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Apple offers discounted PowerBooks, iMacs, iPods

07/16, 12:40am

Apple Store refurb

Apple is offering several models of refurbished 12-inch PowerBooks, starting at $1000. Both the legacy 1GHz/Combo ($1000) 1GHz/SuperDrive ($1050) offer 40GB drives and no wireless networking, while the previous-generation (refurb) 1.33GHz/Combo ($1,100) and the 1.33GHz/SuperDrive are available with builtin AirPort Extreme Networking. Apple is also offering current-generation, refurbished 1.5GHz 12-inch PowerBooks with Bluetooth 2.0 and advanced Nvidia GeForce FX Go5200 graphics for $1,300 (Combo) or $1,500 (SuperDrive). Apple is also offering iMac G5s starting at $900 and a several models of refurb iPods (photo, minis, non-clickwheel, U2 Special edition, and Shuffle). Separately, Apple is also offering non-refurb (a.k.a. new), previous-generation iPods for $270 (20GB with Click Wheel) and $330 (30GB color).

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