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Apple, Intel look to improve PC-TV link

updated 11:55 pm EST, Tue December 20, 2005

UDI connection for PC-TV

Apple is working with Intel and other big electronics companies to create a better link for connecting computers to high-definition televisions and other consumer devices. The Wall Street Journal reports that the companies are "working to known as the unified display interface, or UDI. The goal is to replace a nondigital technology called VGA that has long been used in connecting PC monitors, and plug into sockets on TVs and other products that use a technology called HDMI, for high-definition multimedia interface." The group also includes companies such as Samsung, National Semiconductor, and Silicon Image. Computers with UDI connections, however, may be up to two years away, according to one group member. The report says that UDI will support a content-protection technology that now works with HDMI, and is supported by movie studios worried about piracy of high-definition movies.

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  1. ibugv4

    Joined: Dec 1969


    OH BOY

    ADC 2.0 here we come.... why not stick to standards that have worked fine for years? Next thing I know they'll try and replace Ethernet with Firewire!

  1. SmileyDude

    Joined: Dec 1969



    how is this different than HDMI? And, hasn't VGA been replaced already with DVI?

  1. Deal

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Sounds Hokie, but...

    Usually, consortiums that Apple has supported have been quite good. Not that they fly in the real world.

    Take a look at ADC for video. One cable to the monitor. It was great. No Go.

    How about DVD-R, well the MS consortium ruined that and now the only dual layer available is + (that + was the stupidest thing ever).

    FireWire, totally superior to USB. Even Apple gives up and puts out iPods that don't support FireWire any more.

    Now Blu-Ray is in danger because of the late coming party crashers, HD-DVD.

    Here's how these things work out. Somebody comes up with a great idea, puts a lot of time and effort into developing it. They gather a group of companies to support it and attempt to get it to market. Then companies who were not smart enough to come up with it first, slap together something inferior to it and somebody with market dominance pushes the product, causing confusion and incompatibility problems for us all.

    How long before that happens to this?

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