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Briefly: "Get a Mac" ads; Virgin ban

updated 06:10 pm EDT, Mon September 25, 2006

Get a Mac ads, Virgin ban

In brief: One avid Mac user has posted photos of Apple's latest "Get a Mac" commercials, which are currently showing exclusively in Apple stores.... Virgin Atlantic Airways has lifted its ban on in-flight use of Apple and Dell laptop batteries that was originally enacted after numerous reports surfaced of the Sony notebook cells overheating and, in some cases, bursting into open flames.... A Lenovo laptop computer that burst into flames at Los Angeles International Airport this last weekend was likely the result of a defective Sony battery, according to one Lenovo spokesman.... Apple has announced that the version of Flash that ships in its QuickTime software is older than the version available from Adobe, noting that it will still ship Flash with QuickTime but that the feature will come disabled by default.... Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) problems could persist, according to recent tests of Windows Vista, and are occurring near the end of the development cycle.... One Mac advocate has blogged a request for computer manufacturers to bundle with every new computer they sell.

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  1. LouZer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    MS advertising

    MS's software may blow, and their hardware overcomplicated, but they started playing an ad over the weekend for their new portable device/OS (not sure exactly what it was), but it certainly showed more about what you get in its 30 seconds then all of Apple's cute little "I'm a mac" ads. You got a cell phone with built-in email, file transfer, presentation system with bluetooth connectivity, all in a small package that you easily carry with you on travel.

  1. bigpoppa206

    Joined: Dec 1969



    What hardware?

  1. appleuzr

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Did you father forcefully molest you with an apple mouse as a child, film it with his iSight, edit it in iMovie, convert it to 640 x 480 and then put it on his iPod to show all of his homosexual friends at the rainbow ralley? Where does all the frustration hate come from? You really do make me sad for you...

  1. Mediaman_12

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Flash in QT

    How is this news? QT has always included a slightly older version of Flash. It's because the 'framework' release is about 1 version behind the official plugin. It's useful as you can use Flash for the menus etc. in QT .mov files

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: louzer

    What? A guy mentions (as many have in the past) that MS actually knows how to advertise what their products can do (heard the same thing about Dell, BTW), and all of a sudden he's an angry young man.

    And I saw the commercial too. It consists of businessman: - Quickly going through airport as he's just carrying his blackberry-like device, quickly goes past guys pulling their laptops and cables out of their bags). - Gets phone call in cab, and while on phone, verifies he's got some updated file. - Walks into offices (empty-handed, by the way), guy asks if he's got everything. He does. - Goes into meeting room, places device on table, presses button, presentation displays on projector (connected via bluetooth, apparently).

    All in 30 seconds. (I'd like to note that I've heard many people say they wish the iPod could display keynote presentations in the same way, so they wouldn't have to haul their laptops around and all).

    The last commercial I remember Apple having that actually showed someone doing something with their hardware/software (besides just being cute or blathering on about how it could do this or that) was the guy on the plane ripping up his music (and people hated that ad).

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