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QT 7.04 reposted, iTunes 6.02 released

01/10, 8:45pm

QuickTime 7.04 released

Apple has reposted QuickTime 7.0.4 (via Web and Software Update), an important release that delivers numerous bug fixes, support for iLife '06, and H.264 performance improvements as well as iTunes 6.02, which brings stability fixes to the music jukebox software from Apple. QuickTime 7.04 update is "highly recommended" for all QuickTime 7 users, according to Apple and is available via the Software Update along with the iTunes update. In addition, Apple has released an Aluminum PowerBook (15-inch) Battery Update, which requires a reboot and helps the battery act at full capacity, according to readers. The 820KB update is available via the Software Update. Update: QuickTime 7.0.4 delivers a number of security fixes, including those for Panther and Tiger. The company said the updates fixes several security fixes, including a maliciously-crafted QTIF/TGA/TIFF/GIF image that may result in arbitrary code execution. As of 7:25 ET, Apple has removed the QuickTime 7.04 update from its servers without explanation and posted a QuickTime 7.0.1 Reinstaller for QuickTime 7.0.4. [updated at 8:40 pm ET]

myvu personal media viewer for iPod

01/10, 8:35pm

myvu personal media viewer

The MicroOptical Corp (booth 849) today introduced its myvu personal media viewer, which comprises eyewear with built in video viewing and audio. The futuristic, sunglasses-like "viewer" provides a "heads-up" display of the video source, revolutionizing the way people watch video with an iPod, according to the company. "By connecting the small, ultra-light 'binocular' eyewear viewer to an iPod, users can watch their favorite music videos, video podcasts and TV shows with a large image right in front of their eyes. Since MicroOptical's myvu viewer works indoors and outdoors, users can experience portable video anywhere, anytime. Because the display and audio systems are built into the eyewear, myvu can be worn in any position -- reclining on an airplane, sitting on a park bench and even lying down on a couch." (Pricing and availability were not available.)

Free Mactel updates for Omni Group apps

01/10, 8:30pm

Omni Group apps updated

The Omni Group has announced free upgrades to the Universal binary versions of its software applications, including OmniGraffle (diagramming and charting), OmniOutliner (Mac OS X outliner), OmniDiskSweeper (check for disk usage), OmniObjectMeter (developer tool to repair leaks and other memory management), and OmniDictionary (free tool for accessing definitions via the internet). The Universal versions run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, optimizing the applications for Apple's newly announced iMacs and MacBook Pros. The Omni Group also said that it is committed to providing a Universal version of its web browser, OmniWeb, in an upcoming release. A new version of OmniWeb is currently in development (those interested in becoming beta testers should contact All Universal updates are free for owners of the current major versions of each applications.

MWSF: Showfloor gallery - Apple booth

01/10, 8:10pm

MWSF Gallery 3: Apple

Following the Steve Jobs Expo keynote (replay available), Apple today showcased its new products on the showfloor, including iLife '06 with iWeb, iWork '06 bundle with updated versions of Keynote and Pages, and new Intel-based Macs: the iMac Core Duo (now shipping) and the new MacBook Pro, which is slightly lighter than the previous model (5.4lbs vs. 5.6lbs) and features a number of new enhancments, including a thinner profile, a faster ATI Radeon graphics card, a built-in iSight remote, a Lithium-polymer battery, an IR-rmote that works with the bundled Front Row software, and more. We have a small gallery from show floor with many of the Apple booth and the new MacBook. (Feel free to drop us a line if you want to see something or give us feedback.)

Briefly: MOTU; Ultralingua; iPod-Levis

01/10, 8:05pm

MOTU, Ultralingua, Levis

In brief: MOTU today announced that it plans to release Mactel-compatible drivers for all of its currently-shipping FireWire and USB audio and MIDI interfaces by January 31st.... Ultralingua today announced the release of Ultralingua 5.14 ($30) for Apple's new Intel-based Macs.... Levi's has introduced its RedWire DLX Jeans--slated for shipment in the fall of 2006--that integrate iPod plug-and-play technology.... Keyspan has announced its new Universal A/V Dock and A/V Remote for iPod at this week's Expo.... GizMac today announced its Titan case for iPod nano, a protective cover with an anodized aircraft aluminum finish.... Peachpit today began offering Mac fans an in-depth first look at Apple's new iLife '06 suite, which Apple debuted today at the Expo.

Tom Binh offers cases for MacBook Pro

01/10, 8:05pm

Cases for MacBook Pro

Tom Binh has has released two new cases for Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro laptop, which replaces the company's PowerBook line. The new Size 4X of their hard-shell Brain Cell and Monolith laptop cases are designed specifically for the 15.4- MacBook Pro. Both Size 4X cases for the new MacBook advance laptop protection by cradling the laptop in 8mm thick soft foam padding, which is suspended in a 4mm hard corrugated plastic insert. The sides are protected by dense cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam. "This offers the toughest protection you can get for your laptop in a case that is still light and minimalist". The Brain Cell is designed to clip securely inside a messenger bags or briefcases, while the Monolith is designed to clip inside any backpack: it can be carried on its own. The Brain Cell and Monolith are available in five colors: Black, Steel, Deep Blue, Crimson, and Wasabi. Available for pre-order, the Size 4X Brain Cell ($50) is in production now and will ship date on February 15th. The Size 4X Monolith ($45) is available for pre-order today and will ship date on February 28th.

Crypto-Server 6.4 to support Intel Macs

01/10, 7:55pm

CRYPTO-Server on Mactels

CRYPTOCard today announced that its recently-launched CRYPTO-Server 6.4 for Mac OS X is already compatible with Apple's new Intel Macs. The software is designed to fully integrate with Tiger's support for smart card environments, while the software's "One-PIN-and-You're-In" authentication provides secure building, door, elevator, LAN, VPN, Web-based, and desktop access for Mac OS X. CRYPTO-Server generates a one-time password for every log-on attempt, making stolen credentials useless to malicious users by coupling something in the user's possession (a smart card or token), with something the user knows (their PIN). The company is offering a MWSF special five-user bundle at half price for $250 (system requirements were unavailable).

iSale 3, MediaCentral debut at MWSF

01/10, 7:25pm

Equinux updates iSale

Equinux today simultaneously introduced two new software applications and announced an update to its iSale eBay sales management program. iSale 3.0 offers a WYSIWYG template editor to enhance auctions, and a "pinboard" layout displays all auctions in a polaroid-style photoshow with price-tags to indicate the highest bid for each item. iSale 3.0 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, and is available for $40. On Air 1.0 allows Mac users to take advantage of economically priced PC-only supported network cameras to view and record on a Mac using a broadcast-room style interface. On Air is available for $40, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Algebra game for Mac OS X

01/10, 7:20pm

Dimenxian game for OS X

Tabula Digita today announced Dimenxian algebra game for Max OS X Tiger. Dimenxian is designed to engage students in Algebra by integrating Algebra concepts into the game design. Tabula Digita has partnered with The Princeton Review to provide this gaming/learning environment to students during tutoring sessions. Dimenxian contains a 3-dimensional virtual world with an immersive learning environment that encourages exploration, engagement, and achievement. The graphics, sound, and animation compare to features found in video games, while allowing students to learn material critical to passing exams. Dimenxian is expected to be available this summer (pricing was unavailable).

ColorVision Spyder2 for on-screen color

01/10, 7:05pm

ColorVision Spyder2

Datacolor (booth 648) today debuted ColorVision Spyder2 Express. ColorVision is an entry-level on-screen color management tool for digital images that corrects CRT, LCD and notebook monitors for accurate, reliable and consistent color--day-to-day and image-to-image. Available in nine languages, Spyder2 Express' wizard software and graphical user interface offers users a steps to balance screen colors. The product utilizes the Spyder2 colorimeter to ensure highly accurate color calibration. Mac OS X compatible ColorVision Spyder2 Express, bundled with Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition will be available in March in the U.S. for $100.

Mariner offers beta of Montage

01/10, 6:55pm

Montage enters beta phase

Mariner Software today announced that its forthcoming Mac OS X screenwriting application, Montage, has reached the beta development phase, and is expected to ship in March of 2006. Montage provides screenwriters with a live script outline, a view of characters, locations, tasks, research, and more. The software includes templates for film, TV, radio, and theater that automatically scripts to industry standards. Montage supports Final Draft documents, is available for $150, and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Flip4Mac releases WMV Components 2.0

01/10, 6:20pm

WMV Components 2.0

Telestream today released Flip4Mac WMV Components 2.0, allowing Mac OS X users to play, import, and export Windows Media video and audio files within native QuickTime-based media applications such as QuickTime Player, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. The update includes first-time, full-playback of high-definition Windows Media content within QuickTime Player on a Macintosh, expanded preset encoding profiles, and the ability to save custom encoding profiles. Telestream also announced that the WMV Player Component is now free, and that WMV Import adds the ability to import Windows Media for editing and conversion to other formats for $30 alongside Flip4Mac WMV Studio bundles--which range in price from $50 to $180.

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus for Mac OS X

01/10, 6:10pm

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus

Maxtor today announced that it will be shipping its Maxtor Shared Storage Plus solution with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger support in February 2006. The Maxtor Shared Storage Plus solution makes enables Mac OS X users to connect, store, share, stream, print, and automatically back up to one central location on a home or small office network. The solution supports Bonjour for automatic network configuration, enables up to 20 users to simultaneously access and protect files, offers two USB ports to connect and share two USB printers or two additional external storage drives or one of each, and new industry-compliant media serving capabilities to allow users to stream content on compatible UPnP AV digital media adapters for viewing content on televisions or listening to music on stereo systems. The solution also features privacy levels for shared folders, automatic organization of 100 different file types, detailed backup and storage status, and integrated backup software. They will ship in February in 200GB ($300), 300GB ($400), and 500MB ($500) configurations.

NetXposure\'s Image Portal A/V for Mac

01/10, 6:05pm

MWSF debut of Image Portal

NetXposure (booth 325) today announced Image Portal A/V for Mac OS X Tiger and Maz OS X Server Tiger. The latest edition to the Image Portal line was built specifically for Tiger and utilizes QuickTime imaging technology to deliver video conversion tools and automated podcasting. In addition to previewing both audio and video clips, Image Portal A/V's capabilities include keyframe display, the option to select thumbnails from keyframes, and the ability to transcode multiple formats including MOV, 3G, DV, AVI, MPEG-4, WAV and FLC. With built-in support for Podcasting of both audio and video files, assets can be designated for podcasting, then made available on RSS 2.0 feeds that can be used by iTunes and other podcast-enabled clients. Image Portal A/V is an enterprise class, work-in-progress DAM system utilizing a Service Oriented Architecture. Other notable features include Web Services, WebDAV, LDAP support, versioning, auto-tasking, and statistics reporting. (Pricing not available.)

Mac OS X 10.4.4 brings new Widgets, more

01/10, 6:00pm

Mac OS X 10.4.4 posted

As anticipated in this morning's keynote, Apple has posted Mac OS X 10.4.4, an update to its Tiger operating system that brings full support for Intel-based Macs as well as several new widgets, as noted by Jobs' keynote. The widgets include those for Google, Calendar, AddressBook, ESPN, Ski Conditions, and more. The update brings fixes to Safari, improved Dashboard Widgets, improved iChat, better stability when third-party networking kernel extensions are installed, preliminary RAW support for iPhoto, improved .Mac sync, fixes problem with Keychain unlocking, and more. Currently, on the downloads are available on the Web as well as via the Software Update. Two updates for Mac OS X Client (Combo/Update) and two updates for Mac OS X Server (Combo/Update) are available.

Project X integrates with OS X Tiger

01/10, 6:00pm

Marware unveils Project X

Marware today unveiled its Project X project management solution designed to simplify workflow and eliminate common issues inherent to detailed project management. The software takes advantage of Mac OS X Tiger's features while integrating with Apple Mail, Address Book, iCal, and Personal Web Sharing. A new Submissions widget feature tracks the progress of each resource, while a project widget provides instant visual feedback of the overall project. Integration with Spotlight allows fast searches, while integration with .Mac sync reliably keeps all related files up-to-date from any location with an internet connection. Project X is slated for shipment in March for $200.

New Mac-compatible data loggers

01/10, 5:35pm

Mac-compatible data logger

Onset unveiled two new low-cost, Mac-based data loggers at this week's Expo. The new HOBO Pendant Loggers record temperature, or temperature and light intensity, in a range of indoor, outdoor and underwater environments. The HOBO Dendant Temp model provides high and low LED alarms if temperatures go beyond set thresholds; the HOBO Pendant Temp/Light model combines temperature and light intesnsity monitoring capabilities. Both HOBO Pendant models off high-speed data offload to Mac computers via optical USB interface, and Mac-based HOBOware software allows user to view and print time-stamped graphs of temperature and light coniditions. Pricing for a single HOBO Pendant logger is $40-50, USB optical interface is $10, and HOBOware software for Windows or Mac retails at $100.

Mac compatible ArrayAssist

01/10, 5:20pm

New versions for Mac

Stratagene, manufacturer of specialized life science reasearch and diagnostic products, announced the launch of its ArrayAssist Exon and ArrayAssist Expression software for Mac OS X Tiger. The ArrayAssist line of software products consists of packages that enable life scientists to analyze the new generation of Affymetrix GeneChip Exon Arrays and data from other microarray platforms. The ArrayAssist Exon software is capable of processing Affymetrix GeneChip Exon Arrays, from raw .CEL data through primary expression and quality analysis to advanced gene-level and exon-level analysis. The ArrayAssist platform line provides biology-focused workflows while offering advanced analytical features such as multi-way ANOVA, non-parametric statistical tests, classifiers for machine learning-based prediction, and interactive visualization options. Both packages are fully integrated with Stratagene's PathwayArchitect systems biology pathway analysis software. In addition to Mac OS X, the ArrayAssist Expression and ArrayAssist Exon software are both compatible with Windows and Linux (availability and pricing were not available).

Google Earth released for Mac OS X

01/10, 5:15pm

Google Earth for Mac OS X

Google today released the highly-anticipated Macintosh version of Google Earth, its simulation software that incorporates satellite imagery, maps, and the company's search functionality that allows users to fly from space directly into their own neighborhoods. "We're happy to finally have some good news for the, ahem, vocal Mac enthusiasts we've been hearing from," one member of the Google Earth Team said. The software supports searches for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Users can get driving directions, save or share searches, and add annotations. Google Earth is available for free, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Levi\'s jeans for iPod users

01/10, 5:15pm

Levi\'s jeans for iPod

Levi's has introduced Levi's RedWire DLX Jeans, available worldwide fall 2006. Designed for both men and women, the jeans integrate iPod plug & play technology. The jean is designed to be compatible with most iPod systems and features include a joystick incorporated into the jeans' watch pocket to enable easy operation of the iPod. Features include an iPod docking cradle built into the jeans and "invisibly" housed within a side pocket, and retractable headphone unit built directly into the jean to prevent tangles of iPod's earphone wires. Levi's RedWire jeans are machine washable once the iPod is removed (pricing was unavailable).

Apple posts replay of Jobs Expo keynote

01/10, 5:05pm

Jobs Expo keynote in QT

Apple has posted a QuickTime 7-based replay webcast of Steve Jobs' Expo keynote from this morning, where he debuted the first Intel-based Macs, including the iMac Core Duo (shipping now) and MacBook Pro, replacing the PowerBook line (due in February). The keynote features the Intel-based Mac commercial as well as the debut of iLife '06 with iWeb and and updated iWork '06 suite and Apple's new FM tuner/remote for the iPod. It also features several performance comparisons, showing the performance and performance-per-watt superiority of the new Intel Core CPUs. Both Intel CEO Paul Otellini and Mac BU's Roz Ho were also invited on stage to talk about the company's partership and efforts to bring new Intel-Macs and Universal Binary applications to the platform. We've published an overview of the keynote with a photo gallery as well as have full notes from the keynote.

EyeTV 2.0 offers integrated TV guide

01/10, 5:05pm

EyeTV 2.0 released

Elgato Systems today released EyeTV 2.0, an update to its digital television software for Macintosh designed to enhance TV on the Mac as well as the iPod. EyeTV 2 features an integrated TV guide (EPG) which displays broadcast schedules within the EyeTV main window and retrieves information from digital broadcasts, as well as from online TV guide services--TitanTV for North America, tvtv for Europe. The software offers drag-and-drop support to manage recordings, channels, and schedules in one window. EyeTV 2.0 is available for $50 until March 31st, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later.

Windows Media for QuickTime

01/10, 5:00pm

Windows Media for QT

Telestream announced an agreement by which Microsoft will now distribute Windows Media (WM) components for QuickTime, immediately available for free download. Powered by Telestream's Flip4Mac technology, the WM components enable Mac OS X users to play Windows Media video and audio directly within the QuickTime player. The WM components for QuickTime ass WM playback support to the QuickTime player and Safari web browser, allowing Mac users to view WM content from within their existing QuickTime applications. It also provides for full playback of high definition WM on a Mac.

Garmin promises Mac support for GPS

01/10, 4:45pm

Full compatibility by 2007

Garmin today announced that it will immediately begin to make its line of GPS and mobile electronics devices compatible with Mac OS X 10.4. Garmin intends to have all its popular hardware and software applications Mac OS X compatible by the end of 2006. Beginning in spring 2006, Garmin will offer a Mac version of its Training Center software, used with Garmin's line of Forerunner and Edge series fitness products, which lets users plan and analyze workouts. Users can create their own workouts or use workout templates that can be downloaded into the unit. The software also offers interactive analysis tools that will now allow Mac users to chart their performance information like speed, heart rate, cadence, elevation, and pace.

World of Warcraft to support Intel Macs

01/10, 4:45pm

WoW to support Mactels

Blizzard Entertainment today announced that it will release the next World of Warcraft (WoW) patch, version 1.9.2, as a Universal Binary for Mac OS X to support the new Intel Macs. "It has been in internal testing for quite some time and we are getting ready to ship it," an official Blizzard representative wrote. "More information [will be released] as it becomes available." Blizzard's World of Warcraft online role-playing game quickly became the top pick of gamers shortly after its release, beating out the wildly popular EverQuest online RPG to become the dominating presence in the online role-playing arena.

QuarkXPress 7 to support Intel Macs

01/10, 4:25pm

QuarkXPress 7 on Mactels

As revealed in this morning's keynote, Quark today announced that QuarkXPress 7, its desktop publishing software, will be the first major publishing application to run natively on both Power PC and the new Intel-based Macs. A beta Universal Binary version that supports both PowerPC/Intel processor architectures will be available by the end of January, and the production version will ship later this year. Quark also announced that beta versions of QuarkXPress 7 for Power PC-based Macs and Microsoft Windows systems are now available for public beta testing; customers can download a pre-release testing version of either version at no charge starting today.

MWSF: Keynote recap, photo gallery

01/10, 4:20pm

Keynote overview, gallery

Steve Jobs this morning announced that the company has begun shipping its first Intel-based Macs: the iMac Core Duo is virtually identical to the previously shipping model, but features an Intel Core Duo processor--resulting in a performance increase of 2-3 times. The company also announced the MacBook Pro, which replaces the PowerBook and is expected to ship in February. Jobs also debuted iWeb, a new webpage creation application that is bundled with the updated iLife '06 software suite (available for $79 or free with new Macs) and an updated iWork suite with revised versions of the company's Keynote and Pages applications. Jobs said that Apple's retail segment had its first billion dollar quarter on $5.7 billion in revenuesd during the December/holiday, the highest ever for the company. We have a few photos from the keynote, while the full notes are available online.

FirstEdge v2 integrates biz services

01/10, 3:50pm

FirstEdge v2 for Mac OS X

MYOB US today announced FirstEdge v2, an update to its small business accounting application for Mac OS X Tiger. FirstEdge software package allows small business owners to do their banking, keep comprehensive contact information, track sales and expenses, write up quotes and invoices then print them on fully customizable forms and generate over 80 reports. Additionally, FirstEdge offers optional, integrated MYOB Business Services that let the user accept credit cards and fully outsource payroll. The software now includes a professional forms designer, new reporting features (Cash Flow, Customer Ledger, cash and accrual based Balance Sheet, etc.), improved on-screen viewing of reports, improved email functions for statements/invoices, and fully integrated credit card and payroll services. MYOB FirstEdge v2 for Mac is priced at $100; it is $80 for those upgrading from FirstEdge.

Keyspan A/V dock, remote for iPod

01/10, 3:50pm

Universal remote and dock

Keyspan (booth 1049) announced its new Universal A/V Dock and A/V Remote for iPod at this week's Expo. The dock enables the user to connect the iPod to a PC or Mac to sync or charge the iPod, connect iPod to a stereo or powered speakers using the line out jack, connect iPod to a TV using the S-Video jack, charge the iPod from an AC outlet using the USB Power Adapter, and control the iPod from around the house with the optional A/V Remote. The A/V Dock for iPod package includes a USB power adapter, USB cable, audio cable, and three dock adapters, retailing for $50, available in both black and white and shipping in February. The 16-function A/V Remote for iPod with a range of 60 feet, available in both black and white, will ship in February for $30.

CheckIt Repair and Performance Suite

01/10, 3:40pm

Allume software suite

Allume Systems (booth 1237) today introduced the CheckIt Repair and Performance Suite at the Expo, bundling three utilities together into one package. The bundle contains SpringCleaning--an uninstaller and cleanup utility designed to rid computers of unnecessary and redundant files--, TechTool Platinum--a diagnostic and repair tool--and EMC Dantz Retrospect Express--a flexible personal backup and restore application. The CheckIt Repair and Performance Suite is available for $100, and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Insider\'s FontAgent Pro Server

01/10, 3:30pm

FontAgent Pro Server

Insider Software (booth 621) announced FontAgent Pro Server at this week's Expo, an enterprise server version of FontAgent Pro. Key features include the Integrity manager, which stops corrupt and problem fonts from being added to the server, to prevent crashes and output problems. Its architecture keeps users productive even when disconnected from the server. Designers and printers can isolate customer fonts in separate libraries to ensure output, and a single server manages multiple libraries. FontAgent Pro Server manages Type 1, OpenType, dfont, Macintosh TrueType, Windows TrueType, and Multiple Master fonts. The server hardware supports dual G4 processors, G5s, and Xserve with no dedicated server required. FontAgent Pro connects to any networked Macintosh client running Mac OS X 10.3.x or later. FontAgent Pro Server is $1,500 (before a limited-time $500 discount). Clients are $130 each; FontAgent Pro Server will ship later this month.

GizMac debuts Titan case for iPod nano

01/10, 3:25pm

Titan case for iPod nano

GizMac (booth 2211) today announced its Titan case for iPod nano, part of its emerging line of accessories for the Apple/iPod platform. "What separates the Titan iPod case from the competition is the many number of ways the Titan can be worn," says Tim Cave, founder of GizMac, "The other great feature of our Titan cases is the incredible anodized aircraft aluminum finish, anodizing produces amazing colors not found in plastic, rubber or leather...purple, gold, pink, aluminum and black will be our initial colors, we have a few of the future colors on display in our MacWorld booth as well." In addition to its unique look from using anodized aircraft aluminum, the Titan case also provides a superior strength to weight ratio by the use of lightweight metal, according to the company.

JBL On Time: speakers, time for iPod

01/10, 3:20pm

JBL On Time for iPod

Harman Multimedia today launched JBL On Time, a high-performance iPod speaker dock and "time machine." JBL On Time features a radio, clock and dual alarm, and offers a menu-driven, intuitive user interface. JBL On Time is built with a high-performance sound system that offers horizontal acoustic level optimization, a design that provides a full, rich sound field from any direction. "With JBL On Time, music lovers can now wake up to the sound of their favorite song stored on their iPods. The easy-to-use interface is part of an attractive display that includes a large backlit LCD, making menu navigation a snap. A dome light provides a soft glow over the iPod, and an automatic dimming option provides the correct brightness level in any environment." JBL On Time is compatible with all docking versions of the iPod (and can also be used with other MP3 players, CD players, desktop and laptop computers, and satellite radio systems). It is available for $300.

KONA 3 video capture for G5 desktop

01/10, 3:20pm

KONA 3 for G5 desktop

AJA Video today announced KONA 3, its new HD/SD video capture card for PCIe Power Mac G5 systems that offers 40 percent more processing power than its predecessor, the KONA 2. The KONA 3 features a four-lane PCI-Express bus interface with integrated AJA QuickTime drivers designed to work with the new Apple Power Mac G5 systems. The card supports any uncompressed SD or HD format, including Dual Link, and captures or plays back uncompressed 10-bit and 8-bit digital video, as well as 24-bit 48kHz digital audio. KONA 3 includes hardware-based up-and-down-conversion to and from HD, and adds a live hardware keyer for compositing bugs, as well as live clips. The KONA 3 will begin shipping on January 30th for $3,000.

Entourage update, Open XML converters

01/10, 3:10pm

MS Entourage Update

Microsoft today also announced that is putting the final touches on a number of Entourage 2004 enhancements, including iSync support and Spotlight compatibility as well as an enterprise update for Messenger and the forthcoming release of Open XML converters for Mac users. The Entourage update, due in late March, will enable users to sync data from Entourage calendar, address book, notes and tasks with a variety of handheld devices (supported by iSync). New Engourage support for Spotlight for Tiger users will allow customers to more effectively search Entourage e-mail messages--similar to the functionality already found in Office 2004 for Mac Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. In addition, The Mac BU will bring enhanced Smart Card technology for customers who need to send digitally signed and encrypted e-mail messages

MS commits to Apple, Intel-Macs

01/10, 3:05pm

MS commits to Apple,

Microsoft today announced a formal five-year commitment to develop Microsoft Office for the Mac platform. The company said it would continue to develop versions for both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs as well as announced several upcoming improvements to Entourage 2004 for Mac. It also announced plans to build converters to read the new Microsoft Office Open XML Formats. The agreement, which includes the sharing of technologies needed to build and maintain compatible versions of Office for the Mac, is a formalization of the ongoing relationship between the companies "The commitment agreement and product announcements emphasize the cooperation between the two companies and serve as significant indicators of Microsoft's ongoing commitment to the Mac platform." The company promised future Universal Binary versions of Office and Messenger, but did not provide a solid release date.

Apple\'s MacBook Pro replaces PowerBook

01/10, 2:45pm

Apple Intel notebooks

Apple today debuted its new MacBook Pro notebook computer featuring the new Intel Core Duo processer delivering up to four times the performance of the PowerBook G4. The MacBook Pro features an aluminum enclosure with a thickness of one inch, and weighs 5.6 pounds. The notebook includes a built-in iSight video camera for video conferencing on-the-go, as well as the Apple Remote and Front Row software. Two MacBook Pro models--both featuring 15-inch screens--will be available in February. The 1.67Ghz model with 512MB of 667Mhz DDR2 SDRAM--expandable to 2GB--is priced at $2,000 with an 80GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 5400rpm, while the 1.83Ghz model offers 1GB of DDR2 memory and a 100GB SATA hard drive for $2,500. The new notebooks also feature the company's new "MagSafe" magnetic power connector, designed specifically for mobile users. They are available for pre-order from the Apple Store.

Nexus Inspector 1.0 Announced at MWSF

01/10, 2:40pm

Inspector for FileMaker

Nexus (booth 927) announced at this week's Expo the release and immediate availability of Inspector 1.0, its comprehensive database analysis tool. Inspector 1.0 determines and provides information for developers to solutions, execute maintenance and keep solutions problem free. Inspector analyzes the metadata of FileMaker solutions, clarifying the structure, elements, relationships and other detailed information, and highlighting problems in troubled areas. Using FileMaker's Database Design Report, Inspector provides a visual overview of basetables, table occurrences, layouts, layout objects, scripts, fields, privilege sets and more. Inspector provides search capabilities such as the ability to search within any calculation for any element, field, text, function, custom function, plug-in function, table occurrence or literal string. Security Perspective provides a visual presentation of elements in security-impacted areas, such as basetables, layouts, layout objects, scripts, script steps, and value lists. Comparison Checking shows what's been changed, and how it's been changed, between multiple analyses. Inspector 1.0 requires FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced, and runs on Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 and is available for $400.

Apple announces iLife \'06 with iWeb

01/10, 2:25pm

Apple announces iLife \'06

Apple today announced iLife '06, a significant upgrade to Apple's suite of digital lifestyle applications. iLife '06 features iPhoto 6 with blazing performance, new printed books, calendars and cards, and Apple's innovative new Photocasting for sharing photos over the Internet; iMovie HD 6 with new motion themes for adding spectacular production value to your movies; iDVD 6 for authoring custom DVDs for today's widescreen TVs; and GarageBand 3, now the complete solution for creating professional-quality Podcasts. iLife '06 also introduces iWeb, a new iLife application that makes it super-easy to create websites with photos, blogs and Podcasts and publish them on .Mac for viewing by anyone on the Internet. iLife '06 is now available for a suggested retail price of $79 (US) through the Apple Store. The iLife '06 suite of applications will be included with all new Macs.

New Podner 1.3 for iPod

01/10, 2:15pm

iPod movies with Podner

Splasm Software released Podner 1.3, now a Universal Binary and ready for the new Intel-based iMac. Podner software is used to reformat movie files for use with iPod. Enancements include a progress indicator in the user's Dock, minor interface appearance improvements, and several fixes. Podner requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 and up, iTunes 6, and QuickTime 7.0.3, and is available immediately for $10 for new users, free for registered users.

Apple unveils Intel iMacs

01/10, 1:40pm

Apple unveils Intel iMacs

Apple today debuted its highly-anticipated new iMacs featuring Mac OS X running on the new Intel Core Duo processor, delivering up to twice the speed of their G5 predecessors. Two versions--the 17-inch model running at 1.83Ghz ($1,300) and the 20-inch model running at 2.0Ghz ($1,700)- are already available via Apple's online store. Both models boast 512MB of 667Mhz DDR2 SDRAM--expandable to 2GB--, an 8x SuperDrive with dual-layer support, and a PCI Express-based ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card with 128MB GDDR3 memory. The new Macs ship with a 160GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 7200rpm.

Apple announces iWork \'06

01/10, 1:25pm

Apple announces iWork \'06

Apple today announced iWork '06, a new version of Apple's suite of productivity software with new features designed to make it easy for users to create even more compelling documents and presentations. iWork '06 includes major enhancements within Pages 2 and Keynote 3 including stunning three- dimensional charts, iPhoto-like advanced image editing and masking tools, and spreadsheet-like tables that make it easy to get great results in minutes. iWork '06 is now available through the Apple Store, Apple's retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers for a suggested retail price of $79 (US).

AAPL tops $80 after holiday numbers

01/10, 1:25pm

AAPL 5.4B holiday quarter

Apple today revealed that it has fufilled what was considered by some analysts to be nearly unachievable sales figures for the company, shattering expectations with 42 million iPod sales to date and reporting a holiday quarter revenue of $5.7 billion--near the top of Wall Street forecasts. Apple's stock skyrocketed to a new all-time-high breaking the $80 mark as the company's CEO Steve Jobs spoke at the Expo. Jobs stated that the company sold 14 million iPods during the holiday quarter alone, and that the iTunes Music Store has sold 850 million songs thus far. Wall Street analysts on average were expecting Apple to post revenue for the first quarter ending in December of $5.04 billion versus $3.49 billion a year ago, according to a report from Reuters.

Apple unveils iPod Radio Remote

01/10, 1:10pm

Apple unveils iPod remote

Apple today unveiled its iPod Radio Remote, combining the convenience of a wired remote control with new FM radio capabilities for the iPod nano and fifth-generation video iPod. The iPod Radio Remote offers music lovers a convenient way to skip tracks and adjust the volume of their iPod, even when it's in a pocket or backpack, and listen to FM radio stations while displaying station and song information on the iPod screen. The iPod Radio Remote includes a pair of Apple headphones with a shorter cable, and is available for $50.

Several RadTech releases at MWSF

01/10, 12:55pm

RadTech cases/accessories

RadTech released several new products available immediately at this week's Expo. Included are the RadMouse HID Driver Software for RadTech Bluetooth Mice (free download), new Ruggedized HDD Enclosures ($40-120), Sleevz iPod cases ($15/21), Clamshell Acrylic iPod case ($20), ClearCal Transparent Mylar Protective Panels for iPod ($7), Gelz Economy Silicone Case for iPod ($8-9), RetractCable connection cables ($10) and earbuds ($8) for iPod, AutoPower automobile power port adapters for iPod ($8), and CarConnection cassette player adapter for iPod ($10).

Targus unveils radius carrying case

01/10, 11:10am

Targus carrying case

Targus today unveiled its radius notebook carrying case designed for Apple iBook and PowerBook laptops with screen sizes up to 15-inches. The cases feature multiple pockets for a wide variety of mobile accessories and digital devices, including a custom retractable airline ticket/travel document holder and a padded removable notebook slipcase. A padded interior compartment stows the notebook alongside other pockets and compartments for a cell phone, keys, and other miscellaneous items. Targus' radius notebook carrying cases are available for $120 and ship with a limited lifetime warranty.

Two new FirmTek products

01/10, 11:05am

FirmTek announcements

FirmTek (booth 2050) announced their latest two-bay external enclosure at this week's Expo. The SeriTek/2EN2 features eSATA tecnology and provides two hot swappable Serial SATA hard drive bays for Macintosh and Windows computers. It features user-selectable fan speed settings, 300MB/sec or 3.0Gbits/sec data transfer rate per drive, support for host adapter, operating system, and software-based RAID or JBOD configurations. Included are two fully shielded eSATA cables. FirmTek's SeriTek/2EN2 two-bay Serial ATA enclosure will be available during the first quarter of this year for $200, with specially priced bundles with host adapter also available.

MemoryMiner history tracker debuts

01/10, 10:55am

MemoryMiner 1.0 debuts

GroupSmarts today launched MemoryMiner 1.0, a new software application allowing users to link pictures, audio, video and other media to create digital stories. Users can create, link, and explore unlimited attachments of audio, video, documents, URLs, and other annotations to any photo that transforms records into sensory narratives. The resulting storyboards, documentaries, slideshows, and scrapbooks link people, places, and time periods to review and track personal history. MemoryMiner 1.0 works seamlessly with iMovie and iPhoto, requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and is available for $45.

NewsGator\'s MarsEdit 1.1 announced

01/10, 10:20am

New MarsEdit

NewsGator Technologies announced from this week's Expo a new version of MarsEdit, the weblog editor from NewsGator. MarsEdit 1.1 is a universal binary which works on Intel Macs as well as PowerPC Macs, and works like email with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and AppleScript support. MarsEdit works with many RSS readers, and is compatible with many blog publishing systems like Blosxom, Conversant, Manila, Movable Type, Radio UserLand, TypePad, and WordPress. New features include date editing, Technorati tags, titles for Blogger weblogs, and the ability to specify enclosures. MarsEdit 1.1 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or greater, and a single-user license may be purchased for $25, or $20 per user for two or more users. All 1.x versions of MarsEdit are free to owners of NetNewsWire 1.x.

HP debuts new business inkjet printers

01/10, 10:15am

Business inkjet printers

HP today unveiled the HP Deskjet 6980 and HP Deskjet 6940 Color Inkjet Printers, two performance printers that feature wired Ethernet printing for sharing with multiple computers and "breakthrough" print speeds. Additionally, the HP Deskjet 6980 Printer offers wireless printing and built-in Wi-Fi wireless 802.11g/b for fast and easy networking. Both printers include SecureEasySetup, which allows users to easily connect to select wireless networks in less then ten minutes, according to the company. The printers feature speeds of up to 36 pages per minute (ppm) in black and 27 ppm in color, 4,800 dpi resolution, standard/custom photo size printing (up to 8.5 x 24-inch panorama prints), a front-mounted USB port for camera-direct prints, optional six-ink printing, and high-volume inkjet print cartridges. An optional 250-sheet paper tray and an optional automatic two-sided printing accessory are also available. HP said both the Deskjet 6980 and Deskjet 6940 will be available later this month for $150 and $130, respectively, and are compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [updated]

Form.Z 6.0 offers built-in animation

01/10, 10:05am

Form.z 6.0 released

AutoDesSys today introduced form.Z 6.0--a cross platform design oriented 3D modeler--and will offer a sneak preview of its next release which is currently in the beta testing phase, and is due out later this winter. Form.Z features animation as a design tool that can be used for traditional design visualization or as a way of generating 3D forms from the animation process. The form.Z animation environment features a hierarchical track based animation model, and supports both keyframe and path-based animation techniques (pricing and compatibility information was unavailable).

OWC shps 160GB 2.5-inch portable drive

01/10, 9:50am

160GB portable drive

Other World Computing (OWC, booth 2217) today debuted a new, significantly enhanced FireWire 800-equipped version of its Mercury On-The-Go line of ultra-portable, high-capacity 2.5-inch drives for portable storage. Featuring a 160GB drive, the new On-The-Go pro series 800/400+USB2 makes OWC the first company shipping a portable FireWire/USB2 drive of this capacity. The new 800 FireWire version of the Mercury On-the-Go includes two FireWire 800- and one USB 2.0/1.1 ports, All Mercury On-The-Go drives measure 3.5-inches x 5.5-inches x 1-inch, weigh less than 12 ounces and ship with carrying case, FireWire cable, USB Cable, EMC/Dantz Retrospect and Intech Speed Tools. They also are covered by a one-year warranty and officially supported by Dantz Retrospect with the EMC/Dantz Retrospect Backup Certification. Pricing starts at $130 for 40GB, while the 160GB version is $470.

Lower prices on G-Tech\'s G-RAIDs

01/10, 9:50am

New prices on G-RAID

G-Technology announced new lower pricing on it's line of G-RAID FireWire 800 storage solutions for content creators. All G-RAID storage solutions feature two 7200RPM Hitachi disk drives with 8MB cache, RAID 0 Controller with Oxford 912 chipset, and a two year factory warranty. Pricing for 320GB model has dropped $40, $50 on the 500GB model, and $100 on the 1000GB model, leaving the prices at $360, $500, and $1,100 respectively.

XtremeMac Voice recorder for iPod video

01/10, 9:45am

XtremeMac voice recorder

XtremeMac announced a new voice recorder for the iPod video this week's Expo. The MicroMemo recorder uses iPod's high-fidelity audio capabilities to record 16-bit audio via an included, flexible-neck, removable microphone, or any compatible microphone with a 3.5mm plug. It connects via the Dock connector at the bottom of the iPod and includes a built-in speaker for instant playback without headphones. MicroMemo also has a one-touch recording feature that activates the recording mode even when the iPod is in play mode. It is scheduled to begin shipping in late Spring 2006 and will retail for $80.

SlingPlayer for Mac demoed, due in Q2

01/10, 9:40am

SlingPlayer for Mac coming

Sling Media today announced SlingPlayer Mac, offering Mac users the ability to watch and control their home television from an Internet-connected Macintosh computer anywhere in the world. The software client is in alpha testing stage; however, the company said it is conducting a demo outside the Expo taking place this week and will ship the software in the second quarter of 2006. "Just like the SlingPlayer software for Windows-based computers, SlingPlayer Mac will deliver the ability to watch living room TV programming from virtually anywhere you can get a broadband Internet connection anywhere in the world. On-screen remote controls will allow full manipulation of the home television source, including the ability to change channels and navigate menus." Slingbox is available from consumer retailers for $250.

Sorenson releases Squeeze 4.3 update

01/10, 9:35am

Sorenson Squeeze 4.3

Sorenson Media today released Squeeze 4.3, an update to its cross-platform video compression suite that brings new tools to enhance and support multimedia creation using Macromedia Flash. Sorenson Squeeze 4.3 furnishes users with a new freely distributable cross-platform FLV player for easy playback and preview of FLV files. In addition, this version offers alpha channel support for blue-screen type special effects as well as embedded cue points and global metadata options. The cue points and metadata have the ability to make Flash video more robust with data that makes Flash video more searchable and more accessible. Sorenson Squeeze 4.3 Compression Suite costs $450 and Sorenson Squeeze 4.3 for Macromedia Flash costs $120.

Roxio offers demos, deals on software

01/10, 9:35am

Roxio demos, deals

Roxio (booth 435) today announced that it is offering in-depth demonstrations and special show pricing on its Mac software during the Expo. One such demonstration offered is how to use the company's Toast 7 software to easily transfer audio and video entertainment to mobile devices such as the iPod video, Sony PSP, and mobile phones. Roxio is also showcasing its suite of iPod software accessories such as "The Boom Box" and its DVD backup application, "Popcorn." The company is set to introduce standalone versions of its "CD Spin Doctor" and "Motion Pictures HD" software, which were previously only available as components of Toast 7.

IntelliScanner Home Inventory bundle

01/10, 9:25am

Home Inventory bundle

.IntelliScanner today unveiled the new IntelliScanner Home Inventory bundle, offering a complete solution for keeping track of assets and belongings in any home as well as began shipping its Kitchen Companion 100. The complete Home Inventory bundle includes an IntelliScanner personal barcode reader, asset and media tracking software, along with 250 pre-printed barcode tags to place on any object. The IntelliScanner barcode reader can scan retail barcodes (from books, movies, CDs, games, and other items) and pre-printed IntelliScanner Asset Tags: users can print reports, burn detailed information to a CD for insurance purposes, track depreciation, store digital photos, and much more. The included Media Collector software helps organize books, movies, music, and games with barcode technology, filling in virtually of the details automatically. The Home Inventory bundle is now available for $200 (corded USB model) or $300 (featuring Bluetooth wireless technology or PC serial)--before a limited $20 introductory offer discount.

Targus offers \"flip up\" case for Nano

01/10, 9:20am

\"Flip up\" case for Nano

.Targus (booth 2729) today introduced carrying cases designed for the iPod nano, extending its iPod case line. The "stylish" cases are designed to provide protection for the nano while offering easy access to controls and connectors. The Nano cases are made from premium quality leather with soft scratch resistant lining, while the polyurethane screen and dial protectors prevent scratching. They conveniently clip on to a belt, backpack, pocket, purse or briefcase and offer an unique flip-up feature to "address the upside down orientation" of the Nano screen due to the location of headphone connector on the bottom. "When attached, the case provides a secure fit for the nano. Users can flip the case up to view the screen, change the song selection, or adjust the volume, without detaching the nano, removing it from the case or taking off their headphones." The Targus cases are available in orange (TMS015US), pink (TMS014US), red (TMS013), light blue (TMS012), and black (TMS011) for $25 each and will ship in March with a limited lifetime warranty.

VideoEgg eases video posting to Web

01/10, 9:10am

VideoEgg Publisher for Mac

.VideoEgg today announced support for the Mac with the introduction of the VideoEgg Publisher for Mac. The VideoEgg Publisher is a small website plugin that simplifies the way videos are captured, edited, and published online. Leveraging a "universal adapter" that captures directly from hundreds of devices and reads dozens of formats, the VideoEgg Publisher allows internet users to painlessly publish video in a format that anyone can watch without worrying about player compatibilities, encoding settings, or extra software, according to the company. "Unlike most Mac-created videos, which are posted in Apple's QuickTime format, videos posted with the VideoEgg Publisher for Mac play back in the Flash format, which can be almost universally viewed by both Mac and PC users." The VideoEgg Publisher for the Mac will be available by January 16th.

Ovolab Phlink 3 gains \'Call Snooping\'

01/10, 9:05am

Ovolab Phlink 3 at MWSF

.Ovolab (booth 407) today announced the third major release of Phlink, its innovative telephony software for Mac OS X. Due next month, Phlink 3 introduces new features, including call snooping, support for Elgato's EyeTV and greater control over Phlink's functionality. Call snooping allows users to records all conversations that take place on the phone line--regardless of whether Phlink has been used to answer the phone--allowing users to track all conversations for later playback. The software now also allows users of Elgato's software for digital video recording to schedule recordings remotely over the phone. It also features an improved preferences window (for better customization), group calling features, easier voice mailbox setup, and support for Intel-based Macs. It is due in the second half of February for $150. Upgrades will be $40. Phlink is available for purchase on the showfloor for $140 ($10 off), which includes a free upgrade to version 3.

Zimbra collaboration suite for OS X

01/10, 9:00am

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

.Zimbra today announced the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". The leading open-source enterprise-grade email and collaboration solution delivers support for iCal, Apple Mail clients and Xserve RAID storage. The suite provides support for email, contacts, and group calendaring, and consists of a server and client. It offers support for Outlook, including calendar, mail, contacts and offline mode as well as mobile devices such as the Blackberry and Treo. It also offers for mixed environments, including Windows, Apple and Linux computers. The open-source edition for Tiger is available now as a 134MB download, while the Zimbra Collaboration Suite -- Network Edition for Max OS X Tiger will be available in the first quarter of 2006 for $1450 for up to 50 users.

Airfoil 2.0 supports multiple AE units

01/10, 8:50am

Airfoil 2.0 released

.Rogue Amoeba Software (booth 431) has announced Airfoil 2.0, a major update to its companion application for AirPort Express, enabling any audio--not just iTunes--to be sent to the device. Version 2 now allows users to send audio to multiple AirPort Express units simultaneously (and in sync) as well as send audio to password- protected speakers. In addition, it offers audio effects such as a 10-band equalizer to any transmitted audio. Furthermore, Airfoil v2 adds support for more sound sources: it can now send audio directly from Dashboard widgets, USB radios like the RadioShark, general audio devices like microphones, and even all System Audio, using the SoundFlower component. The company also revamped the interface and added full AppleScript support. It is a free update to the $25 software application.

Griffin offers TuneFlex for iPod nano

01/10, 8:45am

TuneFlex for iPod nano

..Griffin today announced TuneFlex for iPod nano, a dock and charger combo unit designed for use in autos. TuneFlex's flexible steel neck adjusts to any angle, and its cradle grips the Nano. It also rotates to stay upright, allowing the Nano to be easily readable in any position. Griffin's TuneFlex plugs into any 12-volt accessory outlet to power and charge Apple's iPod. A light at the base of TuneFlex's neck shows power status, while the TuneFlex's charging circuitry is equipped with a fuse to keep your iPod safe. In addition, it features a built-in 1/8-inch stereo line-out audio jack that lets you attach cassette adapters or cables from Apple's Nano to a stereo as well as includes a pass-through dock connector that lets you use digital devices, such as Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter, AirClick remote, SmartDeck cassette adapter, or others. It also includes a low-high audio output switch ensures sound without distortion. It will ship in February for $40.

DLO debuts HomeDock Deluxe for iPod

01/10, 8:30am

HomeDock Deluxe for iPod

..Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO, booth 425) today announced the DLO HomeDock Deluxe Home Entertainment Center for iPod with on-screen navigation. The company says It is the first dock for the iPod that allows a user to view and navigate their iPods music and songs on their television screen while controlling the iPod from the sofa using the included 20-button remote control. The HomeDock Deluxe also allows iPod owners to play their slideshows and videos on their big-screen TV. The HomeDock Deluxe will ship this March for $150.

Apple to offer SNL episodes via iTunes

01/10, 8:15am

SNL episodes via iTunes

Apple today will announce yet another content partnership for iTunes, offering a a limited number of archived "Saturday Night" skits through its iTunes Music Store for $1.99 each, according to The New York Times. "The offering is the latest expansion of Apple's iTunes video library, which includes content from television networks including NBC and ABC.... the only 'Saturday Night' content available on iTunes was "Lazy Sunday," a spoof music video that had its debut on the Dec. 17 episode. The video, which mockingly chronicled a mundane Sunday afternoon through the rapper personas of the cast members Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg, was made available free to iTunes subscribers and quickly became an Internet sensation."

Florida Univ has 128-node Mac cluster

01/10, 2:50am

Apple cluster powers LIMIT

Small Tree Communications today announced that it has provided a 128-node InfiniBand (IB) cluster based on the Apple platform to Florida A and M University. The cluster, consisting of Apple G5 Xserves, will be located in the University's new Center of Plasma Science and Technology and will be used on a project awarded by the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command. The project, Laser Interactions with Materials for Identification Technology (LIMIT), focuses on developing tools and techniques to remotely detect hazardous materials.

MWSF: Pre-show Gallery I

01/10, 2:25am

Pre-show Gallery I

..Macworld Expo begins tomorrow and we have posted our first pre-show gallery, offering a glimpse at the empty press halls, press room, some of registration area, and more. Steve Jobs will kick off the conference with his annual keynote, which starts at 9 a.m. PT on Tuesday; the keynote will not be webcast, but a QuickTime webcast replay will be available later in the day, according to confirmed reports. Apple's .Mac services will be offline during the Expo keynote, leading to speculation that the services will part of the upgrade, as usual, we expect the Apple Store to go offline shortly before the keynote and return once the official Apple announcements are available. Our own coverage will be available at [updated]

Apps: LiveQuartz, DiscBlaze, TaskTime4

01/10, 2:20am

LiveQuartz, DiscBlaze

    LiveQuartz Image Editor 1.5 (free) is an update to the CoreImage editor for Mac OS X Tiger that brings some new tools, such as the selection "lasso" and both linear and radial gradient tools. Version 1.5 also offers a choice between two user interfaces. The basic image editor offers tools to easily manipulate layers, transparency and filters. It is localized in English, Chinese, German, French, Russian and Persian. [Download - 4.9MB]
    OSXvnc 1.7 (free) is a full featured VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse using any VNC client. VNC is available for Mac OS 9/X, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, and Unix/Linux. Version 1.7 adds GUI support to establish reverse connections to listening VNC viewers, offers full Universal Binary support for improved intel performance, and improved compatibility with older protocol versions (3.3). [Download - 450KB]
    Peek-a-Boo 2.4 ($20) now features an memory column in the process list window that displays which processes are using memory, and how much of each process's memory usage is physical RAM and how much is virtual (paged-out) memory. The utility can be used to monitor and manage all of the processes running on a Mac. Users can watch the dynamic resource usage of the system of processes and easily manage any process with actions such as hide, bring to front, reveal, kill, halt/continue, and even modify the priority. [Download - 1.3MB]
    CourseWizard 5.3 (unknown) updates th professional development tool with functions to customize the login page, create custom user and location fields, import new users and locations, retrieve a lost/forgotten password or force a password change on the next login, offer a course by invitation-only, offer course related links after registration, and offer paid courses and pay for classes online. [Download - online demo]
    TaskTime4 ($20) provides a straightforward method of tracking time spent on jobs for clients. It can generate personalized invoices which can be emailed, printed, and saved to disk. Other important features include: project status tracking, Address Book integration for adding clients, linking of related resources to projects for easy reference, and more. It features a new interface, project team support for collaboration, Safari-style preferences, a new report creation system, and more. [Download - 3.1MB]
    DiscBlaze 6.1 ($30) is a free update to the CD/DVD burning software for Mac OS X. Version 6.1 is now a Universal Binary, which means that it will run natively on Intel and PowerPC based Macs. The application is capable of burning Audio CDs and Data CDs/DVDs (including discs in the HFS+, Joliet, Mac/PC Hybrid, ISO9660 and UDF formats), as well as creating and burning disc images (DMG, CDR and ISO) and erasing re-writable media. It runs on Mac OS X 10.4 or later. [Download - 600KB]

Adobe acquires DRM technology

01/10, 1:35am

Adobe buys DRM technology

Adobe yesterday acquired the digital rights management business of Navisware, which allows Adobe to offer own technology for protecting Microsoft Office documents. The announcemement came alongside the ublic beta of its Lightroom application for photography professionals. The FileLine DRM products from Navisware are designed to provide security and version control for CAD, Office and other file types, according to eWEEK. Adobe said it plans to integrate the FileLine technology into its LiveCycle Policy Server offering, which provides document security and other controls for PDFs. "FileLine DRM comprises a client and server, which communicate through an encrypted channel. The system is able to enforce predetermined security policies on a wide variety of documents and also encrypts individual files for added protection."

TuffCoat with AquaGuard media debuts

01/10, 12:40am

TuffCoat with AquaGuard

Primera Technology has announced its new TuffCoat with AquaGuard surface by Imation water-resistant media, which it says is "the world's first" water-resistant and smear-resistant inkjet-printable CD-R and DVD-R media. The AquaGuard surface, developed by Imation and incorporated into Primera's TuffCoat media, offers water and smear resistance, which is achieved by using a proprietary surface that utilizes nanoparticle technology to grip and hold ink. The discs also feature better color reproduction and sharper images on its pure white surface, providing the contrast and illumination for better color reproduction, according to the company. All of Primera's inkjet-based disc duplication and printing equipment support the new TuffCoat with AquaGuard surface media, including the Bravo II, BravoPro and Bravo XR Disc Publishers as well as the Signature-series inkjet CD/DVD printers. TuffCoat discs are due at the end of the month. (Pricing not available.)

New WiebeTech SATA products, contest

01/10, 12:05am

New WiebeTech products

..WiebeTech announced several new products: DriveBlock, new mini Docks, and SilverSATA Series Storage System. Also announced were the winners of the G505 Video Editing Contest and a new WiebeTech challenge. Two new miniDocks allow users to attach SATA drives to a computer via either a single USB or SATA cable. The mini USBDock attaches SATA drive via a USB cable, and the mini SATADock attaches SATA drives through a SATA port. Both products will ship late March and retail at $75 each.


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