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Etnus TotalView 7.01 debugger supports Mac OS X

08/17, 5:35pm

Etnus TotalView for OS X

Etnus today released Etnus TotalView 7.01, which brings enhanced Mac OS X compatibility to its advanced debuggge for Linux and Unix system. The release includes a Mac OS X version of TotalView's extensive Visualization tools, which offer insight into "hard to see" patterns, anomalies and problems within data sets. In addition, it brings improved C++ and Fortan 90 support, incremental memory filters, new Processes tab, and updated compiler distributions. TotalView 7 runs on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and Mac OS X 10.4 as well as allows developers to debug mixed 32- and 64-bit processes. The debugger also offers support for leading compilers, including GCC 3.3 and 4.0, Absoft 9.2, IBM VA C/C++, and IBM xlf as well as Argonne MPICH and LAM MPI. (Pricing was not available.)

Presenta releases iGetter 2.4 download utility

08/17, 5:30pm

Presenta iGetter 2.4

Presenta Software today released the latest version of its download utility program, iGetter 2.4. The application supports segmented downloading for increased speed and resumable downloads for increased reliability. iGetter supports the HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS protocols as well as FTP over SSL. Integration with allows the latest and most popular files of the downloads library to appear directly in iGetter. Version 2.4 boasts an "add batch downloads" feature, MD5 checksum calculation of completed downloads, a custom cookie repository, and more. iGetter is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 or later, and is available for $25.

Hearing loss in Australia\'s youth attributed to iPods

08/17, 5:25pm

iPods hearing loss

Users of Apple's iPod should be cautious about hearing problems, according to one study. Results of research by the National Acoustic Laboratories are expected tommorrow from the Australian Federal Government, providing evidence that up to 25 percent of people will have hearing problems caused by listening to their iPods at "excessive and damaging" levels. The research also predicts rising levels of tinnitus - ringing in the ears - and loss of hearing because people can't maintain "responsible" listening habits. The Minister for Ageing, Julie Bishop, advised people to turn down the volume of their MP3 players, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. About 20 percent of Australians over the age of 15 already have some degree of hearing difficulties, and consistent exposure to loud noises is the most common cause of hearing damage.

New Toshiba drives could boost iPod capacity by 10x

08/17, 2:50pm

New drive for iPod?

Toshiba today announced that it has begun shipping its new Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) 1.8-inch hard drive, the first of its kind and possibly the future of Apple's iPod. The new drive will target portable electronics that use 1.8-inch hard drives, such the iPod. PMR technology can squeeze up to 10 times more data onto the drive than conventional hard disks because PMR stacks the digital data perpendicularly rather than horizontally. Forthcoming iPods could potentially store 10 times the number of songs currently possible and remain the same size, according to a TechNewsWorld. The cost of PMR hard drives is also expected to remain on-par with current cost-per-gigabyte pricing of standard devices, according to the report.

Miroslav Philharmonik orchestra workstation ships

08/17, 1:25pm

Miroslav Philharmonik

IK Multimedia today announced that the highly anticipated Miroslav Philharmonik orchestra and choir sound workstation is now shipping worldwide. Philharmonik is a powerful integrated Orchestral Workstation combining the Miroslav Orchestral and Choir samples with a dedicated plug-in instrument specifically tailored for everything from classical compositions to pop arrangements and film scoring. It contains the full sample content of the original Miroslav Orchestra and Choir samples enhanced with previously unreleased material, including additional instruments, programming, and performance articulations. "Recorded by legendary musician Miroslav Vitous, these sounds have been praised over the years for having a warmth and playability still unmatched today." For a limited time, customers may take advantage of purchasing Miroslav Philharmonik at a special introductory price of $500, expiring on September 30th.

Security update breaks 64-bit app support in Tiger

08/17, 12:30pm

64-bit computing glitch

Apple's latest Mac OS X security update, released yesterday, reportedly breaks 64-bit application support in Tiger. According to report from Apple Insider, the problem was confirmed internally and then with Apple by Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica software. Wolfram Research began informing its customers via email on Tuesday, stating that the security update disables its flagship Mathematica software as well as any 64-bit-native application. Apple was apparently unable to offer a workaround for the problem, but said it is currently investigating and plans to offer a revised update to correct the issue in the near future.

DEVONthink Professional 1.0 offers \"paperless office\"

08/17, 11:30am

DEVONthink Pro released

DEVONtechnologies today released the final version of DEVONthink 1.0 Professional, its paperless office application designed to easily store and organize large numbers of documents. Built-in artificial intelligence provides assistance as users manipulate and search documents, while scripts further extend the functionality of DEVONthink beyond its support for all major standard file formats. The ability to store emails, manage bookmarks, and receive RSS feeds which can be directly clipped to the database reduces the number of steps required to maintain workflow. DEVONthink can index files without storing them in the database, allowing users to catalog repositories of images, MP3 files and CDs/DVDs. Both DEVONthink products work with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, DEVONthink Professional is available for $75 while the personal version is $40.

Photos, video from iBook sale \"mayhem\"

08/17, 11:25am

iBook sale \"mayhem\"

Photos and video footage have surfaced from the mad rush for Henrico County School's $50 iBook sale, which left several people with injuries. Yesterday, we reported many customers were left with scrapes and bruises. An estimated 5500 people were on hand when the gates were opened, according to NBC12 News. What followed has been described as a "mob scene" by those present. Starletta Wilson pointed to her child's broken stroller, "Yeah, they pushed me, look at my child's stroller... they actually pushed me and stampeded over me." Dustin Coppinger, who attended the sale, said he saw an older man run over by anxious buyers, "An old man in a walker was trampled to the ground.  Trampled to the ground... walked all over," he said.

Numark\'s iPod mixer for DJ\'s to ship in October

08/17, 10:40am

Numark iDJ due in October

The previously announced iDJ, a two-channel mixer enabling iPod owners to seamlessly integrate portable music libraries with other music and sound is now coming in October. The iDJ can transform iPods of every model with a dock connector into a music playback device. Features include large iPod navigation controls, three-band EQ with gain control on both channels, and dedicated microphone input with tone/level control. The iDJ sells for $400.

Briefly: Reviews; HP earnings; Regent Street; ...

08/17, 10:25am

HP earnings

In brief: We've posted reviews of Kontakt2 by Native Instruments, WheresTheFreeSpace, and DLO Jam Jacket/Jam Cap.... Hewlett-Packard's fiscal third-quarter earnings of $73 million beat Wall Street expectations as revenue from computers, services and printers improved amid a major corporate restructuring.... Apple's Regent Street retail store in London will host several performances as part of a major West End music and fashion festival.... Pressure Drop today announced the DecoDock Lava Edition, a colorful and stylish addition to any desktop.

Apps: Unison, USB Overdrive X, Boswell, GooBall

08/17, 8:20am

Unison, Boswell, GooBall

    Unison 1.6.3 ($25) is a free update to the popular Usenet newsreader for Mac OS X. Version 1.6.3 offers many fixes and improvements, including new "regex" matching and additional rule actions, IPv6 support, improved keyboard navigation, better handling of file attachments, and improved stability. [Download - 2MB]
    USB OverDrive X 10.4 brings support for Apple's new Mighty Mouse to the popular USB driver utility for Mac OS X (Jaguar, Panther and Tiger). The software supports any USB mouse, trackball, joystick and gamepad from any manufacturer, allowing users to configure them either globally or on a per-application basis. The next version will support Bluetooth mice as well on Panther and Tiger. [Download - 436KB]
    Summary 2.6b6 ($60) provides web server log analysis and traffic monitoring and offers over 200 reports. Version 2.6b6 offers faster DNS lookups, handling of log files greater than two GB, adds support for several known browsers including RSS readers, and more. [Download - 3.6MB]
    Boswell 4.0.1 ($100) organizes, archives, categorizes, automatically cross references, manipulates, and retrieves text. Boswell can handle up to one million items of text in thousands of categories, keeping each item three clicks away. Version 4.0.1 is compatible with both Mac OS 9/X. [Download - 5.6MB]
    GooBall 1.0.1 ($25) is a minor bug-fix update of the popular 3D action game. The update configurable keyboard controls, improved 3D performance, better compatibility with lower-end video cards and minor bug fixes/enhancements. [Download - 88MB]

Apple, Sony, others named in DRM patent lawsuit

08/17, 8:20am

Apple named in DRM lawsuit

Five of the top companies in the online music industry--including Apple and Sony--are being sued because their music stores and DRM technology violate a seven-year old music DRM technology patent, according to AppleInsider. Earlier this month Ho Keung Tse of Hong Kong filed a lawsuit in US Federal Court alleging that the DRM technology used by Apple, Sony, Real Networks, Napster and MusicMatch infringes on his U.S. Patent No. 6,665,797, which describes a method for "Protection of Software Against Unauthorized Use". Update: The lawsuit follows virtually identical allegations made earlier this year by Hong Kong Pat-rights, which claimed that Apple's iTunes/iPod system violates the same DRM patent. As a royalty, the company was seeking 12-percent of Apple's profits on the revenues generated from iTunes and iPod sales, and had given Apple until the end of March to respond.

Adobe offers Acrobat, Reader security fixes

08/17, 8:10am

Adobe updates Acrobat

Adobe today released important security updates to its line of Acrobat software, including its Acrobat Reader 7.03 and Acrobat Reader 6.04, its freeware software solutions for browsing PDF documents. The company also posted free updates to Acrobat Standard 7.03 and Acrobat Professional 7.03 updates as well as an update to previous versions of its software: Adobe Acrobat 5.0.10 Standard, amd Acrobat 6.0.4 Standard and Professional. The company says the updates address a buffer overflow vulnerability in a core application plug-in that could trigger a buffer overflow as a malicious PDF file is being loaded, causing the application to crash and increase the risk of malicious code execution. (Adobe also recently posted updates for Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.3 and Update 2 for Adobe Version Cue 1.x Workspace as well as Adobe Version Cue CS2 Access Utility.)

DecoDock Lava Edition for Shuffle announced

08/17, 8:00am

DecoDock Lava Edition

Pressure Drop today announced the DecoDock Lava Edition, a colorful and stylish addition to any desktop. "With a glossy black base and glowing red LEDs, [it] provides users with a simple, sultry way to connect an iPod shuffle to their computer. Designed in the classic Art Deco style, the DecoDock's lighted columns tower over a brilliantly colored and graceful arc, enhancing the pleasing simplicity of the iPod shuffle. The iPod's plastic cap can be stored in the back of the DecoDock, a unique feature designed specifically to help prevent it from getting lost." DecoDock Lava Edition also sells for $30 and is now shipping in limited quantities. (DecoDock is also offered with white LEDs and several base colors, including cobalt blue, obsidian black, silver, white, pink, and green.)


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