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Symantec ships Norton Confidential

updated 01:50 pm EDT, Wed October 11, 2006

Norton Confidential ships

Symantec today released Norton Confidential for Mac, an online transaction security solution designed to protect users when banking or shopping online from "phishing" attacks. "Norton Confidential for Macintosh protects users against fraudulent websites that may be 'phishing' to steal users' identities when they're logging in, making a purchase, registering for a service, or otherwise sharing confidential data online. Looking for known threats and suspicious behavior, Norton Confidential for Macintosh inspects websites before users interact with them and automatically blocks private information from attack." The software features built-in vulnerability protection to prevent identity thieves from exploiting newly discovered application and operating system vulnerabilities, allowing users to lock down personally important files on their Mac to prevent deletion or tampering. Norton Confidential for Mac is available for $35, and includes a one-year subscription to Symantec's protection updates via LiveUpdate.

The software is only compatible with Firefox browser, but the company said that it expects to have complete Safari integration and compatibility soon. It, however, declined to give a specific time frame for its release.

The application works in tandem with existing Symantec and other internet security and antivirus solutions, providing a new layer of security against new types of threats. A Norton Confidential for Mac toolbar sits below the user's internet browser toolbar, giving them constant reassurance that their online transactions are secure. The software features a single, bold and simple indicator that communicates fraud threat levels. When on a secure site, users see a green indicator with the words "Site verified."

Key features include:

  • Phishing protection to safeguard users from visiting and/or submitting confidential information to known and unknown fishing sites.
  • File Guard to lock down important files, protecting data from accidental or intentional tampering.
  • Information Guard to ensure confidential information -- such as government issued identification numbers or credit card numbers -- cannot leave without permission from the user.
  • Vulnerability Protection or a "network intrusion protection system" to deliver same-day protection against operating system and application attacks.

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  1. macusersneedtogetalife

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Uh huh...

    "security solution designed to protect users when banking or shopping online "

    Nice idea, but who is gonna protect us from Symantec???

  1. bigpoppa206

    Joined: Dec 1969



    now THAT was funny! :-)

  1. handydan

    Joined: Dec 1969


    warm and fuzzy feeling

    "A Norton Confidential for Mac toolbar sits below the user's internet browser toolbar, giving them constant reassurance that their online transactions are secure." Now this makes me feel all warm inside! pitty it doesn't work with Safari though

  1. LouZer

    Joined: Dec 1969



    More Symantec software for you to buy and cause instabilities, crashes, and kernel panics!

    How will they protect your data? Easy! Anytime you try to use anything on your computer, the whole thing will crash! Can't give data to a phishing site if your browser refuses to launch!

    BTW, I've got 10 bucks that if you install this on a computer with NAV, NAV will claim its a virus/trojan.

  1. Interlard

    Joined: Dec 1969


    What does it really do?

    I would dearly love to know what real protection this offers, above an ordinary Mac with the latest security patches.

    I don't see any such summary on their website.

    My inner skeptic says this product does nothing real, except prey on the concerns of less technical users. I'm open to persuasion, of course.

  1. scoot

    Joined: Dec 1969


    not a heck of a lot

    Might be helpful for the less technical users who follow links from phishing email - those purporting to be from Paypal, Wachovia Bank, Ebay, Capitol One, etc. At first glance, they look genuine. There are certainly enough users out there who aren't sufficiently suspicious- yet.

    That said, I woudn't touch this with a 10 foot pole, given the performance of Symantec Mac products so far. I'll give my clients a 15 minute lesson on phishing before even thinking of installing this c***.

  1. dteare

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Lame Phishing Protection

    How can they claim to have phishing protection when they don't even support Safari or Camino?

    Also, from what I can tell, they use a Default Permit security model, which virtually guarantees that criminals will be able to find a way around these "safe guards". And the thought of NC scanning all my web pages for potential threats just makes me shudder.

    I wrote 1Passwd to provide real phishing protection for Mac users.

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