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updated 09:15 am EDT, Wed August 24, 2005

Quicken, iClip, MailTags

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  • iClip 3.7 ($20) updates the multiple clipboard and scrapbook software. iClip enables users to quickly store, organize, and access snippets of information without having to save them as entire documents. Version 3.7 offers a simpler interface and new "Dock-like" behavior. In addition, Apple's new Mighty Mouse can now be used to control iClip. [Download - 3.7MB]

  • MailTags 1.0 ($20) is a new plugin designed for Apple Mail 2.0 email client, allowing users to add comments, due dates, projects and priority messages from within the mail viewer window. The metadata can be used as the basis for Spotlight searches, Smart Mailboxes, and Mail Rules. MailTags also integrates with Mail Act-On to allow tagging of message via simple keystrokes, or by rules for receiving mail. [Download - 710KB]

  • Bubblomania 1.2 ($15) is a fast arcade game: "Colorful bubbles are floating up the screen, and you have to pop them by moving the pin on top. Some bubbles contain goodies like lasers, bombs or an extra pin, while others give bonus points. There are magic bubbles, with psychedelic colors, which can dramatically alter the gameplay in both good and bad ways!" Version 1.2 offers improved graphics, better help, a new hint system, and new cheat codes. [Download - 20MB]

  • Rondo 1.2 ($25) is a free update to the MIDI player for Mac OS X. The update provides the ability to change channel colors, check for new versions, and display different meta and system messages in their own columns. Rondo is also designed to help aspiring musicians practice, featuring a vertical piano roll with live scrolling and a horizontal playing piano "so that you can follow the music even if you can not read music scores." [Download - 2.8MB]

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