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Adobe CEO: Porting apps to MacTel won\'t be easy

08/31, 9:25pm

Adobe CEO on MacTel

Porting Creative Suite to "MacTel" won't be as easy as Steve Jobs might like developers to believe, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said during an interview with CNET "Steve (Jobs) likes to trivialize the process and make it seem easy, but moving the apps over is not that easy...Getting over to MacTel is work." However, Chizen remains optimistic about the end result: "I think in the long run it's going to be great because what the users will get is better performance...and greater value. At Adobe, we tend to optimize for Intel today on the Windows side. The fact that we'll be able to optimize for Intel cross-platform will make it even better for us." He said not to expect a version of the company's Creative Suite for Mac OS X on Intel until late 2006 or early 2007, the same time Apple's hardware transition will be complete.

Apple cancels 30-day free Mac mini test drive promo

08/31, 8:50pm

Apple cans Mac mini promo

Apple has quietly ended its free Mac mini test drive promo, which the company had launched on its website yesterday. The Apple online store no longer lists the 30-day money-back-guarantee offer, which allowed users to try the entry-level Mac mini without any risk. The offer, first noted by MacNN, was exclusively available via its online store and was set to expire on October 31st. It also allowed users to purchase a keyboard and/or mouse in conjunction with the Mac mIni. As of August 31st--about 24 hours after the promo was launched--the offer is no longer available on the website and store representatives confirmed that the offer was no longer available, but declined to provide further details. Separately, Apple has also begun a 120 days same-as-cash offer for limited time. It is available to qualified customers.

Apple has multiple \"Trojan Horses\" to drive growth

08/31, 8:40pm

Apple\'s Trojan Horses

Although Motorola's iTunes phone is actually "very old news," the media continues to follow it, indicating its "importance for Apple," explains Motley Fool writer Jeremy MacNealy. Apple intends to keep it that way, because its dominant position with iTunes leads many new users to the Mac platform. But iTunes isn't Apple's only "Trojan Horse." iLife's inclusion on new Mac systems is Apple's way to get consumers "accustomed to using its editing software," just in they "ever aspire for more." If they do, Apple "has the answer" with its Final Cut and Logic lines.

Verizon delays debut of mobile music service

08/31, 4:00pm

Verizon delays debut

The Verizon Wireless mobile music service -- slated to launch prior to the holiday season -- will be delayed until the first quarter of 2006. A spokesman from Verizon told that the carrier doesn't plan to introduce the new service, which would let users download music to their phones over the air, until the first quarter of next year. The new iTunes phone from Motorola, expected to debut September 7 using Cingular Wireless as its carrier will have less competition this fierce holiday season as a result. Several phones already exist which allow "sideloading" digital music from computers; however this feature isn't expected to be widely adopted until carriers and their partners ramp up marketing efforts, according to the report.

HMV, Virgin set to enter music download market

08/31, 2:05pm

HMV, Virgin music market

HMV and Virgin both are preparing to launch music download services that will compete with each other and Apple's iTunes music store. Virgin's online store is set to debut on September 2, while HMV looks to September 9 for a release date, according to the report from Both firms aim to offer the choice between pay-for-play and subscription services, while the iTunes music store currently only offers pay-for-play services. HMV is also planning to offer a flexible pricing structure which varies the cost of songs based on the popularity of artists, and is investing 10 million to create HMV Digital sections for all of its 200 stores in the UK. Virgin plans to offer an "ask the expert" service that will provide answers to questions about music by Virgin's music experts.

Timbuktu Pro 8.5 for Mac OS X released

08/31, 1:55pm

Timbuktu Pro 8.5

Netopia today released version 8.5 of its Timbuktu remote control software for Mac OS X. Simple setup, an intuitive user-friendly interface, and multiple security options provide a viable solution for remote access to Macintosh desktops. New features of the upgrade (free for 8.x users) include full file access privileges assignable on a user-by-user basis; help desk mode which disables outgoing Timbuktu connections for connect-only access by administrators; enhanced security settings with the option to disable Timbuktu's TCP/IP responder, Bonjour responder, and limit incoming connections to SSH-secured avenues only; expanded desktop sharing with support for viewing multiple monitors simultaneously; remote keyboard and screen blanking with keyboard locking on a user-by-user basis; and more. Timbuktu Pro 8.5 requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, the twin-pack bundle (a minimum of two licenses are required for functionality) is available for $160.

Aquafadas updates iDive 1.4 \"digital video shoebox\"

08/31, 12:05pm

Aquafadas iDive 1.4

Aquafadas today released iDive 1.4, the latest version of its "digital video shoebox" which allows users to import, catalog, and tag digital videos for easy searching and organization of movies. Version 1.4 offers the ability to import movie files in various formats from the computer's hard drive, CD's, and DVD's. It can now import any QuickTime movie format and is able to catalog iMovie projects, giving users the ability to organize, annotate, view and retrieve footage that has been captured using iMovie. The new version also extends the software's compression features, offering new presets (H264, DV for FCP/FCE) as well as more user control and flexibility. iDive also offers a new detailed sourced window with more details of movie data, new menus, new sorting functions, numerous productivity enhancements and redesigned icons. It is avaialble now for $70.

Epson introduces new line of inkjets

08/31, 12:05pm

New Epson inkjet line

Earlier this month Epson announced its new line of inkjet products for homes and small offices. New models include a single-function printer -- the Epson Stylus C88 -- and five all-in-one devices -- the Epson Stylus CX7800, CX5800F, CX4800, CX4200, and CX3810 -- all of which utilize Epson's new DURABrite Ultra pigment ink. The new formulation of DURABrite pigment ink provides fade-resistance, water-resistance and smudge-resistance on any type of media. Offering resolutions up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi with ultra fine ink droplets, the new models promise high quality and sharp detail. Each models produces borderless prints in frame-ready sizes -- up to letter size. They also feature individual ink cartridges and are backed by Epson's one-year limited warranty.

LEGO Star Wars for Mac on store shelves

08/31, 11:35am

LEGO Star Wars

Aspyr today announced LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game has arrived in retail stores across North America for Mac. The game allows players to relive the most memorable scenes from the Star Wars films as unique LEGO characters. It features a game world and characters built from virtual LEGO bricks that allows players to move through the whole story of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Gamers can play as more than 30 of their favorite Star Wars characters through more than 18 levels. Additionally, players can enjoy a two-player cooperative play mode that lets a second player drop in and out of the action without interrupting gameplay. The game sells for $30.

Epson rolls out Stylus Photo RX700 all-in-one

08/31, 11:15am

Epson Stylus Photo RX700

Epson today announced its Stylus Photo RX700 six-color inkjet all-in-one for the photo enthusiast. The Stylus Photo RX700 offers 48-bit 3200 x 6400 dpi resolution and the capability to print on ink jet printable CDs and DVDs without a computer. The dye-based, front-loading photo inks, with variable-sized ink droplets as small as 1.5 pico liters and up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi provide true photographic lab-quality prints. The Stylus Photo RX700 also creates "BorderFree" 4"x 6", 5"x 7", 8"x 10", letter-size prints and copies with no perforations or edges to trim. The 2.5-inch premium photo viewer with Epson Photo Fine LCD technology provides the ability to view, select, crop, and enhance photos without using a PC. It is available for $400 and is backed by Epson's one-year limited warranty.

Opera offers free registration for one day only

08/31, 10:30am

Opera free one day only

Opera today is offering free registration codes for its internet web browsing application until midnight CET, providing everyone a chance to try out the alternative web browser without any advertisements. Opera, an alternative to Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox, offers advanced security, such as 128-bit SSL, Transport Layer Security, protection from phishing attacks, built-in protection against spyware, etc. as well as supports open standards such as CSS 2.1, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, WML 2.0, ECMAScript, DOM 2 and SVG 1.1 tiny. Opera also incorporates Small-Screen Rendering (SSR), which provides a full internet experience on mobile phones by reformatting the page to fit the screen size. Opera 8 offers a fresh new look, pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and more. It requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later, and is otherwise available for $40 (free codes offered through end of today).

Discount price for HD-Grade 17-inch widescreen

08/31, 10:00am

17-inch widescreen deal

Westinghouse Digital Electronics has announced back-to-school pricing for its new HD-Grade 17-inch widescreen LCD display. Featuring a clean white chassis with silver trim, the 17" monitor delivers a 1280x768 resolution with a 15:9 aspect ratio and 170-degree viewing angle. The display also boasts a 600:1 contrast ratio and response time of 15 milliseconds -- all for $230. Westinghouse says the display is good for everything from spreadsheets, to DVD movies, to video games. "Many video games are being produced in widescreen format, and this monitor is excellent for maximizing the gaming experience. Customers will find that this monitor is compact and lightweight for convenient travel, and leaves a small footprint on the desktop."

Maxelerate adds storage, FW, USB to Mac mini

08/31, 9:50am

Maxelerate Mac mini drive

WiebeTech today announced Maxelerate, an external bootable drive enclosure for the Mac mini, offering up to 500GB of storage. The device features a 3.5" hard drive, a FireWire hub, and a USB2 hub -- all integrated into a single aluminum enclosure designed to match the Mac mini's design. "This product actually increases the performance by giving the Mac mini a bootable hard drive that is 30 percent faster than the drive that comes inside the computer. And with 500GB capacity, it's over 6 to 12 times larger than the internal storage that comes with the mini computer." Pricing starts at $120 for the basic enclosure, and $200 for the enclosure with a 160GB hard drive. The top-of-the-line 500GB version is $690, while the 400GB model will sell for $500, and the 250GB configuration for $270. All five configurations will be available September 15th, according to the manufacturer.

Apple forces accessory maker to change name

08/31, 9:45am

iStyles name change

ObjectsFusion today announced that iPodStyles has been reborn as istyles. The name change follows a trademark dispute over the use of the word "iPod" in "iPodStyles." According to the accessory maker, Apple prohibits use of "iPod" for any marketing purposes by other companies. "We at ObjectsFusion are very disappointed that we have to give up the iPodStyles branding, but we fully respect Apple's decision. This episode resulted in the acquisition of iStyles, a name that is not only consistent with the original iPodStyles theme, but also one that is more in line with the company's direction and focus on iPod fashion accessories, a new wave of which will be launched very soon." Apple recently forced a number of businesses to drop "iPod" from their names. Apple even forced Though Out Co. to change the name of its "iPed" accessory line for iPods and other devices.

Plans for Apple-funded high school not yet finalized

08/31, 8:05am

Apple-funded high school

MIchigan has yet to finalize a technology high school initiative to which Apple was reported to have committed to fund and support. A few details of the small-size high school project were revealed earlier this week and was expected to launch in this Fall; however, district officials remain confident the project will happen at some point in the futre. The Detroit Free Press reports that Gov. Jennifer Granholm "got ahead of the deal when she said last week that Apple had made a commitment of 'magnitude' to support a small school in Detroit. But her office canceled a news conference about the project Tuesday, saying that the details are not complete." The school district expects to plan and fund the technology-based school over the course of the school year with grant money that will be spent on Apple products, school officials said. According to the report, Apple staff will train teachers and students at no cost.

MediaDex 1.0 digital asset management solution

08/31, 7:55am

MediaDex 1.0 released

MediaDex today released MediaDex 1.0, its new digital asset management software to catalog, organize, find and share digital media files. Based on the Canto Cumulus Digital Asset Management technology, MediaDex 1.0 is a cataloging solution for creative individual professionals and home users. It offers benefits including powerful search capabilities and a variety of conversion and presentation features. Supporting all standard multimedia including image, layout, video, audio and text files, MediaDex helps the users to keep track of digital files and to efficiently retrieve and utilize them when needed. It is available in both Standard ($50) and Professional ($80) versions.


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