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Contests push for Windows XP on OS X

updated 05:20 pm EST, Tue February 14, 2006

Windows XP on OS X

A contest to see who can get Windows XP to run in Mac OS X on an Intel-based Mac is underway. The contest states "independence of OS choice is the main aim of this contest. The host OS is the stable, accessible and secure Mac OS X on Intel. Guest OS's are a broad choice of systems from Windows to Linux." The point of the contest is not that Windows be able to run on a Mac, but that Windows and Mac OS X "cohabit" in the computer. "The application must boot either Windows XP or Windows 2000 in Mac OS X on any intel Mac without emulating the processor. This contest does not cover any other Operating System (e.g. Linux) even if they can run" and "Windows must run at nearly native speed." The deadline for the contest is June 17, 2006, with the prize money so far set at 178.60 so far.

This is the second of such contests, the first of which has a prize of $11,318 so far for whichever person can get Windows XP to dual boot with Mac OS X on a new MacBook Pro. Those who donate to the prize pot will be given access to the winning information on how to go about booting the two OSs.

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  1. ronjamin

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Missed Point

    WINE, or DarWINE is the answer, not running two operating systems. Instead of supporting this arcane system of duel boot, support WINE.

    DarWINE will allow you to run Windows apps without Windows.

    Check it out!!!

  1. ScottEllsworth

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Different purposes

    DarWINE is an elegant solution for many people. I, for example, would find it the right solution for most of what I need to do. I run the occasional windows app, and they tend to be fairly self contained. They also do not talk to other apps - they produce data files and the like.

    There are those, though, that need Windows XP, running for real. Many Access-based apps that involve plugins are twitchy enough that it is hard for WINE to run them on Linux nowadays. Similarly, if you need several apps to work together, you might be well severed with Windows XP rather than WINE. Finally, if you are testing a system-level management tool, vpn client, or other low level beastie, WINE is not the right answer. For those users, booting XP is the best solution.

    I hope both (dual booting and WINE) work and work well. They serve different purposes. Scott

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: missed point

    No, the point is "Hey, I want to run all those PC games on my mac. Get me running windows!"

    And WINE works good only for well-written apps. Those doing funky stuff are bound to cause little annoyances and issues. And if there's anything you can take from all the effort MS does to make their OS compatible with all that existing software out there is that there's a lot of funkily written software out there.

  1. ronjamin

    Joined: Dec 1969


    good points either way

    I see the benefits. Apple should, though, bundle WINE with all Macs.

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