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Pogue expects Nano to boost Apple share

updated 07:10 pm EDT, Thu September 15, 2005

Pogue on Nano

Tech columnist David Pogue that "nobody can sustain an 80 percent market share in a consumer electronics business for more than two or three years." According to Pouge, Apple's market share won't stay at 80 percent -- "It's about to go up." He cites the iPod nano as the reason behind a possible increase. "If you doubt it, then you haven't yet handled the iPod Nano: a tiny, flat, shiny wafer of powerful sound that Apple unveiled last week. Beware, however: to see one is to want one. If you hope to resist, lash your credit card to your wallet like Odysseus to the mast."

by MacNN Staff





  1. eddd

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I'd have to agree. I took my kids to see one, and now I find myself wanting one as well. You might stand a chance if you just glance at one, but if you pick one up and hold it, all hope is lost.

  1. climacs

    Joined: Dec 1969



    they just don't get it. Apple will continue to confuse and confound them.

    As has been noted, it seemingly would make no sense to shoot your biggest-selling product. But if you are a company that puts such a high premium on innovation, it makes perfect sense. Apple can't muscle its way in the market (yet) like Microsoft or Sony so they have to stay a step or two ahead. I'd say they just lapped the competition AGAIN.

  1. awcopus

    Joined: Dec 1969


    nano is like wow

    I agree with Pogue that Apple has a grand slam on their hands. It is just so impossibly s*** to look at, and more importantly it is way more responsive than the HD-based iPods, the color screen is crisp, and the sound this little fella produces is extremely sweet!

    Marketshare increasing? Who knows? HDPod sales may take a backseat to nano sales, but nano sales may be so brisk that Apple does increase its overall marketshare.

  1. Deckard

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Maybe not...

    From what I've read so far, sales of the iPod nano have been less than a knockout and less than the iPod Mini it's supposed to replace. The black 4GB version is selling well, but the vast majority of nanos that Apple has made so far (reports say as much as an 8-1 ratio) have been the white variety, which are mostly sitting on shelves in Apple retail outlets since release.

    Let's hope Apple cranks this one around quickly and starts making more black nanos. I also hope they start producing Minis again if the nano proves to be a slower seller than the Mini, and Steve Jobs doesn't make another mistake like he did with the Mac Cube.

  1. gambit23

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: Deckard

    Some "analysts" have said that the iPod nano isn't selling as well as the mini did, but they're basing that assumption on the fact that places still have the nano in stock whereas the mini was immediately sold out. This is an incorrect assumption because Apple just didn't make enough minis originally. Steve Jobs himself said that nano production was probably one of the quickest product ramp-ups in history, so obviously Apple anticipated the nanos to be hot items. So, just because stores still have stock doesn't mean that nano isn't selling well.

    regards, gambit

  1. cebritt

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    Market Share

    "nobody can sustain an 80 percent market share in a consumer electronics business for more than two or three years."

    What about Intel and Microsoft? They've had more than 80 percent market share for over a decade. Certainly computers are consumer electronics since they're sold at Best Buy and Circuit City.

  1. koolkid1976

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Album Art

    Does anyone know if you can only get album art through songs purchased through iTunes? I would like to get album art for my ripped CD's.

  1. ffurillo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re:Maybe not...

    Not sure what you're reading...but I actually visited 2 Apple retail stores in my area and both were sold out of all 4 GB models (white and black) on the first Friday after they were announced.

  1. echo mirage

    Joined: Dec 1969


    lol @ funny sales figures

    Got my black 4GB the instant it was available at the SF store. They were taking them off the truck (no joke), uncrating, putting them at the cashier counter, and selling them instantly. In fact, there were three lines going all the way to the main entrance: one for misc sales, one for black 2GBs, and one for black 4GB. In the twenty+ minutes it took me to wait for mine, I didn't see anyone buy a white nano. This was a selling-like-freakcakes-'til-they're-sold-out event. ----- For koolkid1976: grab your album art from Amazon.

  1. ZinkDifferent

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    People working in cubicles, making close to minimum wage, insisting to trust them when it comes to investing your finances? Yeah, that sounds about right.

    When a guy is calling his suggestions in from his private beach house in Aruba, based on his own investments, then, maybe, I'd listen to these hacks.

    Back when Apple was at $13, it was a 'risk' and 'highly ill advised' to buy Apple stock.... Yeah? Look at us now?

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