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Bulk order of Mac minis denied

updated 05:00 pm EDT, Thu August 24, 2006

Mac mini bulk order denied

Apple may be planning to release a newer, faster version of its Intel-based Mac mini system in the near future. One blogger who works for a colocation company says he was denied a bulk order of Mac minis, and was told by an Apple representative that the store was not allowed to place new bulk orders until after Labor Day, according to Electronista. That same blogger in late February reported the same behavior, with Apple denying his bulk order of Mac minis. Days later, the Cupertino-based company updated the Mac mini with Intel processors. The report coincides with an expected broader availability of Core 2 Duo mobile chips from Intel, which are likely to form the basis of a Mac mini update, were Apple to released faster versions of its sub-desktop system.

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  1. Buran

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Amazing ...

    ... you would think a company wouold be happy to take large bulk orders. You don't refuse customers like that; you tell them "We can take the order, but the delivery timeframe is a little long. Can you deal with (x) weeks?"

  1. beeble

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: amazing

    Maybe Apple didn't want to commit to delivering Mini's since they've stopped producing them ahead of a new product to be announced next week. If they signed a contract to deliver Mini's then they'd have to do that. The alternative is to tell the prospective customer that the Mini is about to be superseded. h*** will freeze and pigs will fly backwards before they'd do something like that.

  1. jarod

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Apple is not about to lose a huge order. They probably have them on old with the promise of something better. This is business people. No one refuses money.

  1. mouseketter

    Joined: Dec 1969


    How valid is it?

    I question the validity of the Mac Mini story.

    A blogger. No name just... a blogger.

    And what company does this guy work for? And how many Mac Mini's did he want and why?

    And a Apple rep... was it some guy at a local Apple store? or at CompUSA. Was it from Apple corporate?

    How many Mac Mini's did he want? A couple of hundred he says. What kind of number is that. If you call anybody, CompUSA, a local Apple store, MacMall... anbody and say.. hey we need a couple of hundred Mac Mini's here is the credt card number... guess what... they are not going to fill your order.

    His blogg says his company goes through quite a lot of mini's a month. Why? What are they doing with them? Are they using them in a way that voids the warranty and in a public manner in which Apple may feel misrepresents the product in a bad way?

    So some completely unknown guy post a blogg about how some unknown company he allegedly works for has supposedly put in somewhere a order of unknown quantity of Mac Mini's and supposedly the unknown source that supposedly works for Apple in some unknown capacity supposedly told this unknown company that Apple couldn't fill the order.

    And this is news?

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: relax

    Apple is not about to lose a huge order. They probably have them on old with the promise of something better. This is business people. No one refuses money.

    well, if they told me that they couldn't fulfill my order, I'd be going out to find someone who could. Not everyone is willing to wait around for Apple to decide to start shipping some product.

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