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Matias debuts USB 2.0 Keyboard

09/16, 7:50pm

Matias USB 2.0 Keyboard

Matias today introduced its USB 2.0 Keyboard, a hybrid keyboard and USB 2.0 dock that lets users plug Hi-Speed USB devices into their PCs via a convenient port on the keyboard. According to the company, it is the only keyboard on the market to have a USB 2.0 dock: "Mac users have been plugging USB cables into their keyboards for years, but many newer devices require the higher speed of USB 2.0," said Vesna Vojnic, Marketing Director for Matias. "iPods, USB flash drives, and newer digital cameras can take forever to transfer files if you don't have USB 2.0." The USB 2.0 Keyboard is available for both PC and Mac, in US, French, UK, and German layouts. It retails for $40 or $50 with a 2-button optical wheel mouse (along with free shipping for a limited time). US models are available now, with other models due next month month.

New Daystar iMac upgrades reach 1.92GHz

09/16, 6:55pm

Daystar iMac upgrades

Daystar has expanded its iMac Flat Panel CPU upgrade line, which was first announced last month. The upgrade previously was limited to 1.35 GHz for the earlier iMac 700/800 MHz systems. The is now offering 1.92 GHz upgrades for owners of the later model 1.0 and 1.25 GHz iMac Flat Panel systems. In additional to nearly double the CPU cylces, the upgrades also double the high-performance L2 cache size from 256 KB to 512 KB. The result is a "more than 2x real-world performance" gain. Daystar is using the latest Freescale 7457 and 7447 processors. "The CPU outperforms any 745x shipped by Apple, and boasts a large 512 KB internal L2 cache. The large cache allows the iMac G4 to perform at full speed, even without an external L3 cache." The 1.35GHz upgrade (iMac 700 / 800) is $550, while the 1.92GHz upgrade (iMac 1.0 / 1.25) is $590.

IDG pulls the plug on faltering Boston Macworld Expo

09/16, 5:55pm

IDG cancels Boston

IDG on Friday announced the cancellation of the struggling Macworld Expo Boston. The company said it will instead focus its efforts on the west coast conference and expo in San Francisco. Since IDG moved the once-popular summer conference from New York to Boston two years ago, Apple stopped attending. The New York expo was once the most anticipated tech conference for Mac users, with Apple using the event as a launching ground for its hottest new products. Over the last few years, Apple instead opted to use special events and its World Wide Developers Conference for major announcements. Since Apple stopped attending, the east coast expo has received little to no coverage from the Mac media, and attendance dropped significantly.

Apple sponsors Cosmic Blobs Lotus concept car contest

09/16, 5:25pm

Apple-sponsored contest

Apple is one of the lead sponsors of a contest inviting children to try their hands at designing the next great automobile. The Cosmic Blobs "Blob Master" design competition co-sponsored by Apple and ATI began yesterday, September 15th, and runs through October 15th. Contestants start with a digital model of a basic chassis which they push, pull, stretch, bend, and color blob-like shapes to design their dream car. Finalists are judged by actual Group Lotus engineers and designers, creators of the Lotus Elise. Boys and girls from 7 to 18 years old are invited to try their hand at building the next great car, and winning designs will be revealed the week of October 24th. Prize packs include Apple iPods, graphics cards from ATI, Lotus branded merchandise (including model cars), and Cosmic Blobs software.

Briefly: Big Nerd Ranch; Nano shuffle-art; CitizenPod

09/16, 4:00pm

Big Nerd Ranch, CitizenPod

In brief: Big Nerd Ranch announced mixed networks bootcamp for December 12-16, providing network administrators with the skills necessary to master networked environments that incorporate systems across a number of platforms.... unveiled its protective and decorative film for iPod Nano's (pictured at right), and is accepting pre-orders for $10.... CitizenPod is presenting the free 2005 Austin City Limits music festival clickguide, putting the entire ACL music festival lineup, performance schedule, band bios and helpful festival information on iPods.... SuntekStore has unveiled its light-weight earphones ($10) designed for added comfort while listening to Apple's iPod shuffle, offering high quality stereo sound with a combined original neck strip and ear phone.

MaxUpgrades reduces pricing on MaxConnect Lite

09/16, 3:20pm

MaxConnect Lite pricing

MaxUpgrades today reduced the price of its MaxConnect Lite G5 internal storage expansion assembly to $60. MaxConnect Lite is made from PolyAcetal, a thermoplastic known for its high strength and stiffness, and enables three additional disk drives to be housed in the lower CPU bay of Power Mac G5 systems. Optional custom power cables are included that split power from the optical drive connector, routing it from the optical drive bay to the lower CPU bay. The brackets are designed to expose maximum area of the attached drive for heat dissipation without sacrificing strength or rigidity, and the four bolt hard disk drive attachment to the drive bracket ensures maximum reliability and safety.

MacFamilyTree 4.2.0 offers consolidated charts, maps

09/16, 2:55pm

MacFamilyTree 4.2.0

OnlyMac Software today announced MacFamilyTree 4.2.0, a new version of the modern genealogy software that was completely re-developed to include major enhancements requested by users. MacFamilyTree provides a general view of all relations and kinship via graphical views, extensive print options, and the ability to publish family trees on the Internet or to a CD. New features include a family chart displaying all persons entered in the tree as one whole chart -- either descendants or ancestors only -- and a new map chart showing where events in the tree took place. MacFamilyTree 4.2.0 is priced at $50, or $20 for the upgrade from version 3, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Nano to accelerate interest in flash-drive storage

09/16, 2:40pm

Nano, flash storage

A report issued today suggests that the iPod nano will accelerate interest in the flash storage market using Apple's promotional muscle. According to one analyst from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, this could mean the end of traditional hard disk storage. Believed to be one of Apple's most intelligent products, the report cites the Nano's storage capacity with research suggesting that most music lovers keep no more than 375 songs on their players. However, the recent development of a flash chip harboring 32GB of storage -- and chips with four times that capacity on the way -- suggests that "flash's potential seems limitless; all it needs now is promotion." Should the iPod nano succeed, driven to shelves by Apple's massive marketing capabilities, then "the ubiquitous, spinning, crash-prone hard disk drive is well on its way to a museum shelf."

Apps: DEVONthink Pro, SASS, BurnAgain, Proloquo

09/16, 1:35pm

DEVONthink Pro, SASS

    DEVONthink Professional 1.0.1 ($75) is an update to the the "paperless office" for Mac OS X that keeps text files, RTF files, scanned documents, notes, e-mails, images, chat logs, bookmarks, and multimedia files together in one simple database. Version 1.0.1 supports dragging groups to other applications, opening documents with any external application, numerous bugfixes, and more. [Download - 6.8MB]
    SASS 1.6.0 ($70) updates the stock analysis software to screen for stocks that display value, growth, income or quality. SASS performs 10 fundamental stock screens, for small to large cap companies that are fast growing but low priced. Screening for high yielding companies listed in the DJIA or S and P is also supported. [Download - 2.2MB]
    BurnAgain 2.1 ($25) makes burning multisession CDRs easy by adding or updating files on an already burned CDR without creating the usual multisession CDR. The update incorporates a new burn engine that is faster and more reliable, improved content handling, and overall interface improvements. [Download - 460KB]
    Proloquo 1.0.1 ($300) is a multi-purpose and multilingual speech solution for Mac OS X that provides a full fledged communication system (AAC) for people who cannot speak, and improves accessibility to Mac OS X for people with visual impairments. Version 1.0.1 contains numerous bugfixes and supports test driving Proloquo with a high quality voice in native languages. [Download - 2.4MB]
    Spell-O-Gram 1.0 (free) is a word game to practice flash cards with scrambled words. A dictionary is created from which scrambled words show up in the game, with five turns each lasting 30, 60, or 90 seconds. A countdown provides visual feedback when the end of a turn is near. [Download - 1.4MB]
    MBS 5.3 ($55) comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the REALbasic development environment with over 500 classes and four controls featuring over 10,000 documented functions. The plug-ins require REALbasic 3.5 or newer. [Download - 17.9MB]

Mac, iPod fans hang on to product packaging

09/16, 12:25pm

Mac packaging

Wired News talks to a number of Mac fanatics about Apple's sleek product packaging. Gary Ian Reich is "one of the legions of Macintosh and iPod users for whom the elegance of the user interface begins with the bold graphics and sleek texture of the box the new machine comes in." Reich's Apple box collection began with his G3 iMac, he said. "I save 'em, much to the dismay of my significant other," Reich said. "My storage closet is jam-packed with basically everything I've got." Ryan Harne, a 20-year-old engineering student at Virginia Tech University, has gone so far as to display his boxes in his bedroom, backlit with lamps from Ikea.

Mac, iPod fans hang on to product packaging

09/16, 12:25pm

iPod packaging

Wired News talks to a number of Mac fanatics about Apple's sleek product packaging. Gary Ian Reich is "one of the legions of Macintosh and iPod users for whom the elegance of the user interface begins with the bold graphics and sleek texture of the box the new machine comes in." Reich's Apple box collection began with his G3 iMac, he said. "I save 'em, much to the dismay of my significant other," Reich said. "My storage closet is jam-packed with basically everything I've got." Ryan Harne, a 20-year-old engineering student at Virginia Tech University, has gone so far as to display his boxes in his bedroom, backlit with lamps from Ikea.

SuntekStore rolls out necklace style iPod earphones

09/16, 12:15pm

Necklace iPod earphones

SuntekStore has unveiled the Necklace style earphone/headphone, its light-weight earphones designed for added comfort while listening to Apple's iPod shuffle, as well as other music players. Features include high quality stereo sound, a combined original neck strip and ear phone, and two USB caps for the iPod shuffle. The necklace style earphones for iPod shuffle are available for $10 and usually ship the next business day.

NYPD to publish podcasts for the public

09/16, 12:05pm

NYPD podcast

In the department's latest effort to reach the public, the NYPD plans to publish its own podcast. In a report on Newsday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he uses his iPod to listen to music, audio books and language lessons. Kelly said he believes the podcasting initiative is the first by a law enforcement agency. "It gives us the ability to get information out quickly in another medium," Kelly said. The first podcast, narrated by retired Insp. Jesse Peterman, includes information on street closings during the UN General Assembly meeting and interviews with a captain about identity theft, as well as with a chief sent to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Report: Apple wise to avoid phone market

09/16, 11:30am

Apple phone

The iTunes-based Motorola ROKR is "just a precursor of things to come," according to Business 2.0. The reaction to the ROKR has been "lukewarm at best," and was actually overshadowed by the launch of the iPod nano, according to the report. Although some Apple fans and investors were disappointed that Apple didn't unveil its own phone, "holding off on the iPhone is a smart move for Apple because it let Motorola focus on the hardware design while Apple remained focused on the iTunes software industry." The "mobile handset business is notoriously convoluted," explains writer Matthew Maier, and "the difficulty of creating its own phone without alienating carriers kept Apple from creating what many were hoping for -- the iPhone." What Apple could do, according to the article, is launch its own virtual network. Then, "there would be nothing keeping it from creating its own handset. Certainly it has a rabid enough customer base and clear understanding of the consumer market to do so."

RadTech offers Portectorz for dockable iPods, more

09/16, 10:50am

RadTech Portectorz

RadTech today released Portectorz for dockable iPods and Apple AirPort Express. RadTech Portectorz provide protection for data, video and audio ports for all dockable iPods, AirPort Express mobile WiFi base stations, PowerBooks, and iBooks. "Ports stay clean, dry and positively protected from foreign objects and debris when fitted with custom-molded Portectorz." Constructed from the finest high-polymer Silicone to eliminate any tackiness, Portectorz are Uni-die molded and lightly frosted for a smooth and elegant appearance, according to RadTech. Portectorz pricing starts at $6 and are available for all dockable iPods, AirPort Express WiFi base stations, 12-/14-inch iBooks, and 12-/15-inch PowerBooks. The company says that Portectorz for 17 inch PowerBooks are "coming soon."

G5 Drive Bracket price drops

09/16, 10:35am

G5 Drive Bracket

The G5 Drive Bracket team has lowered the price of its drive bracket product from $75 to $60, due to increased sales after its one-year anniversary which resulted in better bulk rates. The G5 Drive Bracket adds up to three full-size (3" x 3 1/2" x 1") internal drives to Apple's Power Mac G5 computers, mounting the devices in front of the two fans in cooling zone three. Brackets are made of 1/4-inch polycarbonate, the same material used to make bullet proof windows. The kit includes the bracket, screws to mount three hard disks, an Allen wrench, and a documentation CD providing details on installation. The G5 Drive Bracket works with all past and current Power Mac G5 systems, and comes with a 30-day warranty for manufacturing defects.

Memorex unveils compact 4GB storage device

09/16, 8:35am

Memorex 4GB storage

Memorex on Friday introduced the Mega TravelDrive, a 4GB capacity portable storage device. At just 1.75" x 1.96" x .56", the ultra-compact Mega TravelDrive is 20 percent smaller than many pocket hard drives, according to the manufacturer. It features a pivoting USB connector that easily plugs into a variety of USB ports in tight spaces. It does not require an extra power supply. The Mega also features a blue LED indicator that flashes during data transfer. It comes bundled with convenience accessories such as a protective, black carrying pouch and a USB cable. The Memorex Mega TravelDrive will be available at major consumer electronics retailers by October, for a suggested retail price of $150.

SuperScrubber 2.0 updates solution for erasing disks

09/16, 8:35am

SuperScrubber 2.0 released

Jiiva today released SuperScrubber 2.0, an update to the company's disk erasing solution. Version 2.0 add a host of new features including a step-by-step interface walking the user through the process of erasing a disk, a redesigned time-estimation process to more accurately represent how long it will take to securely erase a large hard drive, an advanced custom configuration editor allowing IT professionals to enter more sophisticated data patterns, and the ability to save custom configurations and default settings to a separate storage device for reuse when scrubbing many machines. SuperScrubber 2.0 also adds support for the popular Gutmann erasure method. Versions are available for G3-, G4-, and G5-based Macs. Each is $30, while a bundle of all three is $50.

Tunewear announces TuneTag leather Nano case

09/16, 8:20am

TuneTag Nano case

Tunewear has announced TuneTag, a luggage-tag style leather case for Apple's iPod nano. It is made from smooth ultra high quality genuine nappa leather. A transparent vinyl sheet covers and protects both the iPod screen and click wheel from dirt and scratching, giving the face of the iPod nano complete protection from outside elements, yet still allows for control of the click wheel and full view of the screen. TuneTag will be be available in October.


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