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McAfee offers protection for iPod worm

10/17, 10:20pm

Protection for iPod worm

McAfee today announced it has released a new version of McAfee Stinger, which targets two Windows-based threats that are still being identified on video iPod and MP3 devices. McAfee Stinger is a free standalone utility tool that can detect and remove specific viruses, including the W32/RJump.worm, also named RJump.worm and the W32/QQPass.worm, also named QQPass.worm. Protection for both threats has been available in McAfee products since September 25, 2006 and August 15, 2006, respectively, but Avert Labs has made the tool available for consumers who may not already have adequate anti-virus protection. The W32/RJump.worm, which was discovered June 20, 2006, recently reappeared on video iPod devices released by Apple late September, as noted earlier today.

Finale PrintMusic 2007 goes Universal

10/17, 9:45pm

Finale PrintMusic 2007

MakeMusic has released Finale PrintMusic 2007, which includes native Universal Binary support for both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs (as well as Windows computers). PrintMusic is designed as an affordable solution for songwriters, students, teachers, church musicians and band leaders as well as for anyone who wants to easily create, hear and print publisher-quality music. PrintMusic users can enter notes with the mouse, computer keyboard, and/or a MIDI keyboard as well as by playing a brass or woodwind instrument using the exclusive MicNotator feature. PrintMusic offers the same high-quality music scanning capabilities as Finale 2007 and can import and export MIDI and MusicXML files. Orchestrations can be created with up to 24 staves, and these staves can transpose to any key and for any instrument, according to the company. The full version is $100, while upgrades are $30.

Lilt 1.0 uses Mac motion, light sensors

10/17, 6:40pm

Lilt 1.0 pre-release ships

Jonathan Nathan has released Lilt 1.0pre, a unique tool for Mac OS X and Macs with a light and/or sudden motion sensors. Available now as a limited-time pre-release, Lilt utilizes the ambient light and sudden motion sensors found on recent Mac portable computers; it can automatically trigger actions such as launching applications, files, or scripts. "By launching a script Lilt can do some amazing things. Wave your hand over the light sensors (located under the speaker grills) and play your next iTunes track. Tilt the computer back and hear the time spoken to you. The possibilities are endless," the company wrote. This pre-release will expire on October 31, 2006. Lilt will be released at the end of the month as a fully-functional shareware ($5). It requires Mac OS X 10.4.

Lenovo, Apple lead reliability report

10/17, 5:50pm

Lenovo, Apple reliability

Lenovo and Apple are the most reliable computer makers, according to a new research report.'s latest findings rank IBM/Lenovo with a score of 243, followed closely by Apple at 201. The distant third place fell to HP/Compaq with 12 points. Dell, Gateway, and "others" scored 4, -12, and -16 points, respectively. Scores are based on the number of troubleshooting calls received for each make of computer, and results stem from a database of approximately 20,000 calls, according to Macworld UK. "Whether it's due to hardware quality or vendor customer support, clearly IBM/Lenovo and Apple are well ahead of their rivals when it comes to reliability," said David Milman, CEO of "We're pleased to be able to offer this insight to help computer users make informed choices when deciding which computer they should buy."

Windows worm found in video iPods

10/17, 5:35pm

Worm found in video iPods

Apple is warning Microsoft Windows users that a small number of its latest video iPods shipped with a worm. Apple has updated its technical support site with a warning to Windows users: "We recently discovered that a small number - less than 1 per cent - of the video iPods available for purchase after September 12 left our contract manufacturer carrying the Windows RavMonE.exe virus." According to Macworld UK, Apple has only received 25 reports concerning the problem so far; the worm does not affect data on infected Windows systems. "The iPod nano, iPod shuffle and Mac OS X are not affected, and all video iPods now shipping are virus free," said Greg Joswiak, vice president at Apple. The Cupertino-based company has a number of Windows systems on its production line for quality control, and one of these "final test" stations was discovered as the source of the propagating worm.

Motorola P790 portable cellphone charger

10/17, 5:15pm

P790 portable cell charger

Starting in November, Motorola is rolling out the P790 portable cellphone charger, Stuff reports. The device is shaped like the company's PEBL phone and will hold two complete phone charges before needing its own plug-in. To use it, an owner simply connects the charger to a phone's mini-USB port. A Bluetooth headset can be charged simultaneously if you opt for the extra dual-charging adapter. claims the P790 will weigh 2.8 ounces, use a 1,700 mAh battery, and cost $30.

MaxBulk Mailer revamps list handling

10/17, 4:55pm

MaxBulk Mailer 5.0

Maxprog today released MaxBulk Mailer 5.0, an update to the email-merge solution with support for multiple email formats and attachments. The latest revision revamps list handling and greatly improves message delivery, according to Maxprog, adding numerous user-requested features. MaxBulk Mailer provides document as well as contact management, and support for multiple lists as well as multiple accounts. Further MaxBulk Mailer features include POP and APOP/ESMTP authentication, SSL, groups, MySQL as well as PostgreSQL imports, Unicode UTF-8 support, and encoding for numerous languages. The software is available for $60 in English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian for Mac OS X as well as Microsoft Windows.

Lightwave Color-Changing Speakers

10/17, 4:45pm

Color-changing speakers

British site Gizoo is marketing Lightwave Color-Changing Speakers. Ready to be plugged into stereo systems and portable music players, the speakers register your beats and pulse along in up to three different patterns and 12 different colors. If you'd rather the setup stay with a particular color, a switch allows the speakers to alternate between "beat" and "static" modes. The gear is presently available only from the UK for the cost of 50 ($93 US).

Fujitsu releases MacBook-influenced laptop

10/17, 4:40pm

Fujitsu LifeBook laptops

Fujitsu on Tuesday dramatically expanded its LifeBook range of laptops with three new models, one of which shows clear design inspirations from Apple's entry-level portable. Colored completely in pearl white, the A3110 is an unusually stylish computer from the normally utilitarian PC builder. It also has a unique Crystal View feature that Fujitsu says can automatically improve the visual quality by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of the onscreen image when turned on through a special button on the laptop. A 1.8GHz Turion 64 X2, 2GB of included RAM, and built-in slots for ExpressCard, flash memory, and PC Card adapters help the A3110 perform well in the mid-range laptop market. Fujitsu is shipping this model today for $1,399; a 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo equivalent, the A6010, has also just been launched for $1,419 in a more sedate black-and-gray color scheme.

Click through for details and a photo of the HD DVD-equipped N6420 laptop.

Briefly: 14th most visited

10/17, 4:20pm rank, MiniStack

In brief: Newer Technology today reduced pricing on its entire line of NewerTech miniStack V2 FireWire and USB 2.0 external storage/port expansion hub.... HandStands is offering a $3 coupon for use at its online store to any user who provides suggestions on packaging as well as color options for "The Core," its new cord management system for iPod owners.... is running a "Green Sale" until October 31st, offering all download tutorial video programs for 25 percent off the list price.... Big Nerd Ranch is hosting its Ruby on Rails Bootcamp ($3,500) from February 12-16th, 2007 in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA to provide a five day exhaustive examination of the key aspects of Ruby development on the Rails framework.... ComScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and categories for September, marking Apple as the no. 14 destination.... Intel has already shipped 5 million of its new dual-core CPUs in the first two months of sales amid strong laptop demand.

Sony Ericsson integrates LocationFree TV into P990i

10/17, 3:50pm

LocationFree TV and P990i

Sony Ericsson will ship its LocationFree software with the P990i smartphone, says The Register. LocationFree base stations allow TVs and movie players to broadcast to mobile phones, Sony's PSP gaming handheld, and nearby Macs and PCs with Internet access. The new bundle will see software pre-loaded onto the P990i's MemoryStick. If you've already bought the phone, you can download LocationFree from the Sony Ericsson support Website. The move is strongly reminiscent of Sling Media's decision to provide its SlingPlayer software on Symbian-based platforms. Like a LocationFree base station, the Slingbox sends video to Internet-capable devices.

Group Logic ships MassTransit Dashboard

10/17, 3:35pm

MassTransit Dashboard

Group Logic has shipped MassTransit Dashboard, an add-on to its MassTransit Enterprise solution designed for secure and fast file transfers. MassTransit Dashboard is a web-portal which provides users and administrators with a sophisticated and easy to use tool set for monitoring and managing an enterprise network of MassTransit servers. The MassTransit Dashboard provides MassTransit users with a centralized web portal for real-time monitoring of their file transfer servers, reporting on server availability, transfer status and providing detailed job tracking information. "With these capabilities, supply chain users can more effectively manage file transfer workflows across the enterprise to achieve their critical business objectives," the company said. "The new capability also ensures that administrators are well-positioned to properly support mission critical file transfers and deliver the high level of reliability and service quality needed by their users." It is available as a purchase as an add-on for MassTransit (pricing not available).

Averatec 2300 low-cost ultraportable PC

10/17, 3:30pm

Averatec 2300 Laptop

Already known for undercutting the MacBook and other high-profile compact laptops in terms of price, Averatec has just released its new 2300 Series laptop as a distinctly lower-cost alternative to the Dell XPS M1210 and other full-featured ultraportables. The 2300 shares the same 12-inch, 1280x800 screen as its competitors, but uses the inexpensive 1.6GHz Turion 64 X2 dual-core processor to allow for more RAM and storage without significantly affecting the basic performance or price: the current configuration ships with 1GB of RAM, a 100GB hard drive, and a dual-layer DVD rewriter as standard. Averatec's computer is also light at 4.08 pounds and comes preloaded with Windows XP Media Center for those who use their laptops as portable televisions. In spite of these features, the company says the 2300 Series is now available for $849.

LG VX9900 for Verizon: official photos

10/17, 2:55pm

LG VX9900 for Verizon

While LG's Chocolate phone is currently a centerpiece of Verizon's phone lineup, the US carrier is set to introduce a much more advanced smartphone in coming weeks, according to information obtained by SlashPhone. Product photos of the upcoming LG VX9900 were uncovered today which clearly show the phone branded by Verizon for its release in America. Though not formally announced, the VX9900 is known to be a slider phone in the vein of the T-Mobile MDA that exposes a full QWERTY keyboard underneath a conventional phone layout. LG similarly intends the new device to be media-centric and has built in a 2-megapixel camera with optical zoom and a microSD card slot for games and music. Bluetooth and EVDO support are virtually certain as well. A formal release timeframe remains unknown, but the finished state of the photography points to the phone becoming available through Verizon before the end of the year.

A gallery of the photos is available after the jump.

Blast Pod Audio Rocker chair

10/17, 2:50pm

Blast Pod Audio Rocker

Target is selling the Blast Pod Audio Rocker, a less expensive alternative to other chairs with built-in speakers and AV inputs. The Audio Rocker embeds three-watt speakers in the headrest along with a 10-watt amplifier. Accepted inputs include sound from TVs, VCRs, DVD players, and of course, music players such as the iPod. The frame is built of hardwood, with Dacron padding and a microfiber surface. The product is retailing for $100 in pink and navy blue. For similar features and pricing but more colours, you can also try the Blast Pod Video Game Rocker, sold in red, black and brown.

Stone offers free Videation Nation 1.0

10/17, 2:50pm

Free Stone screensaver

Stone Design has released Videation Nation 1.0, a new screen saver that turns a Mac into a "psychedelic morphing movie machine." Created to run natively on boht Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs, Videation Nation takes full advantage of Apple's newest computers and either the built-in iSight cameras or any other attached digital camera. "Videation Nation is free and fun, and demonstrates the amazing power and flexibility of our realtime video effects program Videator. You don't need Videator to enjoy Videation Nation, but you can infinitely expand what this new screen saver can do if you do have Videator."

FastTrack Schedule 9.1 released

10/17, 2:25pm

FastTrack Schedule 9.1

AEC Software today released FastTrack Schedule 9.1, the latest update to the company's flagship project management software for both Mac and Windows systems. The latest revision runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary, adding support for integration with Mindjet MindManager -- an application designed to provide a highly interactive, visual interface to improve team thinking, planning, and collaboration. FastTrack Schedule 9.1 can import data from Mindjet MindManager files with a few clicks, transforming visual project "maps" into editable FastTrack schedules, according to AEC. The update is free for FastTrack Schedule 9 users, and is priced at $350 for new users. Upgrades from FastTrack Schedule versions prior to 9 are available for $150.

Sony recalls 90,000 Vaio batteries

10/17, 2:15pm

Sony recalls Vaio cells

Sony today issued a recall on 90,000 Vaio laptop batteries in Japan and China, following similar recalls of the faulty cells by Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Lenovo. The batteries are known to pose a slight risk of overheating and, in some cases, actually burst into flame. Some airlines even banned the usage of Apple and Dell notebook batteries during flights, fearing the results of a fire inside a commercial airliner full of passengers. Sony is considering making modifications to its full-year earnings forecast due to the recalls, as well as a price cut for its PlayStation 3 game console, according to Reuters. Dell first recalled 4.1 million laptop batteries in mid-August, followed by Apple's recall of 1.8 million notebook batteries later that month. Lenovo recalled 526,000 laptop batteries in late September, followed closely by Fujitsu and Toshiba.

Sanyo Epson 7.1" Full HD display

10/17, 1:55pm

Sanyo Epson 7.1" LCD

Among several other releases, Sanyo Epson has announced two ultra-sharp new LCD displays. The first is a 7-inch display of the sort commonly found in car navigation systems and portable media players. While not unusual by itself, the screen resolution is an unheard-of 1920x1280, matching the 1080p resolution of larger HDTVs. The sharpness would allow in-car GPS to display greater detail as well as support the full quality of Blu-Ray or HD DVD discs. Almost as sharp is the company's 2.6-inch TFT screen, capable of handling resolutions up to 1024x768 at 500 dpi. While this latter resolution is not as immediately useful, the relative abundance of mobile TV in Japan will likely see the smaller screen used for cellphones and portable media players.

OnAir GT tuner brings HDTV to laptops

10/17, 1:45pm

OnAir GT Laptop HDTV Tuner

AutumnWave has released a new external HDTV tuner that it says is ideal for dorm rooms or anywhere else where watching TV may be constrained by cables and free space. The OnAir GT plugs into a computer through a USB cable and can receive over-the-air analog (NTSC) or digital (ATSC) broadcasts up to the maximum 1080p of HDTV. It also includes co-axial and S-video inputs for conventional services such as cable or satellite TV. While the company's claim to being first to market with mobile HDTV is questionable -- the EyeTV Hybrid and PCTV HD Pro Stick already offer the feature -- AutumnWave's inclusion of an external antenna and PVR software that can queue as many as 80 shows in advance distinguish the tuner from more basic models. The OnAir GT is already shipping for $179 and currently requires Windows 2000 or XP.

LaCie brings LightScribe support to Mac

10/17, 1:00pm

LightScribe comes to Mac

LaCie today unveiled a complete LightScribe solution that works with Mac OS X and includes free labeling software for Mac OS X. The Mac software supports printing to multiple drives, allowing users to daisy-chain up to 999 units together to create a duplicator-like effect and print hundreds of discs. LightScribe technology enables users to burn silk screen-quality labels on to LightScribe-enabled CDs or DVDs inside the drive, without requiring printing supplies. "We're the first company to offer an all-in-one data writing and LightScribe labeling solution for all operating systems. LaCie was first to ship a LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD drive for the Mac, and now our user-friendly LightScribe labeling software is available for free to Mac and Linux users with LightScribe-enabled drives." LaCie LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD burners and media are available via the company's website, and the software requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Vara ships Wirecast 3 with HDV support

10/17, 12:55pm

Wirecast 3 ships

Vara Software today began shipping Wirecast 3, a TV Studio for a Mac or Windows system designed to work seamlessly with HDV cameras. "If you sport a new widescreen HDV camera and want to webcast with it, Wirecast is the only solution available to you on any platform," said Simon Clarke, President of Technology at Vara. "The quality an HDV camera delivers to Wirecast at 720p or 1080i is simply amazing. Wirecast passes that high definition quality directly to your chosen encoding format, resulting in crisper, cleaner webcasts." The software features "Desktop Presenter," a small application for Mac or Windows systems that streams the computer's desktop to Wirecast, which incorporates that desktop in the final broadcast.Wirecast 3 is available for $450, though using an HDV Camera in HDV mode adds $100 to the price. Upgrades are available for existing Wirecast users for $180.

Neoware m100: Linux thin-client laptop

10/17, 12:20pm

Neoware m100 Laptop

Laptop security is an increasing problem for larger businesses, says the computer maker Neoware. To address this, the company today released what it believes to be one of the first thin-client laptop computers. The m100 translates the same principles behind thin-client desktops to the portable format: instead of including a hard drive or other writable storage, Neoware's new laptop connects only to cellular, Ethernet, or WiFi networks and accesses all of a given company's files and programs remotely. Since there is no local data to steal, Neoware says, laptop thieves are much less likely to discover sensitive corporate or government information. This is reinforced by a write-protected operating system: the user is unable to change the OS on the 512MB of built-in flash storage while the system itself can. The 15-inch system ships with either Linux or Windows XP Embedded for prices of $759 and $799 respectively; the Windows version will be available first in October, while the Linux equivalent will be ready soon.

ZyXEL promotes powerline Ethernet tech in the home

10/17, 12:20pm

ZyXEL powerline Ethernet

ZyXEL is pushing HomePlug AV, a pair of Ethernet adapters designed to enable home networking through power and TV cables. The PLA-400 (powerline) and the PLA-402 (powerline/coaxial) adapters should provide 200 Mbps throughput, and are being positioned as ideal for the rollout of IPTV, which could be far more difficult to set up if relying on regular Ethernet cables or even a wireless router. No drivers will be required to install HomePlug. The scheme should be compatible with standard 10/100 Ethernet connections, and will support up to 16 total connections per home. Basic encryption will come in the form of 128-bit AES. The PLA-400 will be ready in November for $94, while the 402 will come in December at $114.

Briefly: 3 patents; The Cult of Mac

10/17, 12:15pm

Patents, The Cult of Mac

In brief: The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office today published three of Apple's newly granted patents, which include a "Method and apparatus for speech recognition using latent semantic adaptation," a "Speaker equalization tool," and a "White electronic device".... The Cult of Mac by Wired News managing editor Leander Kahney is now being published as a paperback, and is updated with new material about the iPod's market domination.... Toolfarm has announced a one-day sales week from October 23-27, offering one product per day for five days at half off.... HealthWare has announced the integration of BillConnect and PayConnect into iDental.... has released Photoshop Secrets: Wacom Tablets and CS2 For Digital Photographers ($40) via digital download as well as DVD, breaking the video into two parts explaining how to set up as well as personalize a tablet, followed by changing the way users think about Photoshop.... ATI today unveiled the X1950 Pro, its first graphics chip to include the company's CrossFire multi-card circuitry inside the main processor.

I/OMagic returns with external hard drives

10/17, 11:25am

I/OMagic ext. hard drives

The relatively dormant I/OMagic has returned to the marketplace, offering 250 GB and 320 GB external hard drives. The latest in the GigaBank series isn't particularly remarkable, since the drives use USB 2.0 and speeds of 7,200 rpm, but they do offer 256-bit Blowfish encryption. More importantly, they're priced at $150 and $180 US respectively. They can be arranged vertically or horizontally, and are compatible with Windows ME, 2000 and XP.

Symbian phones receive Slingbox support

10/17, 11:15am

Symbian Slingbox Support

After initially releasing its SlingPlayer Mobile software only for Windows Mobile smartphones, Sling Media is now opening the program to users of Symbian-based phones. The program will let owners of Nokia phones such as the pictured N75, most Sony-Ericsson models, and many others running a recent Symbian OS stream live TV from a Slingbox tuner attached to their home theater. The Symbian version will require either 3G wireless Internet or WiFi to connect to the home system but can also control some personal video recorders, allowing the user to both navigate the shows themselves as well as queue them remotely. Although SlingPlayer Mobile launched originally in North America, its developer says Asian and European countries will be the first to receive the Symbian edition before the end of the year, with a version adapted for North American cellphone networks to follow soon afterwards.

Diner Dash: Flo on the Go released

10/17, 11:00am

Diner Dash 3 released

PlayFirst today released Diner Dash: Flo on the Go, the third title in the Diner Dash game series. Diner Dash 3 features five new restaurants, nine customer types, the new "Flo's Closet," more than 25 new decor upgrades, and hundreds of outfit choices. "Flo trades in her apron for a passport to paradise! But will our hard-working waitress get a chance to relax? Seat customers, take orders, collect tips and dress up Flo in hundreds of vacation outfits in the all-new Flo's Closet." PlayFirst also announced that Diner Dash 3 players can enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a prize worth $500, and can help design new looks for Flo by submitting photos of their favorite Flo outfit creations. PlayFirst will select finalists of the photo contest, which will be judged by the audience. Winning fashions will inspire outfits in a future version of Diner Dash. Diner Dash: Flo on the Go is available for both Mac and Windows systems for $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. [images] [corrected]

Samsung shows off 70-inch LCD TV

10/17, 10:45am

Samsung shows off 70" LCD

Samsung will be demonstrating what it calls "the first 70-inch full-HD LCD for consumer TVs" at the FPD International 2006 conference, scheduled for October 18th to the 20th in Yokohama, Japan. The company claims it will have the largest LCD display in mass production; the largest LCD period is probably Philips' 100-inch Ambilight FlatTV prototype. The Samsung TV will, however, have a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is twice as fast as most LCDs and 20 Hz faster than some other high-end competitors. Production on the new TV line will begin "early next year." No price or availability has been published.

eMedia debuts Essential Guitar DVDs

10/17, 10:35am

eMedia debuts Guitar DVDs

eMedia Music has released its new eMedia Essential DVDs, the company's latest series of instructional videos. The new line of instructional DVDs includes eMedia Essential Acoustic Guitar, eMedia Essential Rock Guitar, and eMedia Essential Bass Guitar. Essential DVD titles include dozens of fully interactive lessons per title with an animated fretboard offering both right- and left-handed views, as well as eMedia's exclusive Tri-View video with close-ups. The videos feature a song based curriculum with English or Spanish instruction, a tuner, interactive chord charts, music tracking, and live performance audio. Online features include a metronome, personal digital recorder, chord dictionary, and a digital automatic tuner. eMedia's Essential DVDs are scheduled to ship in November for $20 each.

Sony to recall its own VAIO laptop batteries

10/17, 10:30am

Sony VAIO Battery Recall

As part of its global battery recall, Sony has said it will now exchange at least 90,000 of the laptop batteries from its own VAIO laptops, says Japan newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The recall primarily affects systems sold in China and Japan that were made with certain serial numbers of Sony's VGP-BPS2B and VGP-BPS3A battery packs as well as any batteries sold individually. The company also says that laptops sold outside the area were affected, but has not yet released an official figure; roughly 300,000 batteries worldwide will need to be replaced, according to Nihon Keizai Shimbun estimates. The exchange program will bring the total number of potentially dangerous Sony-made batteries to over 8 million after larger recalls issued by Apple, Dell, and other computer manufacturers.

Pro Drum Works libraries in REX format

10/17, 10:30am

Pro Drum Works in REX

Smart Loops has released its flagship Pro Drum Works libraries in REX format, enabling musicians using Reason, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, and other REX-compatible audio software to create millions of unique drum tracks with the extensive Pro Drum Works Volumes One and Volume Two libraries. Pro Drum Works is a comprehensive drum loop library: the two-volume collection provides over 18,000 total loops and samples in straight-feel and shuffle-feel grooves, performed live on three separate drum kits (Acoustic, Trap, Thunder Kits). Musicians can create realistic, professional-quality drum tracks for virtually any rock, pop or country song-- never having to repeat the same drum track again. The REX-format editions of Pro Drum Works Volumes One and Two are now available for download for an introductory price of $100 per Volume (or in a bundle for $188).

Intuem 4 comes to Intel Macs

10/17, 10:05am

Intuem 4 goes Universal

Companion Engineering & Design today began shipping Intuem 4, a major update to the audio engineering software that brings native compatibility to Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary. Intuem enables users to record, edit, arrange, mix, and share music via three different interfaces catering to novice, experienced, and pro users. The update greatly improves support for AudioUnits, offering better handling of AudioUnit windows, broad support for AudioUnit presets, and the ability to record automation directly from AudioUnit windows. Intuem 4 supports fast open/save operations in large audio projects, and improves the pencil tool with several new modes for drawing straight lines as well as several types of curves. The software also negates the need to open the Inspector by providing direct access to popular track controls such as current take, output device, play-through, MIDI program, and more in the document window. Intuem 4 is available for $80, and existing users can upgrade for $50 from any previous version. Intuem 4 requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.

Beta Page Control plugin for InDesign

10/17, 9:50am

Page Control for InDesign

DTP Tools has released a public beta of the new Page Control plugin for Adobe InDesign CS and CS2. Page Control, the company said, finally enables users to break out of the one document, one-page-size paradigm. The software offers the abiliyt to resize one or every page or spread in a document individually as well as resize master pages. The software also offers automatic resizing of pages according to master page, custom pasteboard sizes, automatic print or export to PDF retaining page sizes, and more. The company said the plugin adds all the commands and functions without adding any new palettes: Page Control's commands are added to InDesign's own Pages palette menu In addition, a free Page Control Reader guarantees InDesign documents containing multiple page sizes will be accessible to, and editable by, service providers and collaborators who do not have Page Control installed. A single license price is priced at $60.

ATI debuts X1950 Pro with built-in CrossFire

10/17, 9:45am

ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

Having already introduced its high-end X1950 technology, ATI on Tuesday announced a mainstream video card in the line which also marks the introduction of a new feature. The X1950 Pro is ATI's first graphics chip to include the company's CrossFire multi-card circuitry inside the main processor; previous cards required a separate chip and a dedicated video port, forcing users to buy a special master card. The X1950 Pro only requires included bridge cables similar to NVIDIA's SLI.

The X1950 Pro is also targeted at the mid-range, says ATI, and is scaled down accordingly: its core speed is 575MHz instead of the XTX variant's 650MHz and has had its pixel pipelines reduced to 36 from 48. While not as quick, this has the benefit of producing a single-slot card that should fit into smaller cases and run quietly. The 256MB X1950 Pro is expected to ship today for $200 from ATI itself; other vendors such as Sapphire are also participating in the launch with varying prices.

Canto offers Cumulus 7.1 update

10/17, 9:20am

Cumulus 7.1 update

Canto today releaesd Cumulus 7.1, a free update to its Digital Asset Management software. Version 7.1 brings product fixes and updates across the entire product line. Cumulus users can now personalize Native Client workspace layouts to better suit specific tasks, while users of the Web Access Clients will benefit from powerful asset relationship management options previously available only in the Native Client. All users will benefit from tighter feature parity between the two clients, the company said. In addition, users can set up trigger notifications that automatically email clients when files are ready for review. The company also said that Web-direct asset links can be copied from within the Native and Web Access Clients for easy pasting into email and other applications: when the recipient clicks the link, the asset is presented for download via the user's preferred Web browser.

Brando USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard

10/17, 9:15am

Mini Multimedia Keyboard

Though mini-keyboards aren't anything new, Hong Kong exporters Brando are selling a "USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard" that's just over nine inches long and comes with 20 special control buttons. Everything from Web browsing through to sleep and media player functions is represented. Also touted as being quiet and ergonomic, the keyboard connects to USB and PS/2 ports on any Windows system past (and including) Windows 95. Its American price is listed at a cheap $24 plus $3 in shipping.

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 coming this year

10/17, 9:10am

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0

Terra Soft solutions has announced Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for both the Sony Playstation 3 and legacy PowerPC-based Macs. Slated for release mid-November, the company said it plans support for the Sony PS3 first and expects to deliver full support for PowerPC-based Macs by the end of the year. With the release of YDL v5.0, Terra Soft said it will transition from its database-driven help desk to a dedicated mailing list. The service will be available for one year from the date of purchase to those individuals who purchase Installation Support services from the company.

Toshiba unveils one-pound portable DLP projector

10/17, 9:00am

Toshiba Portable Projector

Toshiba today unveiled what it says is one of the most portable projection systems anywhere. Its TDP-FF1AU is light enough at 1.1 pounds to be carried in most bags, even alongside a laptop; at 5.5 inches wide, the projector is similarly small enough to fit in those bags as well. Importantly, this is also accompanied by power-saving technologies that make the FF1AU one of the few projectors capable of operating solely on battery power. The DLP-based system uses an LED light source that doesn't require large amounts of energy or cooling fans, allowing the projector to run for approximately two hours on a lithium-ion battery, according to Toshiba.

The FF1AU is primarily designed for standard-definition signals and can display up to an 800x600 picture received through S-video, RCA, and VGA input. A USB connection is also built-in to view photos directly from external storage. Toshiba says its projector is available now for $699.

Second drive bay for MBPs, PowerBooks

10/17, 8:55am

MCE OptiBay Hard Drive

MCE Technologies today announced it has started shipping its new OptiBay Hard Drive for the Apple's MacBook Pro and PowerBook G4. The MCE OptiBay optical bay hard drive adds a second internal hard drive to MacBook Pro or PowerBook G4 systems, taking the place of the laptop's internal optical drive (SuperDrive or Combo Drive). The MCE OpitBay Hard Drive is available in 80GB, 100GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities, oofering users an unprecedented 320GB of unformatted internal hard disk capacity in a MacBook Pro or PowerBook G4 system. The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive is engineered to have the exact dimensions and data-connectivity of the standard Apple laptop internal opticaldrive, but is recognized as a standard hard drive--all initialization, partitioning, and even RAID setup managed by Apple's Disk Utility program. The company is also providing an external FireWire slim-line enclosure to all users to connect their removed SuperDrive/Combo drive.


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