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Column: Apple must take Vista seriously

updated 07:30 pm EDT, Mon September 19, 2005

MS Vista threat

The "real power" of the Windows platform has always been tied to the support from the developer community, explains Rob Enderle of TechNewsWorld. And this year, developers are "more excited than I have seen in years" about , Microsoft's next-generation operating system. Enderle says for Apple to hold its ground, it must take Vista seriously. "Windows Vista is the biggest release for Microsoft since Windows 95. With that release, Apple was tested -- and they failed miserably. I was at Dataquest at the time and not only did I warn Apple to take 95 more seriously, I also accurately forecast the massive decline that would happen to them if they didn't do just that." Apple will be positioning its Intel-compatible Mac OS X against Vista and "they have about 12 months to prepare for the threat," the article states. "Just like the last time, they will largely leverage hardware this time, and, as before, they will be up against companies with resources that eclipse their own."

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  1. Feathers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Vista doesn't run on Mac

    Yet another anal-ist who has clearly missed the fact that vista doesn't run on Macs and few MacUsers EVER migrate to WinTel. However, OSX will run on Intel and plenty of PeeCee users are migrating to Macintosh. Nuff said! Don't know this guy Enderle but it's a safe bet that he's a Microsoft b**** anyway

  1. Horsepoo!!!

    Joined: Dec 1969


    That's not the question

    The question is whether the consumers will take Vista seriously. Right now, OS X and Windows are roughly at feature parity in the consumer's eyes (there was a time when Apple was way ahead of MS but Apple blew it). There's nothing in Vista that is more enticing than on OS X to consumer's eyes. Maybe there are things in there for developers but Apple has been satisfying developers also, especially with Tiger...I don't see that stopping.

  1. iKenny

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I think he makes some good points in this article. I've been somewhat following the Vista beta builds, and the fact is that it does at least match Tiger in most areas. I sincerely hope for Apple's sake they can get the Intel switch worked out and completed smoothly, and that Leopard surpasses what Vista will have that Tiger doesn't.

    The Avalon interface system and the Glass interface are definitely more advanced and in some ways prettier (although at the moment the Vista interface still seems cluttered) than Aqua. They can do visual effects, like rotating the windows to be 3D, that Apple can't accomplish. I'd hate to see Microsoft surpass Apple in interface capability, but at the moment it looks that way. Quartz and Quartz Extreme can hold their own, but in the end (I'm no expert, so I could be wrong), it appears as though windows in Vista are rendered in true fashion by the video card in true 3D, while in Quartz Extreme they're like flat layers with shadows tacked on. Hopefully Apple can leverage Core Image more fully in Leopard.

    In addition, Microsoft's come up with some reasonable alternatives to Exposé (but Exposé's still better in my opinion), and have better implemented metadata than Apple has in Tiger, as in Vista you can edit the metadata for any file you're saving as you save it, or later on through the Windows Explorer.

    Still, there are some areas where Tiger surpasses the as-unreleased Vista. Microsoft's answer for Dashboard is pretty lame, and the Vista interface, though more graphically impressive, remains cluttered and confusing. They've also retained the disastrous Registry.

    I think Apple definitely has a chance in creating an again superior OS in Leopard, but they'll have to work really hard, and for once there will be a definite deadline. Apple can't afford to have an OS that's "just as good" as Vista. And, as is mentioned in the article, Microsoft has enormous support outside the company for Vista, while Apple is trying the patience of its developers by asking them to switch their programs to Intel so soon after the OS 9-OS X switch. Again, I sincerely hope Apple's up to this challenge. I like using the Mac.

  1. Horsepoo!!!

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Wrong iKenny

    Apple can do all this if they chose too...but they're not and I'm glad.

  1. vallette

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Ignore this guy

    He and his wife Mary are total hacks, ignore them and with any luck they'll go away. They've been writing this drivel about Apple for years. Check out Mary's review of the iMac G5 sometime: It's hilarious.

  1. heavyboots

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It's the viruses

    If someone is going to choose OS X over Windows right now, one of the major reasons is the virus and spyware issues Windows currently has. If Vista can overcome this (through marketing or actual progress in the area of security), then Apple will have a problem. But I seriously doubt the Mac loyal are going to stray to Windows just because the new interface is so feature-rich.

    And I also doubt that the Windows migrators are going to stop just because Vista has something akin to Spotlight...

    Actually, I think in another 3 years the real competition is going to be Desktop Linux. Particularly if it continues to improve at the rate Ubuntu has shown it can. 3 years from now, if you're running an Intel Macintosh and you have the option to [A] upgrade to Windows Vista 2.0 for $189, [B] OS X 10.6 for $100, or [C] install Ubuntu Wiffling Wombat for free, if Wiffling Wombat looks and feels easily as good as either of the other two, you may be tempted to jump ship to the free option and just buy a Dell next time you need a hardware upgrade...

    (Naturally, I'm talking home users, not graphics professionals.)

  1. mattyd

    Joined: Dec 1969



    This guy's analogy is half-baked. The big difference being that Windows '95 was an improvement over Windows 3.1. A big improvment. Thing is... Vista looks to be even more hideous, bloated, and complicated than XP. No improvement and no reason for consumers to get excited.

  1. Nominal

    Joined: Dec 1969


    yer wrong cause I say so.

    fanboys never cease to amaze me. no iKenny is not wrong, sounds like a fairly sound take on the whole issue from first hand experience. Like it or not, Vista will be in direct competition, do you honestly think they have just been doing nothing this whole time? get real. Sure they have been copying a s*** load of s*** from Apple, but whats new.

    And as per the first post, apple has said publicly that they will not stop people from running Windows on an Intel Mac (I detest the MacTel monkier). Not that it will matter much because people are not likely to do that, I know I would never abadon OSX, but do think that Vista wont pose any threat at all is just asinine.

  1. micklb

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Windows finder

    Has anyone ever found the windows finder?

    Seriously, where is it?

  1. mugwump

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Not close

    Let's see -- this is the Window OS until 2010.

    Vista versus 10.5 Leapord. Vista versus 10.6 Lion Vista versus 10.7 Quantum Vista versus 10.8 Supernova

    Right now, it had better be good, cause that's all they get.

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