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Windows Vista could be delayed again

05/02, 10:10pm

Windows Vista delay?

As Apple prepares to unveil the first look at its next-generation Mac OS X Leopard later this summer, a new report says that Microsoft will likely delay, yet again, the release of the much anticipated Windows Vista by another three months. Industry research firm Gartner today said that Microsoft will likely be forced to delay its Vista release because of its current development cycle, previous release cycles, code complexity and lofty feature targets. "Microsoft's track record is clear; it consistently misses target dates for major operating system releases," Gartner told clients. The next major Windows overhaul will be the first since Windows XP was released nearly five years ago. The report said that Windows is too complex and feature burdened to meet the projected release target of November for corporate customers and January for consumers.

Apps: Firefox, iWork \'06, iChatUSBCam

05/02, 6:40pm

Firefox, iWork \'06

    Firefox 1.5.03 (free) is a new release of's open-source browser. The update, anticipated earlier this week, fixes a recently reported denial of service vulnerability; it is available as Universal Binary for both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [Download - 16MB]
    Pages 2.01v2 and Keynote 3.01v2 ($80) are new (free) updates offered by Apple for its iWork '06 applications. Apple did not provide any details on the revised updates, which were released late last night and replace updates issued last week. Both iWork '06 updates are available via the Software Update in Mac OS X and via the Web.
    iChatUSBCam v2.1 ($10) lets USB camera owners to take advantage of iChat AV's video conferencing features. Previously compatible only with FireWire cameras, Apple's iChat AV can be used with USB cameras or any other QuickTime video source. The program also adds the ability to broadcast your screen in lieu of a camera. Version 2.1 is now available as a Universal Binary for native operation on Intel-based Macs and includes various fixes and enhancements for existing users. [Download - 500]
    Apeiron X 1.0.2 ($15) updates Ambrosia's classic, "Apeiron" game, delivering a number of fixes and enhancements, including native Intel support. Apeiron X features updated 16 bit graphics, OS X compatability, and the same fast paced, frantic gameplay, according to the developer. It also fixes a number of Mac OS 9 bugs. Apeiron X is $5 for previous owners of the original Apeiron. [Download - 9.3MB]
    eNotes 1.3 ($15) is an easy-to-use and complete tool to manage electronic notes in your Mac; users can synchronize notes with an iPod or with other computers. Version 1.3 brings more stability, an improved interface, better performance, and more. eNotes adds its own menu to the Finder menubar, showing each note with due date listed by priority. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later. [Download - 5MB]
    SQLite3ProfessionalPlugin 1.2 ($170) is a REALbasic plugin that offers low level access to the SQLite 3 database engine within REALbasic (included since RBv2005); however, many of its advanced features not available. The plugin has been designed to take advantage of all the "real speed and real power" that the new sqlite3 engine can offer. The update fixes several bug, offers a few improvements, and updates the included examples. A $40 discount is offered to registered users of SQLitePluginPro. [Download - 1.4MB]

SpamSweep v1.3 improves spam filtering

05/02, 6:30pm

SpamSweep v1.3 released

Bains Software has released SpamSweep v1.3, a powerful spam filter for Mac OS X that users advanced bayesian spam filter along with many other filtering technologies, including domain and relay blacklists, sender whitelisting, etc. The application can automatically delete spam messages before they're downloaded by your email client. In addition, it can notify you when you have new good mail by playing a sound, displaying an alert, or triggering your email client. The update features a more decisive bayesian filter, automatically imports account settings from the user's email client, and fixes several bugs. SpamSweep is $25 shareware, and will only filter one account in trial mode. It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Jets\'n\'Guns action shooter released

05/02, 5:30pm

Jets\'n\'Guns released

Rake in Grass has released Jets'n'Guns, an action shooter game that boasts 21 levels of demolition. Each level brings new scenarios such as deep space, jungle, frozen ocean, and a lava planet. The game features more than 200 original enemies, 57 different weapons, and 19 special ship upgrade devices. The Jets'n'Guns soundtrack includes one hour of original metal music, and graphical effects make use of the RakeX 2.0 engine. Jets'n'Guns is available for $20 from, and requires Mac OS X (specific system requirements were unavailable).

French law rewritten, strike called

05/02, 4:50pm

French law rewritten

The highly-debated French draft law that has continuously threatened to open Apple's FairPlay Digital Rights Management (DRM) or render the iTunes Music Store an illegal entity has been rewritten in committee. The legislation originally contained provisions that would force companies to make their DRM schemes interoperable, but has since seen the removal or rewriting of most of those provisions, according to Ars Technica. Voting is to take place on the changes in the near future, and some French consumer groups are already up in arms. Apple recently said the law would support "state-sponsored piracy," and the U.S. government stood behind Apple in support of the company's move to maintain its closed iTunes ecosystem. Meanwhile, the French Minister of culture yesterday backed the law, saying all music videos purchased from iTunes that currently play exclusively on Apple's iTunes software must be playable by other devices and software programs. is calling for a strike in the Place de la Bastille on May 7th, according to the report.

BeerAlchemy 1.2 brings recipes to iPods

05/02, 3:55pm

BeerAlchemy 1.2 released

Kent Place Software today released BeerAlchemy 1.2, a major update to its beer recipe creation and archiving tool for Mac users. The latest version allows brewers to take recipes with them on their iPods, and offers ingredient inventory management as well as a revamped method of handling batches. The software supports all iPods with a dock connector, and users can manage ingredients using the inventory facility. The update improves the brew day process by introducing a new "Brew Days" feature that allows brewers to better document their batches. BeerAlchemy is priced at $30, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 on PowerPC Macs or Mac OS X 10.4.4 for Intel-based Macs.

Apps: Daylite, Terminator, Wx, VelaClock

05/02, 2:45pm

Daylite, Terminator, Wx

    Daylite 3.0.2 ($150) updates the business productivity manager, adding enhanced Heads Up Display (HUD) functionality. Daylite 3.0.2 features a bouncing dock icon when notifications are discovered when Daylite is not active, as well as numerous bug fixes. [Download - 24MB]
    Terminator (free) is a GPL terminal emulator that features a tabbed interface which will run on any POSIX system with Java 5 or later and a C++ compiler. The software is designed as a suitable replacement for xterm, rxvt, xwsh and friends on X11 systems, on Mac OS X, and PuTTY on Microsoft Windows. [Download - 1.3MB]
    Wx 3.31 ($10) displays weather information from the U.S. National Weather Service in a transparent main window, as well as the dock. Version 3.31 offers support for the National Weather Service's RIDGE (Radar Integrated Display with Geospatial Elements), and runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary. The update requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. [Download - 668KB]
    QuickVerse Mac ($50) is Bible study software featuring 12 Bibles and 56 reference titles. The application can save and apply up to four Bible segments in any daily reading plan. QuickVerse displays more than 100 passage similarities in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The application also includes 2,000 high-resolution color photos.
    VelaClock 1.6 ($7) is a free update to the world clock widget, adding the ability to display the change in minutes of daylight from the previous day. VelaClock can display the time of sunrise, sunset, or twilight, duration of daylight, current phase of moon, time zone information, and more. [Download - 1.3MB]
    Track Destroyer 1.2.2 ($20) is designed to carefully and precisely scan and incinerate incriminating data. The update includes numerous interface enhancements, as well as improved error handling. Track Destroyer 1.2.2 also introduces numerous features to the user-interface and bug fixes. [Download - 2.3MB]

Custom stickers for Mac laptops

05/02, 12:30pm launches today launched its new service, offering customized stickers designed to perfectly fit Apple laptop covers. The stickers are made from high-quality laminated vinyl used for campaign advertisements on luxury cars, and can be removed without harming the notebook. Users can upload any high resolution image for printing, or alternatively select from a growing collection of designs. stickers fit Apple's 12- (18) and 14-inch (20) iBooks, 12- (19), 15- (21), and 17-inch (22) PowerBooks, and both the 15- (21) and 17-inch (22) MacBook Pro models.

Biferno 1.3.0 offers IPv6 compatibility

05/02, 11:45am

Biferno 1.3.0 released

Tabasoft today released Biferno 1.3.0, an update to the cross platform, object oriented Web scripting language. Biferno is an open-source project that allows developers to rapidly create dynamic Web applications with a high degree of user interactivity. The update offers 64-bit Linux and IPv6 compatibility, includes an Apache 2.2 module, and provides a new class to obtain a stack description. Biferno 1.3.0 also features a Mac OS X Cocoa system preference panel, a new customizable debug error page, multiple email notifications on error, and improved formatting of log files. The software introduces numerous bug fixes, some of which are related to script timing and timeouts. Biferno is available for free, and requires Mac OS X (specific system requirements were unavailable).

Newer ships 750GB miniStack

05/02, 11:05am

750GB miniStack ships

Newer Technology today began shipping a 750GB version of its miniStack v2 FireWire and USB 2.0 combo storage solution with integrated port expansion hubs. Measuring 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5-inches, the device is designed to match Apple's Mac mini system but works with any computer as an external storage option. The miniStack v2 is the industry's first ever external FireWire 400/USB 2.0 single-drive solution that also integrates port expanding USB 2.0 and FireWire-powered hubs, according to the company. All models feature the Oxford 911-Plus based custom bridge, and come packaged with FireWire and USB cabling, Intech HD Speedtools utility suite, EMC Retrospect backup software, and a two-year NewerTech warranty. The 750GB miniStack v2 is priced at $600.

QuickerTek launches MBP Tranceiver

05/02, 10:45am

MBP Tranceiver launched

QuickerTek has launched its new MacBook Pro Transceiver, offering users of the latest Apple notebooks an improvement in wireless performance of up to 100 percent. The new transceiver works with all common 802.11b/g networking hardware, including Apple AirPort and AirPort Express Base Stations. The device offers 500 miiliwatts of RF power, compared to less than 50 milliwatts of RF power found in most laptops, and the antenna end of the transceiver easily clips on the top of the case without Velcro, which won't mar the finish or alter the case in any way. The MacBook Pro Transceiver attaches internally with a fine cable that extends out of the case through the AirPort Express port to the external antenna. The MacBook Pro Transceiver is available for $200 from QuickerTek, and is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Spool Pilot saves printouts as graphics

05/02, 10:05am

Spool Pilot released

Two Pilots has released Spool Pilot for Mac, an application allowing users to save printouts from arbitrary applications in several popular graphic formats, as easily as in a PDF file. The software offers users the ability to choose among several different types of virtual paper as additional ways to store output, such as JPEG, JPEG-2000, TIFF, or PNG. Spool Pilot is priced at $45 for a single-user license, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Sidewinder iPod case ships

05/02, 9:55am

Sidewinder iPod case ships

Dr. Bott has begun shipping Marware's Sidewinder case in white for iPod video and iPod nano. The hard case features a retractable kickstand, headphone cord wrap, and flip-open Dock connector cover. Sidewinder includes a spacer to accommodate the 30GB or 60GB iPod with video, and users can store the case with the headphones neatly wrapped to the side via the "slide-and-hide" headphone cord wrap. The protective cover includes Marware's Multidapt system belt clip, and is compatible with all Multiadapt interchangeable clip system options. Marware's Sidewinder for iPod video is priced at $30 (shown at right), while the Sidewinder for iPod nano ships for $25.

Briefly: FlatIron Crossing opens May 6

05/02, 9:15am

FlatIron Crossing in CO

In Brief: Apple today announced that it will open its third retail store, Apple Store FlatIron Crossing, in Broomfield, Colorado on May 6th (along with its second Canada location in Toronto).... Apple's 136 retail stores are now making more than $1 billion in sales per quarter, accounting for about 17 percent of its total revenue.... Apple is offering refurbished Core Duo Mac minis at its online store, starting at $700.... Pangea Software has announced the Enigmo 2 Custom Game File Contest winner and posted his game level file along with 12 other Enigmo 2 game files that can be freely downloaded and played for a total of 275 new levels.... Apple's Steve Jobs says he has no interest in becoming an executive at Disney, after it acquires Jobs' other company Pixar and said he plans to spend more time at Apple after the studio's merger with Disney closes in two weeks.... Apple's rival Creative is expected to post a quarterly loss of nearly $90 million for its March quarter due to cut-throat competition and falling flash prices, while the iPod continues to dominate a growing MP3 player market that could double by the end of the decade.

Apple posts new \"Get A Mac\" TV ads

05/02, 3:30am

\"Get A Mac\" TV ads posted

As noted at last week's shareholders meeting, Apple has launched its new "Get A Mac" ad campaign focused on the Mac platform. Apple has posted its new series of Mac TV ads, which began airing during primetime on Monday and showcase two actors outlining the differences between the Mac and Windows platforms and (of course) the advantages of the Mac platform, but emphasizing compatibility, ease-of-use, the bundled iLife applications, and more. The six different spots, available in four different sizes, are titled Viruses, Restarting, Better, iLife, Network, and WSJ and tout the beneifts the Mac over Windows computers. Apple also posted a list of 14 reasons Why you'll love a Mac and the seven untrue reasons that prevented users from buying a Mac, beginning with "It just works: Your toaster doesn't crash. Your kitchen sink doesn't crash. Why should your computer? Think of the countless hours you would save if your PC worked on your time -- not the other way around. Then think about a Mac."

iPod rival Creative faces tough future

05/02, 2:50am

Creative faces tough road

Apple's rival Creative is expected to post a quarterly loss of nearly $90 million for its March quarter due to cut-throat competition and falling flash prices. After warning investors earlier this month, the company faces a tough road ahead as analysts see a bleak future for a market dominated by Apple and its iPod: "We expect the business environment for Creative to remain tough at least for the next two quarters. Demand is only expected to pick up for the year-end Christmas sales," said CIMB-GK Securities analyst Jonathan Ng told Reuters. "We remain negative on its prospects given the harsh competition in the market and a lack of new winning products in the foreseeable future," he added. The Singapore-based company offers Nomad and Zen MP3 players that compete with Apple's iPod as well as Samsung's Yepp and Reigncom's iRiver.


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