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Apple's .Mac outages anger users

updated 09:05 am EDT, Tue August 1, 2006

.Mac outages continue

Apple's .Mac suite of internet/Web services has been suffering several outages recently, and some users have began to lash out against Apple. According to CNET, users are claiming these outages are unacceptable -- some of which have lasted over three days. "Those new Apple adverts are now starting to irritate me lol. Yes, 'it just works' is looking funnier by the minute," wrote one user named Allan Bell. That user then went on to add that Apple should consider adding the word "occasionally" to the .Mac campaign. Other users cite this as unacceptable as iLife features "rely" on Apple's paid .Mac service for functions such as daily backup. Apple has acknowlegded the continuing problems and said that it was looking into the issue, but that was not enough for one user under the name "BK Broiler" who posted on Apple's discussion forums stating that "It may be time to switch away from Mac after 20 years."

by MacNN Staff




  1. SteveTech

    Joined: Dec 1969



    My subscription is up in September. I won't be renewing. I really only use .Mac for syncing my iCal, Address, bookmarks together between my two computers. Sync isn't working and hasn't been for a few weeks. I have done all sorts of troubleshooting. There are other cheaper alternatives to do what I need to do.

  1. technocoy

    Joined: Dec 1969



    if you want to switch after 20 years (and OS 8 and 9) because of .mac, I think you might be bit of a drama queen.


  1. siMac

    Joined: Dec 1969


    yes but...

    if gmail etc can manage to avoid three day outages with their free, beta services, then Apple ought to be able to manage their smaller user base of paying customers.

    Drama queen or not, he has a point - it's not good enough.

  1. stefbystef

    Joined: Dec 1969



    So if I understand correctly, for the past 20 years he never used his Mac for anything but .Mac???

    So he is switching over for .net???

    Man this will be an expensive switch :D

    If something doesen't work, I just dont use it.

  1. appleusr

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I used .Mac for as long as its been around. There have been far less outages, than other services that I have used. Gmail, use it, love it, but staring at the loading screen for minutes at a time, then having to reload. It has it quirks too.

    It comes down to it, people have to relax a bit more. You don't like to service fine, but don't *^*&^*&^ about it to everybody. We have become a society of complainers.

  1. MacGeekGuy

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I hear appleusr's comment... I too have been been with .Mac since it's first introduction as iTools and have very rarely been impacted by any outages. Maybe I'm simply lucky... but I think people are probably blowing it way out of proportion. And the final remark in the article - about switching from Mac - over .Mac? Simply ridiculous. Some folks need to grow the eff up... I mean... come on.

  1. chas_m




    Most of the people commenting on .Mac are clearly *not* subscribers. The outages (which are documented) do NOT affect all users. I've been using it since it was called iTools, and have noticed an outage exactly ONCE -- and that was for 30 minutes.

    BK Broiler probably works at BK, thus his piss-poor attitude. Apple really doesn't need customers like him, and if he somehow thinks ANYTHING repeat ANYTHING in the Windows world is somehow *more* reliable I predict many more hissy fits to come.

    I certainly applaud those who want to keep Apple's feet to the fire on reliability, but "drama queen" measures (nice one, technocoy!) like that do nothing. If you're a subscriber and you're actually unhappy with your service, DON'T RENEW AND LET THEM KNOW WHY. It's really that simple. If Apple loses enough customers due to poor service, they'll FIX IT.

    The rest of you can STFU. Dot Mac, for those of us who actually use it, is a TREMENDOUS bargain for the price.

  1. Da Moof

    Joined: Dec 1969


    This is ridiculous

    I actually had to sign up for these forums, so I could post my disgust at this nonsense.

    Every site has problems... while rare, they are unavoidable. Look at all the rumors and inaccuracies posted about MySpace recently. Just because you read these things on the internet, doesn't make them true.

    The "press" (and I use that term very loosely, I should say blog dorks) unfortunately have a voice now, that somehow instantly get taken as unmistakable truth. These clowns have reported iDisk was down, when I, and everyone I know was able to mount their iDisks fine. I could mount my idisk, read from it, copy to it, publish with iWeb, all things good. This guy was obviously having local network issues, and that is hardly Apple's fault.

    When they report mail is down, I can check my mail, send and receive, all with the greatest of ease. .Mac mail is a TOTAL JOY. I get IMAP, and in case you weren't reading closely, I'll say it again... I GET IMAP FREAKING MAIL ON THE OPEN INTERNET, which no one else does, because they don't have the balls. The server overhead for millions of IMAP accounts is completely insane. That's corporate type email here, folks. It's better than the mail my employer provides... POP is for pansies. These guys house all that mail, and maintain all those connections, and that alone is worth the puny $99 a year I pay. I didn't even mention that you also get IMAP SSL and authenticated SMTP. All of which you get no-where else.

    I could go on and on here about the benefits I get from this service, and already have to some degree. Long live .Mac. Customer for life. Keep up the great work.

  1. dimmer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Pay Megabucks, get Monkey

    I managed the .mac "network team" - one sad little guy called Bobo - for three years. Talk to me about wanting a 24x7x365 service with a single employee.

  1. goatman

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Why was this story story newsworthy? Who are these "users"? There would be an endless supply of "news" if you went through the Apple Discussion Boards every day looking for someone who had something to b**** about.

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