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iTunes mobile phone to debut at Sept 7 music event

updated 09:40 am EDT, Tue August 30, 2005

iTunes mobile phone

One analyst says that Apple will in San Francisco on September 7, while The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has reached an agreement with Cingular Wireless to offer a Motorola cellphone that will play songs from Apple's iTunes Music Store. "Apple Computer and Motorola plan to unveil a long-awaited mobile phone and music player next week that will incorporate Apple's iTunes software, a telecommunications industry analyst who has been briefed on the announcement.... Roger Entner, a telecommunications analyst with Ovum, a market research firm, said he had been told by an industry executive that the new phone, to be made by Motorola, would be marketed by Cingular Wireless. Mr. Entner said it would include iTunes software, which helps power the iPod." The WSJ report said that Cingular is expected to make the phone available in time for the holidays and that the event may also bring a new line of iPods to replace the iPod mini line. [updated]

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  1. fritzw1957

    Joined: Dec 1969


    'scuse me...

    while I yawn...

    Thank you...


    This is truly a non-event as cell phones are really meant to do one thing... COMMUNICATE with another human being, not be a PDA, Music Player, Video Device, etc. Just another example of a device that will allow a person to shut themselves away from the rest of the planet. There is too much of this dreck around already. Will I want one? No. That pretty much precludes me from BUYING one ... and from Cingular? One of the WORST companies to deal with if you have a problem. Uh uh... no f'in way!

  1. wjdennen

    Joined: Dec 1969




  1. tonewheel

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Yes, and...

    They're going to pair their new iTunes phone with the worst possible cell service.....Cingu-less.

  1. howdesign

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Likely Lackluster

    I would expect this first version to have minimal music features... probably a small capacity. There were some alleged product manuals for this product shown on a site recently and the thing that struck me was the apparent lack of headphone input. Why would people want to listen to music in one ear (or from tiny built in speakers)? Even if it does include a jack, I doubt it will cause many people to give up their iPods.

    However if the capacity is similar to the Shuffles, it might be a nice option in a pinch, but the price, service and interface will all play a major role in its success.

    Too bad it's not an Apple-designed phone.

  1. jono_mt

    Joined: Dec 1969



    must be one heckuva battery included. My Motorola phones have never lasted for more than 3-4 hrs of talk time - something people might still want to use a phone for. Still, someone will buy them...just to be cool. Me? I'll flip a few more shares of AAPL off the announcement.

  1. rtbarry

    Joined: Dec 1969



    entire effort will be ruined by the exceptionally S***** cingular service. overall the worst rated wireless service in the country. in 2 years (stuck in contract through work), all of us, who had a variety of phones (moto/nokia/sony-ericson), dropped almost every call we made. this was at home and traveling to major US markets.

    however, took my same V600 to europe for 2 weeks, never dropped 1 call in 3 countries! so it's not the phone.

    finally company switched to verizon... no one has dropped a call yet, except 1 person who has really bad reception at her house, foothills on the back of a mountain.

    bad move apple!

  1. blackbird_1.0

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I've never had a problem with Cingular... O.o

  1. ender

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Bad Partner Choice

    I'll echo the sentiments of those who hate Cingular. Here in Chicago if you just mention you have Cingular to someone else you'll get groans of sympathy. I can't even drive down the interstate without dropping a call within the first minute. And forget about even trying to make a call from inside. I've also had times when my phone had nearly full signal strength indicated, but a call from my home phone in the next room never came though...went straight to voice mail.

    So bad move on Apple's part to partner with them. Maybe Cingular offered Apple huge concessions in order to allow them to dangle a shiny new object in front of their cusomters to distract them their horrible PHONE service. Or maybe they were the only carrier willing to let the phone talk directly to a computer to download songs. Heaven knows their network isn't reliable enough to actually download anything that way!

  1. jimothy

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I can't speak one way or the other as to Cingular's service, but I will say that Apple likely had absolutely nothing to do with that choice; this would be the result of negotiations between Motorola and Cingular.

    Besides, this is all conjuncture at this point. Nobody knows for that it'll only be Cingular offering this phone. Or that there will even been a phone. Look out for the iPod noggin, I tell you!

  1. michaeljohn63

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Cingular, but others too

    Well, if you read the other news stories about this, Cingular is just the first one to jump on the wagon--a German cell phone company is saying they will have iTunes capabilities by Christmas. When iTunes started, it was Mac only. Now its cross-platform. iTunes had a few hundred thousand songs available, now it has over a million. No one said this was an exclusive deal, and I can't see Apple doing that, unless its temporary. Apple may want to start with a single company, see how it grows, learn from it, and then add to it, as it and all companies generally do when entering a new market. Apple may also have insisted on some sort of sweetheart deal and for now, only Cingular was willing to bite (e.g. rumors of an Apple-branded cell phone).

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