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Apple pulls new Eminem TV spot

10/12, 9:50pm

Apple pulls Eminem ad

Apple has apparently pulled its new iPod commercial featuring rap star Eminem. No reason was given for the withdrawal. The 30-second spot premiered today during Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at an Apple special event. The ad features Eminem performing his hit single "Lose Yourself" and was expected to begin airing on television in a week. The commercial takes a new 3D approach to the "silhouette" effect popularized by other iTunes ads. Apple had worked on the ad for over two years, according to Mr. Jobs. "It takes our silhouette campaign up to a whole new level," Jobs said. The ad was well-received by the audience at the keynote, and Jobs even played it twice.

Briefly: MacNN reviews; eMacs removed; new iMacs

10/12, 7:30pm

MacNN reviews, new iMacs

In brief: MacNN has reviewed MacCapture, macware's presentation software designed to create slideshows capable of displaying educational material or product promotions.... MacNN also reviewed Black and White Platinum Pack, the runaway-hit game crafted by developer Peter Molyneux.... One MacNN reader noted that eMacs have been silently removed from Apple's online store.... Mighty Mouse is included with all new iMac G5's, which were unveiled today during Apple's special event in San Jose.... Apple released a small, light external USB modem (shown at right) alongside the new iMac G5's to accommodate dial-up users.... ezGear announced its ezSkin 5th Generation cases for Apple's new video-capable iPod, made from high quality silicon with an anti dust coating.

ezGear unveils ezSkins for video-capable iPod

10/12, 7:10pm

ezSkins for video iPod

ezGear today announced its ezSkin 5th Generation cases for Apple's new video-capable iPod. The cases are made from high quality silicon with an anti dust coating, and provide openings on the top for access to the hold switch and earphone jack. An additional opening on the bottom provides access to the iPod dock connector. Each ezSkin comes with a neck strap, an integrated removable belt clip, and a clear ezShade screen protector. ezSkin 5th Generation cases come in five colors: sky blue, princess pink, lime green, onyx black, and frost white -- the onyx case is opaque, while the other four cases are semi-transparent. The belt clip is made from high quality, high impact plastic for durability. ezShade screen protectors are clear plastic screens with rubber bumpers on each corner. ezSkin 5th Generation cases are expected to be available within the next month for $30.

Smart Label Mac 1.1 supports Mac Intel platform

10/12, 7:00pm

Smart Label Mac 1.1

Seiko Instruments (USA) today released a new version of its Smart Label Printer (SLP) application, driver, and software development kit (SDK) for Mac users. Supporting the new Apple Intel processor platform for the first time, the Smart Label Mac v1.1 software adds usability and reliability enhancements and improved bar code printing functionality. The update is free to existing SLP customers, and is available for download from the company's website.

Apple releases QuickTime 7.0.3

10/12, 5:45pm

QuickTime 7.0.3

Apple has posted QuickTime 7.0.3, which "delivers several important bug fixes, primarily in the areas of streaming and H.264 video. QuickTime 7 Pro users also gain the ability to create video and audio files that can be played back on compatible iPods." Apple says that the update is highly recommended for all QuickTime 7 users. The 33.1MB update is available via the Software Update.

Apple posts Special Event video, new iPod ad

10/12, 5:15pm

Apple Special Event

Apple has posted a video stream of its special press event that took place today. During his keynote address, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a new iMac G5 iTunes 6, and a new video-capable iPod. Apple has also posted the TV spot title, iTunes + iPod TV Ad featuring Eminem, which debuted at the special event and is expected to begin airing in the coming week. [updated]

Veoh Networks to integrate software with video iPod

10/12, 4:55pm

Veoh supporting video iPod

Veoh Networks today announced it is integrating its software with Apple's new video iPod, enabling users to easily export video collections to the iPod and other portable video devices. Veoh software, compatible with Mac OS X, creates a virtual television network that distributes TV-quality, full-screen broadcast video to hundreds of millions of users with broadband internet connections. Motion picture studios, television networks, organizations, and individuals can publish unlimited amounts of broadcast video content to the network. Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Veoh Networks said: "The availability of the video iPod is another big step in democratizing television by making it more portable and accessible anywhere." to format all content for video iPod

10/12, 4:45pm on video iPod today announced that all Flux video and audio content will be formatted to play on Apple's new Video iPod, with key content available immediately. Each week, The Flux hosts a webcast featuring one short film along with host segments, director interviews, and how-to segments. Previous episodes and episode outtakes are currently available for the video iPod, with content from "The Vault," the site's movie hosting service, going online over the next week.

BART unveils QuickPlanner for iPod

10/12, 4:40pm

iPod BART QuickPlanner

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) today has begun offering downloadable schedules and maps for Apple's iPod line, including the new Video iPod. The BART QuickPlanner covers departure times and a color version of the official BART system map, as well as general station information. Automatic update notifications provide the most accurate schedule, map and station information. The BART QuickPlanner is available for free from the BART website.

Apple\'s Video iPod accessories

10/12, 4:10pm

Video iPod accessories

Apple's new video-capable iPod, unveiled today at Apple's special event, is due to ship next week as the holiday season approaches, and Apple has already created various accessories for the device. A Universal Dock ($39) provides easy access to a USB port for syncing, IR support to work with the Apple Remote, and variable line out and S-video connections for integration within the living room. The Apple Remote ($29) offers wireless integration to the Universal Dock and quick, easy access to controls from across the room. Apple iPod AV cable ($19) enables television viewing of video content in full-screen. The Apple Socks ($29) provide six vibrant and colorful ways to dress up and protect the iPod. The iPod Camera Connector ($29) eases the photo transfer process between digital cameras and the Video iPod.

Updated iMac offers built-in iSight, up to 2.1GHz

10/12, 3:50pm

Updated iMac

Apple today unveiled the new iMac G5, which features a built-in iSight video camera for out-of-the-box video conferencing and the debut of Apple's new Front Row technology. Front Row gives users a simple, intuitive and powerful way to play their music, enjoy their photo slideshows, and watch their DVDs and iMovies, as well as popular movie trailers from Apple's website, and music videos and television shows purchased from the iTunes Music Store, on their iMac from up to 30 feet away using the new bundled Apple Remote. The new iMac G5 comes in a sleek, new design that is even thinner than its predecessor, and starts at just $1,299.

Apple announces video iPod, iTunes 6

10/12, 3:45pm

New iPod, iTunes 6

Apple today introduced the new iPod, featuring a 2.5-inch color screen which can display album artwork and photos, and play video including music videos, video Podcasts, home movies and television shows. The new iPod holds up to 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos or over 150 hours of video and is available in a 30GB model for $299 and a 60GB model for $399, with both models available in stunning white or black designs. Users will be able to purchase videos via the iTunes Store for $1.99.

Apple\'s special event in San Jose

10/12, 2:55pm

Apple\'s special event

Steve Jobs today introduced a redesigned iMac G5, new video-enabled white (shown at right) and black iPods to replace the standard white iPod, iTunes 6, and the ability to purchase hit TV shows via iTunes at his "three-act" (plus one) One More Thing presentation at the California Theater in San Jose. Available through Apple's online Store, the new iMac G5 features a built-in iSight camera for video conferencing (with better specs than the current iSight), new PhotoBooth application for taking photos with the built-in camera, a thinner profile, and Front Row, which integrates a new 6-button remote control with software that control iTunes, iMovie, DVD playback, iPhoto, and QuickTime movie trailers. Pricing for the 17-inch (with SuperDrive) is the same at $1,299, while the 20-inch has been reduced to $1,699. Jobs also introduced the new video-enabled white and black iPod, which is signicantly thinner, features a 2.5-inch TFT color screen, offers H.264/MPEG4-based 320x240 playback at 30 fps, and dozens of extras (multiple world clock, etc.). It will be available next week in 30GB ($299) and 60GB ($399) capacities. Finally, the "third act" featured iTunes 6 (available today), which offers new features for gifting songs, customer reviews, buying music and other videos ($1.99 for song+video or $1.99 for Pixar short videos). [updated]

Be.ez offers soft cases for Apple products

10/12, 1:15pm

Be.ez Apple cases

Be.ez is offering a selection of soft cases for various Apple products including iBooks, Powerbooks, and iPods. The LEmini (35, shown at right) provides protection for Mac mini, with room for standard accessories and a full-sized keyboard. LEmini's three variants are "street" (mouse grey with turquoise interior), "pearl" (red and white), and "sweet" (dark and light plum), each of which include an external iPod pocket and earphone strap. The LArobe mini (15) is a soft, low resilience polyurethane case for Apple notebook accessories; available in black and white, orange and black, pink, green, and blue. LArobe Color cases protect Apple 12, 15, and 17-inch Powerbooks as well as 12 and 14-inch iBooks with polyurethane, and are available in grey, green, pink, or blue.

30 percent of 2006 vehicles offer iPod integration

10/12, 11:15am

iPod integration

Apple on Tuesday said that 15 automakers now offer iPod integration as on option on their 2006 vehicles, according to Leftlane News. That means about 30 percent of new cars can be equipped with special hardware to connect the digital music player directly to the car's stereo and stereo controls. Unlike simple FM transmitters, true iPod integration means there's a physical connection between the car's stereo and the device, resulting in optimal audi quality. Better still, iPod integration means you can use the steering wheel or dash controls to change songs. Apple has yet to update its "iPod your Car" website, but there's still plenty of information for 12 brands.

Asia\'s largest Apple Store to open in Singapore

10/12, 11:00am

Singapore Apple Store

Club 21 is set to open Asia's largest Apple Store in Singapore next month, with 10,000 square-feet on the third floor of Orchard Cineleisure. Scheduled to open on November 19th, the "Club 21 ishop" is the creation of Christina Ong, founder and owner of Club 21, according to a report from The Business Times. The store will offer Apple's range of computers and iPod portable music players, a large selection of related peripherals and accessories including Club 21 ishop-branded accessories, and complementary products from other brands including digital imaging products from Canon and audio products from Bose. The shop will include five rooms to be used for software training, as well as a cafe. As usual, there will be an authorized service point for Apple product repair and maintenance.

Briefly: \"One More Thing\", new iPod cases, discounts

10/12, 10:50am

\"One More Thing\" event

In Brief: Apple's "One More Thing" special event starts this morning at 10 am PT in San Jose.... Elemental Audio Systems has reinstated its introductory price for its new audio analysis plug-in suite, InspectorXL, reducing the price from $220 to $90 and offering a credit for the difference for all purchases since October 1.... Unsanity is celebrating its five-year anniversary by offering a 50 percent off all of its products for two days (use "UNSANITYFIVE" through Oct. 13).... Banc of America has reduced Apple's stock price target to $52 from $56, after Apple reported iPod sales that were lower than analysts' estimates, but maintained its "buy" rating on the stock..... Contour Design today announced a new "hard" iPod: The ToughShell.... Tunewear today announced PRIE jewel, a high-end "luxurious" iPod case for fourth-generation (4G) iPods as well as the iPod mini.

KeynotePro offers Sonoma for Pages

10/12, 10:40am

Sonoma for Pages

KeynotePro has release Sonoma for Pages, a print-inspired styling of the popular Sonoma for Keynote. It include an extensive suite of templates that naturally extend the original design, "blending classic print styling with a color-neutral framework designed to propel imagery, color and type forward while maintaining a consistent, structured feel." Sonoma for Pages introduces the "Platform" technique to Pages Templates, which makes photo placement and masking a more user-friendly, less time-consuming task. Sonoma for Pages includes 8 complete Pages Templates, in both US (Traditional) and ISO (Metric) formatted template bundles, covering the basics of Letterhead, Memo and Envelope as well as 3 styles of brochures. The Sonoma brochure templates offer 10 full layouts in the 3-Panel Brochure to 18 & 25 layouts in the Horizontal and Vertical brochures respectively. Sonoma for Pages is available for $20 or in a bundle with 2 other themes / templates for $50.

REALbasic 2005 release 4 supports SELinux

10/12, 10:40am

REALbasic 2005 R4

REAL Software today unveiled REALbasic 2005 release 4, its cross-platform integrated development environment providing rapid application development (RAD) using Mac OS, Windows, and Linux systems. Release 4 runs on and builds applications for Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux), an extension to the Linux kernel developed by the National Security Agency. The update also includes better support for external items as well as improves undo, code highlighting, IDE redraw, and find-and-replace behaviors. Debugger improvements include the ability to set and clear breakpoints directly from within the debugger tab. REALbasic 2004 release 4 requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, the professional edition is available for $400 for a limited time ($100 discount), while the standard edition is priced at $100.

Palm intros Wi-Fi enabled, low-cost color handhelds

10/12, 10:20am

New Palm handhelds

Palm today introduced a new affordable Wi-Fi-based handheld as well as sub-$100 color organizer. The wireless-enabled Palm TX (pictured at right) delivers integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies; a large, high-resolution 320x480 color screen; 128MB of memory, and other Wi-Fi experience improvements, including the ability for the device to scan for available networks, better connection logic to automatically connect to available compatible networks, and a 3-step process to set-up new network connections. The new handheld also includes a free 30-day subscription to all T-Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots and new mobile applications optimized for use over Wi-Fi. The $300 Palm TX includes an expansion card slot for MultiMediaCard, SD and SDIO formats and is available now. Palm also announced its compact color handheld built for the mass market: the Palm Z22 organizer.

Contour offers ToughShell \"hard\" case for iPod

10/12, 8:00am

ToughShell for iPod

Contour Design today announced a new "hard" case for the iPod: The ToughShell is a new protective case that is built with lightweight transparent shock resistant material for all round protection and durability. It supports Apple's click wheel 20GB iPod, 30GB iPod photo and 20GB iPod with color display. Contour says it used market research and feedback from existing customers to deliver a case that would be superior to "skin" cases, but still maintain a low profile and light weight. The ToughShell fits snugly and provides improved protection using enhanced transparent polypropylene. It secures the iPod by using an advanced snap-latch mechanism, offers access to all iPod controls, including the headphone jack, and hold switch as well as is compatible with many third-party attachments such as FM transmitters, voice recorders, etc. It includes a strong, detachable, stylish belt clip and will be available the first week of November for $22.

DLO debuts redesigned TransPod iPod car solution

10/12, 7:50am

TransPod iPod car solution

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today announced the all-new, redesigned TransPod, its the all-in-one car solution for the iPod, iPod nano and iPod mini. The DLO TransPod broadcasts the iPod's music to any FM radio frequency from 88.1 to 107.9 while simultaneously charging and cradling the iPod in the car. The solution offers a combined transmitter, charger and cup holder cradle into a single device. New features include an industrial design that accentuates the iPod, automatic intelligent power management, controllable backlit display, programmable preset stations and more. DLO has also added audio input jack, an auxillary output for use with the car aux input ports or a cassette adapter, fits for both the iPod mini and iPod nano (and other sizes), and a new standard black charger arm with screws for easy adjustment. The new DLO TransPod comes in white, silver and black and costs $100 and is available now.

Tunewear debuts luxurious PRIE jewel iPod case

10/12, 7:40am

PRIE jewel iPod case

Tunewear today announced PRIE jewel, a high-end "luxurious" iPod case for fourth-generation (4G) iPods as well as the iPod mini. "PRIE jewel is absolutely gorgeous. The Metallic Pink and Stylish Sliver design is complimented with a glittering rhinestone buckle to add an air of glamour. The silver chain is removable and can be used to attach your iPod to your bag, jeans or anything else." The case protects the screen and the click wheel with a clear vinyl window that still offers full control as well as access to the earphone and dock connector. The PRIE jewel is available in two models: one for the iPod 4G / photo and another for the iPod mini. Both are $40 and are available in metallic pink with silver highlights.

Freeverse offers five-game \"Best of\" bundle

10/12, 7:40am

Freeverse 5-game bundle

Freeverse today announced its "The Best Of: Original Mac Games, Vol 1," a two-CD set that features five action/arcade games created just for Mac OS X. The bundled games include the deep sea adventure, Deep Trouble 2 from Code Blender Software, the balloon-popping mayhem of Airburst Extreme from Strange Flavour, the retro space action of Starbase Defender from Bigger Planet, the shoot 'em up goodness of Active Lancer from de software, and Kill Monty from JustinFic. Additionally, the company is including in the box a "sneak peek" of an upcoming title--a playable development level from the upcoming Wingnuts 2. The Best Of: Original Mac Games, Vol. 1 is available for $30 and will ship by the end of October.


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