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DLO debuts Mini Fling, iPod Mini case

08/30, 7:05pm

DLO Mini Fling

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today announced its new line of mini fling fashion cases for iPod minis. Designed specifically for the fashion conscious iPod mini owner, mini flings come in 12 styles that range from metallic pink to psychedelic green. The cases also feature a removable wristlet with charm, elastic loop for headphone or lipstick storage, and a flip-up cosmetic mirror. Mini flings are available online at DLO's website for $35.

Briefly: .Mac update; Rokr; Galactica; iPod remote...

08/30, 6:35pm

Briefly: .Mac update

In brief: It appears Apple will soon update its .Mac Internet services to include a handful of new features.... The upcoming "Rokr" iTunes mobile phone, expected to debut this coming Monday, could be a dissappointment, according to a new report.... VendorNation has announced a new release in the continuing saga of Galactica Anno Dominari (Galactica A.D.), and is looking for game testers.... A group has developed a motion-based remote control to the iPod for everyone from athletes to disabled people.... Apple's cunning lies in its ability to exploit disruptive technologies and world-class product design to redefine markets other fail to realize, an analyst claims.

Sony and 3 to offer music on mobile phones

08/30, 6:20pm

Sony 3, music phones

Sony and Britain's mobile phone company 3 are poised to bring Sony's musical artists to mobile phones, presenting competition for the new iTunes "Rokr" phone as well as Apple's iPod. The highly anticipated mobile phone from Motorola and Apple is set to debut this Monday, though no date has been set yet for the Sony/3 devices. All artists whom Sony has mobile rights for will be accessible to 3 customers, according to The Guardian. Such artists include Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, Foo Fighters, Usher, and many more.

G-Tech unveils quad-interface G-DRIVE

08/30, 6:00pm


G-Technology today revealed its new quad-interfaced G-DRIVE Q, utilizing the Oxford Semiconductors 924 chipset. The system is the latest addition to the company's line of external disk solutions that include the G-RAID and G-DRIVE mini. G-DRIVE Q offers flexibility by providing users with FireWire 400, FireWire 800, USB 2.0 and eSATA ports all in a single unit. G-DRIVE Q integrates Hitachi's new 7K500 SATA II Deskstar hard disk drives for storage capacities up to 500 GB. G-DRIVE Q will be available in September with prices starting at $230. Pre-orders are now being accepted by G-Tech and its authorized resellers

Upcoming iTunes phone could limit storage to 25 songs

08/30, 5:45pm

ROKR phone to cap storage?

The upcoming "Rokr" iTunes mobile phone, expected to debut this coming Monday, could be a dissappointment, according to a new report. quotes one source as saying that the phone was designed to store only 25 songs which would be "sideloaded" from a computer using iTunes. It uses a 128MB Sandisk TransFlash memory card, which is likely swappable with a higher capacity card; however, the report indicates that the phone's software appears to artificially cap song storage at 25 songs, regardless of how much memory the phone has. Both Apple and Motorola declined to comment: notes that the phone could be different than the one Apple and Motorola will unveil next week, or that multiple versions of an iTunes phone with different capacities will be introduced.

EndNote 9 supports Spotlight, more data sources

08/30, 4:45pm

EndNote 9 released

ResearchSoft today announced the availability of its EndNote 9 bibliographic management software, used by millions of researchers, librarians and students worldwide. New features include increased connectivity to data sources, enhanced performance, Endnote libraries in Spotlight for Mac OS X Tiger searches, and more. EndNote 9 is one of the first academic tools to support Spotlight, which provides the ability to locate EndNote references as well as other files on a Mac system. New benchmarks optimize performance for sorting, importing and exporting large reference libraries. The "Cite While You Write" feature requires Microsoft Word X or later, while RTF document scanning requires standard RTF files created by most modern word processors. EndNote 9 requires Mac OS X 10.3.6 or later, and is available for $330 or $100 for the upgrade. Student discounts for the full version ($110) are also available.

Apple offers 30-day Mac mini money-back guarantee

08/30, 4:00pm

Mac mini guarantee

Apple has started a new promotion that enables customers to "test drive" the Mac mini for 30 days with no risk. According to the Apple Store, anyone who purchases a Mac mini is eligible for a refund if they are not satisfied. "We're so confident you'll love your new Mac mini, we'll let you test drive it for 30 days with no risk. If you decide you don't want it, we'll take it back." The offer also applies to the purchase of an Apple keyboard and mouse alongside the Mini. The offer is valid until the end of October.

Apps: ZeboPhoto, EasyWMA, AtomicMac, PodSmith

08/30, 3:55pm

ZeboPhoto, EasyWMA

    Now Up-to-Date and Contact 5.0.2 ($120) is a free upgrade to the calendar and contact software, offering the ability to keep track of calendar and contacts while sharing them with others. Version 5.0.3 implements improved reliability of reminders, snooze all and dismiss all options to the reminder dialog, several bugfixes related to menubars, and more. [Download - [unknown]] ZeboPhoto 1.7 ($15) is a Mac image viewer featuring various image editing effects and unique multiple image slide shows, providing quick and easy access to photos. The update offers a rewritten caption window for improved speed and behavior, added "Sepia" effect, less memory usage when opening images, and more. [Download - 2.8MB]
    EasyWMA 2.4 ($10) updates the WMA to MP3 conversion application, adding AAC encoding (M4A format) and WAV input capability. Other features include drag-and-drop support and batch processing to convert an entire library of WMA files at once. Upgrades from version 2.3 are free.
    Atomic Mac 6.2 ($25) is a minor update to the software periodic table of the elements for the Mac. Version 6.2.0 offers the "Periodic Spiral" display, which is an alternate way of arranging the elements. The Atomic Mac contains a wealth of nuclear information on each isotope including half life, decay mode, and daughter products. [Download - 3.3MB]
    "PodSmith 1.1 ($20) is utility software for iPods, allowing the iPod to be used as a key to lock/unlock Macintosh computers and providing more general control. PodSmith features screen locking, file locking and application protection. Version 1.1 offers the ability to restrict specific applications, start auto-sync at any time, and wrap MP3 files into one album file. [Download - 1.5MB]
    Look Mom, No Hands! 2.0 ($13) opens contextual menus by clicking and holding the mouse button, effectively emulating a right-mouse click on a single button mouse. Look Mom, No Hands! works with TrackPads as well, easing the control-clicking process for left-handers using laptops. [Download - 598KB]

Apple launches Developer Transition Resource Center

08/30, 2:40pm

Apple Intel dev info

Apple today unveiled its Developer Transition Resource Center, providing programmers with everything they need to make sure their applications are ready for the switch to the Intel architecture, the future of the Mac platform. Four sections cover Universal Binaries, Xcode 2, porting from CodeWarrior, and Optimization. Specific topics include Endianness and Addressing; Technical Q&A: Java on Intel-based Macintosh Computers; Working with Xcode: Building Applications for the Future; Moving to gcc 4.0, and more. Apple is offering Developer Technical Support Engineers to individuals or small businesses (while referring larger firms to development services firms) and also offers access to Apple Developer Connection Compatibility Labs--three independent labs featuring over 200 Macintosh configurations and including Developer Transition Systems for testing Universal Binaries.

Unity 2.5 network data integration utility released

08/30, 1:45pm

Singlestep Unity 2.5

Singlestep today announced the availability of Unity 2.5, its central repository and control center for network integration. Unity integrates with existing sources of network management data, incorporates visual policy automation which doesn't require knowledge of a proprietary scripting language, and consolidates correlated or raw event data in one simple interface. New features include nested policy views to manage complex policy trees, a schedule policy template to set time-based policies, an interactive web client, a new server user interface, and more. Pricing and a demo version are available upon request online at Singlestep's website.

Briefly: Japan iTunes; Widget games; PowerSquid

08/30, 11:35am

Japan iTunes, Widget games

In brief: MacNN reviewed the PowerSquid Power Multiplier, a unique power splitter boasting five tentacles tipped with standard 110 volt outlets: two six inch, two eight inch and one center ten inch.... An editorial from The Japan Times rounds up the digital music scene in Japan since the debut of the iTunes online music store on August 4, when Apple sold over one million songs in the first four days.... Thirteen 3D Dashboard Widget games created with Unity (a 3D game editor) have been released, to be voted on and determine which is the best of the lot.... The new Safari update fixes the paypal shopping cart "continue shopping" button, which previously only worked with Internet Explorer 5 for Windows.

Microsoft to open store in Times Square?

08/30, 10:45am

Microsoft Times Square

Microsoft is reportedly hunting for a store in Times Square, hoping to make the jump into retail, a move that would heighten competition with Apple. Apple took the risk of retail and cashed in, opening 110 stores to sell its products and brand the Apple name. Microsoft is looking for a large space in an effort to create an experience similar to Apple's showroom and information center, according to the New York Post. It makes sense for Microsoft to make a brand statement with a store, says Marianne Wilson, senior editor of Chain Store Age. "The Apple store has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams," she said. Microsoft would benefit from a retail presence, according to Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for NPD Group. Cohen said "they are not going to let Apple take that environment."

Creative wins music player interface patent

08/30, 10:35am

Creative MP3 patent

Apple may be faced with another patent struggle following news that Creative Technology has won the patent for a user interface for digital music players, according to Macworld UK. Earlier this month it was revealed that a Microsoft patent on an iPod-like interface prevented Apple from receiving its own iPod interface patent. Creative's "Zen Patent" (US Patent 6,928,433) "was awarded to Creative for its invention of the user interface for portable media players, including many of the Creative Zen and Nomad Jukebox MP3 players", the company says. The Zen Patent covers the user interface that enables users of portable media players to "efficiently and intuitively navigate among and select tracks on the players," the company explains. Creative applied for the Zen Patent on January 5, 2001 and it was awarded on August 9, 2005. Continued on iPodNN...

Creature effects for \"The Cave\" were created on Macs

08/30, 10:30am

Creature effects on Macs

Luma Pictures collaborated with senior technologists from Apple Computer and several leading software vendors to set up a production environment for the horror thriller "The Cave," opening today. The setup consisted of some 60 G5 workstations, a large Xserve G5 render farm, Xserve G5 servers and roughly 17 terabytes of storage. The Cave depicts a team of cave explorers who become trapped while investigating an immense subterranean environment in Romania, and encounter a variety of strange creatures that have adapted to life in the cave. The most challenging part of the project involved the creature effects. For some close-ups an actor in an articulated body suit was used, but a large number of the creature effects were done in 3D.

Creative wins music player interface patent

08/30, 10:30am

Creative MP3 UI patent

Apple may be faced with another patent struggle following news that Creative Technology has won the patent for a user interface for digital music players, according to Macworld UK. Earlier this month it was revealed that a Microsoft patent on an iPod-like interface prevented Apple from receiving its own iPod interface patent. Creative's "Zen Patent" (US Patent 6,928,433) "was awarded to Creative for its invention of the user interface for portable media players, including many of the Creative Zen and Nomad Jukebox MP3 players", the company says. The Zen Patent covers the user interface that enables users of portable media players to "efficiently and intuitively navigate among and select tracks on the players," the company explains. Creative applied for the Zen Patent on January 5, 2001 and it was awarded on August 9, 2005.

iTunes mobile phone to debut at Sept 7 music event

08/30, 9:40am

iTunes mobile phone

One analyst says that Apple will introduce its much anticipated iTunes music phone and iTunes mobile software at the upcoming Apple special music event in San Francisco on September 7, while The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has reached an agreement with Cingular Wireless to offer a Motorola cellphone that will play songs from Apple's iTunes Music Store. "Apple Computer and Motorola plan to unveil a long-awaited mobile phone and music player next week that will incorporate Apple's iTunes software, a telecommunications industry analyst who has been briefed on the announcement.... Roger Entner, a telecommunications analyst with Ovum, a market research firm, said he had been told by an industry executive that the new phone, to be made by Motorola, would be marketed by Cingular Wireless. Mr. Entner said it would include iTunes software, which helps power the iPod." The WSJ report said that Cingular is expected to make the phone available in time for the holidays and that the event may also bring a new line of iPods to replace the iPod mini line. [updated]

Rescentris offers CERF-Notebook 2.4 Xserve Edition

08/30, 9:25am

Xserve manages docs

Rescentris today its CERF-Notebook 2.4 Xserve Edition, its server-based Collaborative Electronic Research Framework (CERF) that manages research documents as well as provides a full-featured electronic lab notebook. In addition, the solution makes laboratory records and data readily available throughout R&D organizations. Rescentris says that CERF is a secure, 21CFR 11 compliant system that centralizes scientific content management and record-keeping. The Rescentris CERF-Notebook product was designed specifically to increase the efficiency of multi-disciplinary life scientists. Apple's Xserve platform running Mac OS X is a recommended server system for biology labs and organizations of 10 to 500 CERF users, according to the company.

Apps: eJamming, SimpleTalk, CVSNT, Sound Byte, ...

08/30, 9:20am

Apps: eJamming, SimpleTalk

    eJamming is a Web-based connection that allows anyone with a MIDI instrument (drums, guitars, keyboards, wind controllers, etc.) to play with one another with a minimum of latency (15-70ms) based on location. According to the developer, tests have been conducted between Miami, FL to London with about 70ms delay, "which is easily adapted to." [Download - form]
    24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 1.0 ($58) for FileMaker Pro allows FileMaker Pro to communicate via TCP/IP with users, other FileMaker installations, and other applications. Meanwhile, 24U SimpleFile Plug-In 1.0 allows you to create, delete, copy, move, rename, read and edit all files and folders directly from the databases. [Download - SimpleTalk, SimpleFile]
    The Nucleic Acid Nomenclature (free) widget and the Amino Acid Table (free) widget display general information on nucleic acids and amino acids respectively conformed with the IUPAC-IUB recommandations. Both widgets were developed by AbOrygen with biologists in mind. [Download - Nucleic Acid, Amino Acid]
    CVSNT (free) gives software developers the same familiar syntax and reliability as CVS with more features, support for Mac OS X, Windows, Unix and Linux, and seamless integration with many development environments. The new version adds repository server browsing, plugins for e-mail and auditing, extended keywords, enhanced secure authentication, and remote initialization. [Download - form]
    Catalog 1.2 ($20) brings numerous enhancements and optimizations, including improved indexing speed, betters support for "strange" file types, an optimized interface, and more. Catalog will index volumes and allow users to browse and search on- and off-line volumes. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. [Download - 816KB]
    Sound Byte 2.6.0 ($24) turns a Mac into a "cart machine" for playing sound recordings, such as music and special effects. The latest version of Sound Byte adds several new features, including: a large display of the currently playing cart, enlarged hotkey display for better visibility, a hot spot in the Playlist window for dropping recording files, and Tiger bug fixes. [Download - 615KB]

PowerLogix offers 1.4GHz G4 CPU upgrade for desktops

08/30, 9:15am

PowerForce55 upgrade

PowerLogix today released its new PowerForce55 processor upgrade for PowerMacG4 AGP Graphics/Sawtooth or Gigabit Ethernet systems. The PowerForce55 utilizes G4 Apollo processors (7455) with 256K of 1:1 L2 and an additional 2MB of high-speed L3 cache. "The card provides solid performance for great value that's also backed up by a two-year warranty and 30-day 100 percent money back guarantee. The card is compatible with Mac OS 9.2.1, OS 9.2.2 and OS X 10.1 and up (including Tiger). It is available now for $280. PowerLogix also offers upgrades for a number of Apple Computer models including a G4/2.0GHz card available for $400 and G4 Dual Processor upgrades up to 1.8GHz starting at $430.

macware\'s MacCapture 1.0 creates presentations

08/30, 8:15am

MacCapture 1.0 released

macware today released MacCapture 1.0, an new application designed to create powerful visual presentations for any educational, business, media or personal use. MacCapture synchronizes audio, video, text and images to "build engaging personal messages that command attention and hit the 'hot buttons' of your audience." The company says that users can use the software to create tutorials, training videos, reports, product demonstrations, photographer & videographer movie albums, web-based journalism, personal video scrapbooks, product & service promotional videos, portfolios and more. It allows usrs to capture on-screen/desktop movements as well as import video clips, images, and sounds. The software offers special effects and various filters, the ability to add voice overs, and audio mixing/editing features. It is available for $30.

The Missing Sync for hiptop v2.0 supports Tiger

08/30, 8:05am

hiptop software for Tiger

Mark/Space today announced The Missing Sync for hiptop v2.0, its software solution that allows Macs to work with T-Mobile Sidekick and SunCom hiptop devices. The Missing Sync for hiptop synchronizes contacts, calendar events and to-dos between your hiptop or Sidekick device and Mac OS X's Address Book and iCal applications. This release adds support for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and also improves functionality under Mac OS 10.3. The software uses iSync to provide over-the-air synchronization. It is a free upgrade for all registered owners. The full version sells for $30 and is available for Mac OS X 10.3 and Mac OS X 10.4 Panther.


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