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Washington Post on Apple\'s \"Vingle\" trademark

updated 04:15 pm EDT, Tue October 18, 2005

Vingle trademark

The Washington Post provides some speculation and analysis regarding Apple's recent . Frank Ahrens speculates that Apple may be readying "an uber-portal that combines the search functions of Google and the content scope of AOL's 'walled garden,' the television networks and the music labels." Another possibility is that "Vingle" is a placeholder. "Apple may never try any of the things it lists in its filings but reserves the right to do so under the Vingle name. Speculation is that the name is a contraction of 'video' and 'single,' which would coincide with the new video iPod. The filings have an 'everything we can think of' feel to them, along the lines of Hollywood contracts that ensure studio rights for distributing movies here or anywhere in the known universe."

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  1. jbjur

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Next Generation

    In Paris, Steve Jobs gave a bit of glimpse into his powerful mind with the comment, "I donít think the convergence of television and computer is going to happen." What he was alluding to is the perhaps the concept of convergence at the user level (i.e., portable) and has little to do with a static device such as a television. In the case of the Ipod product, this could be a reincarnation as a device capable of all the remarks in this "Vingle" patent. Imagine being able to have online, offline, and nearline content--anything you want in your pocket and accessible by various means (video, audio, wireless, eyeset, headset, wired) anytime, anywhere. A device capable of interfacing with TV, Computers, Cell Phones, etc on the fundamental level and then go beyond conventionality to include video chat, events, movies, music, internet, books; pretty much anything you can imagine. I think the most logical assumption is to assume that Apple will remove many intermediaries and bypass the convergence of Television and Computer by breaking the very nature of user involvement and become the provider of such services and devices. But who will Apple team with?......Who knows, really. Apple continues to build reputation and leverage in its current industry and the Itunes Music Store may be the child of this post-modern Internet. The revolution being waged in the home is probably just an enabling part of Apple's revolution which goes beyond computing and broadcast and into the social context. This could be a big deal--real soon.

  1. mpls244

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    Ugly word

    "Vingle" is an ugly word. It reminds me of "shingles" which is a painful and long-lasting viral infection.

    I hope Apple doesn't use it.

  1. tomodachi

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    Well, the word reminds me more of shingle, than shingles, which is what you have on your roof. Not so ugly.

  1. ptlpc

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    Well, this "ugly" word may in fact be everywhere as jbjur mentions " Imagine being able to have online, offline, and nearline content--anything you want in your pocket and accessible by various means"

    However I believe this will be the equivalent of video-Jingle or VINGLE. Short blasts of branding geared toward interstitial play between all these vlogs and episodes.

    Video single - nope, that's called a "music video." Video Jingle - yep, that's called a Vingle!

  1. Todd Madson

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    But in Minnesota, Shingles are things on the roof that often need to be replaced due to frequent and violent summer storms.

    I suppose Apple would like the idea of storms taking out G5 towers so we would buy new ones thus then stimulating the economy.

    Video Jingle - that's the ticket.

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