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Apps: SES, Ulysses, SiteTagger

04/14, 3:35pm

SES, Ulysses, SiteTagger

    Simply Elegant Sales (SES) 1.3 ($130 for entry edition) updates the flexible point of sale system, adding Address Book synchronization and barcode scanning directly from an invoice. The update offers QuickBooks invoice export, and additional time settings to the Discount window. Version 1.3 also includes numerous bug fixes. [Download - 16.6MB]
    Ulysses 1.2.2 (€100) updates the Mac OS X text editor designed for creative writers, offering native support for Intel Macs. Version 1.2.2 features a new formatted text export plug-in that includes a template system and footnote support with unlimited paragraph/inline styles. The software incorporates a tabbed single-window interface, integrated notepads, a documents browser, and search/filter capabilities. [Download - 4.2MB]
    SiteTagger 2.3 ($10) is a free update to the application designed as a replacement for Web browser bookmark functions. SiteTagger features tag-based bookmark management, importing from most major browsers, and integration with several online bookmarking services. The update improves batch processing of bookmarks, including the ability to batch export bookmarks to and Furl. Version 2.3 also adds a NetNewsWire Post to weblog feature. [Download - 865KB]
    HoudahSpot 1.0b3 (free) is a file search tool based on Apple's Spotlight technology, enabling users to quickly create and store search queries. The application offers flexible browsing of results, includes user-definable templates, and provides hotkey access to saved searches. The current beta version is set to expire on May 1st, 2006. [Download - 821KB]
    iVisualize 1.0 (free) plays Quartz Compositions in iTunes, and gives them access to song information. Visualizations react to music and display the song information, using Quartz Composer to create graphical effects. The software currently offers four custom visualizations dubbed "Drift," "BeComposed," "Cities of the future 2.0," and "iVestream." [Download - 1MB]

ezGear ships black earPod

04/14, 3:10pm

ezGear ships black earPod

ezGear today introduced its Original earPod in black, a sleek earbud storage device for iPod owners. The earPod is designed to prevent earphone cords from tangling by wrapping the wires neatly around a spool. The earbuds and plug are stored in a central compartment, which is protected by felt padding. EarPod ships with an "e-Clip," integrating a removable belt clip that can attach to the front of an iPod case. The Original earPod is priced at $10 via

Briefly: contest winners; Muffgear

04/14, 2:05pm

Contest winners, Muffgear

In brief: The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) has announced the March EducationPlanner iPod contest winners, who were each selected via a random drawing to receive an iPod nano.... has announced a clearance sale, offering such titles as Bejeweled 2 (box, $15) and Big Kahuna Reef (box, $15).... Muffgear has launched the Designer Muff ($17, shown at right), a collaborative effort to create unique iPod covers showcasing the efforts of young up-and-coming artists.... Fox network has signed a six-year agreement with its affiliates allowing it to offer reruns of its television programs on the internet.... Mad Mac is holding a forum contest, offering three Macs and an iPod as prizes to winners.

MacLoggerDX 4.2.4 released

04/14, 12:30pm

MacLoggerDX 4.2.4 released

Dog Park Software today released MacLoggerDX 4.2.4, updating the Ham radio logging software for Mac OS X. MacLogger DX 4.2.4 enables cocoaModem PTT, adds a DX alarm for "DXCC not confirmed," and incorporates the VFO focus menu command as well as the kbd equivalent. The update also adds 8x3 A4 Avery L7159 labels format support, "Report Power Setting" to the Icom IC-7000 driver, and fixes the "mH" check box false positive error. MacLoggerDX logs into preferred Telnet or TNC DXClusters and as DX Spots are received, and tunes the connected radio to the spot. The software then looks up the call and displays the DX station on a real-time grey line Map with distance and bearing from the user's station. The upgrade is free to existing users, and MacLoggerDX 4.2.4 is available for $100. The latest version requires Mac OS 9 or later, and supports a wide range of radios and rotator controllers.

Quake 4 ships as Universal Binary

04/14, 11:30am

Quake 4 ships

Aspyr Media today began shipping Quake 4 as a Universal Binary. The sequel to Quake II, Quake 4 enlists gamers in the role of Matthew Kane, a member of the legendary Rhino Squad, to penetrate deep into the heart of the Strogg war machine and engage in a series of heroic missions to destroy the barbaric alien race. QUAKE 4 begins only moments after the events of QUAKE II, with the Earthıs fleet launching a massive offensive to the planet Stroggos. As Matthew Kane, gamers invade the alien stronghold, fighting alone, along side other Marines, and in mechanized walkers and hover tanks as they encounter the Strogg and their disturbing amalgamations of man and machine. Built on id Software's Doom 3 technology, Quake 4 also features fast-paced multiplayer competition modeled after the speed, style and feel of QUAKE III Arena. Quake 4 is priced at $50, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Apple orders 1.2M LCDs for new iBooks

04/14, 11:15am

Apple orders 1.2M LCDs

Apple has ordered 1.2 million LCDs from Asustek for use in its forthcoming Intel-based iBooks, which the Cupertino-based company is expected to launch some time in the second quarter of this year. The new iBooks will replace the older 12- and 14-inch iBook G4 models, and will feature 13.3-inch wide-screen LCDs. The new displays are priced higher than previous liquid crystal displays used in iBooks, and Apple will reportedly acquire nearly $154 million worth of LCDs from producers such as AU Optronics and LG Philips to facilitate manufacturing the new notebooks, according to EMSNow. Apple has been contacting Samsung, AU Optronics, LPL, and Chi Mei to supply the specialized LCDs since the beginning of the year, and AU Optronics has said it would ship between 40,000-50,000 13.3-inch LCDs to Apple per month. [corrected]

The Sims 2 University trailer

04/14, 10:55am

The Sims 2 University

Apple has posted The Sims 2 University trailer on its website, offering a preview of the first expansion pack for The Sims 2. The Sims 2 University introduces a new young-adult stage of life, four new career paths, new influence gameplay, and more than 125 new objects. The Sims 2 University allows players to explore a whole new stage of life as young adults and introduces college-related wants and fears that are ultimately tied to their Sims social life and academic goals. The expansion also introduces influence gameplay allowing players to earn influence points to have other Sims do certain tasks for them such as homework, term papers, cleaning up the fraternity house or even pulling pranks on other Sims. The Sims 2 University is priced at $35, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

AAPL may benefit from Windows distrust

04/14, 10:45am

AAPL, Windows distrust

Apple could double its market share due to consumers' deep distrust for Microsoft. A recent report from Forrester Research concluded that only Apple and TiVo brand trust increased over the past two years, with consumers trusting technology brands such as Bose and Dell over LG and Microsoft, which scored at the bottom. "Trust is a powerful way to measure a brand's value and its ability to command a premium price or drive consumers into a higher-profit direct channel," Forrester Vice President Ted Schadler said. "A decline in trust causes brand erosion and price-driven purchase decisions, which in turn correlates with low market growth." Forrester speculates that were Apple to give users who distrust Microsoft a reason to switch, the Cupertino-based company could double its market share. Apple's new Boot Camp software may be just such a reason for would-be switchers, according to BetaNews.

Apple\'s free hollywood exposure

04/14, 10:10am

Apple\'s free TV exposure

Macs, iPods, and other Apple products have been featured 250 times on a total of 38 different network primetime shows in the past four months, adding up to 26 minutes of exposure that it never had to pay for. The company has given away tens of thousands of computers to creative people in Hollywood, according to the Westfall Weekly News. "iPod has never paid for placement because Apple is cool," Ruben Igielko-Herrlich said, CEO of Propaganda Global Entertainment Marketing. "If you're a cool brand or an affluent, prestigious brand, it's not going to cost you what it's going to cost fast-moving consumer products like soft drinks or detergents. When you have that kind of image and aura, you don't pay for it." Apple holds just a small portion of the worldwide PC market, but is easily the most widely used PC by fictional characters in film and on TV. "Apple has 90 percent of the exposure but only two percent of the business," Igielko-Herrlich said.


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