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Using the Apple\'s Web Kit SDK to make a web browser

10/17, 8:00pm

How to make a web browser

One of the advantages that is mentioned about the Cocoa development environment is the well-developed frameworks that are provided, giving impressive functionality without much effort. A recent addition is Web Kit, which is the framework which provides a full suite of components required for web browsing, and are the basis of the Safari web browser from Apple. To illustrate the power of Web Kit, Apple explains in the documentation how to make a browser with only one line of code. Some folks have expanded on this explanation, and in the discussions that ensued, others pointed out that it is possible to write a browser using Web Kit with NO lines of code. This article will explain how, and discuss some of the capabilities of Web Kit as well.

Briefly: Video iPod ships, Universal Binaries, ...

10/17, 7:05pm

Apple ships Video iPod

In Brief: The all-new Stubbs the Zombie trailer, expected to be available for the Mac in the next few weeks, is now available online.... The ADC has published a feature on Aspyr's efforts to continue development for the PowerPC and begin its transition to the upcoming Intel-based Macs by creating Universal Binaries that can run on both platforms.... The Apple Store has begun shipments of the video iPod, according to AppleInsider.... One MacNN reader has posted details and photos from the grand opening of Apple's new retail store on Staten Island.... SmartSound today announced the launch of the Film Composer Series, a new royalty-free music library which gives filmmakers unprecedented access to scores created by leading industry composers (single for $100, 3-pk for $250).... Under Protest Pictures and Blacksmith Films are proud to offer a full and complete version of Exit/Strategy as a free download for your 5th generation (5G) video iPod.

Mac marketshare grows more than 30 percent

10/17, 6:55pm

Mac marketshare grows

Apple's Mac shipments in US in the third calendar quarter grew by 44.6 percent, more than quadruple the industry growth rate. During the same period, Apple also saw its U.S. market share increase by more than 30 percent from 3.3 percent to 4.3 percent according to IDC. CNET reports that during the September, that overall PC sales grew by 17.1 percent, while sales in the US grew by 11 percent--driven by the popularity of notebooks, low-cost systems and international sales. The same numbers show that Apple has a 2.3 percent market share worldwide, while Gateway saw its U.S. market share rise from 5.2 percent to 6.4 percent through a growth rate of 35.2 percent. OtherIDC numbers show that Hewlett-Packard closed the gap betwen it and the No. 1 PC vendor, Dell, by showing a slightly faster growth rate than Dell, while No. 4 PC vendor Acer grew the "torrid pace" of 53.7 percent (worldwide), boosting its global market share from 3.6 percent to 4.7 percent.

Speakables for TV offers voice control for PVRs

10/17, 6:40pm

Speakables for TV released

Speakables today announced the release of Speakables for TV, which enables users to control their Mac-based PVRs (personal video recorders), such as EvolutionTV, AlchemyTV and MyTV.PVR by voice: it now allows users to change TV channels by simply speaking the name of the channel. Speakables for TV is designed to work with Speakable Items, Apple's voice recognition application, which already included in the Mac OS X platform." Speakables, developed by speech recognition experts, is available as a free download to encourage increased adoption of computer-based PVRs, and convergence to the Mac/PC as the central hub of entertainment media in the digital home. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Apple may not be able to revolutionize Hollywood

10/17, 5:25pm

Revolutionize Hollywood?

While it has made a strong first step into online video distribution with iTunes 6, downloadable television episodes, and the video iPod, Apple may not be able to revolutionize Hollywood. One New York Times columnist says that there are several obstacles in Apple's efforts to change the face of video distribution, including other more advanced mobile devices for entertainment, concerns over DRM protection of content, and the lack of a "video piracy problem, according the report: "Of course, probably the biggest factor working against the instant success of a video iPod is that the video world has yet to experience the copyright-infringement meltdown that the music industry did a year or two ago, when millions of people were swapping songs free rather than buying CD's in stores. There are no bogeymen like the original, illegal Napster or Kazaa to bring everyone to Mr. Jobs's table - at least, not yet. Rather, as more people get high-speed connections to their homes, Mr. Jobs is positioning his new device as a pre-emptive strike against pirates and file-sharers."

Griffin debuts AirClick with Dock Connector

10/17, 5:00pm

AirClick with Dock Connect

Griffin Technology today announced its new AirClick with Dock Connector, a unique wireless remote control for iPod. "Unlike conventional remotes, the AirClick Remote uses RF technology that allows users to control their iPod from up to 60 ft. away. Users will not have to be in the line of sight for it to work, and RF signals also pass through walls." Each AirClick package ships with a remote, a receiver that mounts to the bottom of the iPod, and a convenient remote cradle and straps for attaching the device. The small remote control features five buttons: play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up, and volume down. It also has a hold switch, mimicking that of the iPod. A handy clip on the back provides instant access while jogging, cycling or giving a presentation. Each AirClick receiver has the ability to be paired to any remote unit and a single remote can control both the AirClick iPod and the AirClick USB. It will be available for $40 in mid-November.

Touch-screen kiosks powered by Mac Minis

10/17, 4:30pm

TouchTower uses Mac Mini

RKL Digital Services today introduced its touch-screen kiosk digital media center, TouchTower, designed to communicate valuable information to the general public. TouchTower combines the internet, email, video, audio, slideshows, graphics, pictures, e-commerce, VoIP phone service, database driven kiosks, and much more all at the touch of a finger. Each model comes with a complete set of software to design a kiosk, and custom kiosk designs can be purchased through RKL Digital Services. High-speed cable internet or DSL internet access is required to take full advantage of TouchTower, while all models are Apple and PC computer networkable and manageable for greater accessibility. TouchTower's utilize Mac mini 1.42GHz G4 systems with 512MB of RAM, and are available from $2499 to $4199.

Ricoh rolls out two black-and-white laser printers

10/17, 3:50pm

Ricoh, two new printers

Ricoh today introduced the Ricoh BP20 and BP20N, two new black-and-white laser printers designed to fit in any work environment. The standard 250-sheet paper tray minimizes paper handling, while the 50-sheet Stack Bypass speeds the printing of envelopes, transparencies, labels and more with minimal intervention. The BP20 model offers standard USB 2.0 and parallel interfaces, while the BP20N model adds a standard 10/100 Ethernet network card, enabling multi-user access to the device. Both models use the popular PCL6 page description language and driver for simple point-and-click operation. The BP20 is available for $300, while the BP20N is available for $400.

Summit Groupware offers Mac users Office alternative

10/17, 3:40pm

Summit Groupware released

Powder Software has announced Summit Groupwware, its collaboration software for the Mac office with support for email, calendar, contacts, notes, and bulletin boards. Features include the ability to book meetings, reserve resources (such as meeting rooms), have workgroup discussion forums, keep personal calendars, record notes and journals, send and receive email, and share contacts. Additional features include desktop access for any Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux system; Web browser access; handheld computer access (Palm Treo, Smartphone); central storage of email, calendaring, and contact data; rights-sensitive permissions model to balance sharing and privacy; easy end user roll-outs via Java Web Start; and robust database storage features including automatic hot back-ups, scalability, and security. Summit Groupware is priced at $100 per seat and includes Summit Groupware Server for Mac OS X Mac OS X Desktop client, Windows Desktop Client, Linux Desktop Client, Web Browser client, Smartphone/PDA client, and one year of telephone support.

IOGEAR rolls out four new Pocket Card Readers

10/17, 2:15pm

Four Pocket Card Readers

IOGEAR has launched four compact, high-speed, bi-directional Pocket Card Readers designed to store and transfer data between computers and memory cards. Pocket Card Readers offer a Flash memory drive, and can transfer images and data quickly from Memory Stick PRO Duo and Memory Stick Duo Cards, Reduced-Size MultiMedia Cards (RS-MMC), mini Secure Digital Cards (mini-SD), and micro Secure Digital Cards (T-Flash or Trans-Flash). Each of the Plug-n-Play devices supports USB 2.0, transferring at up to 480Mbps, with backward compatibility for USB 1.1. Pocket Card Readers are hot swappable, allowing PC storage cards to be easily replaced without having to restart the computer. Pocket Card Readers are available for $20 and are backed by the company's three-year limited warranty.

Unions make joint call for iTunes TV show revenue

10/17, 1:50pm

iTunes TV show revenue

Five unions representing actors, writers and directors today voiced a joint call for talks to make sure members get a portion of revenue generated by the sale of TV shows on Apple's iTunes software: "We have not yet heard from the responsible employers of our members, but we look forward to a dialogue that ensures that our members are properly compensated for this exploitation of their work," according to a report from The Enquirer. The unions have not yet contacted ABC or its parent, Walt Disney, to discuss how much of the $1.99 that Apple is charging for a single episode should go to writers, actors and directors. ABC said "the guilds are our business partners, and we always welcome a dialogue with them on any business-related issue that affects their members." Revenue share talks could lead to a standoff, if studios decide to treat the internet downloads the same way DVD sales are treated, which would result in lower payments.

Adobe announces InDesign Server CS2

10/17, 1:40pm

Adobe InDesign Server CS2

Adobe today announced Adobe InDesign Server CS2, which enables system integrators and third-party developers to build automated, design-driven publishing solutions. Built on the same code base as Adobe InDesign CS2, the professional design and layout program, Adobe InDesign Server CS2 brings high-end composition and graphics support to a server platform, allowing Adobe partners to deliver improved automation and design quality to editorial workflows, collateral creation, data-driven publishing and template-based Web publishing solutions.

Bibble 4.4 updates professional photo software

10/17, 1:30pm

Bibble 4.4 released

Bibble Labs today announced released version 4.4 of its Raw Workflow professional image-manipulation software. Now supporting over 60 of the most popular DSLR and prosumer cameras, Bibble 4.4 includes support for the new Canon 5D and 1D Mark II N cameras, as well as the Minolta 5D, A200 and Pentax *ist DL. Using Bibble's integrated Photoshop plug-in, users of older versions of Photoshop (7.0/CS) can now open raw images from the latest cameras without having to pay for a costly upgrade. The new "Full Light" Feature allows photographers to easily brighten overly deep shadows and reveal detail in the dark areas of high contrast photos--in addition to the existing "highlight recovery" feature. Other new features include the ability to display and export GPS position information embedded in files as well as the ability to shoot tethered on the Mac with all supported DSLR's. The Pro version is $130, while the lite version version is $70.

Iomega introduces new StorCenter network hard drive

10/17, 1:00pm

StorCenter network drive

Iomega today announced the new Iomega StorCenter network hard drive with built-in UPnP (universal plug and play) A/V network media server and embedded FolderShare software. The new StorCenter utilizes Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1,000 Mpbs) and a secure setup with password-protected network storage for up to 25 users without a server. Embedded FolderShare software provides a secure peer-to-peer network for sharing and synchronizing files with other computers anywhere on the internet. The StorCenter features two USB 2.0 ports for expansion, and two USB hubs to attach additional storage devices. Both 160GB and 250GB models use a 7200 RPM drive, and 250GB models come with an 8MB cache. The Iomega StorCenter Network Hard Drive is expected to ship later this month in capacities of 160GB ($200) and 250GB ($290), with a one terabyte (TB) model expected early next year.

Apple begins airing new 3D-silhouette Eminem TV ad

10/17, 12:15pm

3D-silhouette Eminem TV ad

Apple's new iTunes ad featuring rap superstar Eminem began airing this past weekend on major network television. The TV spot, which debuted at the special event last week, was shown during several sporting events on Sunday, including CBS football and the world series. The 30-second spot takes a new 3D approach to the "silhouette" ads popularized in Apple's recent iPod television campaigns, combining an iconic effect with music video-style filmography. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs told the crowd that Apple had been working on the concept for more than two years during its debut. The ad appeared in QuickTime Apple's website shortly after the "One More Thing" special event but soon disappeared without any explanation. The TV spot features Eminem performing his hit single "Lose Yourself," the same song that caused controversy in 2004, when Eminem's publisher Eight Mile Style filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming it used one of Eminem's songs in a television advertisement without permission.

Apple making mobile video content play?

10/17, 12:10pm

Video iPod: evolutionary

Banc of America Securities Chief Financial Analyst Keith Bachman today said "we continue to believe that Apple's iPod video will be an evolutionary opportunity, not revolutionary," while maintaining a "buy" rating with $52 price target. After testing the video downloading features of iTunes 6, the firm concluded that "Apple had more content and more competitive advantage in the music market as compared to the video market," Bachman said. After downloading a Madonna video and an episode of Desperate Housewives, Bachman concluded that while consumers would be satisfied with the download speed, more content will be necessary to make the iPod video appeal to a mass audience, according to a report from "We suspect we will see strong sales in the fourth quarter, given the buzz over the product, and follow-on sales will depend on the breadth of content," Bachman continued. Bachman estimates that Apple will sell 9.3 million iPod units in the fourth quarter and 29 million units in fiscal 2006, according to the report. Bachman noted "we think Apple is in the early phases of a long term plan to grab a strategic position on the distribution of mobile video content."

Navicast 3.0.3 offers new HTML-based Web TV channel

10/17, 11:45am

Navicast 3.0.3 released

Barsark today released Navicast 3.0.3, its professional multi-channel and multi-user Web TV system with drag-and-drop capability. A new HTML-based Web TV channel can easily incorporate into any existing website -- supporting play, pause, browsing lists of movies, a search feature for specific titles, rate and review, sharing with friends, and choice of viewing quality. Additional improvements include password protection for individual movies; proxy support to publish movies and manage channels from behind a proxy server; and other enhancements. The Navicast Web TV system consists of two parts, a movie publishing and system management tool, Navicast eZender, and a streaming web TV channel to watch published movies. Movies are published to the web TV channel by a simple drag and drop, while eZender automates the entire publishing process, movie compression, upload and indexing. zPort Navicast Hosting service is available as a subscription starting at $166 per month.

Sony debuts W900 3G Walkman phone with Bluetooth

10/17, 11:20am

W900 3G Walkman phone

Sony today announced its latest Walkman phone, the W900 UMTS, which will compete with the ROKR iTunes phone from Motorola. The W900 UMTS will feature 3G connectivity, focus on music, and offer a two-megapixel 8x digital zoom camera with a screen the same size as the new iPod video. The new phone will support transfers via cable and Bluetooth, as well as over-the-air music download services. Other features include video recording at 30 frames per second, video play-back, an internal storage capacity of 470MB (120 to 240 songs), support for additional storage using Memory Stick PRO Duo, dedicated music buttons, and a supplied stereo portable HPM-80 with remote control to operate the Walkman player without removing it. The W900 UMTS ships with a USB cable and Disc2Phone PC software fro transfer and management of music files. The W900 UMTS is expected to be available in black or white by the end of the year (pricing was unavailable).

MacLive Conference scheduled for May 11-13 in NYC

10/17, 11:10am

MacLive Conference in NYC

The first annual MacLive Conference has been scheduled for May 11-13, 2006 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Billed as the "Learning Conference for Creative Professionals," the MacLive keynote address will feature a rare appearance by the original Mac evangelist--Guy Kawasaki The conference will offer over 50 educational sessions with complete training tracks on Mac OS X Tiger, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, digital photography, the iLife programs, the iPod and Podcasting, and more. "This learning conference is about more than just software," said Kelby. "It's about building the Macintosh community, sharing ideas, and finding new ways to solve the issues facing today's creative professionals." The event is produced by KW Media Group and is sponsored by Layers magazine. (Pricing not yet available.)

iPod is biggest threat to Sony PlayStation Portable

10/17, 10:55am

iPod vs. Sony PSP

Apple's iPod may be the single biggest threat to the PlayStation Portable's ascendance as the handheld media system of choice, according to a to capture online contact data and then access, manipulate and report GameIndustry columnist. Rob Fahey says that the software behind Apple's new video iPod--including iTunes 6--, not the hardware itself, poses the largest threat: "....Sony faces a major struggle in ensuring that its device remains the platform of choice for mobile video. Right now, it has the hardware advantage - but the hardware advantage can evaporate overnight. What the firm needs to do, and what the games industry must hope and pray that it succeeds at, is to create a software and service platform that rivals Apple's, and build a user experience for acquiring and watching video content that is painless and simple."

Wirecast 2.5 supports multiple DV cameras

10/17, 10:50am

Wirecast 2.5 available

Vara Software today shipped a multiple-DV camera version of Wirecast for Mac OS X. Wirecast allows users to create dynamic webcasts multiple cameras, images, titles, movies, etc. "Although previous versions of Wirecast could switch between cameras, only one DV camera was supported due to limitations in the Mac OS X capture API." The company says that that the ability to capture from multiple DV cameras may be limited by the types of cameras, as some DV cameras cannot share the same FireWire bus with another DV camera and recommends using a single card per DV camera. Other features including Chroma key support, multiple broadcast types, H.264 support, realtime transitions/effects, bundled titles, support for QTSS, Keynote integration, multiple layers, AppleScript support, and more. Wirecast 2.5 is a free upgrade to v2.0 owners. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later. The full version is $450.

Shure unveils E series headphones in black

10/17, 10:30am

Shure headphones in black

Shure today announced that its E series sound isolating headphones will be available in black -- as well as white -- to complement Apple's iPod nano digital music player. The Shure E2c, E3c, and E4c (shown at right) each feature a personal fit kit that includes a variety of sleeves to ensure a personalized, comfortable fit, and maximum sound isolation. The sleek, black coloring with chrome highlights is specifically designed to complement the iPod nano. The E2c ($100) features Shure's Dynamic MicroDriver technology. The E3c ($180) is the lightest, most compact model in its class and features WideBand MicroDriver technology to deliver extended frequencies and precision highs. The E4c ($300) incorporates Shure's Tuned Port Technology and High Definition drivers, delivering detailed audio and extended bass response. All three models are expected to begin shipping in November.

Briefly: The OMG Cup, Halloween contest, MacFair 2005

10/17, 10:30am

The OMG Cup, Halloween

In Brief: Redlien has released a public beta of its new Web Data Entry module for Redlien Account Executive, which allows users of Redlien Account Executive to create custom web forms to capture online contact data and then access, manipulate and generate reports.... Dosch Design has release released 'Dosch 3D: Utility Vehicles,' which contains 45 textured 3D-models of highly realistic utility vehicles for architectural visualizations, simulations and renderings.... Freeverse has announced that it will be the principal sponsor of "The OMG Cup," a Mac game programming contest to be held by BeLight has launched a Halloween Contest, offering an iPod nano to the best Halloween flyer, photo, drawing or story submission and a 15 percent discoun to those who participate.... Jeffrey Young, author of "iCon Steve Jobs: The greatest second act in business history," will deliver a keynote at the Southern California MacFair 2005 on Saturday, November 5 at Cerritos College in Norwalk California.

TIME: Apple world\'s \"most innovative company\"

10/17, 8:25am

TIME on Apple

TIME Magazine focuses on Apple in its latest issue, which is now on sale. The magazine calls Apple "the world's most innovative company," and says, "conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong, yet it keeps turning out great products." The report looks at Apple's creative team, including engineering vice president Fadell, iPod head Jon Rubinstein, industrial design chief Ive, CEO Jobs and marketing director Philip Schiller. "This is partly a story about a company called Apple Computer. It's also partly a story about a fancy new iPod that plays videos as well as music and that could dramatically change the way people entertain themselves. But it's mostly a story about new things and where they come from, about which there are a few popular misconceptions.'


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