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Stone Design updates Stone Works

updated 04:25 pm EDT, Mon July 17, 2006

Stone Works updated

Stone Design today released the latest iteration of Stone Works, its productivity suite featuring 15 applications. The software enables users to design and publish to print as well as the Web, while offering a slew of additional functionality. Users can bill for services; make movies; create photo albums; watermark documents; convert fonts; perform complete image processing; monitor the weather; choose fonts visually; handle preferences; manage PDF documents; and more. The bundle consists of Create 12.4.5; iMaginator 2.5; Videator 1.2; PStill 5.2; TimeEqualsMoney 3.1; PhotoToWeb 3.1; SliceAndDice 3.1; PackUpAndGo 3.1; StampInStone 3.1; PreferenceCommander 2.1; FontSight 2.2; Global Warmth 2.2; GIFfun 4.0; and a free Stone Studio Widget that gets info, resources, and launches Stone applications. The complete Stone Works bundle is available for $400.

Create 12.4.5

Create is a three-in-one application that handles vector illustration, page layout, and Web authoring. Built on the idea that everything is an object, users can drag-and-drop patterns, blends, effects, art, and, pages to create multipage documents. Create features Web page authoring, instant graphic conversion, autotracing, animation, multiple document master pages, patterns, neon, and special graphics as well as text effects. Create 12.4.5 is individually priced at $150.

iMaginator 2.5

iMaginator is designed to harness the power of Apple's CoreImage technology, allowing users to get creative "behind the lens." Users can add text as well as paint layers, utilize non-destructive image editing in real-time, incorporate simple image correction, or make use of numerous visual effects. iMaginator 2.5 is individually available for $50.

Videator 1.2

Videator lets users create, edit, and combine movies, images, text, and paint. The application supports non-destructive movie editing in real-time, as well as special effects. Videator 1.2 is individually priced at $50.

PStill 5.2

PStill is a PDF processing application that resamples PDFS, combines documents into PDF format, makes separations as well as composites, converts EPS/PS images, and more. The software features prepress job options, watched (hot) folders for automated network-wide processing, color management, and PDFX/1a and PDFX/3 capabilities. PStill 5.2 is available individually for $70.

TimeEqualsMoney 3.1

TimeEqualsMoney tracks time and billable expenses for clients, producing invoices as well as reports automatically. TimeEqualsMoney 3.1 is individually priced at $50.

PhotoToWeb 3.1

PhotoToWeb manages digital photographs and produces websites from albums of images. The software can produce thumbnails or create slide shows. Additional features include the ability to annotate, crop, rotate and scale images to produce configurable websites. Users can turn CDs of photos into a giant linked website, saving the album styles for future use. PhotoToWeb 3.1 is individually available for $70.

SliceAndDice 3.1

SliceAndDice allows users to easily create navigation bars, Javascript rollovers, image maps, and complicated mosaic tilings from any image. The application features full control over image production, and produces HTML that is easy to read or modify. Users can drag SliceAndDice files into Create to compile complex Web pages with image maps and rollovers. SliceAndDice 3.1 is individually priced at $50.

PackUpAndGo 3.1

PackUpAndGo creates compressed archive files (.tar.gz) from files or folders via drag-and-drop, and automatically decompresses archived files via the same method. The software offers a graphical user interface for some Unix archiving and compression commands, easing the process of creating compressed backups or preparing folders for mailing. PackUpAndGo 3.1 is individually available for $15.

StampInStone 3.1

StampInStone lets users watermark any PDF document, adding custom text and images to files for security, timestamping, or personalization. StampInStone 3.1 is individually available for $50.

PreferenceCommander 2.1

PreferenceCommander allows users to view and manage multiple sets of preference for each Mac OS X application. PreferenceCommander 2.1 is individually priced at $20.

FontSight 2.2

FontSight adds a visual font menu to every native Mac OS X application, allowing users to see the font before it is chosen. FontSight 2.2 is individually available for $20.

Global Warmth 2.2

Global Warmth monitors the weather around the globe in several ways, offering data in a status bar item, the dock, individual weather stations, or in a multi-station view. Global Warmth 2.2 is individually priced at $20.

GIFfun 4.0

GIFfun creates Web animations quickly via drag-and-drop, and the source code to the software is available for free online. GIFfun 4.0 is available for free.

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