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iMac G5 selected as TIME\'s Gadget of the Week

updated 08:30 am EST, Thu November 10, 2005

TIME on the iMac G5

Apple's iMac G5 is TIME magazine's Gadget of the Week. While saying that the column notes several shortcomings of Front Row, Apple's bundled application that offers an easy-to-use, remote-control triggered interface to Apple's digital media applications: "It's easy to use and for the most part enjoyable. I was dismayed that the software didn't bookmark TV shows, so that I could go back to the spot where I had previously left off. I was surprised that the music program listed bands starting with 'The' under 'T', since iTunes is (famously) smart enough to list them under the proper letter--that is, The Rolling Stones should appear under 'R' and so on.... While Front Row does turn your valuable collection of iTunes into a more easily accessed jukebox, it's a little weak on the video side."

by MacNN Staff




  1. Warrenpeace

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    It is the first version of the software a******. Want it to do your laundry too?

  1. coldfusion1970

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    Hey Apple

    Can i get a version for my eMac?


  1. natural1

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    iTunes name sorting

    In my experience, iTunes does NOT sort playlists of band names by excluding "The" from their name (i.e. The Vines get listed under "T"). Strangely, though when I transfer the songs to my iPod, they are listed this way (The Vines appear under "V"). Anyone know how to get my playlists to sort without the "The", besides naming playlists like this: "Vines, The"


  1. eggegg

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    The author's observation is valid, but the conclusion that iTunes should be "smart enough" to band names without regard to the leading article is downright laughable.

    The article (the, an. a) beginning a title is not optional -- it changes the meaning and implication of the word or phrase that follows. For example, the distinction in meaning and implication between "Madonna" and "The Madonna" is abundant. "Edge" and "Rock" are far less compelling than "the Edge" and "The Rock". "Star Wars" sounds interesting, while "The Star Wars" sounds, well, ridiculous.

    That said, when it comes to locating a particular phrase in a list of phrases, it is arguably more intuitive to look under the first letter of the noun rather than the article that precedes it. To do one or the other sacrifices either meaning or intuition -- a logical disconnect either way.

    Contrary to the author's conclusion, the problem is not with Apple's choice of the two, but rather that a) Apple chooses a different sorting method for different products (as pointed out above); and b) Apple hardcoded what should have been a user preference. [Hello, Steve?]

    How embarrassing for TIME Magazine. Their apparent lack of skill with the English language is dwarfed only by their highly flawed notions of journalistic integrity.

  1. pharmacopoeia

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    nicely written eggegg

    maybe you should teach a writing class over at Time!

  1. swatson

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    it is just an article - someone's take on a computer - a piece of machinery - not your mom

  1. lurkerdude

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    Re: Pathetic.

    This is not about changing the meaning, this is about sorting, so the first part of your post was totally irrelevant to the article. The author wasn't claiming that "Madonna" and "The Madonna" had the same meaning, that was your own tangent. He was stating a pretty common rule of sorting in English. Using your example, you should list "Madonna" followed by "The Madonna". The typical way to display this is "Madonna" followed by "Madonna, The".

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