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Macintalk posts 4th OS X browser test

updated 02:40 pm EDT, Thu July 13, 2006

Fourth OS X browser test

Macintalk has performed its fourth Mac OS X browser test, comparing the latest versions of Safari, FireFox, Camino, and OmniWeb. "FireFox is a great browser - if you're using Windows or Linux, that is," said Macintalk. "On a Mac, you have Safari, WebKit, and OmniWeb to choose from, which are not only more Mac-like, but also faster and more efficient." Safari beat out the competition hands down in RAM usage, though the testers admit that memory usage is difficult to gauge due to the numerous factors involved. Testers covered RSS capabilities, PDF viewing features, and the Acid2 standards compliance test. Also featured is the WebKit Nightly Build's Document Object Model (DOM) inspector, which allows users to view elements in Web pages easily via a simple interface.

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  1. bobolicious

    Joined: Dec 1969



    ...would have been nice - now that it's free...

    most java compatible free browser I've found ie displays more sites properly

  1. zl9600

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Real world experience

    Well, my own real world experience, that is... Safari, after usage for a while tends to slow to a complete crawl. firefox stays consistent. While not tested here, Firefox is much more extensible and customizable, which Safari is still way too limited.

    No thanks, I'm sticking with Firefox.

  1. RickVanderveer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Firefox on Intel

    On G5 Macs, I agree that Safari is faster. However, after upgrading to Intel-iMac, my personal testing showed that Firefox was noticably faster!

    Add to that the great Firefox extensions "Adblock Plus" and "Filterset.G Updater", it's an unbeatable combination!

  1. alansky

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Real World Safari

    I've used Safari exclusively on several different Macs. Safari has always been a shameless memory hog. The longer it runs, the more memory it consumes. On my Macs, which all have at least 1GB of RAM, Safari will grab 200-300MB if left running for a few hours. The latest version is no better. Not a good thing.

  1. legacyb4

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I only wish Safari had better built-in cookie handling...

  1. OtisWild

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Camino still owns

    At least on my 1.25ghz mini, Camino isn't noticeably slower than Safari, and I've found its compatibility in general superior.. For awhile my bank's website didn't work in Safari but was fine in Camino.

    Also for adblockers, check out IMHO works better, and you can install it on one system and let others use it instead of having everyone have their own blocklists. I don't think there's a stable universal release, but it is opensource.

  1. ElRay

    Joined: Dec 1969


    No iCab?

    Not only was Opera avoided, so was iCab. That is a big loss. iCab has the best filterring (image, cookie, scripts, plugins, etc.), built-in error reporting, VERY standards compliant, etc.

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