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Forums: Vista, PB review, new iBooks, Mac mini...

08/01, 10:05pm

Vista vs Finder

Forums roundup: A recent Macintosh switcher has posted a review of the PowerBook G4 12".... Users compare the Apple PowerBook offerings to Dell's Inspiron line.... One member shares his disappointment with the Mac mini.... Several threads include discussion of the new iBook offerings from Apple.... iPod users discuss their favorite protective cases for the music player.... Mac OS X users compare the Finder to Microsoft Windows Vista's new Explorer.

Needham looks at failed HP iPod deal

08/01, 5:50pm

HP iPod deal

It's impossible to place blame for the failure of the Apple-HP partnership to sell iPods, Needham analyst Charles Wolf said in a report today. "HP's strategy to enhance the iPod with brightly colored paper covers was hardly consistent with the company's desired image of an innovative company. And despite the opportunity to sell the iPod abroad in markets Apple could not reach, HP appears to have confined its sales to US retailers." Of course, other factors may have also affected the decision to end the partnership. "The relationship between Apple and HP undoubtedly deteriorated when Apple began to expand the iPod's presence into retail outlets, such as Radio Shack and Wal-Mart, that already stocked HP's version of the product."

Creative Manager Pro 7.9.5 expands iCal support

08/01, 4:00pm

Creative Manager Pro today released the latest version of its flagship product, Creative Manager Pro 7.9.5, which bringing several changes and new features, including expanded iCal support and other improvements for Mac OS X 10.4.2 for improved reliability and compatibility. The program now offers a new detailed five day week view and rollover pop-ups that show the detail of meetings and assignments (to "bring it more on-par" with Microsoft Outlook). No installation or conversion is necessary and the upgrade is free upgrade for all users. Creative Manager Pro offers project management,CRM, digital asset management, billing and accounting, and extranet functions; the web-based software has been created design firms, ad agencies, in-house creative/MarCom departments, and creative service firms.

iPod culture influences advertising strategies

08/01, 3:50pm

iPod advertising

The iPod is influencing the direction of audio advertising, according to a special report by Reuters. Marketers are becoming "purveyors of the content itself," rather than just sponsors of someone else's programing. "iPod has really changed the world for people in terms of them having their own playlists," Burger King marketing chief Russ Klein told Reuters. "We have to earn our way into it." Much like product placements in film and television scripts, music is quickly becoming another stage for advertisers. Traditional commercials may never make it to the iPod, according to the report. "People are using an iPod because they want to choose the music they listen to," said Craig Davis, chief creative officer of WPP, ad agency JWT Worldwide. "To interrupt and intrude on that with advertising would be pretty unwelcome."

Second London Apple store coming, Tokyo opening set

08/01, 3:15pm

Stores in London, Tokyo

Apple has begun hiring for its sixth UK retail store, according to Macworld UK. The company has posted a note on its website saying that it is "now hiring for the Apple Store Brent Cross in North London, set to open later this year." Earlier this year, the company confirmed that it would open new two new stores in Manchester and Sheffield by the end of 2005 and open its third new store in Bluewater, Ken in early July. The company also plans on opening its second store in Tokyo--in the Shibuya district--this weekend. According to the report, the store, which is Apple's fourth in Japan, will open at 10am on Saturday morning, local time.

DssW releases Power Manager 3 for Mac OS X

08/01, 3:15pm

DssW Power Manager 3

DssW today released Power Manager 3 for Mac OS X, an update to its utility that can schedule when your Mac starts up, shuts down, sleeps, and wakes. Version 3 is now available for Mac OS X with a System Preference that offers administrator-only control and easier management of scheduled events. It also greatly simplifies date and time entry, offering instant feedback to clarify entries. A 30-day trial version is available while the full version (20) has a 30-day refund policy.

Dejal releases Simon 2.0 site monitoring tool

08/01, 2:40pm

Dejal Simon 2.0 release

Dejal Systems today released Simon 2, a site monitoring tool for Mac OS X which checks for failures, tracks updated sites and alerts users when a site recovers. The monitor window enables users to see at a glance the current status of all monitored websites, servers and applications as well as various statistics such as up-time percentage and when the last change/failure occurred. Version 2 brings over 50 new features and enhancements, such as a major overhaul of the monitor window and a new Port service, that enables you to engage in a telnet-like conversation with any server (e.g., POP, SMTP, and SSH). Simon 2.0 is available for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and is priced at $30 (up to 7 tests), $60 (20 tests), or $200 (unlimited tests). It is a free upgrade for purchases after July 1, 2004; upgrades for others are $20.

iPod revolutionizes music culture, radio

08/01, 2:20pm

iPod affects music culture

Apple's iPod has not only revolutionized the way we listen to music, but the way we think about it, according to a column in The Detroit News. The iPod has had a dramatic effect on radio as well as other parts of music culture: "Now, individual songs -- the established currency of iPods and MP3 players -- are coveted more than full-length albums. Bulky stereo systems are no longer necessary: Buy a docking station for your iPod/MP3 player, put it on a tiny shelf in your living room, and you're set. It's also led to a new form of communication: podcasting. Businesses and media outlets have figured out that creating the downloadable, radio show-like audio files is a way to communicate with people via their music players. The iPod's influence on radio has been most dramatic. Because studies show that younger listeners are more likely to tune out radio in favor of their iPods and MP3 players, radio programmers are scrambling to imitate the digital menace."

Sonnet debuts 1.8GHz G4 upgrade for Power Mac, Cube

08/01, 2:00pm

Sonnet 1.8GHz G4 upgrades

Sonnet Technologies today announced two new 1.8GHz Encore/ST processor upgrades to replace the older models and dropped prices on its entire line. Replacing the 1.7GHz model, Sonnet's new 1.8GHz Encore/ST G4 upgrade is designed for most "Sawtooth" Power Mac G4s, including AGP Graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio and QuickSilver models; the company also debuted the 1.8GHz Encore/ST G4 upgrade, which is made specifically for the Power Mac G4 Cube and includes a quiet fan and installation hardware. Featuring 512K of on-chip Level 2 cache, both models are compatible with Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.3.5, include a three-year warranty, and are available for $400.

First Albany raises AAPL target, discounts HP fallout

08/01, 1:45pm

First Albany raises AAPL

Analysts at First Albany have reiterated their "buy" rating on Apple stock, raising the target price from $44 to $48, according to "In a research note published this morning, the analysts mention that the recent decline in the company's share price due to iPod-related concerns, which arose when HP decided to stop reselling the iPods under its own brand, are unwarranted. According to the analysts, Apple has significantly increased its own distribution points and revenues from HP, which constituted only a small part of the company's total revenues, the analysts say. The sluggish outlook provided by Synaptics reflects Apple Computer's decision to exclude the former's products from the next generation iPods."

Apple\'s \"halo\" still strong despite fears

08/01, 1:15pm

\"Halo\" still strong

The iPod "halo" effect is still strong, despite the recent announcement that Apple would switch to the Intel-architecture. eWEEK reports that despite some concerns following the announcement, resellers and analysts have seen continued growth in Mac sales, primarily due to the iPod halo effect, but also to other factors, such as Mac OS X Tiger operating system, "fear of Windows," and delays in the release of Windows Vista. Despite some initial fears, one analyst downplayed the "Osborne effect"--a downturn in sales following a pre-announcement of upcoming products: "The transition isn't an immediate sales problem, but a long-term logistical one.... I would be surprised if the [Intel] transition has any impact on Mac sales in the short term. In fact, the opposite might be the case."

Briefly: Safari; Iconkits; MacSpeech; OtterBox

08/01, 12:45pm

Safari, Iconkits, OtterBox

In brief: The Safari browser development team is looking for development engineers for the Safari application, WebKit frameworks and various other tasks such as building and maintaining tools, performing integration for their software updates and working with bugs.... announced their latest icon kit, Office Add on 1 Kit ($70), which includes 40 new royalty-free icons.... MacSpeech announced the addition of more road show dates to its summer schedule.... The iTunes music store has added a version of its first Beatles album, "Sgt. Pepper for Classical Guitar".... OtterBox announced their Waterproof iPod Shuffle case for $30.... Over the course of the next five weeks, Tatuz will release five new iTatu designs, one per week, from award winning graphics designer Andres Conde of Digital Assault...

Tatuz announces new iTatus for iPod Shuffle, giveaway

08/01, 12:40pm

Tatuz new iTatus

Over the course of the next five weeks, Tatuz will release 5 new iTatu designs, one per week, from award winning graphics designer Andres Conde of Digital Assault. These new iTatu will feature "cutting edge designs and a splash of personality for your iPod shuffle." In addition to the new designs, each week for the next five weeks, Tatuz International will also be giving away one free iTatu with each online order placed via the company's Web store. "Since our iTatu designs from Digital Assault are very popular with kids, we wanted to bring out a new collection for 'Back to School'. We believe that this awesome new lineup of designs will be a big hit with kids of all ages." said Brett Casadonte, Co-Founder and General Manager of Tatuz. The first new iTatu, called 'Mask', is available immediately and orders placed online will be shipped within 24 hours. Pricing is $3.50 each.

Samsung debuts 16X external DVD/RW drive

08/01, 11:30am

Samsung 16X DVD/RW

Samsung today introduced its first external DVD rewritable drive, the 16X WriteMaster SE-W164C. Capable of writing to both DVD+ and DVD- formats with double layer 5X support, the drive can store up to 8.5GB on one disk (two times that of a single-layer DVD). It features write speeds of 16X for DVD+R and DVD-R, 8X for DVD+RW, and 6X for DVD-RW. A compact design combined with the ability to mount the drive vertically makes efficient use of limited workspace, while a large air vent on the back of the drive allows maximum air circulation to prevent overheating at high speeds. It features USB 2.0 connectivity; the SE-W164C is available for $200 in a stylish black color.

Otterbox announces Waterproof iPod shuffle case

08/01, 10:30am

Waterproof Shuffle Case

The OtterBox is a waterproof (3ft/1m), dust-, dirt-, sand-, and drop-resistant case for the iPod Shuffle. When used with waterproof headphones users can take their iPod Shuffle swimming, jet skiing, kayaking and more. A flexible rubber button on the front permits use of all shuffle functions while a clear back panel allows visibility of playback position and battery light. A removable neck lanyard for hands-free carrying is included and the external headphone jack is usable with any headphones using a standard mini stereo plug. The OtterBox is available for $30.

Quicken gains .Mac backup, account integration

08/01, 10:15am

Quicken 2006

Intuit is preparing to release Quicken 2006, the latest edition of its financial software for Mac. This version introduces a "Smart Payee" feature, integration of multiple accounts, transaction scheduling, and backup with .Mac. Smart Payee enables users to automatically rename slightly mismatched transactions from payees. User with more than one account per household can now view their finances together in one overview. Transaction scheduling helps users keep track of incoming pay, outgoing bills, and forecast projected finances. The .Mac backup feature lets any .Mac subscriber backup Quicken data to their iDisk.

Sony announces Cyber-shot DSC-T5 digital camera

08/01, 9:30am

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T5

Sony has announced its new Cyber-shot DSC-T5, a new ultra-slim digital camera that combines Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar optics with 5.1 megapixel resolution, a 3x optical zoom lens, a 2.5" Clear Photo LCD screen, 32MB of internal memory for storage, Memory Stick media card compatibility, and increased battery life (compared to previous T Series models--with up to 240 shots per charge). The T5 has a vertical design and features a lightweight, aluminum body with a matte silver lens cover that is available in four colors: red, champagne gold, silver and black. The camera is expected to ship in early September for $350.

Bio USB Flash Drive features fingerprint technology

08/01, 9:20am

Bio USB Flash Drive

Atmel and FingerGear today announced a new biometric USB Flash Drive featuring software-free operation and a large font LCD display for an user-friendly experience. The Bio USB Flash Drive can generate a One-Time Password from a fingerprint match. The onboard LCD display screen guides users through Setup mode in which the user trains the device to recognize his or her finger. In addition, a push button on the device enables the user to enter into other modes including Add User, Delete User, and One-Time Password Generation. Up to 5 additional users may be added per device, according to the company. The USB 2.0 device is available in three colors (silver, blue, and clear) and five capacities. The 256MB version is now available for $150, while 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB versions are expected in the future.

Alias launches Motionbuilder 7 with new features

08/01, 9:10am

Alias Motionbuilder 7

Alias today also launched MotionBuilder 7, which brings extended character animation capabilities, improved interoperability with popular 3D packages and productivity enhancements to its 3D character animation software. According to the company, the new features of Alias MotionBuilder 7 complement the software's core technologies, including a unique, realtime architecture; non-linear, non-destructive animation layering; and Story Timeline performance environment. Motionbuilder 7 is due in August starting at $4,200.

Alias debuts Maya 7

08/01, 8:55am

Maya 7 to ship in August

Alias today announced Maya 7, an update to the industry-standard solution for 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering. Version 7 offers new and improved tools for fast, realistic character animation, streamlined modeling and texturing, ground-breaking visual effects, and increased productivity. Alias said that version 7 offers a complete re-architecture of the Maya render layers functionality, allowing users to manage multiple versions of objects--including materials, lights and cameras, as well as post processes such as Maya Fur and Maya Paint Effects--to be managed in a single scene file. Maya 7 will ship in August starting at $2000.

Another Apple Store coming to UK, Tokyo opening set

08/01, 8:45am

Apple Store UK, Tokyo

Apple has begun hiring for its sixth UK retail store, according to Macworld UK. The company has posted a note on its website saying that it is "now hiring for the Apple Store Brent Cross in North London, set to open later this year." Earlier this year, the company confirmed that it would open new two new stores in Manchester and Sheffield by the end of 2005 and open its third new store in Bluewater, Ken in early July. The company also plans on opening its second store in Tokyo--in the Shibuya district--this weekend. According to the report, the store, which is Apple's fourth in Japan, will open at 10am on Saturday morning, local time.

TechRestore offers battery upgrades for 4G iPods

08/01, 8:30am

Upgrades for 4G iPods

TechRestore is now offering a new overnight iPod battery upgrade service for 4th generation ("4G") "click-wheel" iPods and all color screen iPod models. The upgrade service includes the replacement of the standard iPod battery with a TechRestore 1000mAh high-capacity battery with over 50 percent more charging power than the original 4th generation iPod battery and 38 percent more charging power than the original color iPod battery. The TechRestore Overnight iPod Battery Upgrade with 1000mAh iPod Battery is available starting at $70; it includes overnight pickup of users' iPod, same-day installation of the replacement high-capacity iPod battery and return overnight shipping. A self-service 1000mAh upgrade is also available for $30.

Red Marble debuts Loonyland adventure game

08/01, 8:25am

Loonyland for Mac OS X

Red Marble Games has announced Loonyland, a new adventure game for Mac OS X: "Loonyland is appropriately named: it's an adventure game, but instead of serious frowny paladins carrying swords, players will find a series of big-headed, goggle-eyed goofy monsters, including werewolves, skeletons, trees that breathe out putrid gas, fire toads, drunken zombies, and more. Players control Loony on a quest to save Halloween Hill from all these, well, loony characters. And there are a number of short side quests as well." A demo of the $20 game title is available online.


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