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Apple hires Delicious Monster co-founder, designer

07/21, 8:45pm

Mike Matas joins Apple

Interface designer Mike Matas, one of the developers and the creative design mind behind Delicious Library's stunning graphical interface, has accepted a position at Apple, where he will use his talent to augment and help design the interface for Mac OS X. In a posting to his blog, the nineteen-year old Matas said that he will leave Delicious Monster, the company he co-founded with Wil Shipley only a year ago and move to Silicon Valley, to join Apple: "I am moving to down to Cupertino, CA where I will be designing user interfaces and drawing icons for Mac OS X at Apple," he said in a blog posting. Matas was the designer of Delicious Library, the immensely successful media cataloging software developed by Delicious Monster that generated "a small fortune" and won several awards, including an Apple Design Award for 'Best Mac OS X User Experience' (as well as a runner up for 'Best Product New to Mac OS X').

Briefly: Iconfactory, Sendstation, LAFCPUG...

07/21, 6:20pm

Iconfactory Logica

In brief: Griffin Technology today announced its Chameleon case for the iPod mini.... It will be "Boris and the Duck Night" at the next meeting of the LA Final Cut Pro User Group, Wednesday July 27, with a presentation from Ann Renehan from Boris FX.... Iconfactory has released the "Logica" ($350) and "Logica: Database Add-On" ($180) stock icon collections.... Sendstation Systems announced today that it will donate $5 for every PocketDock FireWire, Combo, Line Out FW or USB sold through the SendStation online store before August 21 to fight hunger in Niger.... Today MPIO announced the world's smallest portable multimedia player.... Seagate worries that Apple will reduce MP3 hard drive consumption by ramping up its flash-based iPod strategy.

Digidesign offers MassivePack 4 bundles for ProTools

07/21, 5:55pm

MassivePack 4 bundles

Digidesign today introduced MassivePack 4 and MassivePack 4 Pro plug-in bundles for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD systems. Available through September 20, 2005, the bundles offer a savings of over $7,000 on professional TDM plug-ins (or a savings of $10,000 with the Pro bundle). MassivePack 4 includes Phoenix from Crane Song; ReVibe and Smack! from Digidesign; Fairchild 660/670 and Pultec Bundle from Bomb Factory; H3000 Factory and Quadravox from Eventide; Channel G and MC2000 from McDSP; Oxford OXF-R3 EQ from Sony Oxford; Speed from SoundToys; Master X3 from TC Electronic; and A10 and N12 Series from URS. In addition, the MassivePack Pro 4 bundle includes a Pro Tools|HD Accel card, which offers increased DSP power for bigger, better mixes while also providing support for Pro Tools|HD Accel-exclusive software options.

PhotoSurface 3.0 plugin for Photoshop updated

07/21, 5:45pm

PhotoSurface 3.0 released

Human Software today released PhotoSurface 3.0, a Photoshop plugin for that enables users to add a natural media texture, or an aging, weathering, distress effect to all images. The plugin works on Photoshop 7/CS/CS2 on Mac OS X as well as with Adobe Elements, Corel PhotoPaint or PaintShop, Microsoft, ULead and other applications. With a single-click, it offers a natural and "hyper-realistic" texture, including wood, bricks, metal, sand, glass, Van Gogh-like effects, and an extensive collection of leathers. With these effects you can give a new dimension and distinctive look to all your images. It also features a unique distortion effect that gives the impression the image "is sticking to the surface." Version 3.0 also add many aging and weathering effects for a total of 300 effects. PhotoSurface is available for $70.

InfoLogic updates MathMagic 5.1 equation editor

07/21, 5:40pm

InfoLogic MathMagic 5.1

InfoLogic today released MathMagic v5.1 for Mac OS X, an update to its equation editor on the planet. InfoLogic has updated all three editions, including the Personal Edition (for Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X), Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign 2 CS2 and Pro Edition for QuarkXPress 6.x. The release includes a new InDesign plugin for the InDesign edition, bundles new OpenType fonts, improves template behaviors, and has other enhancements. The personal edition is available starting at $30, while the Pro Editions start at $200. Full priced products come with 2-years of free upgrades and tech support. All MathMagic installers come with fully functional trial period up to 30 times (if not authorized with a valid serial number).

RadioShack to sell Apple iPods

07/21, 4:20pm

Apple, RadioShack iPods

Apple and RadioShack have reportedly entered into a partnership that will deliver Apple's full line of iPods to the shelves of thousands of RadioShack electronics stores in time for this year's holiday shopping season, according to an AppleInsider report published this afternoon. "According to industry sources, RadioShack, the nation's No. 1 electronics specialty retailer, has agreed to carry Apple's full mix of iPod digital music players at several thousands locations beginning the fourth calendar quarter of the year." RadioShack has reportedly agreed to purchase at least 450,000 iPods during the initial three-month period.

MPIO announces world\'s smallest Multimedia player

07/21, 3:00pm

MPIO has smallest player

Today MPIO announced the world's smallest portable Multimedia player. The MPIO One measures 31 x 55 x 14.5 milimeters and weighs in at 34 grams. It features flash memory (256MB to 1GB), a 65K color OLED, voice recorder, FM radio tuner/recorder, photo viewer, USB support and games. Supported formats are MP3, ASF, WMA, OGG (Q10) and MPEG4. The new product apparently has all the requirements to support the PMP format as well. Telecoms Korea has a photo of the new device in several colors.

G-Tech offers 1-terabyte G-RAID

07/21, 2:45pm

G-RAID 1000

G-Technology today began shipping a new 1-terabyte capacity version of its popular G- RAID FireWire 800 storage products.Called the G- RAID 1000 ($1300), these new high performance storage devices deliver "the industry's highest capacity in a 2-drive RAID configuration." Roger Mabon, President of G-Tech said,"these products support multi-stream video playback with real-time effects and audio over the entire 1 terabyte of storage capacity. With the G- RAID 1000 you can store more than 75 hours of DV or 12 hours of 8-bit uncompressed video footage, making them ideal for video and broadcast editing, DVD authoring , 2D/ 3D animation , audio editing applications and high-speed system backup."

callas offers font embedding extension for Quark 6.5

07/21, 2:35pm

Quark 6.5 font extension

callas has introduced a new version of its font embedding extension FontIncluder2/XT, which is designed for Mac OS X and QuarkXPress 6.x. The tool embeds fonts in EPS files directly from within QuarkXPress as part of the "Save Page as EPS" function. In addition, FontIncluder2/XT works as a standalone application. The price for the single-user version is 250, while updates are available for 150 (before a 50 discount offered through August 31, 2005). callas also launched Command Line Interface (CLI) versions of its current Acrobat Plug-Ins: pdfCorrect and pdfColorConvert are now available as stand-alone applications - as well as pdfInspektor3, which has recently been licensed by Adobe as a preflight module for Acrobat 7. The CLI versions offer the same range of functionality as the Plug-In versions, but do not require Adobe Acrobat.

Mac wins Dutch Computer Chess championships

07/21, 1:15pm

Mac Dutch Chess champion

The 5th International Dutch Computer Chess championships were held in Leiden, Netherlands from June 3rd to June 5th. The program dubbed "Shredder" running on a dual-2.7GHZ G5 piloted by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen managed to take first place. Competitors had to play nine rounds in three days with a time limit of 90 minutes per game for each side. "Shredder" was in second place after the first day and swept in to take first by day two with 5.5 points out of 6 games. Stefan wrote "The Macintosh version of Shredder performed very well and as far as I know this was the first time that a chess program running on an Apple Macintosh computer has won a major computer chess tournament. The Macintosh hardware has also proved that it is very competitive and fast." Updates on "Shredder" are also available.

Self-driving car is powered by Mac OS X

07/21, 12:50pm

Car powered by Mac OS X

Apple technology drives a new fully-autonomous vehicle developed for a major U.S. competition, according to Macworld UK. Team Banzai is one of just 40 teams from around North America to have made it through to the semi-finals of the 2005 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge. DARPA is the central research and development organization for the US Department of Defense (DoD). The team developed it's Tiger-controlled Volkswagen Touareg (dubbed "Dora") using Mac OS X technologies running on Power Mac G5s for the entire development and race management for the attempt.

Seagate anticipates lost revenue from flash iPods

07/21, 12:45pm

iPods may hurt Seagate

Seagate worries that Apple will reduce MP3 hard drive consumption by ramping up its flash-based iPod strategy. Piper Jaffray maintained an "outperform" rating of $27 price target on Seagate Technology after the fiscal fourth-quarter earnings release but stated that "some near-term weakness could be experienced in the one-inch drive market due to flash-memory encroachment and in the gaming market as Microsoft and Sony shift to new gaming platforms [...] One concern is that Apple Computer may increase the flash-based iPod mix thus reducing MP3 hard disk-drive consumption."

Nisus offers public beta of Nisus Writer Express 2.5

07/21, 12:25pm

Nisus Writer Express 2.5

Nisus Software today announced released a public beta of Nisus Writer Express 2.5, its popular word processor for writers. Nisus Writer Express 2.5 adds significant new features such as right to left input (for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew), bullets and numbering, support for LinkBack, and many bug fixes and enhancements. The company says that the final version of Nisus Writer Express 2.5 will be available later this year for $70; current Nisus Writer Express owners will be able to upgrade to Express 2.5 for free. The software requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Griffin debuts Chameleon case for iPod mini

07/21, 12:20pm

Chameleon for iPod mini

Griffin Technology today announced its Chameleon case for the iPod mini. "Griffin Chameleon cases are made of a sturdy dense polyvinyl material, much tougher than regular silicone cases. Inside a Chameleon Case, your iPod is shielded from the rigamarole and derring-do of your typical day. The front control wheel is completely protected and fully functional." The rubber, form fitting case includes belt clip dock for easy on/off access and a 21-inch lanyard. The Chameleon case will be available next month in 16 designs for $15 each.

VPN Tracker 4.1 supports Cisco\'s load balancing

07/21, 12:10pm

equinux VPN Tracker 4.1

equinux today released the latest version of its VPN Client for Mac OS X: VPN Tracker 4.1 fully supports Load Balancing, a popular and powerful function of Cisco's Concentrator Series. The "Smart VPN" technology automatically sustains any VPN connection by tracking network configuration changes and restarting the VPN service when necessary (as well as skipping unneeded VPN connections). It also offers dynamic configuration from the server-side simplifying large scale VPN rollouts. Other features include a traffic indicator, support for VPNs behind NAT gateways, support for XAUTH (extended authentication) and SecurID, and more. Both Personal ($90) and Professional ($200) editions are available.

Apple\'s Mac sales grow 48 percent in Europe

07/21, 12:00pm

2 percent marketshare

Apple has more than doubled the PC market growth in Europe during the second quarter, surpassing the growth of Dell, but behind growth leader Acer. Apple posted 48 percent year-over-year market growth in the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets, according to IDC numbers reported by Macworld UK. However, during the same period Acer achieved 68.4 percent growth, while the overall PC industry only grew 23 percent during the same period, according to IDC. Despite the growth, however, Apple only shipped 283,000 Macs during the quarter, bringing its marketshare to 2 percent. Much of the growth was due to surging demand for its desktops. (Earlier this week we noted that Apple also doubled the industry growth in the US and grew its US marketshare by 22 percent to 4.5 percent, making it the No. 4 PC vendor in the US.)

NewerTech expands miniStack offerings

07/21, 10:50am

NewerTech miniStack

NewerTech has expanded its miniStack lineup for the Mac mini. In addition to the initial 80GB, 160GB, 250GB and 400GB models, customers now have a new 320GB model for $290 and 500GB model for $500 to choose from. These new models feature high-performance 7200RPM hard disk mechanisms with a large 8MB data buffer. "The popularity and demand for our miniStack line is beyond every expectation," said Larry O'Connor, president of NewerTech. "And by popular demand, it's our pleasure to have 'the right capacity' available for just about every user's needs." The miniStack is designed to complement the size, shape and color of the Mac mini. However, theminiStack is compatible with any computer with an available FireWire or USB port.

A Better Finder Rename 7 details; testers sought

07/21, 8:45am

A Better Finder Rename 7 has announced details of its upcoming A Better Finder Rename 7, which will start alpha testing soon. Version 7 is a complete rewrite of the 70,000+ lines of code making up the original Carbon application and takes full advantage of the Cocoa framework. In addition to dozens of small improvements, version 7 will feature a drag & drop installation and the highly-requested ability to combine different rename actions into a multi-step rename. When the new version is complete, the developer says it will turns its attention to completing the migration to universal binaries (for Intel support). is also looking for committed individuals who wish to take part in the initial private alpha testing of the new version.

Surround SCM 4.0 adds WebDAV, Unicode

07/21, 8:40am

Surround SCM 4

Seapine Software announced today the immediate availability of Surround SCM 4.0 for software change management (SCM). Version 4.0 of Seapine's cross-platform SCM solution adds features such as full WebDAV and Unicode support, improved branch management, and enhanced reports. Increasing Surround SCM's ability to address the needs of enterprise users, version 4.0 offers full support for WebDAV. This feature gives users access to the most recent versions of their files from any Web browser. WebDAV support also enables users to integrate Surround SCM into Microsoft Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, Linux davfs filesystem, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, and additional applications. Pricing begins at $600 for named licenses and $1500 for floating licenses.

Thursby to ship ADmitMac v3 in mid-August

07/21, 12:05am

ADmitMac v3 due next month

Thursby Software today announced that ADmitMac v3 is now in beta and is expected to ship in mid-August. ADmitMac offers secure and complete integration of Macs into Microsoft Active Directory environments. ADmitMac v3, which was delayed by critical bugs in Mac OS 10.4 (since corrected in v10.4.2), offers full support for Microsoft NTFS file system, allowing for storage of Mac files with multiple forks in a single file; it also delivers support for secure protocols, including NTLMv2 and SMB signing for connecting to Windows Server 2003 without downgrading the server security. Version 3 also brings complete support for Microsoft's Distributed File System (not currently available with Tiger) and includes both Mac/PC utilities for managing desktop settings. ADmitMac v3 also includes deployment tools for support of large and complex site installation. Pricing starts at $120 with free upgrades for purchases after April 1, 2005.


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