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Apple delivers seven security fixes for Tiger

10/31, 7:55pm

Tiger Security fixes

Apple's Mac OS X 10.4.3 update, released earlier today, addresses several security flaws in both the client and server versions of Mac OS X Tiger. The update addresses seven separate issues, including a bugs (1) in the Finder that incorrectly displays file/group ownership, (2) in Software Update that may not install certain software updates, (3) in group permissions under Mac OS X 10.4.2 Server where changes may not be immediately applied, (4) in Keychain which may display certain passwords after the lock timeout, and (5,6,7) in the kernel that may display memory information to local users. The security fixes can be obtained by applying the free update to both the client and server versions of Tiger.

Arcade Engine 1.5 offers point in polygon tests

10/31, 7:40pm

Arcade Engine 1.5 released

Runtime Revolution today released Arcade Engine 1.5, its object management software that offers functions and handlers to move objects exactly as desired. Arcade Engine incorporates scripted path management graphics and effects handling to meet the needs of 2D game designers and interactive animation developers. New features include polygon-polygon collision management for fast and accurate detection when objects collide; line intersection points and line segment intersection points; point in polygon tests; and a function to determine if a point is left, right, or on a given line. Arcade Engine creates stand-alone applications and utilizes an English-like programming language. Arcade Engine 1.5 requires Mac OS X 10.0.3 and is available for $50.

AJA Video ships PCI Express video card

10/31, 7:35pm

AJA KONA LHe Video card

AJA Video today began shipping KONA LHe, the first PCI Express HD capable video card for the new Power Mac PCIe G5 systems. AJA is set to publicly debut the KONA LHe this week at HD Expo, November 3rd at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. KONA LHe is a 10-bit uncompressed video capture card that supports editing on the new PCI Express Apple G5 Power Macs with Final Cut Studio. KONA LHe provides both HD and SD analog and digital I/O, 2-channel AES and 8-channel embedded audio, Analog Composite/Component Video In/Out, 2-channel analog audio In/Out, broadcast-quality hardware down conversion, and TBC on analog inputs. KONA LHe ships with a breakout cable and also works with the optional KL-Box for rack-mounting. KONA LHe is available for $1800.

Briefly: GPL revisions; Apple support bad?

10/31, 5:20pm

GPL revisions, Lasso class

In brief: The Free Software Foundation is weeks away from announcing the process that will govern the release of version 3 of the GPL, and details of the first rewrite have trickled out.... One Apple customer is dissatisfied with Apple's support for enterprise hardware, and has written a blog entry about the subject.... Lasso Master Class has announced its two day class to begin at the MacWorld Expo session in January, which will provide an intensive immersion into Lasso Studio, the Lasso coding language, Corral style architecture, and integration with FileMaker 7 data sources.... Square Box Systems, developers of the CatDV media asset database and video logging tools, today announced a special 50% discount available on all their desktop products for a strictly limited period.

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.3 update

10/31, 5:00pm

Mac OS X 10.4.3 update

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.4.3, which it says delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users. The free update includes over 60 fixes, including ones for AFP, SMB/CIFS, NFS and FTP network file services; AirPort and Bluetooth wireless access; Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Image, and RAW camera support; disc recording when creating and burning media; .Mac sync services; Spotlight indexing and searching; Dashboard widgets: Dictionary, Flight Tracker, Stickies, and Unit Converter; Address Book, AppleScript, Automator, Dictionary, Font Book, iCal, iSync, Mail, and Safari applications; and Disk Utility, Keychain Access, Migration Assistant, and Software Update. Apple also says its fixes compatibility with third-party applications and devices and includes previous standalone security updates. A Delta and Combo update are available on the Web; it is also available via the Software Update.

hubbell unveils wall-mount kit for Mac minis

10/31, 4:35pm

Mac mini wall-mount kit

hubbell today unveiled the Mini mount, its wall-mount kit for Mac minis. Constructed from one-quarter-inch thick cast acrylic for durability, the wall case offers four small tabs to hold the Mac in place. The base of the mount ensures maximum airflow to and from the Mac mini air intakes, adding a quarter-inch of clearance. The four tabs do not wrap completely around the Mac, providing access to the DVD/CD drive. The case is mounted with two screws, and can be installed in nearly any location with anchors (not included). An optional backlighting kit is available to produce a soft white glow behind the Mac (shown at right) that carries through the clear acrylic. The Mini mount kit can be pre-ordered for $50, or $70 with backlighting, and is expected to be available in the second half of November.

\"Walkman\" beats \"ROKR\" in cellular study

10/31, 3:20pm

\"Walkman\" beats \"ROKR\"

Strategy Analytics today released its latest cellular music device benchmark report, concluding that the Sony Ericsson W800i "Walkman" phone is the highest rated cellular music device in the USA, ahead of the Motorola E1 "ROKR" iTunes phone and the Samsung A970. Results came from hands-on consumer testing by the Strategy Analytics Advanced Wireless User Panel, and the Sony Ericsson W800i device achieved "Best in Class" status based upon superior style appeal and an above average rating for music feature quality. The Motorola E1 "ROKR" iTunes phone achieved the highest rating for usability, but failed to impress in terms of style and feature quality. The Samsung A970, weighing 144 grams, was considered too large for primary feature phone positioning: "The ROKR was rated lower than the Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices for Music Quality, however, a notable underperformance for Motorola given the branded and highly optimized iPod interface designed for music delivery."

Graphisoft offers SketchUp add-on for ArchiCAD

10/31, 3:05pm

SketchUp for ArchiCAD

Graphisoft today released a SketchUp add-on for ArchiCAD, its virtual building solution. The integration of SketchUp with ArchiCAD allows architects and principals to focus on creativity at the earliest concept phase of new projects, and can be automatically imported into ArchiCAD for further development. Sketch concepts formed in SketchUp can be incorporated into the intelligent Virtual Building environment, where detail can be easily added, and data interoperability can open the model to a range of other applications. Feasibility studies of volume and materials can be performed at the sketch phase, linking the building data to the SketchUp faces in ArchiCAD to support the design brief. The SketchUp add-on is provided as a free download.

Apps: VirtuFrame, breveCreatures, eNotes

10/31, 2:35pm

VirtuFrame, breveCreatures

    VirtuFrame 2.8.6 (free) is a virtual frame application for Mac OS X, offering a refined interface. Improvements include simplification of internal upgrading behavior, simplified Smart Placement Algorithms, and numerous bug fixes. [Download - 1.2MB]
    breveCreatures screensaver 1.0 (free) is a screensaver that simulates the evolution of virtual creatures in a 3D world. Beginning initially with random creatures, the screensaver uses a genetic algorithm to develop creatures capable of realistic locomotion behaviors. [Download - 8.6MB]
    eNotes 1.0.0 ($15) is notepad software that maintains ideas, data, recipes, and keeps notes up-to-date. eNotes can list criteria alphabetically, by priority, by category, or by task status. The application includes contextual menus and a built-in search feature. [Download - 3.2MB]
    Mac Audio Toolbox 1.8.0 ($20) is an audio function generator for the Macintosh that can produce sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms of any frequency up to 22Khz, as well as generate noise -- both pink and white. The software can generate up to 13 different waveforms, and each waveform can be routed to either the left or right channel, or to both. [Download - 453KB]
    Advanced Link Manager 1.1 ($150) tracks the links to your site, and displays who links to your competition. Advanced Link Manager tracks the evolution of links over time, and gathers data using the Google API and Yahoo API to improve compatibility with the search engines. [Download - 5.3MB]

iThemez releases Volume 2 with holiday themes

10/31, 1:40pm

iThemez Volume 2

iThemez today released its second volume of themes for Apple's iDVD software, iThemez Volume 2. Themes include City, Headline, Islands, Halloween (shown at right), and Christmas. Matching submenus for each theme are included, as well as two free Party themes. Nearly all themes offer animation, while Christmas and Halloween add original sound and music. Most themes also have first play movies, clips which automatically play before the main menu when a disc is inserted into the player. Custom designed buttons populate all of the submenus as well. iThemez have been optimized to work with iDVD 5 and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. iThemez Volume 2 is available for $10.

Belkin unveils three leather iPod nano cases

10/31, 1:05pm

Belkin leather Nano cases

Belkin today unveiled three form-fitting, leather cases for the iPod nano. Carabineer case for iPod nano offers a form-fitting design and fine-grain leather construction to keep the Nano slim while maintaining accessibility to all ports. The Carabineer case ships with a carabineer clip for convenient positioning and hands-free carrying, and provides a locking clip to secure the iPod. Flip case for iPod nano also features fine-grain leather construction, and harbors a built-in cable management system for quick, convenient storage and easy accessibility to all ports. A multi-mount clip and hook provides a variety of ways to secure the Nano. Folio case for iPod nano (shown at right) secures comfortably around the wrist with a convenient lanyard strap. Designed for easy accessibility to all ports, the Folio Case comes packaged within a fine-grain leather construction and features a form-fitting design. All three cases are available in four colors: white, black, light blue, and light pink. The Carabineer, Flip, and Folio cases for iPod nano are expected to be available in Mexico in November, and are priced at $25 each.

Media 100 taking preorders for Media 100 sw

10/31, 12:35pm

Media 100 sw due Nov 15

Media 100, a division of BorisFX, today announced that it is taking pre-orders of Media 100 sw, its nonlinear editing application that uses media captured by Media 100i or Media 100 HD systems to edit, composite, mix and export to DVD or the Web. Media 100 sw is a companion to existing Media 100 systems, and can seamlessly interchange projects, programs and media with Media 100 HD and all media from Media 100i. All existing import and export workflows, including sending to third party compressors for MPEG2 for DVD or MPEG4 for web, continue to work as they do with the current Media 100 HD product. The product offers the ability to edit SD and HD material using the familiar Media 100 interface; full media and graphics import/export capabilities; full support for all Media 100 codecs; and real-time effects and accelerated rendering. Media 100 sw is expected to ship on November 15th for $400.

SimpleTech ships 4GB one-inch SimpleDrive Mini

10/31, 11:45am

4GB SimpleDrive Mini

SimpleTech today began shipping the SimpleDrive Mini, its one-inch external USB hard drive. The SimpleDrive Mini offers 4GB of storage capacity, measures 2.05 x 2.56 x 0.55-inches -- no thicker than a pack of gum -- and weighs 45g. The device harbors a built-in retractable USB cord that negates the need for additional cables, and transfers at speeds up to 480Mbps. The SimpleDrive Mini is priced at $150, and comes with a one-year warranty with free unlimited technical support.

Zicplay rolls out Apocalypse speaker systems

10/31, 11:20am

Apocalypse speaker systems

Xonic Gear by Zicplay today rolled out Apocalypse 3 and Apocalypse 5, its multimedia speaker systems using vacuum tube amplifier technology designed to eliminate acoustic noise and enhance sound quality. Compatible with both Macs and iPods, Apocalypse 3 outputs 30 watts RMS from its subwoofer, and 15 watts RMS per satellite. The Apocalypse 3 subwoofer boasts a 20-200Hz frequency response, while satellites offer 80Hz-20Khz. Apocalypse 5 outputs 40 watts RMS from its subwoofer, and 20 watts RMS per satellite. The Apocalypse 5 subwoofer provides a 20-200Hz frequency response, while satellites offer 50Hz-20Khz. Both models offer master volume control, an S/N ration of greater-than 85Db, and a 3.3mm audio input jack. Pricing starts at 120, and both models offer a full one-year RTB warranty [site not updated].

Internet Cleanup 3.0 localized for French, German

10/31, 10:35am

Internet Cleanup 3.0

Allume Systems today released French, German and Japanese versions of Internet Cleanup 3.0 for Macintosh. Internet Cleanup schedules the cleaning of forms' auto-fill data, email attachments, instant messaging log files, and web files. The application also monitors transmissions of data over the internet, provides secure file deletion, and offers browser cookie management. Additional features include a redesigned user interface, Apple Mail support, and full Tiger compatibility. The internet file finder tool now supports the Firefox, Camino, Mozilla, Shiira, and OmniWeb web browsers; and strengthens support for Safari, Internet Explorer, AOL Netscape, iCab, Opera, and Sherlock. Version 3.0 of Internet Cleanup is multi-threaded, performing multiple tasks without forcing the user to wait for searches or other time-consuming operations to complete. Internet Cleanup 3.0 is available for $30, and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Briefly: MacNN review; FastIcon; MacSpeech

10/31, 10:15am

MacNN review, FastIcon

In Brief: MacNN has reviewed Talking Panda's iBar and iRocker, both using the Notes feature installed on Apple's iPod to deliver information to the user.... FastIcon's freeware icon set, "LineFree", are inspired "in the cartoon look, with strokeless drawings and simple forms that give to the desktop a fun and dynamic feeling."... Macintosh speech developer MacSpeech announced today that the UK version of its iListen program is now bundled with the TalkPro Xpress headset from VXi Corp.... iPodNN noted that Pacific Rim Marketing introduced Opticover for iPod Nano -- the thinnest case available for the Nano, according to the manufacturer.... iPodNN also noted that ESS Data Recovery has announced its new iRetrieval data recovery service for iPods, customers can send their iPods to one of ESS Data Recovery's locations where the drive's information is recovered and returned.

Creative Manager Pro 8.1 due by end of Nov.

10/31, 9:15am

Creative Manager Pro 8.1

Creative Manager, Inc. today announced Creative Manager Pro 8.1, an update to its flagship ad agency software and project management software specifically designed for creative firms. Due by the end of November, the update will add a QuickBooks conversion tool, metrics from David Baker, and more. Creative Manger Pro says the new version will enable users to easily users to easily migrate by providing a data conversion tool to automatically convert your beginning balance data from Quickbooks into Creative Manager Pro. Creative Manager Pro offers functions for job costing as well as full Project Management, CRM, Digital Asset Management, and billing and accounting. Version 8.1 will also bring support for Mac OS X 10.4.2. The web-based integrated project management software and job tracking solution streamlines business workflow, including business development, staffing, management, and more.

Apple sells 1 million videos in 20 days

10/31, 9:00am

iTunes sells 1M videos

Apple today announced that its iTunes Music Store has sold more than one million videos since it began selling them on on October 12. The iTunes Music Store offers a selection of over 2,000 music videos, Pixar short films and hit TV shows for just $2 per video. Apple said that the top downloads include music videos from Michael Jackson, Fatboy Slim and Kanye West; Pixar's "For the Birds" and "Boundin'"; and episodes of ABC's hit TV shows "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives." "Selling one million videos in less than 20 days strongly suggests there is a market for legal video downloads," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Our next challenge is to broaden our content offerings, so that customers can enjoy watching more videos on their computers and new iPods."

New iPod data recovery, repair service

10/31, 8:30am

ESS launches iRetrieval

ESS Data Recovery has announced its new iRetrieval data recovery service for iPods. Billed as the first service data recovery solution for the iPod, customers can send their iPods to one of ESS Data Recovery's locations where the drive's information is recovered and returned; ESS says it will repair/replace the iPod's hard drive and other parts, if necessary, bringing the unit to a completely usable condition. ESS says it has developed special methods for recovering data from iPods using the company's patent pending Mediasafe technology and claims an "exceptionally high" success rate. Pricing starts at $290 for 10GB-40GB iPods models.

Opticover provides clear protection for iPod

10/31, 8:25am

Opticover for iPod Nano

Pacific Rim Marketing today introduced the iDiddy Opticover for the iPod Nano -- the thinnest case available for the Nano, according to the manufacturer. Made from polyurethane, iDiddy Opticover will protect a Nano from scratches with a tough barrier also used to protect exotic automobiles from scratches. Installation consists of peeling back the pre-cut material, carefully aligning it with the click wheel and screen, then using the included squeegee to help eliminate any air bubbles that may get trapped between the surface of the iPod and the Opticover material. The Opticover wraps the front, back and sides including the click wheel and button of your Nano. Opticover can be left on an iPod indefinitely, or it can be removed at any time -- the special adhesive will not stay on your Nano. Opticovers cost $15 each.

Metrowerks ships CodeWarrior for Mac v10

10/31, 8:20am

CodeWarrior for Mac v10

Freescale's Metrowerks division has released CodeWarrior Development Studio for the Mac OS X v10. Version 10 now includes includes PowerPlant X framework for Mach-O development, which allows developers to write native Mac OS X code using Mac OS X supported features. In addition, PowerPlant can be also be ported to Apple's Intel-based operating systems using the new compiler and build system. The release also features enhanced code generation, build speed improvements, and an enhanced debugger with a breakpoints view window, profile information viewer and trace view window as well as support for Objective-C: code completion, syntax coloring, search comments, etc. A free learning edition is available for students, hobbyists, etc, while others can purchase the professional version for $100, which will also developers to update and archive their Mach-O and CFM/ PEF projects.

Komodo 3.5 IDE adds Ruby, Mac OS X support

10/31, 8:05am

Komodo 3.5 IDE for OS X

ActiveState has released Komodo 3.5, a professional integrated development environment (IDE) with full support for the Ruby programming language as well as support for Mac OS X. ActiveState Komodo 3.5 offers developers an advanced workspace for programming in multiple languages, including Perl, Python, PHP, Tcl, and now Ruby. Komodo 3.5 delivers Ruby features such as Ruby on Rails debugging and multilingual input method editor (IME) support for non-Western languages. According to the company, unique Ruby programming features in Komodo allow programmers to easily code, debug, and test Ruby programs using functions like AutoComplete and CallTips for advanced as-you-type Ruby syntax checking. It runs on Mac OS X (Panther and Tiger) and is available for $30 (personal) or $300 (professional). [product to be released on 11/3]

Valentina 2.1 Office Server supports PHP

10/31, 7:55am

Valentina 2.1 for PHP

Paradigma Software today announced Valentina 2.1 Office Server, a major update to the company's database server. Valentina 2.1 Office Server will add a special client module for interfacing with the PHP scripting language. This Valentina PHP client module includes support for PHP 4+ scripting, delivering an interface that it says is closely modeled after industry standard PHP APIs. The software allows users of other database servers to rapidly port their PHP applications using a simple find and replace operation. It also features support for the PEAR API and for AdoDB, a data abstraction layer used by database solution providers. Pricing starts at $300.

Samsung preparing iTunes-like service

10/31, 7:45am

Samsung iTunes service

Samsung is preparing to launch an online music service that will compete with iTunes. Telecoms Korea reports that the manufacturing giant will create a music service to help sell MP3 players and compete with the iPod, which could represent a major threat to Apple's dominance: "As Apple achieved a big success in global MP3 player market with I-Tunes service, Samsung wants to rollout a similar strategy. For that matter, Samsung has allegedly cooperated with several partners at home and abroad to develop a rivaling service platform to I-Tunes and plans to launch the service sooner rather than later. If Samsung launches its version of I-Tunes service, it is expected to be a major threat to Apple." The rumored service follows Apple's recent cancelation of a $3.8 billion joint investment plan with Samsung and possible investigation of both Apple and Samsung by the Korean government for possible antitrust violations.


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