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Apps: NoteList, GraphicConverter

updated 09:40 pm EST, Thu January 5, 2006

NoteList, GraphicConverter

  • ($15) stores notes in a free form using text and images with full word processing capabilities in RTF format. The application displays a list of notes on the left side of the window, and the content of each selected note on the right. Notes are searchable, and the contents of all notes is offers Spotlight support. [Download - 402KB]

  • GraphicConverter 5.7.4 ($30) updates the graphic conversion software, adding local email support, print preview, and import analysis. Version 5.7.4 can also merge all frames of a movie into a single image, allows the tool size to be modified, adds an option to display the preview window in a browser on a second monitor in full-screen mode, and more. The new release also incorporates many updated features, as well as numerous bug fixes. [Download - 8MB]

  • disclabel 3.0.1 ($30) updates the CD labeling software with media list interface enhancements and better montage performance. Disclabel offers the ability to import tracks from iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, Finder, and Toast, as well as images from iTunes, iPhoto, and Finder. The application can print to a wide array of label and paper types, while also making use of direct-to-CD printers and printable CD's and DVDs. [Download - 6.5MB]

  • Process 2 Beta ($40) is a project management application that features a one-window concept of merging outlines with the resource materials needed to implement them. The update includes a radically redesigned process interface, and the software's shared project capability allows a project to be instantly shared with all Macs on a local area network. New "Smart Projects" offer Spotlight integration, and are kept up-to-date as necessary, automatically. [Download - 3MB]

  • RadThumbnailView 2.0 ($30) is a control for displaying thumbnails of pictures in a customizable way, released as part of the Radical Breeze Developer Pack. The REALbasic control uses no delcares or plug-ins, while size, color, and spacing can be defined and modified at runtime. Version 2.0 supports thumbnail sizes between 5-200 pixels, and the picture property of RadThumbnailPicture is automatically scaled down to a maximum of 200 x 200 pixels when a picture is added. [Download - 607KB]

  • DragThing 5.6.3 ($30) updates the alternative dock software, adding support for Intel Macs. Version 5.6.3 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 on existing PowerPC Macs, due to changes required for Intel support. DragThing makes various items such as files, folders, applications, disks, URLs, and more easily accessible while taking up very little space on the desktop. The application's docks are highly configurable, and offer hotkey support. [Download - 5.6MB]

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