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Apps: Finale, Application Wizard

updated 11:45 am EST, Tue December 20, 2005

Finale, Application Wizard

  • ($600) is a free, downloadable update available to registered Finale 2006 users that includes EPS Export, automatic update checking, expanded documentation, and numerous other improvements. Finale is musical notation software that offers robust tool sets with various options to compose, arrange, hear, and print music. The update includes all of the improvements found in the previous release, which includes real-time save-as audio support for Finale's integrated Garritan Personal Orchestra sounds, the ability to copy measure-attached "Smart Shapes" via the clipboard, and more.

  • Application Wizard 1.5 ($15) allows users to open, quit, show, and hide single applications or groups of applications. The software can open applications automatically at startup, force applications to open in Classic, force applications to quit and relaunch, and quit background-only applications. Version 1.5 adds support for volumes, as well as the ability to configure the "Special" menu. [Download - 2MB]

  • Intaglio 2.6 ($90) updates the Quartz drawing application, improving CoreImage resolution independence, as well as the editing of arbitrary path shapes. Version 2.6 adds a scissors tool to break or add path anchor points at arbitrary locations, as well as calligraphy-style stroke brushes. The update also includes the "Unite," "Intersect," "Exclude," and "Subtract" path combination operations. [Download - 3.4MB]

  • Appscript 1.2 (unknown) is a high-level, user-friendly MacPython to Apple event bridge that allows users to control scriptable Mac OS X applications using ordinary Python scripts, making MacPython a valid alternative to Apple's own AppleScript language for automating a Mac. Appscript provides an Apple event based RPC mechanism for sending commands to applications and receiving their results, a simple embedded query language for constructing references to an application's object model, and automatic translation of these references into human-readable form using application-defined terminology. [Download - 1.5MB]

  • NewsFan 1.8.3 ($25) updates the child-safe RSS news aggregator, improving the handling of Web kit for Tiger. Version 1.8.3 supports video podcasts, Atom 1.0, XML output of subscriptions as .webloc format, and more. The update improves the handling of search words, fixes sound handling for Tiger, and improves the handling of windows for Tiger. [Download - 2.1MB]

  • HistoryHound 1.9 ($20) allows users to perform fast keyword searches on the content of all recently visited or bookmarked websites and RSS feeds. The application searches pages viewed in Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, OmniWeb, Camino, Mozilla/Netscape, Opera, and Shiira Web browsers as well as the built-in browsers of the NetNewsWire 2 and PulpFiction RSS readers. The update is free for registered users. [Download - 2.2MB]

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