled its P702iD mood-sensing phone at the CEATEC 2006 expo in Japan. Key to its design is an LED on the outer shell that can change its brightness and color between any of ten settings. While largely for cosmetic purposes, the LED can be tied to a dynamic Feel*Talk mode. The phone can analyze the phone owner's voice in real-time and will automatically shift the color of the phone depending on the perceived mood: a cheerful tone will produce different results than a bored or saddened tone, Panasonic says. Media capture is an equally major component of the design, as it contains both a 1.3-megapixel outer camera and a VGA camera for video chat. A miniSD card slot stores music and photos, and support for Japan's FOMA mobile broadband is built-in. NTT DoCoMo carries the phone today with open pricing. A photo of the phone's interior is available after the jump.

BlackBerry Pearl branded for Cingular

11/17, 2:50pm

Pearl branded for Cingular

Cingular is taking the BlackBerry Pearl into its fold as of November 21st, says The Boy Genius Report. The release had been scheduled for November 28th. The Cingular phone (renamed the Cingular 8100) should retain all of the abilities of the T-Mobile version, but will now have a Push-to-Talk feature. The base phone has features such Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and the signature trackball, which Research in Motion promotes as superior for navigating e-mail versus the previous scroll wheel. Video and MP3 files can be stored on microSD cards. No pricing information has been released, though it should compare closely to the $200 contract price associated with T-Mobile.

Rimax B-Twin social music player

11/17, 2:15pm

Rimax B-Twin Music Player

Rimax has just unveiled the B-Twin, a digital audio player the company considers equally useful for public sharing as well as for private listening. The B-Twin sports two headphone jacks, allowing sharing without a splitter or wireless adapter; to help with this, Rimax also bundles a second pair of earbuds. An external speaker gives the further choice of broadcasting music to a nearby audience. With either 1GB or 2GB of flash memory, the latest Rimax player supports a full set of media functions and plays most MPEG and Windows Media audio files as well as MPEG-4 video and GIF/JPEG photos. FM Radio and voice recording bolster its abilities. The player can be imported today from British store RMXdirect beginning at $132 for a 1GB model.

V-Gear Mobi Lens MW

11/17, 2:00pm

V-Gear Mobi Lens MW

The V-Gear Mobi Lens MW expands the options available to cameraphone owners. It can also be used with standalone cameras that are missing filter threads. The package contains a pair of lens attachments: one for wide-angle shots, and the other for macro views (i.e. extreme close-ups). The lenses can be combined for a panoramic effect. Each one has an aluminum frame, and attaches to a phone or camera through stick-on magnetic rings. Caps protect the glass and a strap makes the lenses easier to carry. The Mobi Lens kit is now on sale in Japan for the price of 1,400 yen ($12) including local taxes.

Intempo showcases iFi-01 iPod tower speakers

11/17, 1:35pm

Intempo iPod Stereo Tower

Intempo has released the iFi-01 luxury iPod stereo system. Known in the US as the mStation Stereo Tower, the iFi-01 is built as a nod to classic stereo systems with modern design. The freestanding system is constructed vertically to save space but is made of lightweight aluminum to fit into more contemporary home theaters. The speakers also help create a virtual surround sound effect, Intempo says: both 15-watt satellites rotate to add further direction to the sound. A 30-watt subwoofer at the center is said to add appreciable bass response. The system is compatible with all dockable iPods and can also attach to other audio devices. Already shipping, the Stereo Tower is available in the UK for $425 and from mStation in the US for $300.

Refurb Mac minis return to Apple Store

11/17, 1:30pm

Refurb Mac minis

Apple has updated its refurbished Mac mini offerings, adding several Intel-based models with no sign of the older G4 systems. Apple's current refurbished Mac minis include the 1.5GHz Intel Core Solo (512MB of memory, 60GB hard drive) for $479, 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo 512MB of memory, 60GB hard drive) for $519, 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo (512MB of memory, 80GB hard drive) for $649, and the 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo (512MB of memory, 80GB hard drive) for $699. The company is still offering refurbished Mac Pro Quad systems, each with two Dual Core Intel Xeon processors. Refurbished Mac Pros include the 2.66GHz model (1GB of memory, 250GB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics card) for $2,199, as well as the 3.0GHz model (2GB of memory, 250GB hard drive, ATI Radeon X1900 XT graphics card) for $3,299. As always, refurbished Apple goods ship for free and come with a one-year Apple warranty. The company's G5 Power Macs, however, were nowhere to be seen.

B10 Bible Master

11/17, 1:00pm

B10 Bible Master

A very distinct media player comes in the form of the B10 Bible Master, produced by Korean company Xell. The B10 comes pre-loaded with a New International Version of the Bible, which owners can browse, bookmark, and search by verse or keyword on the player's monochrome LCD screen. Those wanting to escape to secular pursuits can take advantage of an FM tuner, a general e-book reader, or MP3 playback. It can also record brief voice snippets. Files are transferred off and on through an SD slot. The player is something of an oddity in its home country, as 46.5 percent of the population has no religious preference to speak of. The B10 Bible Master can be had from the Xell website for an unspecified price.

Movidity launches mobile YouTube competitor

11/17, 12:05pm

Mobile YouTube competitor

Movidity has announced, a website meant to be the mobile equivalent of YouTube. Users will be able to upload videos and music to the website, and in turn, supported PDAs and cellphones will get to view the content through a custom media player. There will be public and paid areas of the site, but the site in general should feature tags, referrals, private user groups, and the ability to impose advertising. Users will also have the option of e-mail/SMS notifications. Future additions to the site should include uploads and archive searches directly from a handheld, as well as live streaming content from TV, radio, or other sources. will open to business clients on December 15th and the public a month later. Devices currently pegged for support include BlackBerries (8700/Pearl), Palm PDAs (OS 5.0+), and PDAs running Windows Mobile 3.0 or greater.

NTT DoCoMo creates solar-powered cellphone

11/17, 12:00pm

NTT DoCoMo Solar Cellphone

Japanese cellphone carrier and supplier NTT DoCoMo says it has developed a uniquely solar-powered cellphone prototype. Using a combination of thin photovoltaic cells on the outer shell and an energy-efficient chipset, the as-yet unnamed phone can run entirely on solar power, escaping the need for batteries altogether. If put into production, the phone would still retain most of the features of a contemporary handset such as Internet access and messaging, according to NTT DoCoMo. The current form also encourages callers to save battery life during idle periods by including a conspicuous power button. While no plans have been announced to ship the phone as-is, the prototype is functionally complete and likely points to future handsets that rely partly or completely on solar energy. Larger photos follow after the jump courtesy of T3.

Briefly: MSN video player; Iconfactory

11/17, 11:30am

Video player, Iconfactory

In brief: has launched a new flash version of the MSN video player, enabling Mac users to view via Web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Opera.... The Iconfactory has released IconBuilder 8.1, a significant update to its flexible icon construction filter for Photoshop and Fireworks adding full support for building Windows Vista icons with updated grid files as well as Photoshop actions.... MacForce is hosting a "Wine, Mac and Cheese" event to thank MacForce customers for a wonderful year, supplying wine from various local wineries with fruit and cheese platters while a local singer/songwriter provides entertainment.... The Font Bros have added a new Font Bros foundry -- the Chank Company -- offering casual script typefaces, and announced some new typefaces from several other foundries.... Quark's marketing director in Europe admits that the company lost some share when Adobe entered the market, but says the loss was substantially stemmed with the release of QuarkXPress 7.... Informatix Software International will celebrate its 10th birthday on April 25th, 2007 with a worldwide competition for users of MicroGDS and Piranesi, offering prizes worth up to 500 for images produced using either application.

Nokia N97 in development?

11/17, 11:10am

Nokia N97 in Development

A new, ultra-high-end model is set to occupy the summit of Nokia's cellphone lineup, according to Hungarian news site Terminal. The N97 is said to outclass its predecessors in the N-series by including a 20GB hard disk in its cellphone-sized frame, providing ample room for documents, music, and videos. Nokia will also perpetuate its emphasis on imaging by incorporating a 5-megapixel camera with 2.4X optical zoom for recording and a smaller, front-facing camera for video messages. A tall, 3-inch LCD at the heart of the N97 is likely to be the largest in its class. Dedicated media buttons and an FM radio complete the smartphone's known features. A release date and other launch information is unavailable; the phone is projected to reflect its high-end features in its price when it ships in the near future. Click through for a full-sized photo.

G-Tech Wireless Fabric Keyboard

11/17, 10:50am

Wireless fabric keyboard

G-Tech's Wireless Fabric Keyboard is meant to connect with PDAs and smartphones from the likes of Nokia, Palm, and BlackBerry. It's a full twelve inches long, and uses ElekTex Smart Fabric to register button pushes. Because there are no mechanical parts inside the product, the keyboard lays down completely flat, and it wraps up tight to fit within a carrying pouch. The one solid portion of the keyboard contains a Bluetooth transmitter and a port for two AAA batteries. In spite of the electronics, G-Tech says that the product is waterproof, and thus can be put into a washing machine. It should be available soon for $130, online and at 30 individual CompUSA stores.

Hammacher ships MP3 player, pedometer

11/17, 10:35am

Hammacher MP3 Pedometer

Hammacher Schlemmer is today carrying the hybrid MP3 Player/Pedometer/Radio for frequent exercisers. Similar to Sony's recently launched S2 Sports Walkman, the Hammacher player stores an internal pedometer that tracks distance as well as time, allowing joggers to set benchmarks for each session. As a music player, the jukebox supports either 1GB of MP3 songs or FM radio tuning and can last for as long as 10 hours of steady playback. This is in part due to an energy-efficient 128x64 OLED display, Hammacher says. An additional voice recording ability provides as much as 12 hours of stored audio. The MP3 Player/Pedometer/Radio ships immediately for $100.

Deliver2Mac offers 'Cold War'

11/17, 10:05am

Deliver2Mac adds Cold War

Deliver2Mac today added Runesoft's 'Cold War' game to its digital download offerings. "Cold War follows the story of a freelance journalist who finds himself in the midst of an international conspiracy that aims to control the U.S.S.R. Twelve hours after arriving in Moscow for a routine story, he has been stripped of all possessions, beaten unconscious and thrown into the KGB's political prison. Using only recovered weapons and improvised gadgets, he must now evade or overcome elite Soviet forces and defeat the conspiracy before he is sent to a Siberian prison camp or killed." Cold War for Mac is priced at $40, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Symbol preps BlackBerry challenger

11/17, 9:55am

Symbol MC35 In Works

Recent Motorola acquisition Symbol is working on a slim, portable smartphone to complement its handheld computers, according to Reg Hardware. The MC35 (pictured) will abandon the navigation pad and thick casing of the existing MC50 for a "durable, lightweight" design, the company says. It should more closely resemble multi-purpose phones such as the BlackBerry 8700 and is expected to focus on offering as many connection methods as possible, ranging from built-in GPS tracking and Bluetooth to push-to-talk for instant conversations. Symbol also mentions it will release versions of the new phone with and without WiFi, allowing for both standard Internet access and VoIP calling. Little else has been revealed by Symbol, which may ultimately ship the MC35 as a Motorola device. The new device should launch in February without built-in WiFi and will be followed by a fully-enabled wireless version the following month. Pricing has not been revealed.

CalDigit intros FireWireVR enclosure

11/17, 9:50am

FireWireVR enclosure

CalDigit has introduced the FireWireVR, a new addition to its lineup of storage devices that allows for universal connectivity of FireWire 400, 800, and USB 2.0 without the need for additional cards. The FireWireVR supports RAID 0, 1, and JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks), and lists the control for different RAID settings on the external enclosure. Each FireWireVR utilizes SATA 3Gbps drives with 16MB of cache per drive, and handles two streams of 10-bit uncompressed SD or three streams of 8-bit uncompressed SD data in performance mode. The new device supports up to 1.5TB of storage capacity, includes a quiet ball bearing fan with a 60w power supply/drive module, and boasts an aluminum housing for improved heat dissipation. The company also offers a FireWireVR archiving box, allowing users to store additional drive modules for projects in the same form factor as vertical-standing VHS tapes. FireWireVR storage solutions are priced from $550.

Trans Intl. ships 200GB miniXpress

11/17, 9:30am

200GB miniXpress ships

Trans International has added a 200GB miniXpress SATA to FireWire Portable External Storage drives. The portable drives utilize Toshiba 2.5-inch 4200rpm drives with 8MB of cache, offering FireWire 800/400 connectivity and a USB port alongside backup and disk utility software. The drive measures 147 x 80 x 21mm, weighing 5 ounces and shipping with all the required cabling. Each drive features the Oxford 924DSB chipset with two FireWire 800 ports, one FireWire 400 port, and one USB 2.0 port. Trans Internationals 200GB miniXpress SATA to FireWire Portable External Storage drive is available for $370, and ships with a 1-year warranty.

byd:sign unveils LCD/DVD combos destined for US

11/17, 9:05am

byd:sign LCD/DVD Combos

Japanese firm byd:sign this morning launched two personal TV sets with built-in DVD players. The leading d:1966GJ is intended primarily for movie viewers and centers around a 19-inch, 1440x900 screen with an 8ms response time; the smaller, 15-inch d:1566GJ is intended for more casual viewers and uses a standard-ratio, 1024x768 display with a more modest 16ms response time. Either model can take advantage of its DVD player to play music CDs and JPEG photo CDs as well as movies. The 15-inch and 19-inch sets launch today in Japan for $337 and $506 US respectively, but are likely to ship soon to Sam's Club stores in the US under the EyeFi brand, likely exchanging the Japan-only D4 digital video input for component or HDMI ports.

UAC ships mini Mac, Windows keyboard

11/17, 9:00am

Mini Mac keyboard ships

UAC has unveiled the MC88, a small keyboard designed primarily for the Mac mini. The 88-key device is uniquely built to support both Macs and Windows PCs, according to the company, and features all Mac-specific keys alongside a second USB 2.0 port, as well as a Y-splitter USB cable to connect additional peripherals. Beyond clear labels that identify Mac keys and their Windows equivalents, the MC88 uses the F13-F15 keys as the Print, Scroll Lock, and Pause keys normally used on Windows systems, according to Electronista. The keyboard is available in black or white in Japan with both English and Japanese lettering for $90 US.

TeamUP game for Mac released

11/17, 8:50am

TeamUP game released

Large Animal and Girls Inc. have released TeamUP for Mac, a game challenging players to help a team of characters solve puzzles by working together and using unique abilities. Players progress through 50 levels of puzzle-adventure mode to encounter ramps, elevators, chutes, and more. The game includes a means to design custom levels to share with other players, and allows players to jump through tubes and float on rafts. Players who complete each level in the fewest moves will make it to the TeamUP Top Ten, and crafty players can unlock the secret 'painter mode.' The game -- which is available for $20 from -- was developed in partnership with Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. TeamUP requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Sony-Ericsson planning RAZR rival

11/17, 8:35am

Sony-Ericsson RAZR Rival

Cellphone partnership Sony-Ericsson is designing an ultra-slim cellphone in response to the RAZR, according to a source speaking to Reuters. To be released in March 2007, the phone -- currently known as "Ai," a tribute to Japanese tennis player Ai Sugiyama -- is described as a recognition by the company that slim handsets have propelled first Motorola and now Samsung to success. Few details of the phone have been revealed, Reuters says, but the source divulged that the Ai will be clothed in black and silver, and should achieve a thickness of only 9.4mm (0.37 inches), noticeably smaller than the RAZR's 14mm (0.55 inches) but thicker than Samsung's recently unveiled V9900. Sony-Ericsson has historically preferred thicker but sometimes more advanced designs such as the K790 and its Walkman series of phones.

Freeze Frame focuses CPU load

11/17, 8:20am

Freeze Frame released

Elgebar Studios has released Freeze Frame, a processor load management application that allows users to completely freeze an application, resulting in no CPU cycle usage. The software features "Focus Freeze," an option that utilizes built-in UNIX functionality to freeze all applications but the currently active one, leaving processor cycles for that application only. Freeze Frame is priced at $15, though the company is offering all bloggers the chance to receive the application for free. Bloggers who write a post describing their experience with the demo version of Freeze Frame and send the link to a specified email address will receive a free Freeze Frame license. Freeze Frame requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary.


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