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UT 2004 patch supports Intel Macs

02/03, 5:30pm

Unreal Tournament 2004

Epic Games has created a Universal Binary version of its Unreal Tournament 2004. In addition to support for Intel Macs, the updated application for Mac OS X brings Unreal Tournament 2004 current to the 3369.2 patch. Unreal Tournament is a multiplayer first person shooter game with ten game modes, both team-centered and individually-based. "As the ultimate techno-gladiator of the future, players will take their fates into their hands, battling against up to 32 other players online in action-packed, frag-filled arenas." Unreal Tournament 2004 costs $37.

OM 2 Themes for KeynotePro 3

02/03, 4:55pm

OM 2 Themes

KeynotePro announced the immediate availability of the OM 2 themes for KeynotePro 3. The new OM themes received a revised framework, all new master slide options, and HD variations. Presenters can customize every aspect of OM 2's colorization with modifications to the slide background or via shape objects pushed behind the platform layer. OM 2 also has an expanded master slide library to include more variations of layouts from the original, including a slate of remixes to the mosaic slides. Registered OM Theme users can update to OM 2 for free, and new licenses cost $30 for a single OM 2 Pro Theme, $20 for a single OM 2 Standard Theme, or $50 for a bundle.

Apple files for touch-screen patent

02/03, 4:25pm

Apple touch screen patent

Apple has applied for a touch-screen gesture patent, extending a similar patent application filed in July 2004. The patent application is titled "Gestures for touch sensitive input devices," and features illustrations of a hand making a dialing motion much like that used to control the iPod's clickwheel controller. This suggests perhaps a touch-screen iPod in the works, or the return of an Apple PDA device, replacing the once-popular Newton PDA, which featured a touchscreen. The patent states that "the invention relates, in one embodiment, to a computer implemented method for processing touch inputs... the method includes reading data from a touch sensitive device having a multipoint capability. The method also includes identifying at least one multipoint gesture based on the data from the touch sensitive device."

CIO favors iPod car integration kit

02/03, 3:25pm

CIO favors iPod car kit's Executive Toy Box today revealed that Channell Commercial's CIO favors the iPod integration kit for his Mercedes R500 more than any other gadget. A dealer-installed option that costs roughly $250, the kit seamlessly integrates Cameron Forbes' iPod into his vehicle, negating the need for an FM transmitter or other device. "Living in the Los Angeles area, I spend a lot of time on the road and in traffic. My iPod has been my loyal traveling companion for a few years now. I can catch up on the latest music and podcasts I've downloaded. [...] When I decided to purchase a new Mercedes, one of the key factors in the purchase was the ability to integrate my iPod directly into the car's Harmon-Kardon sound system. The results are incredible. I feel like I'm driving in a concert hall, even at freeway speeds." When asked what the executive would change about his favorite gadget, Forbes cited his older 20GB iPod, and said he might upgrade to a video iPod. Forbes also voiced his hopes to integrate the iPod's video capability into the navigation display of his Mercedes. "I'd love to watch the last episode of The Office on the way to the office!"

Apple leads European education market

02/03, 2:55pm

Apple\'s European education

Apple has taken the lead in the Western European education market with 15.2 percent of the market share, according to reports. Macworld UK has confirmed that Dell now trails Apple in second place with 14.7 percent of the market, followed by Hewlett Packard at 14.2 percent, Acer at 9.5 percent, Fujitsu at 7.8 percent, and the remaining PC vendors taking 38.6 percent. Dell is still outcompeting Apple in the US, where Apple reportedly garners 22-23 percent of the education market share. Macworld UK reports that Apple's biggest European success is in Switzerland, where Apple holds 54.4 percent of the market-- Apple also ranks number one in France with 19.5 percent, Sweden with 15.2 percent, and takes second in Germany with 15.6 percent.

Apple leases more office space in Cupertino

02/03, 2:55pm

Apple leases more space

Apple has signed a deal for the entire 116,830-square-foot building at 10400-10450 Ridgeview Court in Cupertino, California. Approximately 56,315 square feet resulted from a direct deal with the landlord, while the remaining 60,515 square feet is a sublease from IBM, according to CoStar National. Gregg von Thaden of Colliers International in San Jose represented Apple in both leases, while Frank Friedrich, Don Lonsinger /Doug Beck of CB Richard Ellis, and Randall Brown of CB Richard Ellis of Los Angeles represented IBM. Brad Martin and Rich Hardy of Cushman-and-Wakefield of San Jose represented the landlord, Grosvenor International. Apple is also set to open its Apple Store Garden State Plaza this Saturday, February 4th, which will mark the seventh retail outlet for the tech giant in New Jersey.

Vara\'s Wirecast 2.6 delivers Intel support

02/03, 2:40pm

Wirecast 2.6

Vara Software is shipping Wirecast 2.6, its webcasting solution for Mac OS X Panther and Tiger. It has been designed for building detailed multimedia broadcasts with many cameras, images, titles and movies for unicasting or multicasting to clients. Wirecast 2.6 features specific, native optimizations for the Intel processors as a Universal binary, as well as faster Greenscreen/Bluescreen features and several other improvements. The program requires a webcam or DV camera to allow the user to perform complex transitions, overlay Titles, bring in various static meida, and live recording. Wirecast 2.6 is available for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and costs $450 for the full licensed version. [updated]

Vara offers Videocue 2.5 for Intel Macs

02/03, 2:30pm

Videocue 2.5 Universal

Vara Software is now shipping Videocue and Videocue Pro 2.5 for Mac OS X Panther and Tiger. Videocue is a webcasting tool featuring an on-screen teleprompter to allow the user to record while facing the screen. Videocue integrates with blog systems such as LiveJournal, MovableType, Blogger, and TypePad. Videocue is now a Universal binary, and features a "core image" library for photo effects, podcasting abilities, 3D graphics, subtitle text track, .Mac publishing, AppleScript and QuickTime support, and more. Videocue 2.5 costs $40, while Videocue Pro 2.5 costs $90.

Briefly: 17-inch iMac G5 gone; Survivor

02/03, 1:05pm

17-inch iMac G5 gone

In brief: Apple has removed the 17-inch iMac G5 from its online store.... CBS, upon making its hit reality-TV series Survivor available for download, has left Mac users out in the cold by offering the video as a Windows Media file.... InterfaceLIFT has released two new stock icon collections for Mac developers, dubbed Aquality Base Kit and < a href="">Aquality Add On Kit.... Auran today announced that it is seeking beta testers to bring Trainz simulator to the Mac.... The FastIcon today released a new icon set for desktop use containing eight freeware icons, entitled "Pink Folders".... Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld will close New York Fashion Week on February 10th with his Fall/Winter '06 line, to be made available as a Podcast via the iTunes Music Store.

Apps: Morse Mania, Tiger Cache Cleaner

02/03, 12:25pm

Morse Mania, Tiger Cache

    Morse Mania 3.2.0 ($20) is a morse code tutor for the Macintosh, helping the user learn morse code at speeds ranging from 5 to 40 words per minute. The application generates morse code through the computer's speakers, using drills and allowing complete text messages to be sent for practice, and simulating morse code conversations (called a QSO in ham radio lingo). It supports the Farnsworth mode, and allows the Koch method of code learning. Morse Mania 3.2.0 is available for Mac OS X, OS 8/9, and older. [Download - [options]]
    Tiger Cache Cleaner 3.1 ($9) is a utility designed to simplify system maintenance chores with a point and click interface to many OS X functions. It can improve system performance by tuning internet and file caching setting, implementing RAM disks, eliminating duplicate or orphaned Login items, cleaning and rebuilding Spotlight metadata, providing set and forget automation of common maintenance chores, and more. Tiger Cache Cleaner requires Mac OS X 10.1 and higher and the BSD subsytem, and is compatible with both PPC adn Intel platforms. [Download - 6.1MB]
    High Priority 1.11 ($6) is now a Universal binary and features several big fixes as well as the ability to hide subscribed calendars. The application allows the user to create, edit, and remove iCal To Do items directly from the menu bar, with or without iCal running. High Priority requires Mac OS X Tiger and iCal. [Download - 320KB]
    Sticky Windows 1.2.1 ($15) updates the previous version with more stability, fixed bugs, and better support for Mac OS X Tiger. Sticky Windows is a utility for Mac OS X Panther and Tiger which extends the tab browsing experience to the desktop. Sticky Windows transforms the user's windows into tabs when a window is dragged towards the edge of the screen, where it can then be clicked to hide/show the window. [Download - size]
    MouseWorks 2.8 (free) is a disk image archive of the full version of Kensington MouseWorks software for Mac OS X. MouseWorks 2.8 supports Kensington BlueTooth mice and trackballs, and requires a BlueTooth enabled computer running OS 10.2.8 or higher. [Download - 3.65MB]
    Sonar 1.1 ($18) is a file monitor utility program for ac OS X Tiger. The application reports file change acitivity on the hard drive, and allows the user to delete files reported by Sonar. Sonar can be used to monitor how frequently a software writes onto the hard drive, allowing the user to optimize their program's hard drive usage. [Download - 2.1MB]

CBS offers \"Survivor\" on

02/03, 11:40am

CBS offers \"Survivor\"

CBS announced that it is making its reality-TV show "Survivor" available for download on its own $1.99 per episode, even as the network offers many of its other popular titles via Apple's iTunes Music Store. Larry Kramer, president of CBS Digital Media said CBS is likely to make more of its content available, depending on the success of the "Survivor" effort, according to MarketWatch. "If it does go well, you will definitely see more content going up on the site." Kramer said the show, which will be available after its premiere on Thursday, will be commercial free, but CBS is looking into potential sponsorship arrangements.

Adobe offers CS2 security patch

02/03, 11:40am

Adobe vulnerabilities

Adobe has released a warning about recently discovered vulnerabilities in Adobe Creative Suite 2, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and Adobe Illustrator CS2. The problem occurs in both Mac and Windows computers, wherein the file and folder permissions for Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2 and Adobe Help Center can permit non-privileged users to change key program files, presenting a risk for shared, multi-user systems. Adobe is providing update utilities to correct the access permission issues and prevent manipulation. The list of downloadable updates can be obtained in Adobe's Support Knowledgebase.

Simply Elegant Sales POS for Mac OS X

02/03, 11:15am

Simply Elegant Sales

Zarra Studios announced the release of its Simply Elegant Sales, a small business point of sale (POS) application designed for Mac OS X Tiger. The program can track in-store credit, utilize PayPal as a credit card clearing house, cache all of the credit card transactions and do a bulk submission at the end of the day or week. A cashier can choose the most efficient process, avoiding delays while searching through cascading menus to find the correct option for the customer's order. Simply Elegant Sales is a native Cocoa solution, priced at $130 for the entry level edition, and $250 for the standard edition.

Antigen fast-paced action game released

02/03, 10:45am

Antigen 1.0 released today debuted its free game entitled "Antigen," a fast-paced action game for "die-hard traditionalists." Antigen takes players into a world of germs, viruses, bacteria, and toxins that are attempting to destroy their ship. Players must annihilate these villainous substances in order to survive and continue on to a potentially long journey. A radar minimap at the bottom of the screen provides an overview of enemies approaching the ship, while a running count located at the bottom-left of the screen indicates the current wave, how many enemies are left, and how many lives remain. Graphics showcase hard, metallic edges juxtaposed against soft, drippy germs, while the audio backdrop features three quick-tempo rock tracks. Antigen is available for free (system requirements were unavailable).

MenuKeys customizes FM menu shortcuts

02/03, 10:00am

MenuKeys 1.0 released

Zevrix Solutions today released MenuKeys 1.0, a solution for customizing FileMaker menu shortcuts within Mac OS X. MenuKeys allows to users to assign keyboard shortcuts to any FileMaker menu, and edit the existing menus via its interactive user interface. All FileMaker menu commands can be activated instantly with a single keyboard shortcut, eliminating the need for countless mouse trips to the menus. The application provides a comprehensive interactive reference to all FileMaker menu shortcuts, while a "Custom Menus" feature enables users to assign shortcuts to non-permanent menus such as fonts, scripts, or recent files. MenuKeys is based on a FileMaker database, ensuring that the software opens as any other FileMaker file without requiring extra plug-ins. MenuKeys requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and supports any version of FileMaker from 6 to 8, excluding FileMaker Developer 6. The software is available for $10.


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