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Apple ranked No. 1 as \'most innovative\' company

updated 09:35 am EDT, Fri July 22, 2005

BW ranks innovative cos

Apple ranks No. 1 as latest special report. The "Get Creative!" survey polled nearly 1000 senior executives--nearly 25 percent of whom ranked Apple as the most innovative, more than double the next highest rank company. 3M was ranked No. 2 with nearly 12 percent of the votes. Microsoft, GE, Sony, Dell, IBM, Google, P&G, and Nokia round out the top 10, respectively. "CEO Steve Jobs has turned Apple into the paragon of the creative corporation, and with the evolution of the economy toward creativity underway, companies throughout the world are deconstructing Apple's success in design and innovation," according to the report. BusinessWeek's special report, "Get Creative!," is featured in the August 1st issue, on newsstands July 25th and will soon be available on the website.

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  1. michaeljohn63

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Go Apple! Sony #4?

    I was all set to think: finally, others are saying what we've been saying for years. Okay, I am actually saying that to myself. The rest of the rankings aren't too much of a surprise (although I thought it weird that AMD wasn't on the list, but Intel was), except Sony's ranking: No. 4? You've got to be kidding me. The brand that brought us the walkman has lost to iPod, brought us the trinitron, and is getting its but kicked by Samsung and Panasonic in LCD TV, brought us the Playstation, and is now set to be trumped (for a while anyway) buy Xbox 2. In virtually every core category, Sony is behind the curve, and is in serious trouble overall-- a juggernaught just too big for its own good, trying to do too many things (sell music content and the means to copy it?).

  1. MichaelNH

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Microsoft.... innovative?

    Can someone inform me of where Microsoft has something that is innovative..... just curious..... not a bashing... xbox 2 isn't very creative... Windows OS hasn't changed much in a long time....

  1. unother

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Does anyone look in wonder as the modern Apple is lauded as "innovative"? Slick and commercially successful, yes. But innovation has ceased to be Apple's hallmark, let's face it.

    The last time Apple was "innovative" was in 1995. Apple paid the price for being "innovative" in the mid-90s. Now, they are merely a commerce machine, one which has adopted nearly all the computer industry's standards, save for branding--its only truly "innovative" process, today.

    I certainly can't blame Apple--it is the world we live in, as innovation is not rewarded any longer in our modern race-to-the-bottom economic hegemony.

    The truth is, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

  1. ddukes

    Joined: Dec 1969


    RE: Laughable

    If Apple isn't innovative then surely give us some examples of who you think is.

  1. avfolk

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Dell & Microsoft?????

    What are those dudes smokin'....

    Dell? Oh yeah, better glue to stick their logo on SOMEONE ELSE's products.

    Microsoft? More bloatware and malware best suited as virus delivery. And yeah, those innovative excuses about why 'Longhorn' is gonna be late(r)...

  1. eddd

    Joined: Dec 1969


    really now

    unother, what are you smokin'? I'm no Apple fan, but you can string together a lot of Apple innovation since '95. Remember, innovation is not invention - it's defined as *introducing* something new.

  1. climacs

    Joined: Dec 1969



    they're not just for blogs anymore.

    The last time Apple was "innovative" was in 1995.

    hahaha you're quite a comedian.

    I hope all the Wall Street analysts and idiot journalists who continually bleat, "yeah the iPod is great, but what will Apple do once everyone has one?" take note of this survey. We don't know for sure what Apple will look like five years from now, but surely we know that Apple will continue to innovate and leave the Microsoft/Dell/Sony behemoths vainly trying to copy what Apple is doing.

  1. Sosa

    Joined: Dec 1969



    One of the primary reasons why I love Apple is because its products are intelligently and beautifully designed. Innovation is not only about creating new hardware or software.

  1. umijin

    Joined: Dec 1969



    The interface is innovative, but the design frankly isn't. And, yes I'm a long term MacUser (since 1988).

    Gimme a flashbased pod that has a screen.

    Gimme a freakin laptop that has a speed up to par with the economy desktop line.

    Gimme a freakin laptop that is actually as small and light as the competition, with as good a screen.

    Gimme an OS that doesn't slow down everything I do after I upgrade to it.

    I guess image is more important than reality. What a wonderful world we live in.

  1. OtisWild

    Joined: Dec 1969



    How many patents did Apple get last year compared to, say, IBM?

    Then again, how many patents did _any_ company get besides IBM?

    I mean real patents, like for physical actual stuff, not software or business methods?

    (Then again, IBM is _huge_, and maybe the patent per-capita may bring Apple closer to parity?)

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