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MS hopes for iPod-like \'halo effect\'

updated 09:30 pm EST, Tue December 20, 2005

MS looks to CE after Xbox

Microsoft, which recently for some models.

The columnist, however, thinks that the company cannot dethrone Apple, despite the reorganization to help unify its digital audio/video strategy: "Now, just as Apple managed to use the halo effect of iPod's success to win back market share in its once-fading personal computer business, the rumored scuttlebutt indicates that Microsoft is hoping for a halo effect with its Xbox 360 to enter other consumer electronics markets. Yes, Microsoft is the company behind the Halo video game series, but let's not be so quick to hand out halos here."

by MacNN Staff





  1. beeble

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I think M$ needs to actually get themselves to the point of being able to sell XBox 360's in quantity and have them actually work before they can begin to hope for anything beyond not being a laughing stock.

    Their XBox strategy clearly looks rushed in an effort to be first to market and beat rival Sony. They didn't rush to capitalize on the Christmas shopping season because they aren't producing enough of them to make that claim. Perhaps when they're got a working product that is available in some reasonable quantity then we can begin to wonder about the halo effect.

    I think this is a wonderful example of cart before horse. But if you talk about it enough, then it's bound to come true. That seems to be what they teach in marketing these days so maybe it's just a case of tail wagging dog.

  1. FastAMX79

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I agree

    100%! MS has a dud with the xbox360. Its unstable, crashes, overheats... Really rushed to beat sony. And with the problem of IBM not being able to make enough chips for them, and Japan rejecting the xbox360, things are not looking up at the richmond camp. And if Sony Music failed at pushing apple off the throne of success, what makes M$ think they can with MTV? Even MTV2 (which was all about music) is beginning to air stupid shows. Waste of time. But then again, when was the last time M$ really invented a product without buying someone out, or ripping it off a current product...just to have it full of holes. Oh well. Maybe next year microjunk...

  1. Toyin

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Halo effect? Yeah right.

    The iPod Halo effect works because a large majority of people have had no real experience with Apple or it's products. The iPod becomes a Trojan horse. People wonder if the Apple experience is as good as the iPod experience and then buy Apple computers. Almost everyone has had experience with Microsoft and it's products. The XBox 360 may or may not improve how we look at Microsoft, but I doubt it will cause any kind of Halo effect in the Living room.

  1. vickys_box

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    I'm sure everyone wants to carry an xbox around to show friends some photos, play some music in their car, go jogging, check their schedules.

    Solitaire on the other hand.. hmmm.. maybe.

  1. actroutt

    Joined: Dec 1969


    With this story

    I see an ad for a chevy product that has an ipod interface (the ad is probably different with each screen refresh...) BUT a GM product with an ipod interface - you know the game is over when something is so common that GM adopts it. I can't imagine this ever happening with MS hardware. I doubt there will ever be car companies, saying "hook up your MS music box". I just don't see it happening. Microsoft should stop chasing. Let apple have this battle and look for new avenues to explore. Apple has won this one. move on.

  1. Deal

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Halo affect

    Here is MS Halo affect...

    Buy a company that is producing a great product... like Bungie, then promise that the product will come out on all the other platforms like it was intended, then shut down all production for those other platforms so that it only supports their hardware and forces people to get their hardware if they want to use it. THAT's MS's HALO AFFECT!!!

    Another Halo affect is the radiation generated by the Xbox. You can stand around it to keep warm for Christmas.

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