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Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0 supports Macs

04/06, 9:00pm

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0

Symantec on Thursday announced its pcAnywhere 12.0 remote control solution and the new Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server --both are now compatible with Mac OS X. Available now, the latest version of pcAnywhere marks its 20th anniversary in the marketplace; the software provides help desk support and mobile professionals with powerful and adaptable remote access and problem solving tools. The new pcAnywhere Access Server, available in the second quarter of 2006, is a new server solution that provides improved connectivity "from anywhere to anywhere." Version 12.0 includes a new gateway feature that enables transparent connectivity between help desk professionals and remote users, a new invitation feature to ease connectivity, an optional simplified interface, mobile device support, and additional cross-platform support, including support for Mac OS X.

iPod sales may beat Street expectations

04/06, 6:45pm

Analyst: iPod sales

Analyst firm Bear Stearns today said it expects Apple iPod sales to exceed Wall Street expectations for the second quarter, and reiterated its outperform rating on Apple shares. Analyst Andrew Neff said that despite many recent estimate reductions, he has confidence that Apple will reach 10.5 million iPod units, well above Wall Street's expectations of 8.5-9.5 million. The analyst cited checks of suppliers for the higher number, as well as continuing strong end demand, according to BusinessWeek Online. Neff believes Apple is planning to eventually put Windows on its Macintosh computers, and despite uncertain timing, the analyst views Windows on Mac with full support as a natural progression in Apple's strategy. The analyst kept his post-option EPS estimates of $2.25 for fiscal year 2006 ending September, and $2.91 for fiscal year 2007. Neff holds a 2006 price target of $100 on Apple shares, according to the report.

Ximeta unveils NetDisk 400

04/06, 5:35pm

Ximeta unveils NetDisk 400

Ximeta today rolled out the NetDisk 400 [site not updated], and announced that its NetDisk 500 will follow in the near future. The NetDisk 400 offers 400GB of shared network or extended PC storage, and supports direct access via USB. The device utilizes Ximeta's NDAS technology, which allows multiple devices to access data through the network without server intervention. NetDisk does not require an IP address, and supports backup or expansion through software features that permit raid 1 or 0 functionality. A unique hardware identification and access code utility ensures that only specific users have read and write authority, and the simplicity of NDAS allows for sharing data between multiple computers and network devices without the need of expertise or maintenance, according to Ximeta.

Elgato ships EyeTV 250

04/06, 4:00pm

Elgato ships EyeTV 250

Elgato today launched the EyeTV 250, a TV receiver/recorder and video converter for analog TV. Users can watch, pause, and rewind live television on their Macs. The unit supports recording and editing of TV shows, and offers the ability to find programs or schedule recording using the built-in electronic program guide (EPG). The device can create playlists to manage recordings, and can export complete episodes to Apple's video iPod. EyeTV 250's built-in hardware encoder compresses audio and video signals to MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats, freeing up the Mac's processor for other activities. The device measures 4 x 2.5 x 1-inches, and weighs less than half a pound. Elgato's EyeTV 250 ships with the receiver/recorder, EyeTV software, an infrared remote control with a battery pack, the power cord/adapter, a USB cable, a break out cable, and a quick start guide for $200 from the Apple online store.

Survey may help Apple fight labels

04/06, 3:25pm

Survey may aid Apple

A new survey may help Apple fight the pricing pressures applied by the music labels. The national telephone survey of enrolled college students commissioned by the Richmond Virginia-based Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) found that that 39 percent of college students claim to pay for downloads, while 34 percent illegally download music from peer-to-peer networks. With a signficant population of college students still focused on peer-to-peer networks, any increases in pricing could tip the scales toward piracy. The poll revealed that three-quarters of 18 to 24-year-old students see free downloading as illegal, and 60 percent believe it to be unethical. The survey also showed that more than one in three students who engage in illegal file-sharing think it is wrong, but do it anyway to save money. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has argued against demands by record labels for more flexible pricing, saying that cheap digital downloads will reduce piracy.

Briefly: WinXP install video; WebKit

04/06, 2:45pm

Mactel WinXP video, WebKit

In brief: UneasySilence has posted a video tutorial showing users how to install Windows XP on an Intel Mac.... Two Mac users have posted an appeal to the webkit-dev mailing list, asking for opinions on a plan for a WebKit community release.... Magpie has unveiled its Magpie Outfit ($25), a protective case for Apple's iPod crafted after the company owner's love of fashion and fitness.... Zofunk is shipping a variety of cases for Apple's iPod nano, and has unveiled its new Zen case for fifth-generation iPod with video (shown at right).... The Grey Matters online store is offering software to help users improve memory, called Train Your Brain and Entertain (TYBE).... San Francisco's Department of Telecommunications and Information Services (DTIS) has chosen a plan by Google and EarthLink to provide a free, citywide Wi-Fi network.

Apps: EntourageABMenu, AB for Web

04/06, 1:40pm

EntourageABMenu, Model

    EntourageABMenu 1.3 ($10) is a system-wide menu designed to provide a convenient way to utilize Microsoft Entourage address book data. The update adds an option to make the contact data cache persistent, which makes subsequent launches significantly faster. Version 1.3 also adds an option to automatically reload the contact data at a specific time each day, and enhances the main contact name selection action by allowing users to create a new email, dial with the phone number AppleScript, or show on Google Maps. [Download - 856KB]
    AB for Web 2.0 (100) publishes address books via a local area network or the internet using an embedded Web server. The software requires little configuration, and requires no technical knowledge of any Web server technology. Version 2.0 includes AJAX/Web 2.0 instant searching that shows results as users type, offers overall Web server speed improvement, and reduces startup time. [Download - 2.6MB]
    Domain Name Grabber 1.0.2 (free) updates the Dashboard widget that enables domain name research and registration, offering universal compatibility. Version 1.0.2 adds numerous top-level country code domains to its searchable list, which include .am, .fm, .ag, .gs, .ms, .nu, .sc, .tc, .tk, and .vg. Domain Name Grabber 1.0.2 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. [Download - 115KB]
    Sync Buddy 2.1 ($25) brings native support for Intel Macs to the installation and backup tool for Palm handheld owners, as well as compatibility enhancements and bug fixes. Sync Buddy 2.1 provides a direct connection to Palm handhelds through USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. The backup mechanism provides up-to-date, structured backups of files stored on the handheld and its removable media. [Download - 5.4MB]
    Model 1.1 (free) is an AudioUnit modulation delay plug-in that can model sound using random modulation patterns, filters, and a ring modulator. Version 1.1 supports user-defined modulation by drawing, new modulation types, and sound capture from the host. The update also offers a selectable number of random pattern steps, as well as a new skin. [Download - 1.5MB]
    Pdf-Recover Professional 3.6 ($50) enhances the PDF password removal software, supporting the removal of passwords in documents created using Adobe Acrobat 7 and Form Designer 7. Documents can be re-encrypted after decryption with titles, search phrases, author information, and more. Users can set presentation dimensions, display or hide toolbars and menu bars in Acrobat Reader, and set the full-screen mode or the position on the display screen. [Download - [form]]

Zen cases for iPod video, Winks for Nano

04/06, 10:50am

Zen cases for iPod video

Zofunk is shipping a variety of cases for Apple's iPod nano, and has unveiled a new case for fifth-generation iPod with video boasting sleek, colorful designs to protect the digital media players. The Zen series for iPod video (shown at right), which the company lists as "coming soon," comes in four colors with a white circular design over the clickwheel. Zofunk's Winks original cases for iPod nano feature a white body with colorful clickwheel designs, a thickness of 1mm with easy access to all ports, and a screen protector. The Winks noche and Winks chocolat provide protection for iPod nano owners with black and brown cover designs, respectively, along with colorful clickwheel decorations. Winks original, Winks noche, and Winks chocolat cases for iPod nano are all priced at $25 each, while the Zen series for iPod video are expected to ship in the near future.

Boot Camp expands audience, not sales?

04/06, 10:15am

Boot Camp expands audience

Merrill Lynch says that Apple's Boot Camp technology could expand the the company's potential market, but is not quite convinced it will lead to more sales. Analyst Richard Farmer told clients that the software may be incremental in the near-term in terms of 'total addressable market' (TAM): "The boot camp capability cannot be a negative, but the question is how much of an incremental impact it could have," Farmer wrote in a research note obtained by MacNN. "We believe the incremental cost for an average user to run Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac is between $199-299 (XP home v.s. professional)." While Boot Camp mitigates the switching risk by allowing users to run more familiar and required applications, Apple's higher-priced product line is targetted toward most Window users. Merill has a 'neutral' rating on Apple stock.

GizMac details 4U rackmount cabinet

04/06, 10:15am

GizMac details 4U cabinet

GizMac has unveiled new details on its XRackPro 4U noise reduction enclosure rackmount cabinet, designed to use and store rackmount equipment such as Apple's Xserve and Xserve RAID systems. The cabinet is one-third of the height and slightly more than half of the weight of GizMac's 12U rackmount cabinet, making it more practical to position off the ground on a desk, counter, or tabletop. The unit ships with legs instead of wheels to provide extra stability, which offer adjustable height with a protective material to help avoid leaving marks on furniture. Optional carpet-safe casters will be optional for customers who require mobility. The 4U XRackPro rack mount cabinet is expected to ship in early May for $500.

Photoshop faster on Intel-based Macs

04/06, 9:45am

WinMac vs. WinPC

Apple's Intel-based Macs are faster than their PC counterparts, according to new benchmarks. Substantiating previous results that showed that the MacBook Pro ran Photoshop faster than other Windows laptops, CNET reports that running Photoshop was more than twice as fast as its Mac OS X on the same Intel-based Mac and that it beat out PCs from both Dell and Gateway: "With Windows XP Pro running on a 2.0GHz iMac Core Duo, we ran our Photoshop test in less than half the time it took with the same system running OS X 10.4.5: 2 minutes, 49 seconds vs. 6 minutes, 30 seconds to be exact, or a difference of 57 percent. It's also worth noting that the iMac Core Duo with Windows beat Pentium D 830-based PCs from Dell and Gateway on Photoshop as well. Come back tomorrow, when we'll have Windows-based iMac Core Duo results for the rest of our benchmark tests."

Insider releases Font Agent Pro 3.2

04/06, 9:45am

FontAgent Pro 3.2 released

Insider Software today began shipping FontAgent Pro 3.2, adding support for network home directories as well as self-optimizing database technology. FontAgent Pro is designed as a complete font management system that integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book creation, and design tools in a single application. The software's auto-optimization technology analyzes the system and automatically adjusts the database access logic to maximize efficiency. The update ensures that all user files are stored within the home directory and then optimizes the database to minimize data access requests. FontAgent Pro 3.2 is priced at $100, with a Workgroup edition available for $130. The upgrade is free for licensed users of FontAgent Pro 3.0 or later, and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Parallels offers OS X virtualization

04/06, 9:25am

Parallels Workstation 2.1

Following our note earlier this week, Parallels today announced that it is beginning beta testing for Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Mac OS X, "the first" virtualization software that gives Apple users the ability to simultaneously run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their applications alongside Mac OS X on an Intel-based Mac. Virtualization software enables users to run multiple operating systems, like Linux or Windows, in isolated "virtual machines" directly on a Mac OS X desktop -- each virtual machine operates exactly like a stand-alone computer and contains its virtual hardware, including RAM, hard disk, processor, I/O ports, and CD/DVD-drives. The company is offering a free, fully-functional 30-day trial of Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Mac OS X. The company expects to release a final version of the product in the next several weeks. It requires Mac OS 10.4.4 (and is not compatible with PowerPC-based Macs). The Windows and Linux versions, introduced last month, are available for $50.

Apple logo ruling may come after Easter

04/06, 8:55am

Apple vs. Apple ruling

With the conclusion nearing of Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps lawsuit in London, the High Court judge said that he is unlikely to rule before Easter. The Associated Press reports that lawyers for both sides squared off in London's High Court on Wednesday in the closing stages of the trial: "In one corner, Apple Corps Ltd.'s lawyer Geoffrey Vos said Apple Computer Inc. is a 'Johnny-Come-Lately' that is attempting to steal the British company's trademark and increasingly encroach on its territory. In the other corner, Apple Computer lawyer Anthony Grabiner said the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is doing nothing wrong and music lovers are smart enough to tell the difference between the use of the apple logos." According to the report, presiding judge Edward Mann reserved his judgment for an unnamed date, but said that it was unlikely to be before the Easter, which is April 16th.

Apple creates Braeburn investment firm

04/06, 8:40am

Braeburn manages cash

Apple has setup a new company to manage its swelling cash reserves and short term investments. BusinessWeek reports that Apple has incorporated Braeburn Capital, an asset management company based in Reno, Nevada and has placed 'help wanted' ads, looking for financial officers to help the company grow its cash. The company, which is named for a variety of apple that's uniquely sweet and tart, will be a vehicle for managing Apple's investment portfolio and wil help the company avoid certain California state taxes, according to the report. "Apple's cash reserve has nearly doubled over the last two years. At the end of 2005, Apple had $8.7 billion in cash and short term investments, about 15 percent of its market capitalization. That's up 91 percent, from $4.6 billion, at the end of 2003. And it compares with much bigger rivals like Dell, which reported $9 billion in cash and short-term investments for the quarter ended February."

\'Boot Camp\' runs Windows faster, easily

04/06, 2:00am

Mossberg talks Boot Camp

Apple's decision to offer 'Boot Camp' technology to run Windows on an Intel-based Mac is dubbed as "historic" and "huge" in a new review by The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg. "I've been testing Windows on a new iMac for several days and except for a couple of trifling annoyances, it runs perfectly, just like a stand-alone Windows PC. I was able to install Boot Camp and Windows XP Pro on the Mac in under an hour. After that, I installed 15 Windows programs, most unavailable in Mac versions, and all ran properly. In Windows mode, the iMac was blazingly fast -- far faster than my two-year-old H-P Windows computer. And every function of Windows I tested, including Web browsing, email and music playback, ran flawlessly." The review notes a few minor "annoyances" with running Windows on an Intel-Mac: having to reset the clock every time you run Windows, to purchase a new copy of Windows XP, using a wired keyboard and mouse during installation, and "one dangerous step in installing Windows" -- not selecting the 'C' destination drive during installation. [free link added]

MS contemplating WinXP on Mac support

04/06, 1:45am

MS to support WinXP on Mac

Microsoft is still uncertain [subscription required] about whether it will provide support for running Windows XP on Macs when using Apple's Boot camp technology; however, the possibility of running Windows on a Mac may push some professional users to purchase Macs and sell their PCs. According to The Wall Street, Microsoft said it is still studying whether it will offer technical support for Windows on Macs. "There are several open questions to address before we have a final answer," says Kevin Kutz, director of Microsoft's Windows client group told the publication. The report also notes that Apple's Boot Camp requires a new copy of Windows XP, which it notes is available for suggested retail prices of $199 and $299. "It won't work to use less-costly upgrade versions or software installation disks for PCs that users already have."

Ars studies Intel\'s Core architecture

04/06, 12:45am

Intel\'s Core architecture

Ars Technica has posted an in-depth, technical look at Intel's new Core architecture, which is the heart of Apple's Intel Core Duo processors. "Intel's approach to multicore is not about keeping each individual core's on-die footprint down by throwing out dynamic execution hardware, but about keeping each core's power consumption down and its efficiency up. In this sense, Intel's strategy is fundamentally process-based, which is why I said it's "very 'Intel.'" Intel will rely not on the microarchitectural equivalent of a crash diet, but on Moore's Law to enable more cores to fit onto each die. It seems that from Intel's perspective, there's no need to start throwing hardware overboard in order to keep the core's size down, because core sizes will shrink as transistor sizes shrink."

JobOrder 12.9 offers 2,000 enhancements

04/06, 12:30am

JobOrder 12.9 released

Management Software has released JobOrder 12.9, a new release of its business management solution that offers unified and streamlined business processes for greater productivity and efficiency. JobOrder 12.9 includes over 2,000 enhancements and several new features, including advanced scheduling and analysis tools such as SmartScheduler, TimeTravel, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Manager, and The Prioritizer. The company says that these enhancements and tools provide small to mid-size businesses with more control over scheduling, estimating, job costing, project management and accounting operations. JobOrder 12.9 facilitates planning, estimating, scheduling, rescheduling, billing, accounting, analyzing and reporting. Multi-processing notifications automation capabilities give users full control over job planning and tracking, project management, workflow, and deadlines.


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