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SAN Express targeted at first-time users

07/20, 6:35pm

SAN Express

QLogic today introduced SAN Express, a portfolio of products built "from the ground up" for first-time SAN users. The SAN Express line is designed for QLogic channel partners around the world to easily migrate small and medium businesses (SMBs) from direct attached storage to SANs. The SAN Express product line features SANbox Express 1400 switches, SANblade Express 200 host bus adapters, SANsurfer Express software, and SAN Express Starter Kits. A turn-key SAN Express Starter Kit with one switch, two HBAs, software and accessories has an MSRP of $3300 and can be installed by a technical generalist "in minutes."

Briefly: Mac mini ship times slip, Omniweb 5.1.1, ...

07/20, 6:20pm

Mac mini ship times slip

In Brief: Readers note that the Mac mini ship times have slipped to 5-7 business days from the Apple Store.... MacResQ announced an expanded set of iPod repair services for customers with APO, FPO and PO Box addresses.... "The First Mile" is an interactive fiction title for the iPod, which is now available for download.... The Omni Group has released OmniWeb 5.1.1, a free update to its $30 web browser that brings better compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, corrects several security issues, and includes several other fixes and stability enhancements.... Blog In Space is a free public service that allow bloggers to transmit blogs feeds into deep space.... Mark Lutz is offering Python Bootcamp ($3500) at the Big Nerd Ranch (Atlanta, GA) from October 17-21, 2005.

Interactive fiction game available for iPods

07/20, 3:30pm

Interactive fiction, iPods

Users of Apple's iPod will have yet another non-music distraction. Howard Sherman's "The First Mile", an interactive fiction title similar to the 80's classic "Zork", will be available for download starting next month. At $10-$30, the text-based game can be played on any iPod, Personal Computer, Laptop, PocketPC or Palm OS handheld and selected cell phone models. Sherman's first three games of similar make sold more than 100,000 copies. Customers can purchase a copy from Amazon or Yahoo!

iSpectrum 1.0: audio spectrum analyzer

07/20, 2:55pm

iSpectrum 1.0

iSpectrum Analyzer 1.0 is an easy to use audio spectrum analyzer that allows the user to view live audio in a standard frequency plot, a stereo oscilloscope view and a waterfall display. The user can adjust the display resolution, center frequency and save images to disk. This is the first public release, and it adds the ability for users to select the audio input source. Also added is DSP filtering, low-pass high-pass and bandpass filters. Input Gain is only active when the FFT plot mode is set to Standard under version 1.0. Version 1.0 is a free update for registered users but you will need to email us for a new registration number.

Videocue Pro 2 adds podcasting, video blogging

07/20, 2:10pm

Videocue Pro 2

vara has released Videocue Pro 2, the latest edition of the tele-prompting software for video broadcasts. It now contains a high quality, realtime keying solution for advanced blue and green screen effects. The key makes full use of Altivec and the GPU, and packs in cutting edge auto-configuration algorithms and advanced DV 4:1:1 and 4:2:2 smoothing techniques. Videocue 2 also makes creating podcasts "child's play," according to the developer. "Simply pick the microphone you want to use, select the special Podcasting export preset, write your thoughts down and press Record. It's really that easy to begin joining the next generation of radio." Another key highlight is "video blogging."

Apple pushing into server, storage, ISP markets

07/20, 1:45pm

Apple in Server market

Apple has been making inroads into the server, storage and ISP markets. According to Computer Dealer News, Apple's strong brand and core server products have helped it break into the IT world: "Over the past couple of years, Apple has been dipping its toes into the server and storage markets. Now it's wading deeper, looking for new customers and engaging the channel in new business opportunities. The article notes that Mac OS X Tiger Server is helping these markets find solutions for e-mail, network services, collaboration services and research computing by touting the built-in open-source tools (Apache, SquirrelMail, SpamAssassin, etc.), support for 64-bit applications, iChat Server secure instant messaging, Weblog Server for publishing Weblogs and Xgrid to turn a group of Macs into a supercomputer.

MacResQ expands iPod repair services

07/20, 1:25pm

MacResQ iPod repair

MacResQ today announced an expanded set of iPod repair services for those customers with restricted delivery addresses. The company's iPodResQ division now allows customers with APO, FPO and PO Box addresses to utilize iPodResQ's premier worldwide service at a discounted rate: the price for the service has been discounted by 17 percent to $24 (from $29). It includes a custom iBox sent to the customer for convenient return to the iPodResQ service center. iPodResQ will contact the customer with a repair quote within 24-hours, perform the repair upon approval and return the unit back to the customer. The service includes fully insured shipping.

Aspyr to update Battlefield, offers LEGO requirements

07/20, 12:15pm

Battlefield update coming

Aspyr Media today announced they will be releasing a free Battlefield 1942 update tomorrow. The patch updates Battlefield 1942 to version 1.6.1. The two major additions this version of the game are support for more mods, including the popular Desert Combat Final and Extended mods, and built-in support for Game Ranger for finding Mac-specific multiplayer games. Aspyr also announced the final system requirements for LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game for Mac today. "For the first time ever, one of the world's most successful film series meets one of the world's favorite toys in an epic new video game."

Windows-based worm masquerading as iTunes

07/20, 12:00pm

Worm masquerades as iTunes

A recent Windows-based worm is masquerading as a download of the iTunes application. The downloaded file, named 'iTunes.exe' may trick users into thinking it is a legitimate application, according to security firm Trend Micro; however, the firm ranks the security threat as "low," although it has 'medium' damage and distribution potential. The "WORM_OPANKI.Y" worm spreads via AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) by sending a message to users that prompts a download of a so-called picture file. Once downloaded, the application appears as the iTunes download. Upon execution, the worm opens a connection to an IRC server, waits for remote commands, and executes those commands on the locally affected machine. It also downloads and executes other applications, mainly adware programs, into affected machines, according to the report.

Apps: PatternMaker, ToDo X, Firefox, Patent Grabber

07/20, 11:20am

Firefox, Patent Grabber

    PatternMaker 1.1 (free) includes scripting support for increased creativity and time-saving capabilities. PatternMaker is now free with three PostScript patterns included. One simple palette lets you modify all the different parameters in each pattern. Pattern-Pack 1.1 ($100) is a new plug-in with 13 additional original patterns. [Download - options]
    ToDo X 1.9 ($15) is the latest version of the dedicated to-do list application for Mac OS X. The new version adds a "Make New ToDo Item" service to the Services menu; provides instant access to your to-do lists from a status item in the menu bar, similar to the existing dock menu; and more. [Download - 307KB]
    Safari Prairiefire 1.1 ($6) scans for dead or missing links in Safari's bookmarks. It allows the user to delete or edit any bookmarks. It helps users "clean up Safari's bookmarks jungle." Version 1.1 was released today and is compatible with Tiger including bookmarked RSS feeds. [Download - 1.8MB]
    Firefox 1.0.6 (free) is the latest version of the popular alternative Web browser for Mac OS X. Version 1.0.6 restores API compatibility for extensions and web applications that did not work in Firefox 1.0.5. [Download - 8.7MB]
    Desktop Wrap 1.1 is a Desktop icon management tool for Tiger. With version 1.1, more of the calculations are made in the generated script. Additionally, if two or more disks with identical names are mounted on the desktop, their icons are now more likely to be arranged correctly. [Download - 331KB]
    Patent Grabber 3.6.1 ($20) is the latest version of the software for searching U.S. patents. Version 3.6.1 of Patent Grabber now offers searching of U.S. published patent applications and retrieves INPADOC family information for both US patents and published applications. [Download - 2.4MB]

New book calls Apple\'s Steve Jobs a \"hypomanic\"

07/20, 9:50am

Jobs a \"hypomanic\"

John Gartner, who studied successful businesspeople in his recent book, "The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between A Little Craziness and A Lot of Success in America," says that the most successful entrepreneurs are "somewhat manic in their single mindedness." Apple CEO Steve Jobs comes to mind. Gartner says Jobs formally acknowledged the importance of evangelism in business when he made Guy Kawasaki Apple's "Mac evangelist" in the early 1980s. "Jobs also embodied the hypomanic's dark side, and was ousted from the company in 1985 due to his mercurial management style," explains Fortune writer Louise Witt. "To Gartner, describing someone's behavior as manic was more than an easy label--it described a specific type of behavior. Maniacs have grandiose visions and high energy, and are risk-taking and impulsive. A hypomanic shares some of the same characteristics of a manic depressive, but he doesn't suffer from a psychiatric disorder." Hypomanics "don't think outside the box, because they don't even see the box," Gartner says.

Briefly: iRemember review, AirPort 4.2, iTunes phone

07/20, 9:25am

iRemember review posted

In Brief: We have posted a review of iRemember scrapbooking software from Intriguing Development.... BenchDesign is offering a new theme for Realmac's RapidWeaver website creation tool: Industrial Design ($15) offers "a cool screwed in effect making the theme look as if it's attached to your web browser window."... Apple this week announced that its AirPort 4.2 update, released ealier this week, offers a security fix for (standard) AirPort card users, where the wireless card would automatically associate with/connect to a wireless network without warning or notification to the user.... Nissan has launched a new car navigation system that offers integration with Apple's iPod.... Apple's iTunes phone may make its debut at the annual Motorola analyst meeting, which takes place on July 25 and was used last year to announce the Apple-Motorola partnership.

Plantronics debuts Bluetooth, other stereo headsets

07/20, 9:05am

New Plantronics headsets

Plantronics today introduced the Pulsar 590, a Bluetooth stereo headset that lets users listen wirelessly to music and movies as well as switch seamlessly to mobile phone calls with the single touch of a button. The company also launched a variety of of other headsets for VoIP and gaming application Available with a universal Bluetooth audio adapter, the Pulsar 590 provides wireless compatibility for any device with a headphone jack, such as laptops, home stereos, and MP3 players--including Apple's iPod. The Pulsar 590 uses multipoint technology to function as both a stereo headset for high fidelity listening, as well as a communications headset for use with mobile phones and other voice-enabled devices.

Apple limits .Mac bandwidth, offers upgrade option

07/20, 8:45am

Apple offers .Mac upgrade

Apple has introduced a new bandwidth/storage upgrade option for its suite of .Mac web services, effectively placing a limit on the amount of data each account can share. Previously, Apple had been generous with the allocation of bandwidth from user accounts, only shutting those accounts it found abusive. The new option offers greater storage flexibility as well as allows users to share more photos, files, and videos or transfer more data to/from their iDisk. The standard option offers the same 250MB of combined email/iDisk storage offered to users in the past and 3GB of monthly transfer. The upgrade offers the ability to purchase 1GB of storage and a 10GB monthly transfer limit for $50 and may be needed by some users as Apple pushes developers to integrate their applications with .Mac and focuses on seamless integration of .Mac with the operating system, including recent Tiger-specific features. .Mac is available for $100/year or for $180 per year for a family pack.

Nissan debuts iPod-ready car navigation system

07/20, 8:20am

iPod-ready car navigation

Nissan Motor Company has started marketing a car navigation system that allows users to connect their iPod to the system when driving in Nissan vehicles, according to Kyodo News. The new navigation system features a specific iPod connector that delivers in-car control of iPods through its 7-inch touch screen display: "The hard disk drive-equipped system, which sells for 315,000 yen, can be fitted in 11 existing Nissan models, including the Tiida compact car, X-TRAIL sport utility vehicle and the Serena minivan. The system features Nissan's CARWINGS telematics service and CD/MD/DVD playback capability in addition to iPod connectivity." Earlier this week, we notd that Apple was working with Japanese car manufacturers to integrate the iPod.

PhotoVu offers 19-inch wireless photo frame for $1000

07/20, 8:15am

PhotoVu photo frame

PhotoVu today announced its new 19-inch picture frame for $1000, expanding the PhotoVu product line to a portfolio of three full featured, wall-mounted models. The company also cut prices on its 17-inch LCD model to $800 and added support for the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and iPhoto 5 photo management software, as well as announced new VESA mounting compatibility. The frames include a custom frame and mat made to order to match almost any decor. The PhotoVu digital picture frames, which require no software installation, can display digital photos via any network connection.


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