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Beatles to release digital downloads

updated 05:05 pm EDT, Wed April 12, 2006

Digital Beatles downloads

The Beatles are preparing to release their tracks via digital music services, with label Apple Corps remastering their catalogue to improve the sound. Neil Aspinall, head of Apple Corps has said the label is assembling digital booklets to accompany the downloads. "I think it would be wrong to offer downloads of the old masters when I am making new masters. It would be better to wait and try to do them both simultaneously so that you then get the publicity of the new masters and the downloading, rather than just doing it ad hoc," Aspinall said. The living Beatles have refrained from releasing their tracks via online services thus far, but finally making them available for digital download may be a pivotal moment for legitimate services, according to Macworld UK.

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  1. porieux

    Joined: Dec 1969



    pretty much everyone already has this stuff don't they?

  1. ronjamin

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Has Beens

    The Beatles are virtually dead and buried. Who cares.........

  1. ::maroma::

    Joined: Dec 1969


    has beens?

    Wow, calling The Beatles has beens, dead and buried, is a little off. If you know anything about Rock & Roll, then you know The Beatles are perhaps the most influential rock band ever. You comment is just plain ignorant.

    As for them releasing these tracks for download, where exactly will these be available? Which service? I would laugh if it was iTunes, in light of the two companies going at it in court about this very thing. Hopefully Apple Corps wakes up and realizes that suing Apple Computer isn't the right thing to do. They should be working together so that they both can profit.

  1. howdesign

    Joined: Dec 1969



    The Beatles shouldn't be disregarded just because they are "old news", just like DaVinci and Rembrandt and the Wright Brothers shouldn't. Ya have to give props to the pioneers no matter how "fresh" their ideas are/were.

  1. nickbaily



    email S. Jobs asap

    Michael Jackson has to sell immediately his stake in the Beatles song book, reportedly today worth one billion dollars. Sony owns the balance. everyone should email Jobs to suggest the Apple Computer buy the songbook from Jackson, thereby giving Apple Corps. something to really think about besides iTunes and the Apple Corp. trademark.

  1. smitch

    Joined: Dec 1969


    missed opportunity

    Who knew that the Beatles were Apple Corps before the law suit? Not many. In my opinion, Apple Corps missed the BIGGEST opportunity to repopularize the Beatles with a generation that essentially doesn't know them. Apple Computer was never any threat and now they have excluded themselves from the LARGEST electronic sales outlet over what? They may have had an impact in the music past, but right now Apple Corps is just plain STUPID not to have partnered with Apple Computer early on!

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