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Difusi unveils Medius, Maxim cases

updated 04:35 pm EDT, Wed September 20, 2006

Difusi cases unveiled

Difusi has unveiled the Medius and Maxim, its new MacBook and MacBook Pro leather carrying cases featuring exteriors made from top-grain leather with Jacquard-nylon or full body top-grain leather. Both cases support optional add-ons such as an interior illumination device ($33), and include zone-based organization with exterior adjustable padding to offer a five-foot drop test rating, according to Difusi. Additional features include padded leather handles, carrying straps, and padded leather pulls attached to zippers. The cases boast Jacquard nylon interiors, and are built using nine panel construction with six main compartments. Medius cases are priced from $90, while Maxim cases are priced from $100. Each of the new cases comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The company also announced a redesign to its nanoValet iPod nano leather case ($25), and that it will include ClearGuard film as a free add-on in all nanoValet packages. [images]

Difusi's internal illumination device, codenamed "Bright," incorporates a power-maximizing cirtuit design as well as tough material components. "Bright" is made from highly polished milled aircraft aluminum, and is fitted with eight white LEDs on a PCB design that utilizes LP output. The copyrighted circuitry prevents drainage of battery power, enabling light to draw from a 21/23 12-volt battery only when switched on. The battery boasts a shelf life of roughly 36 months, and replacement batteries are available any location that sells door opening batteries for under $2, according to Difusi.

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  1. Hamid

    Joined: Dec 1969


    buyer beware

    DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM DIFUSI. I ordered a difusi minicase bag august 2005 after reading about it on maccentral. my credit card was charged. I received an email from them in november 2005 that the bag was delayed. I have not heard from them since. their email box is full, and their phone is disconnected.

  1. difusion

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Customer service

    Maybe you should answer your emails. We have attempted to contact you on many occasions. You can very easily visit our site at to get any contact information you need.

    If there is some physical handicap that prevents you from doing such, then maybe you can have your den mother call us for you.

    Kindest Regards -


  1. Hamid

    Joined: Dec 1969



    mr. difusi,

    I have now emailed you a string of emails from march and april of 2006 that bounced back from your server. so if I am busy at work and don't respond to the 2 emails you sent yesterday for one day, imagine how I feel when my messages were ignored for more than 6 months. you shouldn't resort to junior high bullying here. if you had good customer service, this would have never happened.

  1. difusion

    Joined: Dec 1969



    You sent us an email two days ago. we responded - you only replied this evening. You were issued a refund. Difusi is not hard to find on the Internet. In fact we are listed within approximately 236,000 google hits.

    Your axe to grind with us is a private matter.

    When a customer fails to respond to a notice of URL change, and fails to tell us a product was not received after 12 Months, we can only assume all is well.

    In fact, let me now go on the record by telling you that our other 225,000 customers are quite happy with difusi. You see, we bend over backwards to make sure every one of our customers are 100% happy with our products and I am happy to bore everyone with the glowing emails that I get every day from people that we surprise with extras.

    Our customers are among the best in the world to us. You can visit our site where we are putting up testimonials about our products that come straight from editors, magazines, news stations and most importantly - our customers at

    At five of the larger retail chains that carry our products, 80% of all other case manufacturers have been dropped. Ours still sell and will continue to sell because we offer great great products at great great prices. I am very proud of the fact that difusi branded products continue to compete with other great companies such as DLO, XtremeMac, Belkin and others.

    My company is small, mistakes can happen - but for you to make an arrogant assumption that people simply should avoid difusi products because of one bad experience where you have been refunded within 24 hours of giving us notice, try telling that to a person who wants to save money but needs an affordable case to protect the iPod that they put-off buying for a year so they could afford medical payments.

    You see, I sent her FIVE cases, five free iPods and a refund, meaning they received difusi products for free.

    So s**** you.

    I think that medical professionals such as yourself s**** people everyday out of tens of millions of dollars.

    Difusi, made a mistake and corrected it. Now its your turn. I want you to refund all of the people that you and your colleagues have failed to serve, or killed because of medical malpractice, or allowed to die because they were not insured.

    I thought not.

    I hope people will see beyond your arrogance and look at our products based upon the value proposal. Not because of a person with an axe to grind who again, has been refunded with all apologize.

    You will no longer receive correspondence from us in a public forum.

  1. Hamid

    Joined: Dec 1969


    One last time.

    1. I have no axe to grind with you. I will respond thoroughly to your inexplicable post here for the last time. 2. I have used the same email address for 10 years uninterrupted. I never received a “URL change notice from you” 3. I have been trying to get through to you for more than a year, not 24 hours. I placed an order with you 08/05, received an email confirmation right away. You responded to one email (11/05) saying the product was delayed. A subsequent email from you from the same email address (01/06) apologized for the delay again. I did not hear from you again, and all my periodic email inquiries to that same email address (for example 03/06 and 04/06) bounced for the last 5-6 months. You did not send an email that read, “please forward new inquiries to…” when your email server changed. 4. When I tried to call your company last week, a recording said “not in service” If I was frustrated and my first comments above were too harsh, I apologize (like an adult) 5. You claim the bag shipped on April 3rd. There was no email from you that notified me the bag was shipped. When I asked you a couple of days ago for a shipping receipt or tracking number, you did not produce one. 6. Someone from your end dropped the ball. You knew it from the beginning. 7. You are much more polite in your emails to me in the last few days than in this forum. You even apologized for my bad experience. Here are your words: “I have sent you a refund and hope that is satisfactory for you. Again, I apologize for the problems with your order. Regards…” ”The same apology here would have made you and your company look better to whoever reads these words. Instead, your language in this forum makes you look like an emotional wreck. 8. You have refunded my money. That was very professional of you, unlike most of your comments above. 9. Did you expect me to post something here as soon as you refunded my money yesterday? I am sorry. I was on call and have worked 27 of the last 36 hours in a hospital, on 5 hours of sleep, unable to tend to my personal business. I was too busy killing people and stealing their wallets. 10. I will not legitimize your personal attacks by actually responding to them. Grow up. 11. If you read customer comments on the web, you will see that people leave positive and negative comments all the time. I have yet to see vicious assaults from company owners anywhere on macnn or even amazon. 12. Emotionally charged illogical babble and temper tantrums from business owners don’t make their products or customer service look any more attractive in the eyes of the public. I hope this behavior is not part of your business model. Who is your PR advisor, Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson? 13. I am not in the retail industry. But I recall hearing this statement “The customer is always right.” Notice the phrases “character assassination” and “strangle the customer” were not in that sentence. Learn to deal with customer frustrations. 15. This saga is over.

  1. Hamid

    Joined: Dec 1969



    the forum cut off #15. it read: 15. This saga is over. It was a learning experience doing business with you. I wish you nothing but success and health and a stable email server.

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