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iPhone may bolster Apple earnings 22%

11/15, 5:40pm

iPhone, Apple earnings

Industry analyst Andy Neff of research firm Bear Stearns today responded to claims by a Chinese newspaper claiming that Foxconn will manufacture 12 million iPhones for Apple, predicting an additional $0.70 in earnings-per-share for the Cupertino-based company with an extra $6 billion in revenue. The analyst's calculations include 30 percent potential 'cannibalization' of current iPod sales as a result of customers purchasing a new iPhone instead. Neff assumed Apple would price the phone around $300 without wireless carrier subsidies when calculating the device's revenue potential, according to AppleInsider, which would fall below the PALM Treo with an average selling price (ASP) of $489 and the RIMM Blackberry with an ASP of $349. "ASPs could end up higher/lower depending on features," Neff added.

Warmmi USB Heating Slippers, Gloves

11/15, 5:35pm

Warmmi USB slippers/gloves

In advance of the coming winter, Vavolo is selling Warmmi USB heating slippers, wrapped in fake brown fur. There are no software functions to the slippers - users simply plug them in for a charge. They can be warmed temporarily, or else left plugged in for continuous heat. Each pair comes with a USB cable and costs $22. Vavolo is also selling Warmmi USB heating gloves, which are instead made of gray fleece and come with two separate USB cables. These cost $21 per pair.

My Money Minder 1.9.2 released

11/15, 5:15pm

My Money Minder 1.9.2

Ben's Software today released My Money Minder 1.9.2, an update to the personal finance tracking software that improves support for international currency formatting as well as the handling of non-English characters in Autocomplete forms. The new edition similarly contains fixes for file loading as well as legend and pie graph colors. Version 1.9.2 offers improved handling of menu updating, and requires either an Intel- or PowerPC-based Mac with Mac OS X 10.2 or higher. Available as a free 30-day trial, My Money Minder's full edition is available from Kagi for $113 (pricing for existing users was unavailable).

PodJournals releases free beta service

11/15, 5:10pm

PodJournals Beta Released

PodJournals today announced the beta release of its self-titled social podcasting service for Mac OS X. The service goes beyond traditional social networking or podcast hosting by making the podcast central to the networking experience, according to the company. The free beta enables members to create up to 10 journals and podcasts. Each podcast is collaboratively managed and includes full privacy measures to allow only identified family and friend access to specific audio and video content. The resulting creations, dubbed 'friendcasts' according to PodJournals President Steven Schuldt, deliver combinations of audio and video tailor-made for specific friends and family members. Podcasts are accessible by any podcast-supporting software but must be assembled after recording by a downloadable client program that requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

Nomad ships Blue Tubes V3 audio bundle

11/15, 5:00pm

Nomad Blue Tubes Bundle

Nomad Factory today partnered with Don'tCrac[k] to release its Blue Tubes Bundle V3 collection of audio plug-ins for music professionals. The bundle incorporates AU, RTAS, and VST versions of three otherwise separate plug-in collections: the Blue Tubes Dynamics and Blue Tubes Equalizers packs recreate the effect of six analog dynamics and six analog equalizer devices respectively, while the Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox serves as a general-purpose channel stripping tool. All three components use vintage interfaces to replicate their real-world counterparts and consume little in terms of CPU resources, Nomad says. The Blue Tubes Bundle is shipping for $500, and is also available as part of a group buy offer through Don'tCrac[k].

Verizon Wireless PN-300

11/15, 4:55pm

Verizon Wireless PN-300

The new PN-300, offered by Verizon Wireless, is unique for the ironic reason of removing extra features for the sake of cost and simplicity. There is no camera on the phone, nor can it play music or videos. It does however offer text messages, voice-activated dialing, a screen with 65,000 colors, and the ability to record 30-second voice memos. For users with vision or hearing problems, M4 hearing aid compatibility is supplmented by a larger set of buttons and fonts. The PN-300 can be had for as little as $30 with a two-year contract.

Ramos' new Q-series players

11/15, 4:15pm

Ramos' Q-series players

Though important specifications have yet to be shared, Chinese manufacturer Ramos has announced three new media players in a series called the Q. The Q10 (pictured) is modelled after the newest iPod Nanos, and will come in blue, green, black, pink and silver. The Q12 resembles a U2-edition iPod, and the Q15 has a larger LCD screen but measures just 0.3 inches thick. Prices and distribution information are also unpublished, but it's worth noting that several Ramos players have been exported from China, such as the RM300 (under different aliases). Click through for photos of all three players.

Forums: Intel 'sucks,' MacBook issues

11/15, 3:40pm

Forums November 15

Forums roundup: Members are discussing a recent post by an enraged Mac user listing all the reasons why, in one opinion, Intel "sucks".... Some users are examining issues cropping up with the new MacBook Core 2 Duo, including one user who has issued a report after five days with the new Mac.... Another user shares some dismay over a new replacement MacBook Pro arriving with a warped case.... One prospective Mac buyer asks for advice on choosing between the 2.16GHz MacBook Pro or the 2.33GHz variant while weighing the advantages of both.... Meanwhile, one user looks for help with purchasing a USB 2.0 external hard drive for a Mac. [corrected]

ThinkGeek offers iAXE USB guitar

11/15, 3:25pm

ThinkGeek iAXE USB Guitar

ThinkGeek today started carrying the iAXE USB Guitar for aspiring computer musicians. The instrument relies solely on the computer's sound output when connected through USB, allowing the guitar to mimic virtually any instrument and saving the need for a conventional amplifier. ThinkGeek ships the Mac- and Windows-compatible guitar with Audacity software for multi-track song recording and Guitar Combos for emulating many real-world amplifiers and guitars. The guitar itself is designed to match many conventional guitars with a maple neck, three single-coil pickups, and 5-way switching; it can also work as a more traditional instrument when attached to an amplifier. The store currently stocks the iAXE for $100.

DV Keyboard for video enthusiasts ships

11/15, 3:20pm

DV Keyboard 3.0 ships

Bella has unveiled its DV Keyboard 3.0 designed for home video enthusiasts. The DV Keyboard features Bella's unique built-in jog/shuttle controller, allowing users to edit faster and more efficiently while offering precise control over audio and video clips, according to the company. The device includes two USB 2.0 ports for direct high-speed connectivity that supports iPods as well as other USB-based devices, and ships with sticker sets for most popular applications from Apple, Adobe, and others. The DV Keyboard also includes programmable Web, email, and multimedia keys for direct access to commonly used commands, as well as three power ports for Bella's optional NeoLite dual-LED task light with a 12-inch flexible neck that plugs directly into the keyboard. The Bella DV Keyboard s available for $130, and works with both Macs as well as Windows systems.

Panasonic RP-HTX7 retro headphones

11/15, 2:45pm

Panasonic retro headphones

While genuine "retro" headphones that cover the whole ear may not be hard to find, Panasonic's new RP-HTX7s come equipped with modern colors and electronics. Available in green, black, white, and lighter shades of blue and brown, the sets have 1.6-inch drivers for better bass, and can produce 1,000mW of power. Frequency response ranges from a low of 7Hz to a maximum of 22KHz. A gold-plated, four-foot stereo cord can be lengthened with a bundled 6.6-foot extension. AudioCubes is selling the headphones for $59.

Pinnacle PCTV To Go rivals Slingbox

11/15, 2:45pm

Pinnacle PCTV To Go

Pinnacle expanded its TV tuner lineup today with its range-topping PCTV To Go media hub. The company says its newest PCTV device improves on the remote-access TV formula established by the Slingbox by building in an 802.11g wireless system, avoiding the need for an Ethernet cable or a wireless bridge. The result is the ability to control and stream TV from any broadband-equipped PC with Pinnacle's viewer software installed, even programming a DVR attached to the system. Viewers on the local network can also watch video at DVD quality and record it directly to their PCs. Though not required, Windows XP Media Center will see the PCTV To Go as a live TV source. Pinnacle hopes to deliver its new tuner late this month for $250.

Channel 4 in UK offers catch-up service

11/15, 2:40pm

Channel 4 'catch-up' in UK

Channel 4 in the UK today announced plans to offer a "catch up" service allowing viewers to download TV programs for 99p per episode, similar to Apple's iTunes Music Store which currently offers episodes of hit TV shows from various networks for $1.99 each in the U.S. The new service will feature popular TV series such as Hollyoaks and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, according to BBC News, and channel 4 said it has "signed contracts with nearly 100 independent production companies, including Endemol," and that it will offer selected films under the same terms at 1.99 each. The station plans to delete downloaded content from users' computers 48 hours after they first begin watching, however.

Skype for Mac Beta released

11/15, 2:30pm

Skype Beta

Skype has released Skype for Mac Beta, adding SMS support to the IP-based communication software. The updated Skype offers an improved history list in the main window, ripple animation effects in Mac OS X 10.4, and ringing device selection to audio preferences. The latest revision includes numerous changes such as equal video resolution for both G5 and Intel-based Macs, the ability to view chat history with useful navigational links, and usage of the upgraded Growl 0.7.4 framework. Skype provides the ability to disable the screensaver when in full screen video mode, and sends all other related sounds such as busy or outgoing calls to the Skype output device, rather than the system output device. Skype for Mac Beta is available for free, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

LG intros 4X Blu-Ray Rewriter for PCs

11/15, 2:15pm

LG 4X Blu-Ray Rewriter

LG today published details of its new GBW-H10N Blu-Ray drive. Claimed by the company to be the fastest Blu-Ray recorder yet, the H10N can burn a write-once, single-layer disc in the new format at 4X, double the previous maximum of other drives. This allows for the full two hours of native video supported by a standard disc to be written in 30 minutes. The drive can additionally burn rewritable Blu-Ray discs and has a large 4MB buffer to prevent write errors on with the newer format. Backwards compatibility is provided for both DVDs and CDs, the former recording at 12X for a write-once disc and 8X for rewritables. LG hasn't disclosed pricing for the drive but expects to ship it soon to stores across the globe.

Buffalo BOMU-W24A/BL gyroscope mouse

11/15, 2:05pm

Buffalo gyroscope mouse

The BOMU-W24A/BL is a wireless, dual-function mouse from Japanese maker Buffalo. Reading from an optical sensor when laid flat, the W24 turns into pointer when picked up, switching to internal gyroscopes similar to those in Nintendo's Wii remote. Configuration is handled through the included Gyrotool software. The mouse has a range of 32 feet from the USB 2.0 dongle, and will last 96 hours after a nine-hour recharge in the provided cradle charger. Making use of Gyrotool requires a Windows 2000/XP computer with DirectX 8.0 or higher. The W24 goes on sale in Japan later this month at the cost of 19,780 yen ($168).

Alcatel shows E801 budget music phone

11/15, 1:45pm

Alcatel E801 Music Phone

French electronics maker Alcatel recently revealed its OT-E801 cellphone. Made to appeal to more cost-conscious music listeners, the E801 sheds common secondary features such as Bluetooth or cameras in exchange for thorough music support. Alcatel's latest phone has dedicated music controls along the left edge and a microSD slot preloaded with a 128MB card that can hold approximately 50 MP3 songs, according to the company. The slot can support as much as a 2GB card for more demanding listeners. An additional benefit of its minimalist focus is battery life, Alcatel says, as the E801 can handle a full 10 hours of continuous talk time and 250 hours of standby. It currently ships in Britain for 40 ($76) with pre-paid phone service. No word has been given yet of its North American release.

ReceiptWallet scans, manages receipts

11/15, 1:45pm

ReceiptWallet released

GGT Enterprises today released ReceiptWallet, an application allowing users to easily scan, manage, and archive receipts. The software is designed to operate similarly to the way Apple's iPhoto organizes photographs, simplifying the process of cataloging receipts. Users can scan in receipts -- even those spanning multiple pages -- directly from any TWAIN-compatible scanner with the push of a button, or can save Web-based receipts as PDF files from any Mac Web browser to import into ReceiptWallet. The application is available via download for $30, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later.

Gefen debuts new HDMI booster cables

11/15, 1:30pm

Gefen HDMI booster cables

Gefen today debuted a new line of HDMI Super Booster Cables designed to deliver the clearest high-definition video resolutions with no additional sender and receiver hardware required. The cables -- which are available in lengths of 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 feet -- are comprised of copper components and terminated on the receiving end with Gefen HDMI Booster technology. The technology enables users to deliver any HDMI source with its multichannel digital audio up to 150 feet without any degradation to the high-definition signal. Each HDMI Super Booster Cable delivers HDMI audio and video with full HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) compliance, according to Gefen, and encoded video is delivered at its highest resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080p. The cables are available for pre-order from $300-550.

Wrappers unveils video iPod socks

11/15, 12:45pm

Video iPod socks debut

Wrappers today announced that it has launched stretch jersey socks for Apple's video iPod. The socks feature a camouflage pattern in woodland as well as desert color patterns, fitting all video iPod models including the 30GB, 60GB, and 80GB devices. Users can reverse the sock to display the opposing camouflage pattern, and the socks are machine washable for easy maintenance. Wrappers' socks also include a 2-ounce polyester interior lining for added protection, offering coverage for Microsoft's Zune player as well as other gadgets of similar size. Each stretch jersey sock is priced at $16.

Freeverse launches Big Bang Brain Games

11/15, 12:35pm

Big Bang Brain Games

Freeverse today is continuing its "Big Week" series of announcements with the introduction of Big Bang Brain Games, a suite of six games designed to "stimulate the cerebellum, cajole the cortex, and gratify the grey-matter." The six games include Sudoku, Reaction, Remembrance, Echo, Novasweeper and Fallacy. "The classic puzzle and memory challenges in the collection are truly a 'best-of-class' experience. Big Bang Brain Games offers tight integration with Apple's .Mac service. As the player succeeds in the various challenges, his or her overall Brain Score will increase and the game provides a simple means of creating your own Brain Page via a .Mac account. Classic gameplay, stunning graphics, integration with Apple technologies and a dash of humor are all hallmarks of the Big Bang series." Big Bang Brain Games will be released in December. Freeverse is offering a free version of Big Bang Reaction on its website for 48 hours.

Alcantara MacBook sleeves ship

11/15, 12:35pm

Alcantara MacBook sleeves

Wrappers has launched a new series of protective laptop sleeves and covers for Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro. The sleeves feature exclusive Alcantara, a textile used in Porsche Boxster interiors, Maserati Quattroporte seating, and many other European luxury cars. Wrappers for MacBooks are fitted sleeves lined with microfiber to protect the laptop from small bumps and scratching. The new covers are available in three colors which include 'Jubilee Red,' 'Otter grey,' and 'slate black' for $65.

Maxell unveils MXSP-1000 iPod speaker

11/15, 12:15pm

Maxell iPod speaker system

Maxell today revealed the MXSP-1000, its first iPod speaker system that using a bar design with support for wall mounting in small apartments or other areas where available space is a priority. The low profile of the MXSP-1000 is is well suited for tabletops or resting underneath computer displays, according to Electronista, and the system supports all dockable iPods through a top-mounted connector as well as an auxiliary input jack for other music players. The MXSP-1000 boasts 9.6 watts of stereo output, which the company claims is augmented by the use of aluminum cones. The new Maxell speakers ship in black, silver, and white for $85 US in Japan. No details were provided for a North American launch.

Bella releases DV Keyboard 3 for creative pros

11/15, 11:55am

Bella DV Keyboard 3

Bella has unveiled the DV Keyboard 3, a desktop keyboard with built-in controls for video editing and other creative work. Central to the design is a jog wheel that can scrub through audio and video clips; the wheel and accompanying buttons can also be used for more general tasks such as scrolling through documents, Bella says. The keyboard also sports two USB 2.0 ports for attaching iPods and other peripherals, and can be bundled with a NeoLite gooseneck lamp add-on to illuminate the keyboard in a dark studio. The DV Keyboard 3 is compatible with both Macs and Windows PCs and is qualified for use with several major video editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Sony's Vegas. It ships later in November for $130.

Samsung SCH-U740 coming to Verizon

11/15, 11:35am

Samsung SCH-U740

Verizon will be adopting the SCH-U740, a scaled-down version of the Samsung U710. Both units share QWERTY keyboards, and a rotatable screen that can function in portrait or landscape mode, but the U740 is limited to a 1.3MP camera instead of a 3.2. The phone does however feature Bluetooth, WAP 2.0 web browsing, EVDO broadband with VCAST music and video, and a microSD slot for holding audio, photo, and video files. The display renders 262,000 colors at 176x220. The U740 should be available with Verizon by the end of the year. Click through to see full-size images.

mpTees releases T-shirt for music players

11/15, 11:35am

mpTees music player shirt

Addressing the frequent problem of stray headphone cords, Print Wear has released its mpTees line of music-oriented T-shirts. Each model has a hidden cord pass-through for earbuds or headphone cords as well as a pocket that can protect most any portable player while ensuring that it remains still even during particularly active moments, Print Wear writes. The company suggests that the mpTees line is ideal for exercise or other situations when freedom of movement is important. The clothing range ships in close- and loose-fit short-sleeve lines as well as a long-sleeved version for colder weather. Currently available only in bulk, mpTees are expected to sell individually in stores soon for an unspecified price.

Brando unveils 2G Shuffle, Nano cases

11/15, 11:20am

2G Shuffle, Nano cases

Brando today unveiled two new cases for Apple's second-generation iPod shuffle and iPod nano media players. The Workshop iPod shuffle Silicone case and Workshop iPod nano aluminum case both serve to protect the small devices from scratches and small bumps. The Workshop iPod shuffle Silicone case comes with three pieces in a pack ($17 each), offers an anti-dust coating, and is available in four packs with various color combinations. Brando's Workshop iPod nano aluminum case is made from aircraft grade aluminum, features a secure click-lock to ease the process of opening as well as closing the case, and allows access to the dock connector as well as the headphone jack while the iPod is stowed safely inside. Each Workshop iPod nano aluminum case includes a soft neoprene lining, and ships in either metallic silver or metallic black for $30.

harman/kardon preps Guide + Play GPS receiver

11/15, 11:05am

harman/kardon Guide + Play

The typically audio-focused company harman/kardon has announced that it will take its first steps into the GPS market with its upcoming Guide + Play receiver. As indicated by the name, the device will feature a heavy media playback component, playing music as well as MPEG-4 and Windows Media videos on SD cards ranging up to 4GB in storage. Media browsing is expected to be more advanced than with most other GPS handhelds and will have an easy song browser that sorts by artist, genre, and other metadata instead of simply displaying folders. The company further promises a very portable system: the Guide + Play is scarcely larger than its 4-inch screen and will last an unusually lengthy 5 hours when away from a car adapter or wall outlet, according to harman/kardon. It should ship in January for $499.

Radiient Select-4 Four-Input HDMI Switch/Repeater

11/15, 10:50am

Radiient 4-port HDMI hub

Radiient's Select-4 is an HDMI hub which allows four separate HDMI inputs to share a single output. The company claims support for resolutions up to UXGA, 1080p, and beyond, with a repeater maintaining signal quality at distances extending to a hundred feet. Another advantage of the unit is automatic input detection, eliminating the need to manually switch inputs as you move between devices -- the hub monitors activity and switches accordingly. Normally priced at $399, Radiient is currently discounting the Select-4 at $299.

Citrin 1.0 graphing software released

11/15, 10:40am

Citrin 1.0 released

Gigawiz has released Citrin 1.0, a low-cost Universal Mac OS X application designed for interactive scientific graphing and curve fitting. The software provides 2-D, 3-D, ternary, and commonly used statistical charts with full Unicode support, as well as flexible error bar settings. A curve fitting module supports pre-defined as well as user-defined non-linear regression, while native worksheets allow users to import and store large data sets from diverse data formats (PDF, PICT vector graphics, and bitmaps such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, SGI, TGA, etc.). Citrin also offers diverse graphic file export formats, as well as drag-and-drop support. The application is priced at $120, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

Maxell intros wall-mountable iPod speakers

11/15, 10:30am

Maxell iPod Speakers

Maxell today said it has revealed its first iPod speaker system. The MXSP-1000 uses its bar design to its advantage, according to the company, by supporting wall mounts for small apartments and other areas where available space is a priority. Its low profile is equally well-suited for tabletops or resting underneath computer displays. Supporting all dockable iPods through a top-mounted connector as well as an auxiliary input jack for other music players, the MXSP-1000 produces 9.6 watts of stereo output which the company claims is augmented by the use of aluminum cones. The new Maxell speakers ship in black, silver, and white colors for $85 US in Japan. No details were given of a North American launch. See a complete photo after the jump.

Zune to support downloads of Web-based videos?

11/15, 9:55am

Zune Web Video Downloads

Microsoft is planning to tightly integrate its own web-based video service with its new Zune media player, according to a report by news site Playfuls. Taking advantage of its own Soapbox web video site, which began invitation-only beta testing in mid-September, Microsoft will give Zune owners the opportunity to download top videos from Soapbox that will be posted weekly on its website in the near future. The feature would convert downloaded clips into a format that would be transferred to the Zune music software and which could be played directly on the Zune device itself. The move could potentially upset an existing strategy by Google, which offers downloads of submitted videos in an iPod-compatible format but doesn't currently integrate with iTunes or other video-capable software. Industry expert Om Malik has recently suggested that Microsoft rival Apple investigate partnering with a viral video site such as YouTube -- a site since acquired by Google -- as a means of increasing the popularity of its video-capable iPods.

Foxconn to manufacture 12m iPhones?

11/15, 9:40am

Foxconn, 12m iPhones?

Foxconn Electronics has agreed to manufacture 12 million cellular handsets for Apple, according to one report. The Cupertino-based company will ship the new phones in the first half of 2007, according to DigiTimes. Foxconn is one of Apple's primary iPod manufacturers overseas, and industry analysts have long expected a new 'iPhone' from Apple some time during the New Year. A patent application recently discovered by MacNN points to a multifunction device that serves as a cellular phone with music as well as video playback capability, palm functionality, and more. Surging Mac sales and strong iPod numbers heading into the holiday shopping season are backed by the forthcoming release of Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard,' as well as the company's new iTV media device alongside an expected refresh of its Mac Pro systems. A cellular handset introduced into the mix in 2007 could serve as a catalyst for Apple's growth alongside the iTV, which may propel the company into the living rooms of consumers even as Apple strives to make its presence known in the mobile phone arena.

Page Control 1.0 plugin for InDesign

11/15, 9:20am

DTP Tools' Page Control

DTP Tools has released its Page Control plugin for Adobe InDesign CS/CS2. The software allows users to resize one or every page or spread in a document individually, create landscape and portrait pages in the same document, resize master pages (as well as linked pages), custom pasteboard sizes, the ability to print or export to PDF. The new features do not add any new palettes; Page Control's commands are added to InDesign's own Pages palette menu, according to the company. In addition, a free Page Control Reader guarantees InDesign documents containing multiple page sizes will be accessible to, and editable by, service providers and collaborators who do not have Page Control installed. A single-user license is $60.

Verizon launches LG VX8600 Chocolate clamshell phone

11/15, 9:10am

Verizon Launches LG VX8600

Verizon on Wednesday officially released its widely anticipated VX8600 handset. Known alternately as a flip-phone Chocolate equivalent or under LG's own Black Sapphire name, the VX8600 is now shipping from the US cellphone carrier for $130 with the combination of a two-year contract and an instant rebate. Features remain as expected, modifying the original slider phone's features only to add an external display with music controls. Support for Verizon's own V CAST music store is also integrated. The company hasn't yet confirmed the pricing of the phone without a contract, though earlier reports set the cost at $250 before rebates.

Briefly: Japanese 'Get a Mac' ads

11/15, 9:10am

Japanese 'Get a Mac' ads

In brief: At least two of Apple's Japanese 'Get a Mac' ads have surfaced on YouTube, depicting the PC guy with a cold as well as the recognition of the company's iLife suite.... Quark has announced that its Quark Interactive Designer software was awarded "Best of Show" by the Macworld senior editors at the MacExpo trade show in London.... PCMCIA has launched ExpressCard University, a new online course designed to help computer retail sales associates learn about the new technology found in most of the latest notebook computers.... Freeverse is holding a contest for the best work of art created with Lineform -- its Apple Design Award-winning drawing and illustration application -- with a grand prize of $1,000.... Microsoft officials are preparing for the worldwide business availability of the 2007 Office system, Vista, and exchange Server 2007 on November 30th.... Marketcircle has announced the winners of the Grow with Daylite contest, with Gamma Streams DayPack winning in the plug-in section and Andy Warwick FTP widget taking the lead for widgets.

Aven iLoupe: first portable microphotography camera

11/15, 8:45am

Aven iLoupe Camera

Scientific imagery company Aven has begun producing the iLoupe, a camera that the company says is the first microphotography camera that can truly be used in the field. It achieves its compact size by mounting a small, 60-150X microscopy lens on top of an otherwise standard Canon SD600 point-and-shoot camera, turning it into a field microscope. An LED light built into the lens helps illuminate subjects in between cracks or other dark areas. The mount can be removed at any time for conventional photography. The design is targeted primarily at crime scene investigators, factory inspectors, and scientists who may need detailed photo evidence but may not have access to specialized equipment, Aven says. The iLoupe is available now; Aven asks buyers to contact it for pricing.

Windows Vista 'candy' just hype?

11/15, 8:40am

Vista 'candy' just hype?

Despite Microsoft's efforts to tout Windows Vista features such as the new startup sound, Aero interface, and 'hardware start button,' one columnist believes Microsoft is simply offering consumers 'candy' for the eyes and ears. "Guys, come on. It's just a startup sound! No revolution here," said eWeek columnist David Morgenstern. "For what it's worth, Macintosh has had a startup sound from the beginning. But its sound offered a meaning beyond branding and the simple notification of whether or not your audio circuitry is dead or the sound is turned on," the columnist added, referring to Apple's 'chimes of death' introduced with the very first Mac the company ever shipped. Interestingly, Morgenstern asked his readers in a separate column whether the industry will see an immediate surge in Vista upgrades, revealing that 29 percent of responders are looking at the Mac or Linux platforms instead of Windows Vista.

Apps: iPlanner, iPDA, Mac Unix utils

11/15, 8:35am

iPlanner, iPDA, Unix utils

    iPlanner 1.1 ($25) bridges the gap between iCal and paper systems, such as Franklin/Covey and DayRunner, allowing the user to print their calendars and task lists directly onto their favorite day planner layout. "Not only can it print onto the smaller page, but it positions the data to fit onto the pre-printed day planner pages." The software takes the data from iCal and reformats it to print onto a page purchased from Franklin/Covey or DayRunner. [Download - 310KB]
    iPDA 3.2 ($20) adds the ability to transfer PDF and Pages documents, adds support for any web based calendaring system that supports the iCal standard and fixes problems with US weather downloads and RSS/web pages downloading and processing. The utility transfers PIM data to an iPod, including Entourage, Stickies, Mail, Address Book and iCal. Users can also transfer Word, PDF, Pages RTF and text documents as well as weather forecasts, news and RSS feeds. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. [Download - 752KB]
    VuMan 1.2 ($13) brings a significantly improved interface, the ability to export man pages to different formats (HTML, PDF, text), and integration with the Mac's built-in Apple Help system. VuMan is a Mac OS X graphical user interface to the main system of Unix software documentation, the man page. Man pages are concise but thorough descriptions of the functionality and methods of the various Unix command-line programs. It is a Universal Binary. [Download - 3.5MB]
    PortAuthority 1.2 ($19) adds an improved interface, the ability to save log output to a text file, and integration with the Mac's built-in Apple Help system. The software provides a graphical user interface for the MacPorts package management system for Mac OS X, a powerful command-line tool for installing and updating a variety of Unix-based applications for the Mac. The Universal Binary runs on Mac OS X. [Download - 4.1MB]
    NameFind 1.2 ($13) adds a new cleaner, more intuitive interface, Growl support to notify the user when searches are complete, and integration with the Mac's built-in Apple Help system. The tool provides fast, simple file-searching capabilities; it is designed to be a faster alternative to the Mac's built-in Spotlight search technology. It is a Universal Binary. [Download - 3.2MB]
    1-2Tracker 1.3 ($15) is a Mac application designed specifically for people with diabetes. With 1-2Tracker users can easily track and graph their blood glucose tests as well as track their weight on a day by day basis. The program allows people with diabetes to keep food and exercise logs along with a handy journal. 1-2Tracker can store links to diabetes-related resources as well as diabetes team contact information and medication information. [Download - 3.7MB]

WiebeTech adds multi-bay RAID solutions

11/15, 8:10am

WiebeTech's new RAIDs

WiebeTech has introduced two new models in its SilverSATA Series for a total of eight SATA 1/2 drives models with interchangeable trays. The company added new four-bay and five-bay models in addition to the single- and dual-bay options; each are available with various connectivity options, including eSATA, FireWire, USB or SCSI interfaces. In addition WiebeTech is introducing an eSATA PCI-X host adapter, with four eSATA ports, that supports SilverSATA models with an eSATA interface. The SilverSATA IV FH features dual-independent hardware RAID support with two pairs of dual FireWire 800 (400 compatible) ports. Each pair of drives can be independently configured as JBOD or hardware RAID 0. The new 4-tray version holds up to 3TB of storage.

LaCie updates RAID storage solutions

11/15, 3:25am

LaCie RAID storage updated

LaCie today announced increased performance of its Biggest FW800 RAID subsystem with hardware RAID controller and also added USB 2.0 to its 2-disk external SATA RAID solution. The FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 dual interface Biggest FW800 RAID subsystem now comes with internal SATA drives for faster performance, and a sleek new silver design with lockable hard disk drawers to prevent accidental removal or damage. The Biggest FW800 is also offers choice of four hardware-based RAID levels (0, 0+1, 5, 5+spare), the ability to hot-swap drives, automatic drive rebuilding, and a bright LCD panel to monitor operation status. It's available in 1TB or 2TB capacities. The storage solution leverages the power of four disks in one compact tower without the need to install drivers; it comes with four SATA disks at 250GB each for the 1TB model, or 500GB each for the 2TB model.

SubRosaSoft ships CopyCatX 4.0

11/15, 3:00am

CopyCatX 4.0 ships today shipped CopyCatX 4.0, its software-based drive duplication and recovery system for Mac OS X. It features a completely Universal Binary application for native Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs, a new and streamlined user interface, multiple-targets duplication support, and a dual-bootable CD to support a wide range of Macs. CopyCatX utilizes sector copying instead of the "file-by-file" copy employed by most backup software. "Sector copy is extremely fast and enables a user to retain every detail of the original drive -- from bootablity to the icon locations," the company said. "CopyCatX is neither file nor OS dependent; it can quickly and easily make an identical copy of Linux, Windows, Macintosh, or TiVo based drives."


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