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  1. psuescun

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Battery life of MacBook??

    It seems kind of strange that Steve did not mention the battery life of the new MacBook Pro... Even in the apple website, there is no mention about the battery life on those machines, as opossed to the rest of the portables. If the new Intel processors are sooo great in performance per watt why there is no mention to it in terms of battery life?. May be they don't have the numbers yet... may be... but if they are taking orders now they should advertise it...

  1. mp3magic

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    Loss of Power = Joe Smoe

    So we are all going to Trade in our POWERBooks for macBooks?? What a stupid name! After 20 years of the PowerBook, they change the name... it is like Tylenol changing its name to Acetaminaphen.

  1. cyngus

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    Re: Loss of Power = Joe

    I too like the "Power" moniker because it makes you think "big, number-cruncher" computer. However, I think Apple is trying to break with Power because it is associated with the PowerPC instruction set, which they are (unfortunately) abandoning. It is true that not all PowerBooks used PowerPC processor's, all Power Macs have though. I suppose this goes to which came first, did the Power in PowerBook inspire the next generation of chips to be called PowerPC or was it just coincidence?

  1. Ralf_Wiggum

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    blog says it all

    Take a look at:

    From the blog: "They also have 85 watt AC adapters compared to the old 65 watt AC adapters. Imaginary Watt per Performance Arbitrary Unit my butt."

  1. jwdsail

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    Intel PowerBook

    The new iMac seems to be a great bargin... No need for Universal Binary Pro apps on the consumer iMac.. Huge upgrade from x600 to x1600 graphics... Impressive..

    Of the 2 Intel Macs introduced, the iMac is the one that for me, wasn't *downgraded*...

    The Intel PowerBook (who's the idiot that decided to do away with millions of $$$ of marketing and brand awareness and came up with MacBook Pro?) is missing so many things that as a laptop user I *NEED* that it is a significant *DOWNGRADE* from the PowerBook G4...

    oooo it's faster.. Great, about damn time, but what about features road warriors *need*?

    No Firewire 800... The lack of Firewire 800 is disappointing.. So, I buy the new IntelBook and see *less* performance with my ext. drives? I could go out and buy a Firewire 800 PC Card... Oh..

    No Cardbus support... If they had kept the PC Card/Cardbus standard, I could add a Firewire 800 card, but, no. The ExpressCard size they offer support for is the smaller of 2 card sizes... If the larger format card had been supported, we'd have S-ATA and Firewire cards already available.. Searching the ExpressCard site, reveals many interesting ExpressCard/54 cards, but none will work with this new "Pro" Mac laptop... So now what? We buy the latest, greatest Apple "Pro" machine and not use our "Pro" accessories to their specs?

    Downgraded Superdrive? The new Powe.. MacBook Pro no longer offers a high speed dual-layer SuperDrive? Again, I thought this was supposed to be an *upgrade*???

    No modem? Um, great... I guess Jobs never travels outside a WiFi cloud, but for the majority of road warriors, that just isn't the case! Now when I and my belongings are being strip searched by TSA, I have to worry about the small white piece of plastic (Apple's $49 usb modem) getting lost? Who's the brainiac that came up with this one?

    No S-Video out? Great, so now I can't connect the laptop to my clients TVs they have in their conference rooms without *gasp* some kind of 3rd party adaptor I'll need to lug around? Again, isn't this supposed to be Apple's latest and *GREATEST* "PRO" laptop??? And they're *removing* features? This isn't the iBook Steve, it's the *POWERBOOK*! Apple's *PRO* laptop!!!

    While this laptop may be faster than stink, in all other ways, it just plain stinks. The lack of attention to the *needs* of the potential users of this product is the kind of thing I'd expect from Micro$oft, or Dell.. Not Apple.

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