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Apps: Celestia, Camino, Mac Shutdown

updated 11:40 am EST, Fri December 30, 2005

Celestia, Camino

  • (free) is a free space simulation application that allows exploration of our universe in three dimensions. Users can travel through the solar system to any of over 100,000 stars, and beyond the galaxy. The exponential zoom feature allows exploration across a large range of scales, from galaxy clusters down to spacecraft only a few meters across. [Download - 23.8MB]

  • Camino 1.0b2 (free) updates the native Mac OS X browser which uses's Gecko HTML rendering engine. The update now supports the HTML "canvas" tag, and boasts built-in SVG support. Version 1.0 adds a "page info" window containing a combination of encryption and certificate-related information, as well as a contextual menu on the URL bar lock icon that can display the site certificate and other information. [Download - 8.3MB]

  • Mac Shutdown 1.0 ($10) is a utility for Mac OS X designed to shutdown a Mac when a specified event occurs, such as when a download finishes in Safari. A shutdown can be scheduled for a specific date and time, as well as on a repetitive schedule. The software warns users 120 seconds prior to shutdown with a progress bar, or alternatively by jumping in the dock. [Download - 212KB]

  • Chemistry Lab Notebook ($25) is an electronic laboratory notebook for chemists which consists of two databases, the notebook itself and a built-in reagents database. The reagents database contains the structures, name, MWt, density and safety information on over 13,000 compounds that can be used as reagents. Entering the name of a reagent looks up the rest of the information in the database, and additional information can be entered when new chemicals are used for the first time. [Download - 3MB]

  • aMSN 0.95 (free) is an open-source MSN Messenger clone, featuring custom emoticons, webcam support, and the ability to sign in with more than one account simultaneously. Additional features include full-speed file transfers, chat logs, and animated emoticons with sounds. Version 0.95 also offers conferencing support and tabbed chat windows. [Download - 6.7MB]

  • iPhoto2PBase 1.6 ($6) is an iPhoto plug-in to upload images to PBase from iPhoto. Version 1.6 can save login information in the keychain, and offers extended support for foriegn characters in titles, descriptions, and gallery names. The update also addresses login issues that were previously being encountered. [Download - 689KB]

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