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Disney sells 500,000 movies via iTunes

11/09, 10:10pm

Disney sells 500K movies

Walt Disney has sold nearly a half of a million digital films--totaling about $4 million--through Apple's iTunes store since their debut about two months ago. The numbers translate to about 9,000 movie purchases a day through Apple's online music store. The company told investors during its fiscal fourth quarter conference call that it expects movie downloads to generate $50 million in revenue during the first year of its debut on iTunes. Disney, the only studio to currently offer digital versions of its films via iTunes, has made about 75 movies available on iTunes; it as also announced plans to make both the No. 1 animated film of the year, Cars, and the No. 1 film of the year, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest available on iTunes. According to AppleInsider, Disney's earnings per share for the fourth quarter increased 89 percent to $0.36, compared to $0.19 in the year-ago quarter. Profits doubled from $379 million to $782 million. Meanwhile, a Disney patent hints that it has considered streaming its wireless content to wireless-enabled (but not announced) iPods, PDAs, pagers, and other devices.

Desktop Transporter 2.0 controls Macs

11/09, 10:05pm

Desktop Transporter 2.0

DEVONtechnologies today launched a new remote desktop solution: Desktop Transporter 2.0. Based on recently acquired technology, the company said that the solution allows users to use other Macs on either the local network or the Internet without physically accessing them. "Like the much more expensive Apple Remote Desktop, Desktop Transporter shows the screen of the remote Mac either in a window or in full screen and allows the user to interact with the other computer as if it was the local one." Version 2.0, available as a Universal Binary, is a major update, adding a new menu extra to access remote Macs without launching the main Desktop Transporter application; in addition, a new background helper application takes care of sharing desktops even when the menu extra and main application are not running.

SOYO GoVideo Dual LCD Monitors

11/09, 6:15pm

SOYO Dual LCD Monitors

SOYO has released a set of LCD monitors that joins two screens into a single stand. Shipping in 17- and 19-inch models, the GoVideo line has resolutions up to 2560x1024, contrast ratios of 700:1, and response times of 8ms. DVI and RGB inputs are located on the back, while speakers are integrated into the front. The screens can be pivoted horizontally to the extent that they can be facing 180 degrees from one another. The 17-inch monitor is selling for $999, and the 19-inch (pictured) is going for $1,199.

Apple 'pod' trademark dispute in Japan

11/09, 5:55pm

gPod trademark dispute

A small Japanese firm is facing potential legal action from Apple in response to the controversial naming of one of its products, according to a report today by Mainichi Daily News. Osaka-based businessman Ichiro Kameda says he has been repeatedly contacted by Apple legal representatives who have asked him to change the name of his as yet unavailable gPod female sex aid, citing the clear similarity of its naming scheme to that of the American company's iPod music player. The aid's trademark was previously approved by Japanese authorities in October of 2005, and was expected to stand until Kameda applied for a worldwide trademark -- which drew the attention of Apple's legal department. Despite warnings from Apple that he will be "forced to take all sorts of legal measures" should he release the product, Kameda insists that he will ship the gPod by the end of November.

ZeusDraw image editor released

11/09, 5:50pm

ZeusDraw released

Chromatic Bytes today released ZeusDraw, a new drawing program boasting a fluid, graceful interface with Quartz and Cocoa support for instant visual feedback. The software includes an easy-to-use Bezier path tools, in-place editing of gradients and text, and a multi-copy tool that can draw multiple instances of a copied image along arcs as well as lines. ZeusDraw also promises accurate, flexible drawing with actual-size rendering, a color picker that shows related colors, and unlimited image sizes. Chromatic Bytes is selling the program for an introductory price of $90 until January 1st of next year, and requires an Intel- or PowerPC-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher. [Download - 6MB]

Samsung displays WiMax/WiBro cellphone

11/09, 5:25pm

Samsung's WiMax-only phone

South Korea is getting a unique cellphone from Samsung that relies on WiMax/WiBro broadband, AVING reports. The SPH-M8100 functions as either a VoIP, video, Push-to-Talk or standard voice phone, and is capable of 20Mbps transfer speeds while the receiver moves as fast as 37mph. It can also be connected to a PC and used as a modem. It accepts RSS subscriptions, and in Korea, at least, it can receive T-DMB TV signals. A TV-out jack feeds images to an external display. Reflecting the limited distribution of WiMax, there are no (current) plans to export the M8100 outside of Korea. Click through for full-sized photos.

iLuv debuts i202 Bluetooth headphones

11/09, 4:30pm

Bluetooth headphones debut

iLuv today introduced the i202 Bluetooth Stereo headphones, featuring a 'clip over the ear' style with a small Bluetooth dongle allowing users to use the headphones with virtually any audio device, such as Apple's iPod. Integrated controls allow users to play, pause, skip tracks, and control volume. The headphones are compatible with mobile phones, and a built-in microphone enables users to answer as well as make calls, all via the touch of a button. The i202 has a 200-hour standby time, a continuous music listening time of up to 14 hours, and a talk time of 13 hours. Compliant with Bluetooth v1.2, the new accessory includes a USB cable and USB power adapter (for charging). The i202 Bluetooth Stereo headphones are slated for shipment in December for $90.

New Nabaztag WiFi rabbit

11/09, 4:30pm

New Nabaztag WiFi rabbit

A new version of the Nabaztag WiFi rabbit is on the market. Streaming content from the Internet, the Nabaztag/tag does various things like tell the time, read off blogs, pass along messages, and play songs and speeches at random. Blinking lights and twisting ears contribute to the show. Now the rabbit can also scan RFID tags, stream audio non-stop, take voice commands and messages, and even detect smells and follow a predetermined response. WEP and WPA encryption protects your data from interception. The Nabaztag/tag is selling for 90 ($171) from Firebox, or (starting November 30th) $180 from ThinkGeek.

Lexmark AIO WiFi printer debuts

11/09, 3:50pm

Lexmark X9350 Printer

Lexmark today introduced its X9350 all-in-one wireless printer. The printer is the only model in its price class that connects to computers or networks with 802.11b or g wireless, according to Electronista, enabling both printing and scanning without a dedicated printer cable or an expensive investment. The device also offers support for two-sided printing; users can complete individual page sides at a rate of 32 PPM monochrome or 27 in color, according to Lexmark. The hardware is further capable of printing Microsoft Office files directly from USB storage or connecting directly to an Ethernet network for wired printer sharing. The X9350 is priced at $280, but has not received an official launch schedule.

AMD offers DirectX-to-OpenGL converter

11/09, 3:35pm

HLSL to GLSL translator

The Graphics Product Group at AMD has released HLSL2GLSL 0.9, a tool that translates DirectX 9 HLSL shaders into the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). The tool is released under an open-source license to encourage continued development of this functionality by the developer community. HLSL2GLSL is usable as a stand-alone command-line tool to directly translate shader source from HLSL to GLSL. A library version of the tool is also included (along with full source-code) for use by developers in applications. The library is designed to work with input HLSL shaders up to Shader Model 3.0, and the tool generates either GLSL v1.10.59 desktop OpenGL shaders or shaders that are usable with the OpenGL ES Shading Language 1.00. The software requires Mac OS X (specific system requirements were unavailable), and is available for free.

Missing Sync 3 for Windows Mobile ships

11/09, 3:35pm

Missing Sync 3 for WM

MarkSpace today released The Missing Sync 3 for Windows Mobile, a major upgrade to the company's synchronization software allowing PocketPCs and Windows Mobile-based smartphones to sync with Mac OS X. Version 3.0 adds many new features including syncing of Word as well as Excel documents, Safari bookmarks, iTunes playlists, and iPhoto albums. Users can also sync files and folders to a mobile device, and the latest release supports numerous handhelds that run Windows Mobile 2002, 2003, and 5.0. The update is free for users who have purchased version 2.5 on or after October 1st, according to the company. Owners of any previous versions are eligible to upgrade for $20, while new users can obtain the software for $40. The Missing Sync requires a G4, G5, or Core-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.8 or newer.

Lexmark debuts low-cost AIO printer with WiFi

11/09, 3:00pm

Lexmark WiFi AIO Printer

Lexmark has just introduced the X9350, an all-in-one printer that the printer maker says is the only model in its class to come with built-in wireless. The integrated WiFi adapter connects the X9350 to computers or networks with 802.11b or g wireless to enable both printing and scanning without a dedicated cable. Similarly uncommon for the printer's class is its support for two-sided printing, Lexmark says; individual page sides can be completed at a rate of 32 PPM monochrome or 27 in color. Users also have the choice of printing Microsoft Office files directly from USB storage or connecting the printer directly to an Ethernet network for wired printer sharing. The X9350 will retail for $280 but has not been given a firm release date.

Globalstar produces truly small satellite phone

11/09, 2:20pm

Compact Satellite Phone

Globalstar today said that it had resolved the size dilemma common to many satellite phones by releasing its new GSP-1700 handset. The 1700 is the world's lightest and smallest satellite phone, the company claims. With the exception of its retractable antenna, the design more closely resembles the dimensions of many cellphones and weighs only 7.1 ounces. It also has features rare to satellite technology, such as the ability to receive calls while the antenna is stowed away or to connect to EVDO mobile broadband for data when connected to a Mac or PC through the bundled USB cable. Globalstar doesn't list pricing but says the GSP-1700 is available now with the company's own satellite phone service.

Extensis releases free Xtensions module

11/09, 2:15pm

Free Extensions module

Extensis today released a free QuarkXPress XTensions module for its Suitcase Fusion, Font Reserve Server, and Suitcase Server font management products. The update allows for auto-activation and adds native support for Intel-based Macs as well as PowerPC systems as a Universal Binary. "Extensis Suitcase Fusion and QuarkXPress 7 on Intel-based Macs work seamlessly together to deliver the peak performance our user's workflow demands," said Martin Stein, vice president of corporate solutions for Extensis. "This provides our users with the fonts they need on-the-spot, without manually finding and activating them." The free Fusion XTension module is available for download from the Extensis website, and requires QuarkXPress 7.

Motorola's i880 incorporated into Nextel lineup

11/09, 2:05pm

i880 comes to Nextel

Sprint and Motorola have announced the addition of the i880 to the Nextel lineup. The phone is Nextel's first with a 2MP camera, which the company argues is sharp enough for 5x7 prints. Other features of the i880 include GPS, Bluetooth, Web browsing, a microSD slot, walkie-talkie modes, and MP3/podcast playback. It should be available from retailers today. Its MSRP is $500 without contract, or $300 with a rebate and a two-year service agreement. The package comes bundled with a 64MB microSD card.

Panasonic previews its first in-car navigation system

11/09, 1:40pm

Panasonic Car Navigation

Panasonic on Thursday provided an early glimpse of its first car entertainment system with built-in navigation. Previously known only for its media support in cars, Panasonic has added a GPS unit to its CN-NVD905U that comes preloaded with maps of Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US as well as detailed information about 39 US cities. The built-in DVD drive can further expand available charts. Another built-in function of the NVD905U, its support for satellite radio, transforms the mapping function into a traffic warning system: Sirius subscribers with an external receiver and access to the network's traffic service can view traffic conditions directly on the map, allowing them to choose an alternate route in advance. Panasonic's system also supports XM Satellite Radio. Integration with the iPod is equally tight, according to the company. The new head unit can play an iPod's audio and video through any of a car's entertainment systems, including rear headrest models. Bluetooth and support for MP3/WMA CD audio complete the available features. Panasonic hopes to release its pioneering navigation system in spring of 2007 and has not announced a price.

Amp'd Mobile to adopt smartphones?

11/09, 12:55pm

Amp'd to adopt smartphones

Amp'd Mobile may be ready to carry smartphones, writes CrunchGear. Though smartphones have generally been the province of businessmen and the wealthy, an anonymous tipster is saying that the trendy MVNO provider will soon offer self-branded Motorola Qs. Photos have been provided as evidence, which follow after the jump. It's unknown what unique features an Amp'd Q might have, but the Verizon model has Windows Mobile 5, 1x EVDO/aGPS, a MiniSD slot, music and video playback, and more. It costs $470 without a contract, or as little as $100 with a rebate and a new Verizon Wireless account.

GizMac upgrades 2G Nano Titan Gear

11/09, 12:50pm

Titan Gear upgraded

GizMac Accessories today launched an upgrade to its Titan Gear for Apple's second-generation iPod nano with armband, carabineer clip, belt clip, and lanyard attachments. While the original Titan Gear only allowed the usage of two attachments at a time, the updated version supports use of all four attachments simultaneously if desired, and switching between attachments is as easy as sliding the new Nano out of one attachment and into the next, according to GizMac. The company's upgraded Titan Gear is shipping for $25 with four attachments included.

Billings 2 released as free public beta

11/09, 12:30pm

Billings 2 free beta

Marketcircle today released a free public beta of Billings 2, its software designed for Mac-based business and creative professionals. The application tracks time and expenses while creating customized invoices, project estimates, and reports. Billings 2 includes an entirely new report engine, export capability, improved Apple help, and a menu bar timer. The latest release also provides a new tax system, templates, invoice as well as estimate number generation, and the extra fields alongside the ability to comment on time entry. The final production version is expected by the end of the year, and will be priced at $50 during the month of November after which the price will jump to $60 on December 1st (system requirements were unavailable).

Hybrid Blu-Ray, HD DVD playback chip developed

11/09, 12:30pm

Hybrid Blu-Ray HD DVD Chip

Chip designer Broadcom says it has developed the world's first system-on-a-chip that combines Blu-Ray and HD DVD playback. While manufacturers of video players have previously expressed interest in developing dual-format players in the past, Broadcom's new BCM7440 marks the first instance in which the support necessary to play both disc types has been included on a single chip. This extends to the advanced features often needed in newer players, such as audio decoding, HDCP for movie support, and networking for online features. The completeness of the design is expected to have a major impact on the rivalry between Blu-Ray and HD DVD supporters by allowing movie watchers to view either standard on an inexpensive player. Many home theater buyers "are cautious about adopting the 'wrong' format," says The Envisioneering Group's Richard Doherty, and have often chosen to retain their DVD players instead. The chip is already available in bulk for testing purposes and should appear in finished products by 2007.

Gateway High Definition Widescreen LCDs

11/09, 12:00pm

Gateway HD LCDs

Gateway has intoduced 22- and 24-inch models of what it's branding its High Definition Widescreen LCDs. As opposed to many computer monitors, the Gateway products support both DVI and analog inputs, which have been made to be HDCP compliant -- a necessary step for full-quality video from Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs. There are no HDMI inputs however, only DVI, VGA, component, S-Video and composite, as well as four-port USB 2.0 hubs. The screens can be rotated in many directions and will automatically change picture orientation if turned vertical. The 24-inch model (pictured) costs $680, and can reach 1080p resolution with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and a 6ms response time. The 22-inch display is limited to 1680x1050 resolution and 700:1 contrast. It costs $400.

Yojimbo 1.3 adds tagging support

11/09, 11:20am

Yojimbo 1.3 adds tagging

Bare Bones Software today released Yojimbo 1.3, updating the information organization utility with tagging for grouping and retrieval of items stored in Yojimbo. The maintenance release fixes reported issues and adds several significant refinements, according to Bare Bones. The new tagging system supports single- and multi-word tags, as well as 'Tag Collections.' Users can create and edit tags via the Quick Input Panel or the Inspector palette, as well as inside an item's Item Details bar. The new Item details bar supplants the Encryption bar with expanded capabilities to manage tagging, renaming, and encryption functions in one location. Yojimbo 1.3 is a free update for registered users that requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later, and is available for $40 to new users.

callas pdfToolbox2 tools for Acrobat 8

11/09, 11:10am

callas pdfToolbox2 tools

callas software has updated its pdfToolbox2 tools for Adobe's recently released Acrobat 8: pdfColorConvert (200), pdfCorrect (150), and pdfLayerMaker (100) offers users the ability to perform extensive and professional color conversions, to correct common sources of error in printing, and to create layers in PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional Version 8. The plugins are based on the most up-to-date PDF technology and provide native support for Intel-based Macs (as well as legacy PowerPC systems). pdfToolbox2 contains includes pdfColorConvert allows non-expert users to quickly and easily modify colours directly in the PDF to meet different print conditions or to convert spot colors to CMYK at the click of a mouse button. pdfCorrect locates and corrects more than 60 different problems that can occur in the professional printing process and pdfLayerMaker separates and sorts page objects into layers, to make them accessible for editing. The suite of pdfToolbox2 tools are available for 400 and require Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later. Trial versions of each are available online.

Apple UK stores drop MacBook prices

11/09, 11:00am

UK stores sweeten MacBooks

Following the launch of its new Core 2 Duo-based consumer-oriented MacBook laptops, Apple UK retail stores have begun selling stock of the original MacBook Core Duo systems at reduced prices. The base white 1.83GHz model is reduced from 749 to 719, while the 2.0GHz white MacBook has dropped from 899 to 789. The black 2.0GHz MacBook with an 80GB hard drive and 1GB of memory has sunk to 929. All models are only available in stores where stock is available, and the deals are unavailable via the Apple Store UK online. The company also lowered prices on its refurbished Core Duo MacBooks in the U.S. earlier this week alongside the launch of the revised systems, offering reconditioned first-generation MacBooks for as little as $899 with free shipping and a one-year warranty.

NI releases Massive, FM8 demos, updates

11/09, 10:55am

Massive, FM8 synth demos

Native Instruments today released demos of its Massive and FM8 software synthesizers. Massive is a next-generation software synthesizer with unique sonic character, outstanding audio fidelity, vast flexibility and an innovative, highly accessible interface. Based on an new high-resolution audio engine, Massive combines advanced Wave-Scanning synthesis with a wealth of sophisticated sound-shaping and modulation options, resulting in a charismatic high-end sound full of warmth, punch, character and definition. The demo version is based on the latest 1.0.1 version of MASSIVE, which brings several enhancements and optimizations; it is now available as an update for registered users. Massive is available for 300/$340.

Briefly: MBPs; make Moby's next video

11/09, 10:50am

MBPs, Moby's next video

In brief: Apple has notified customers who purchased new 17-inch MacBook Pros from its online store that the company will be unable to deliver the systems as soon as promised, quoting deliveries as arriving on or before November 14th.... EMI, Apple, and U-MYX have joined forces to launch a competition to select one lucky user who will make Moby's next music video.... Human Software has released ready-made calendar templates for Adobe Photoshop 7 and later that allow users to create custom calendars using personalized images.... Digital Video Expo is hosting "HD House," a free three-day mini conference at DV Expo that addresses all aspects of high-definition production and post from November 15-17th.... FreshBooks has announced that more than 100,000 business users -- many of them Mac users -- are utilizing its online invoicing and time tracking service for small businesses.... has released a new update of its perspectiveGrid (vol. 6.3) plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, which includes one point and two point perspective grids for 3D designs, alignment/guideline settings for paths or test, and more.

Helio officially debuts Drift phone with GPS mapping

11/09, 10:25am

Helio Drift Phone Official

As previously anticipated following the discontinuation of its earlier Kickflip, Helio on Thursday launched the Kickflip's official replacement. Known as the Drift, the phone shares many of the specifications of the earlier 2-megapixel, EVDO-capable handset but adds an enhanced GPS unit that forms the core of the design. While most cellphones include basic GPS tracking to help locate owners in an emergency, the Drift ships with a preloaded version of Google Maps that links with the receiver to provide real-time positioning, including driving directions. The Drift also incorporates a Helio-specific feature named Buddy Beacon that can track the locations of a specified list of friends. This can help with socializing, the company says. Models are available in black or white today from Helio for $225 alongside any service agreement.

MS to pay Universal for each Zune sold

11/09, 10:25am

MS pays Universal for Zune

Microsoft has agreed to pay Universal Music Group a royalty fee for every Zune sold, and the label has indicated that it has a stake in Zune's success. "We felt that any business that's built on the bedrock of music we should share in," said Universal chief Doug Morris. The deal is not directly linked to content shipped with the player, as its preloaded music is provided through music labels with no clear connection to Universal such as Sub Pop and V2, indicating that Universal is no longer satisfied with music sales alone. Microsoft is reportedly in early discussions with other labels for similar fees, according to Electronista, and the change in approach toward music revenue may have future ramifications for Apple, whose deals with music labels have so far extended only to profits from iTunes content sales, and have not affected iPod hardware.

Super Max MZH-801 media player with live TV

11/09, 9:55am

Super Max Media Player TV

Muzatch today launched a portable media player that it describes as the most powerful MP4-capable player in existence. Intended primarily for cars, the Super Max MZH-801 is capable of playing common digital video formats such as DivX, MPEG-4, and VCD on its 7-inch screen, but is also one of the few North American media players to include a built-in TV tuner. The combination of the tuner and a built-in antenna lets users watch live TV in NTSC or PAL format from virtually anywhere, according to Muzatch. An FM transmitter is also part of the design and broadcasts the player's audio to a car or home stereo. An included 40GB hard drive can store as many as 50 full-length DivX movies, the company claims. Power is supplied through either AC power or a lithium-ion battery, though the company does not list battery life. Muzatch is accepting orders now for $275; lower-capacity 20GB and 30GB versions are also available through special requests.

TIME Gadget of the Year honors Apple

11/09, 9:25am

TIME Gadget of the Year

TIME Magazine has rated Apple's MacBook Pro its no. 3 Gadget of the Year 2006, while the Nike + iPod Sport Kit ranks no. 6 in the top 8 as rated by the publication. The MacBook Pro description as the no. 3 Gadget of the Year reads: "This 'iMac on wheels' has built-in iSight camera and remote for Front Row media manager. It features illuminated keyboard and brighter screen plus magnetic breakaway power cord. With the Intel Core Duo it's easy to watch the highest-definition QuickTime movie trailers." The Nike + iPod Sport "tiny runner's aid measures your pace from inside a specially designed shoe. Data streams to your iPod Nano which keeps time and calculates caloric burn."

Linksys reveals Yahoo! Messenger VoIP phone

11/09, 9:20am

Linksys Yahoo VoIP Phone

Network technology maker Linksys has just released the CIT310 dual-mode Yahoo! and conventional voice phone. The cordless handset is designed to integrate tightly with Yahoo! Messenger's voice services, letting users send and receive calls to both members of their Yahoo! contact list as well as real-world phone numbers. Integration with Yahoo's Internet search engine is also a key aspect of the phone, Linksys adds. By associating the CIT310 with a particular ZIP code, owners can search for and place calls to local businesses through Yahoo! Local Search. A toggle button is present to instantly switch the phone between its Yahoo! role and traditional phone line access. Linksys estimates 10 hours of talk time when the phone is away from its USB base station. The CIT310 ships from Amazon today for $100. A full-size photo is available after the jump.

Strata 3D Suite updated, enhanced

11/09, 8:55am

Strata 3D Suite updated

Strata has introduced important enhancements and additions to all three of the applications that make up its Strata 3D Suite, providing a complete solution to capture, model, render, animate and present 3D content for design and commerce. Strata 3D CX -- the company's 3D design application -- is updated with over 50 enhancements and is available for free to current Strata 3D CX 5.0 users. Strata also released a public beta of the Universal Binary version of Mac Strata 3D CX, which runs natively on Intel-based machines. The company announced a new Mac port of Strata Foto 3D Mac, its application for creating 3D objects from simple digital photographs, and said that Foto 3D for the Mac will be in public beta "soon"; it is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2007. Pricing for the Mac version will be the same as the current Windows application, which sells for $500.

Microsoft to pay Universal for every Zune sold

11/09, 8:45am

MS Pays Universal for Zune

Microsoft has entered into a controversial agreement to pay Universal a royalty fee for every Zune player sold, Reuters reports. While neither Microsoft nor Universal has publicly revealed the amount per player, the music label indicated that it believed it had a stake in the Zune's success.

"We felt that any business that's built on the bedrock of music we should share in," Universal chief Doug Morris says.

Significantly, the deal is not directly linked to content shipped with the player: its preloaded music is provided through music labels with no clear connection to Universal, such as Sub Pop and V2, indicating that Universal no longer feels satisfied with music sales themselves. Microsoft is reportedly in early discussions with other labels for similar fees. The change in approach towards music revenue may have future ramifications for Apple, whose deals with music labels have so far extended only to profits from iTunes content sales and have not affected iPod hardware.

Briefly: MacBook BTO, Darwin 8.8.1

11/09, 8:25am

MacBook BTO, Darwin 8.8.1

In Brief: Apple has added several new build-to-order options for the new Core 2 Duo-based MacBook (released yesterday), including drives up to 200GB (4200rpm), up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, an Apple USB Modem, and pre-installed copies of iWork '06, Logic Express 7, Final Cut Express HD 3.5 and Aperture 1.5.... Mac OS X Forge has announced the release of Darwin 8.8.1, corresponding to Mac OS X 10.4.8 for both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs--representing the first full release supporting both architectures.... MacSpeech has released a new ScriptPak for iTunes 7 ($15), which adds over 150 commands to iListen ($100) that allows the user to do virtually anything in iTunes they would normally do using keyboard shortcuts or menus.... Total Training today announced Total Training for Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium Bundle ($500), which includes 102 hours (14 DVDs) of helpful tips and tricks and adds tutorials for Acrobat 8 Professional software as well as lessons for Dreamweaver 8; it also introduced Total Training For Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional ($130).... Brainwave today announced that it is offering pzizz, its power napping and sleep software, to students for just $10 per module.

Fujifilm debuts FinePix Z5fd

11/09, 8:10am

Fujifilm's FinePix Z5fd

Fujifilm has introduced the FinePix Z5fd, the second camera (after the S6500fd) to use the company's Face Detection technology. According to Electronista, when shooting a portrait, an FD camera prioritizes faces while judging autofocus and exposure; the camera then zooms in to faces automatically, trimming off what it considers to be extraneous edges. The Z5fd is a 6.3MP camera with 3x optical zoom and a 2.5-inch LCD. In addition, the camera also offers movie capture, ISO 1600 sensitivity, and IR data transfer to devices like phones and printers and uses xD cards for storage. The camera is presently confirmed to ship in Japan and the United Kingdom, according to the report; however, no pricing information was given.


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