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New copy-protected CDs are iPod incompatible

updated 02:40 pm EDT, Thu August 4, 2005

CDs not working with iPod

The latest copy-protected CDs from major music lables continue leave iPod users without a solution. CDs by Foo Fighters and Dave Matthews Band recently released by Sony BMG contain new anti-piracy technology which renders them . Despite the incompatibility, however, the disks are reportedly selling well amidst a backlash from some fans, according to Reuters. The protection scheme prevents users from importing music onto iPods because Apple's Fairplay DRM software is incompatible with Windows. One record label executive said "It's up to Apple to flip the switch", but Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris stated "We have not announced any plans to license Fairplay technology".

Record executives stated they were continuing talks with Apple to make these CDs compatible with iPods, meanwhile Sony BMG also released versions of each album to Apple's iTunes music service. While this made amends with some iPod users, others are still angry because they like to physically own a disc prior to transferring it to their iPod.

The copy-protection allows users make three exact duplicates of a CD, as well as store files on a PC in Microsoft's Windows Media format. Roughly one-third of the 252 customer reviews of the Foo Fighter CD on Amazon this week complained about the copy protection.

One customer wrote: "This (Foo Fighters) CD has a copy protection scheme that makes it totally useless to 30 million iPod owners, [...] how could a band be so stupid as to alienate such a huge percentage of their fans?"

Shaw Wu, an American Technology Research analyst said it would benefit both Apple and record labels to resolve the issue. Shaw stated "apple's the leader in digital music. It doesn't make sense to release too many copy-protected CDs if they're incompatible with iPods. But Apple could also be at risk if these CDs keep selling well."

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    Can't ou just rip it on a Mac and then put it on an iPod. So you give the CD to a friend (who has a Mac) he makes a copy, you put it on your iPod and he puts it on his iPod - wait now you have given a friend an illeagal copy.. Yeah this wil help piracy.. IDIOTS

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